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Dark Moans - Episode 81 & 82




Dark Moans - Episode 81 & 82

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"Screw life,I missed your lips so badly" Stanley said after the long deep kiss. 

They are already both laying on the bed with the duvet covering them. 

Juliette smiled and moved into him the more,but still not enough for her,she literally wished she can enter into his skin that very moment. 

"Just my lips?" She asked. 

"No,everything about you" Stanley replied. 

"I'm sorry I couldn't do a thing when you......" Stanley placed a finger on her lips and their eyes locked. 

"I'm glad you didn't do anything,if he had touched you then I might have some blood in my hands" Stanley said. 

"Chipmunk" She mumbled and snuggled all over him.

"I'm hungry" Stanley said into her ear. 

"I will cook for you" She immediately sat up on the bed. 

"You should not bother,I'm going to order for...."

"Never,I'm cooking for my man and that's it" Juliette snapped and Stanley chuckled. 

"Fine,I will help" He said. 

They both got down from the bed and Juliette realized she was just in her pant and camisole. 

"I'm gonna change" She made to turn. 

"No,I want to feed my eyes while waiting for the food,you look s+xy this way babe" He hugged her and carried her in the process. 

Juliette blushed,curling her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he left the room. 

"Why does your @ss look more firm? Did someone touch you while I was gone...."

"No!" Juliette screamed and he laughed. 

"Just kidding,but you look more thick" he whispered. 

"Do I? I didn't notice" Juliette said. 

"Are you pregnant??" Stanley suddenly asked. 

"Are you crazy? I can't be pregnant" Juliette snapped. 

"That kinda hurts my feelings" Stanley sighed as he dropped her on the kitchen cabinet. 

"Not now,you know what I mean" Juliette pouted. 

"I Know,but what if it happens...."

"It won't happen,I know how I take care of myself,so it won't happen unless I want it to" Juliette said,cupping his cheeks. 

"I want a cute baby tho" Stanley pouted. 

"Don't be too forward" Juliette gave him a playful knock on his forehead. 

"But seriously I can't wait. A baby girl looking like you will be so cute,I can imagine me taking her to school,buying her dresses and her calling me dad,our baby is going to be the prettiest,should I just get a baby mama? I'm impatient already" Stanley said and Juliette frowned which made him laugh. 

"You know I won't do that,I'm gonna wait for you until you're ready Peach" He said. 

Juliette pecked his lips. 

"Put me down,you said you're hungry" 

Stanley dropped her gently on the floor and spanked her @$s. 

"I knew you've got plans! Screw you!!" Juliette screamed without turning back to him. 

"You know alot of girls wish I spank their @sses right?" Stanley teased.

"They gonna keep on wishing tho,coz you're mine alone" Juliette said. 

"Right,even if they pray for another Stanley,they won't get,coz there's only one Stanley in the whole world and that's me,and I am totally addicted and obsessed to a pretty girl who is named Juliette,I'm whipped and stuck,no going back,until I die" Stanley said and Juliette faced him. 

"If you say all that at once,what will you say to me on our wedding day?" She asked. 

"Are you f*+*king with me,I have a long poem in mind for you baby,you won't be able to stand if I am to finish them" Stanley said. 

Juliette ran to him and hugged him,he carried her at once,as usual. 

"I love you Stanley" She said. 

"F*+*king mutual" He said and kissed her neck. 

"Damn,you smell so good that I think I should eat you first before the other food" Stanley whispered into her ear and she blushed. 

"Eat me all you want,I'm all yours daddy" She said. 

"F*+*k" Stanley immediately crashed his lips against hers,hotly. 



Stanley's car drove into the school and the whole place turned upside down within a second,the students already covered his car up even without him opening the door.

"I knew this would happen" Juliette muttered. 

"Sorry" Stanley chuckled and opened the door,he stepped down from the car. 

👥 Stanley!!!!!!

👥 I love you!!!!

👥 I thought I lost you!!

👥 Welcome back Stanley

👥 F*+*k haters you're the main deal!

Some girls even gave him flowers,Juliette was faking her smiles as she watched them all over him. 

"This is annoying" She mumbled. 

Stanley finally found way out of the crowd with Juliette. 

"That was hectic" He sighed out. 

"You didn't tell me you want bouquets" Juliette glared at him. 

"Oh" Stanley mumbled and looked at the bouquets in his hands,he called some girls passing and gave them. 

"Thank you!!!" They screamed. 

"This is crazy" Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"Jealousy doesn't suit you babe,you know I can only love you" Stanley pecked her lips. 

"I need to go to class,see you later" She said and walked away. 


"Really? That lady always with your mom is your aunt?" Holland asked. 

"Yeah,is there a problem?" Lennon asked. 

Holland bite his lips. 

'How should I say this?' He asked himself. 

Daniel walked into the conversation and grabbed Holland's hand. 

"What,where are we going?" Holland asked. 

"You will see" Daniel said and took him away,confusing Lennon. 

"Are they playing with me right now?" He scoffed and walked away

Daniel stopped walking after a while and faced Holland. 

"Are you seriously going to tell Lennon about your dream" Daniel asked. 

"Shouldn't I?" Holland asked. 

"No you shouldn't,it's not your business okay? You should focus on how to get your memories back,don't care about Lennon's family" Daniel said and Holland kept quiet like he was thinking about something. 

"But...Lennon might know something. Like...what if I'm somehow connected to everything? Aren't you curious?" He asked. 

"I told you not to stress your brain,get your memories back first and everything will be settled" Daniel said and touched his hair. 

"Stop doing that" Holland Slapped his band off. 

"Since the moment I came out of my shell and took that courage to do what I've always wanted to,I don't care about anything again,just you" Daniel said. 

"I told you to get rid of that feelings" Holland said. 

"I don't want to" Daniel shook his head and Holland walked out of his sight. 



"Stanley!" Autumn called as Stanley walked with Holland and Daniel,he turned.

"You're really back,I missed you" Autumn ran to hug him. 

"I missed you so much,I was scared" Autumn said. 

Stanley broke the hug.

"Thank you for caring,I'm fine now" Stanley smiled at her. 

"I was so happy when I saw the news" Autumn said. 

"Thank you" Stanley said and left with his friends. 

"I heard today's the final rehearsal for the basketball team,should I just stay out of it?" Stanley asked. 

"Don't do that,we aren't complete without you. If you quit I'm quitting too,and besides since you died,we didn't attend any either" Daniel said. 

"What do you mean died?" Stanley asked. 

"You died and resurrected dude" Daniel replied and Stanley laughed. His eyes moved to Holland and noticed his mood. 

"What's wrong with our cry baby?" He teased. 

"I might just kill you this time around" Holland scoffed. 

"You know you can't fight right?" Stanley asked. 

"I can,what are you talking about?" Holland snapped. 

"You can only fight when the other person isn't fighting back" Daniel said and Holland scoffed. 

"I hate you both" he said. 

They all entered the basketball court and immediately the boys shoots confetti in the air. 

"Welcome back Stanley!!" they all screamed.

"Surprise surprise" The coach smiled,clapping. 

"So childish" Daniel chuckled. 

"Welcome Stan" the boys began hugging him one after the other. 

"Thanks thanks" Stanley smiled. 

Lennon's turn. 

"Welcome back to life" He said,stretching his hand for a shake instead. 

"Thank you" Stanley replied and ignored his hand. 

Lennon scoffed. 

"Thank you" Holland smiled and shook him instead. 

Daniel also shook him. 

"This should be enough" he said and tapped Lennon's shoulder. 

"Are they silly?" Lennon chuckled. 



Juliette was coming from the cafeteria with her friends when they found Mina standing and waiting. The moment she saw them,she ran to them. 

"Juliette" She called and they stopped walking. 

"I know this is coming quite late but....I tried reaching out to you all week,I couldn't. I'm glad Stanley is back now,I just wanted to know how you were doing" She said. 

"Thank you" Juliette smiled. 

Mina looked at the girls. 

"What,why did you cut your hair?" Minnie asked. 

"Oh....I just....wanted to try a new look" She mumbled,touching her hair. 

"It's pretty" Goldie muttered and Mina smiled. 

"Thanks" She said. 

Winnie rolled her eyes. 

Just then,the kings showed up too and as usual ,the students started screaming out their names. 

"There's going to be a party at our place tonight guys! You all are invited!" Daniel said loudly. 

👥 Oh my gosh!!!!

👥 The kings hosting a party!!

👥 For the first time in their house?!!!

👥 I can't wait for tonight!!

Juliette looked at Mina. 

"You should be there" She winked and walked away. 

The girls followed her also. 

Mina bite her lips happily,she saw Graham watching her from a corner,she immediately ran to him and hugged him. 

"I think they are finally talking to me" She said. 

"I'm happy for you" Graham said and broke the hug. 

"Juliette said I can go to the party,you will be there right?" Mina asked. 

"Yeah,sure" Graham smiled and touched her hair. 

"I love short hair alot" He said. 

"I didn't do this because of you tho" Mina immediately said And he chuckled. 

"Don't deny" He said and she smiled. 



"So you mean...you only saw the lady doing things to the boy? It wasn't you?" Mr Benjamin asked. 

"Yes dad" Holland muttered and there was silence. 

"I just wonder if I once went on a vacation,I can't remember" Holland sighed. 


Holland immediately raised his head when his father said that. 

"There was a time....you went to my late sister's place to spend the holiday....you got into the accident from there"

"What type of accident?" Holland asked. 

"It wasn't an accident" Mr Benjamin replied and Holland raised his brows. 

"It was an attempted murder"


"Yes,because the person who tried killing you sent me a warning afterwards that if I wanted you alive,I should hide you" Mr Benjamin explained. 

"You've never asked me why I raised you this way" Mr Benjamin said. 

"You said it's to protect me,but you never told me the reason" Holland immediately said. 

"I should have explained to you...but those memories,I don't want you to remember them,they are going to be painful,when you got missing,the state I found you was quite terrible" Mr Benjamin said. 

"Where's that sister of yours now?" Holland asked. 

"She passed away two years after the incident...can we just forget about all that....?"

"What if it's that same lady? What if she harmed me because I saw her? Just what if? Aren't you reasoning with me? We should out and end to all these at once so I can stop all these hiding stuff dad please" Holland said And Mr Benjamin looked at him. 

"I already told you to finish up college first,you can leave the country after that and live the way you want,the type of life you want,I don't want to loose you Lin.........."

"Don't call me that" Holland snapped and stood up. 

"I don't know how I managed for ten years dad,but it's exhausting. So do something about it,I'm sure that lady is behind everything" Holland said and stormed out of the office. 

Mr Benjamin sighed and immediately took his phone,he dialed a number. 

"I need your help on something" 



The mansion was full of both people and fun,the party already began to swing into full swing. Music pulsed from every corner, while laughter and conversation created a lively hum. 

The house was alive with the energy of celebration, as guests filled every nook and cranny. 

 The sweet aroma of barbecue wafted through the air, mingling with the scents of perfume and cologne. 

Minnie was just coming from the barbecue spot,another drink in her hand when she bumped into someone. 

"Oh I'm sorry" The voice said and she looked you to see Cortez,the face was strange at first but he suddenly recognized him and she gasped. 

"Oh...it's fine" She said. 

Cortez smiled. 

"Enjoy" he winked before walking away. 

Minnie touched her heart and Immediately ran to Winnie and Goldie. 

"Did you see a ghost or something?" Winnie asked. 

"A young billionaire just spoke wufg me girls!!" She screamed. 

"Huh? Who's that?" Goldie asked. 

"Stanley's brother" 

"Stanley's brother is here?"

"It's obviously him,trust me" Minnie said. 

She was still talking when they heard Stanley announcing. 

"Guys,meet my big brother" he said and Cortez waved. 

👥 Awwwn

👥 He's so hot

👥 He look so rich and Manly

"Yeah you're free to crush on him,He's single" Stanley said and immediately the girls flood around him. 

"You will regret this S20!" Cortez screamed. 

Stanley chuckled,he was always with Juliette. 


Daniel went into the house after waiting impatiently for Holland without any sign of him. 

He opened Holland's door and entered. 

"Why are you here?" Holland asked. His face was dripping water like he just watched his face,hence,making him look even more hot. His red lips to be precised made Daniel insane for a second. 

"Daniel?" Holland called when Daniel didn't make a move or other a word. 

Daniel dropped the plastic bottle in his hand and walked over to him,before Holland couldn't figure out what was going on,Daniel's lips already captured his. 

Daniel caged him tightly against the wall so he couldn't move as he kissed him deeply. 

His hand moved to his chest and Holland immediately grabbed his hand,Daniel broke the kiss. 

"Don't" Holland said softly

Daniel blinked,looking confused. 

"What....are you talking about?" He asked. 

Holland swallowed and quickly shook head. 

"Nothing,let go of me" she said and made to leave. 

Daniel dragged him back and immediately began to unbutton the shirt he was putting on. 

Holland's eyes Widened. 

"Hey!! What are you doing!!!" He yelled and made to slap him. 

Daniel grabbed his hand and once again overpowered him,he continue taking off his shirt and the first thing he met was the padding...it's used basically to appear and give a masculine shape. 

Daniel's eyes widened and he looked at Holland's face. 

"Why do you have this?" He asked. 

"Leave me alone!!" Holland yelled. 

Daniel didn't listen,he removed it and the next was the binding,this time Daniel almost lost his mind but he didn't wait either,he started losing it. 

Holland's eyes went shut and finally Daniel loses it all. 

He staggered,staring at Holland's chest,the two strange things staring at him...Wait...what's going on?

His eyes went closed and opened again. 

Are those........b👀bs?!!!!!!


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