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Dark Moans - Episode 79 & 80




Dark Moans - Episode 79 & 80

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


One slap landed on Opal's face on the floor and she opened her eyes,everyone still confused and shocked. 

What's going on?

"Is that.....is that.....Stanley?" Juliette stuttered,covering her mouth with her palms as she stared at Stanley climbing on the stage with Mr Brocks. 

The fake lawyer tried to escape but was immediately caught by the guards,they made sure both Easton,Alexander or Opal don't leave the hall. 

Easton and Alexander couldn't move either,their legs were stagnant as they stared at Mr Brocks and Stanley. 

Stanley stood in front of the mic and spoke up. 

🎙 I know everyone of you are confused right now

Everyone nodded in agreement,waiting for him to shed more light to whatever was going on.  

Holland and Daniel only watched in silence from where they stood. 

🎙 To clear the air,I was supposed to be dead right now,my brothers literally injected me with a deadly poisoned and i was thrown into the sea. 

Everyone gasped. 

👥 How did he survive that?

👥 His brothers really did that?

👥 I seriously don't want to believe that

🎙 Not just that,they tried to kill dad too,and all these was known and planned with that witch over there. 

Stanley pointed at Opal and the murmurs increased. 

"You don't have any evidence!! How dare you lie!!" Opal screamed. 

More cameras flash could be heard in the hall,the TV station still live,

🎙 Why are you so f*+*king impatient? 

Stanley scoffed and looked at Micah who immediately turned on the projector immediately. 

It started playing the video of Opal and Easton talking of how to eliminate Stanley.

👥 What the f*+*k?!!

👥 That's insane!! 

Micah went on and played the next clip,it's the video Showing both Easton and Alexander at the secret warehouse,how he was injected with the poison and how Easton had ordered his men to throw him into the deepest sea. 

👥 Cruelty!!

👥 Are they really brothers? 

The next clip was Opal trying to convince Mr Brocks lawyer and how they decided to get fake one. 

👥 They are murderers

🎙 I'm sure y'all are wondering right now,how did I survive?? 

Then Stanley started the story. 



"What's going on?" Micah asked. 

"I would have showed you,but I can't find my phone. But,I think my brothers kidnapped my girlfriend" Stanley said. 

"What?!!" Micah's eyes widened. 

"Should I call...."

"No,don't. But I need you to get the cops,I will write the address down for you,it's few distance from here,so call the cops when I get there.......""What's going on?" Micah asked. 

"No,you can't do that" Micah immediately cut Stanley off. 

"What do you mean?" Stanley asked. 

"Actually,Easton offered me a proposer" Micah replied and Stanley raised his brows. 

Micah showed him Easton's message where he asked if the money was going to be enough. 

"He wants you dead Stanley,and I think he knew you would come to me" Micah said. 

"So what's the plan?" Stanley asked. 

"For now,just play along,don't mind whatever I do to you" Micah said. 

"If i don't pretend to agree to his proposer,he will definitely get someone else to do his wicked act" Micah said and Stanley nodded. 

"I will trust you then" he muttered. 



🎙 That night,I was indeed injected with poison but while going in the car where I would be thrown into the sea,Micah injected me with the antidote and I escaped death,just a little. I was thrown into the sea but there was a ship already waiting for me and as soon as I was thrown,they  took me away,and I survived. 

👥 This is just unreal

👥 I don't belive these people are still living

👥 I love you Stanley!!

👥 You're such a strong boy

👥 Mr Brocks must be so proud having you. 

Juliette was actually crying on her spot. 

"He really went through a lot" She said,trying to control her tears. 

Daniel gave her an handkerchief. 

"Thanks" She sniffs. 

🎙 What about Mr Brocks? How did get survived? 

One of the reporters asked curiously. 

🎙 I think my brother would have a better explanation to that. 

Stanley said and looked at Cortez who moved closer to him and also began his own story. 

That day,after he heard his brothers talking about his brothers talking about Mr Brocks dying that night,he sneaked out of the house and that was house he arranged everything with the Doctor who announced Mr Brocks death.  

🎙 After dad death was announced,the Doctor told them his body need to be kept for a while,I don't know why they never bothered to confirm,guess they are in a hurry to split his properties among themselves. 

Cortez finished. 

"How dare you!!! You're my son!! I did everything for you!!!" Opal screamed,trying to rush to him but the guards grabbed her. 

🎙 That's not all

Mr Brocks said and raised a paper in his hand up. 

🎙 I've got the DNA test of I and my four sons here in my hand. 

Opal's eyes widened. 

🎙 Where it is confirmed that my two oldest sons are in no way related to me,I am not their biological father

Everyone gasped. 

👥 What?!!

👥 That's insane!

👥 She's also a cheat?

Easton and Alexander couldn't believe their ears,they faced their mom but all she could do was cry. 

"Mom! Say something,it's not true,Right?!" Easton yelled. 

🎙 Which means,I only have two sons...and that's Cortez...and Stanley. 

Opal fell on the floor,crying her eyes out. 

👥 That woman deserves to die!

👥 She should go to hell with her bastards

By now,the Brocks family are trending all over the socials,well of course as many people who heard about Mr Brocks and Stanley's death need to know that they are back and the reason why they were announced dead. 

The cops arrived at the scene,Opal and her two sons were arrested. 

"Cortez! I'm still your mother! You can't deny that!!" Opal screamed as they dragged her away. 

"I can live without one...it's better than having a murderer as a mom" Cortez said. 

A lot of people were dropping comments endlessly as they watched the news live. 

👥 That woman is so shameless

👥 I wish she dies!

👥 I'm in love with Stanley

👥 Who else noticed Stanley looks even more handsome after everything?

👥 I'm so happy for the Brocks family

👥 There will be so much peace at last

People kept standing up to congratulate Mr Brocks and his sons,and Finally Stanley found Holland and Daniel. 

Holland was the first who ran to hug him. 

"Don't lie,you cried" Stanley said,hugging him tightly.

"No I didn't" Holland immediately denied. 

"Liar,he haven't even stopped the tears yet,he cries every single day" Daniel said. 

"I know,I'm sorry. I should have called you guys,but I didn't want to get anyone involved" Stanley said and stroked Holland's hair. 

"Stop that" Holland slapped his hand off and Stanley chuckled. 

He pulled Daniel into a hug too. 

"I thought you really died bro,but definitely hell wouldn't even take you in..neither Heaven too" Daniel said. 

"I hate you" Stanley pushed him away and Daniel smiled. 

"I will see you guys later,I still have a lot to do" Stanley said. 

"Huh? Juliette is here too" Holland said pointing at Juliette who was looking at Stanley with teary eyes. 

Stanley looked at her but then faced his friends back. 

"See you tonight" he said to them and walked away. 

They both faced Juliette who broke into tears. 

"He hates me." She cried. 

Holland bashed his lashes,not knowing exactly what to say. 

"I don't think he does,you should wait....."

"Really? He saw me,,he hugged you both,what about me? I missed him too,he totally ignored me" She cried and ran out. 

"Juliette!" Holland and Daniel ran after her. 

She boarded a taxi and she left the moment they got outside. 

"F**k" Holland groaned tiredly and Daniel looked at him. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"I'm going home" Holland muttered. 

"I want to get some groceries on our way home" Daniel said. 

Holland nodded and walked to the car. 

"Is he seriously ignoring me now?" Daniel asked himself and sighed out.

He entered the car,Holland was sitting at the back,Daniel wanted to talk but decided not to,he just started the car and drove off. 



Jack got down from the car and rushed in immediately,dragging his luggage behind him. 

He watched everything that happened and no one has to tell him,the moment Opal got arrested,he knew he was doomed. 

"Please hurry up" He told the man inspecting his luggage,his flight takes off in just thirty minutes,he needs just thirty minutes and he will be gone. 

He was already in the last check point when the cops appeared in the airport,he saw them. 

"Your ticket sir?" The lady behind the counter asked with a smile,but got surprised when Jack took to his heels and started running. 

"Stop right there!!!" The cops followed him right away. 

They split and after about five minutes,they got him. He was handcuffed and taken away. 


Holland was waiting inside the car for Daniel who was still inside the grocery store,buying whatever. 

All of a sudden,Holland saw the woman..Mrs Lucas Lennon's mom with Rosemary beside her. 

Holland's phone dropped from his hand the moment he set his eyes on Rosemary. 

"It's.....her" He mumbled. 

It's the same lady in his nightmare,he recognized her. That same minute,Daniel came out of the grocery store,Mrs Lucas saw him. 

"Lennox!" She called and before Rosemary could hold her,she already started running to Daniel. 

Rosemary followed her and held her before she was able to get hold of Daniel. 

"So sorry,that's my late cousin's name,she calls any random young guy that because If he was alive,he would probably be around your age too" Rosemary explained to Daniel. 

"She calls every random guy that? Not just Holland?" Daniel was surprised,he dropped the groceries in the car booth and came entered the car. 

He turned back and saw Holland who was looking so restless. 

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly. 

"That lady" Holland mentioned. 

"What happened to her?" Daniel immediately asked. 

"She's the one in my nightmare" Holland said and Daniel's eyes widened. 

"What?!" He screamed. 

"But...." Holland stopped again. 

"But what?" Daniel asked. 

"The nightmare,the memories..........aren't mine" Holland said and Daniel's eyes widened. 

"What....what are you talking about?" He asked. 

"Last night I had the same nightmare and......I was standing....watching that lady molesting a boy....it wasn't me" Holland said. 

"Then......what are you to the boy?" Daniel asked. 

"I don't know" Holland shook her head. 

Daniel groaned and run his fingers through his hair. 

"Did you probably...lost all your memories of your past before you met Stanley and I?" He asked. 

"I was told I got involved in an accident,so I can't remember a thing about my past,from the age of nine downward" Holland answered. 

"Can we say,that little boy,was Lennox? Lennon's twin brother?" Daniel asked and Holland nodded gently. 

"And what exactly were you there for? Does that mean you're related to them or what?" Daniel asked. 

"I don't know.....I'm going to ask dad" Holland muttered. 

"It's okay,don't think about a thing. Don't stress your brain" Daniel said and made to touch his hair but stopped halfway. 

"Sorry" He muttered and faced front,he started the car and drove off. 



Holland was just coming out of his room since he got home with Daniel,he literally locked himself in his room. 

He went downstairs,the sitting room was empty but he could perceive the sweet aroma coming from inside the kitchen,Daniel probably cooked. 

Holland went into the kitchen and smiled when he saw the food,it's an homemade beef stew,made with tenders meat chunks,carrots and potatoes.

It was looking so delicious and yummy,He took a spoon immediately and was about picking one of the potatoes when he heard someone clearing throat behind him. 

"I wasn't trying to eat it" Holland said immediately. 

"I know,you were trying to investigate it" Daniel scoffed. 

"The food is yours" Daniel added and he faced him. 

"I was Starving,thanks" Holland muttered and made for leave. 

Daniel grabbed him and pulled him back. 

"Tell me you're not avoiding me" he said. 

"I'm not" Holland replied. 

Daniel's eyes shifted to his lips and immediately let go of him before he attempt something crazy again. 

"I will bring you water" he said. 

Holland left the kitchen and Daniel exhaled. 



Juliette haven't gotten herself,she haven't stopped crying since she got home. The way Stanley ignored her totally like she doesn't exist broke her heart into too much pieces,her eyes look so red. 

She was hugging the teddy bear Stanley got alongside the pillows on her chest tightly. 

"I miss him....so much" She said tearfully. 

"I want his arm around me,I want to feel his warmth,I want to cuddle with him" She cried. 

"Here I am" she heard Stanley's voice and she immediately turned. 

Stanley was standing with a bouquet of rose flowers. 

"How...did you enter?" Juliette stuttered,still not believing her eyes. 

"I know the code remember?" Stanley smiled. 

She jumped out of bed and touched him. 

"It's really you!! Cutie cutes!" She cried. 

"I thought you hate me now,I thought you don't want me anymore"

"Why would I hate you? And didn't I said to you once that I'm obsessed with you? So why wouldn't I want you?" Stanley asked. 

Juliette took the bouquet in his hand and dropped it on the floor,she jumped on Stanley and he held her tightly by the waist. 

"I missed you,I missed you" She snuggled all over him like a puppy. 

"I missed you Stanley" She said in tears. 

"I missed you more Peach,more than you think" Stanley said. 

She broke the hug and cupped his cheeks. 

"You still love me right?"

"I love you even more" Stanley replied. 

"I missed you" Juliette muttered,tears rolling down her eyes. 

"I'm here now,I'm sorry I took so long,I'm sorry" Stanley said,wiping her tears. 

Juliette sniffed.

"Kiss me baby" She mumbled. 

Stanley smiled and captured her lips at once. 


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