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Dark Moans - Episode 77 & 78




Dark Moans - Episode 77 & 78

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



Daniel entered Holland's room to check up on him,he closed the door behind him and he saw Holland laying on the bed,his eyes closed. 

"Hey dude,are you sleeping?" Daniel called as he walked over to him,no response. 

"I can't sleep" Daniel sighed and sat  right beside the bed where Holland's head was and began staring at his face like his own personal movie. 

He was lost as he stared at him endlessly,he moved closer and gently slides his fingers Into Holland's full and quite long hair,the part covering his eyes moved away.  

Daniel touched his full eyebrow and his eyes moved down to his lips,he shook his head and immediately moved away from his,but at that moment,he heard Holland's loud breath which made him then back instantly,Holland grabbed the bed spread tightly,his breaths doubled and he was shaking,moaning tearfully,sweats covered him. 

He's definitely having the nightmare again. 

"Holly? Hey....wake up" Daniel continue taping him. 

Holland grabbed his shirt and pulled him to himself,his eyes still close,by the time Daniel fell to where Holland dragged him to,their lips almost brushed,it was just a little bit away from each other. 

Holland's heart beat started reducing after that and the struggles stopped a little,Daniel knew he was supposed to move away at that point,but not when his lips were f**king close to Holland's own. 

He was trying so hard,too hard to control himself. 

'Don't do it' 

'He will hate you'

'You're going to loose him forever if you do it'

'Just push him away and.......' That subconscious mind of his didn't finish the last part when Daniel's lips landed on Holland's own. He ignored and risked every other things in life just to do that,he kissed him....deeply. 

He already gone far before he came back to his sense and moved back,falling on the floor because of the pace he used,his eyes widened,his hands shaking and his throat went dry. 

"I'm.....doomed" He stuttered and ran out of the room,he got to his room and locked the door crazily before falling back on the floor. 

"What did I just....why did I do that....why.....just.....why???" He roughed his hair. 

Back in Holland's room,he just opened his eyes sharply,swallowing hard from the nightmare he just had. 

"I saw her face" He mumbled to himself...

"But......how....how come.....I don't remember?" He blinked twice wondering if he was going crazy or not,he surely saw the face of that woman in his nightmare for the f**king first time and now he can't remember anything? Not even the way her hair was??

He was still thinking,but when he remembered Stanley,his mood changed and he got down from the bed. He walked out of the room and went to Daniels room,he entered and found him on the floor. 

"Are you okay?" Holland raised his brows. 

Daniel said nothing and bite his lips guiltily. 

"Would you like to drink with me? I don't think I want to sleep again" Holland said. 

Daniel stood up. 

"You...don't remember anything?" He asked senselessly. 

"How did you know I saw her face and now can't remember?" Holland asked. 

"Just...guessed" Daniel muttered and they left the room together. 



The house was full of people would came to sympathize with the mourning family and also to pay their last respect to a great man. 

Among the people who came Was Daniel,he came alone because Holland is too emotional,he might just break down info tears if he came here , Daniel was just standing at a corner of the big living room,staring at Opal and her fake tears. Easton and Alexander were present in there too,they both sat down on their mom's sides petting her as she cried widely. 

He noticed Cortez wasn't there and he got curious,he climbed the stairs unnoticed and started walking,trying to guess which room might be Cortez's own when suddenly Cortez appeared,he was coming from the balcony. 

Daniel stopped walking,he noticed he wasn't in tears,or at least trying to fake one like his family. 

"What are you doing here?" Cortez asked. 

"I'm just wondering why the son whose father just died is glowing so perfectly,it's hardly twelve hours" Daniel said. 

Cortez said nothing,he ignored him and made to pass his side,Daniel grabbed his arm and dragged him back. 

"You know something don't you?" He asked. 

"Are you crazy?" Cortez asked and threw his hand off him angrily,he wanted to punch him but his fist only stopped in the air,Daniel stopped it with his palm.

"I don't want to fight you,I'm not here for that so don't try me" He said and pushed Cortez back. 

"Bye" He glared and walked away,leaving Cortez standing. 

Cortez swallowed hard and bite his lips,he immediately entered his room and locked the door loudly. 



Daniel entered the house and met Holland in the living room,he turned and their eyes met, the first thing Daniel remembered was that night,his lips on his. 

It's two days already and he still can't stop thinking about it,no matter what. 

"You took so long,I was Lonely" Holland said,resting his chin on the couch handle,giving him a damn cute look,almost driving Daniel insane. 

"Did something happened in school?" Holland asked,he just decided to go check what was going on,not like he wanted to go.  

Daniel sighed and finally succeeded in looking away from him. 

"I'm going crazy" He mumbled 

"Is it that bad?" Holland raised his brows. 

"Just why the heck?" Daniel asked. 


"Why the heck are you cuter than a girl?" Daniel cut in and Holland froze. 

"This isn't the time for that,but......." 

"Was it you?" Holland cut in and Daniel looked at him. 


"That night,my lips was.........it wasn't you,right?" Holland asked. 

"I lost control of myself,you are free to hate me" Daniel replied,staring into his eyes. 

Holland broke the eye contact first,he was restless,not knowing exactly how to react. 

"I'm sorry......"

"I will forget about it" Holland said. 

"What about me?" Daniel asked. 

"Forget about it too,it never happened" Holland replied. 

"Never happened? You don't even know how long I've been dying inwardly because......"

"Now do you want to keep that up?! You're not gay!" Holland snapped. 

"Exactly! Now why the hell am I going crazy because of you? I'm not gay,I know I'm not,I've never fallen for a guy,I loved girls,I love boobs,@ss and p+$$y,,now what changed? What exactly is wrong with me? I want to know too,I was f*+*king dying on my own,I couldn't think well because I don't want you to hate me,I just...can't spend a second of my life without thinking about you,why??......I get crazy just by your blink,and when you're sad,I feel like dying and.....am I cursed? I've gone too deep in this and now I think I'm really cursed after what I did the previous night,but still....I can't stop thinking about it ......."

Holland was staring at him speechlessly. 

"And now you want me to forget about it? Like I can....."

"You need to" Holland said. 

"You should start hanging out with girls,start f*+*king around again like you've always done,let's spend less time together,maybe all those can help........"

"Why don't you f*+*k around instead?" Daniel cut him off and Holland blinked. 

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"Thinking about it......I've never even seen you kissed a girl or have s+x with them,......"

"What are you trying to say?" Holland asked. 

"I don't understand either,maybe you should tell me,are you even straight,you said you have a trauma for kissing,is that even true,are you hiding something aside your nightmare?" Daniel asked,moving closer to him. 

"What are you talking about?" Holland shifted back. 

"You are hiding something,tell me" Daniel pushed him gently against the wall and caged him right there. 

"Are you crazy?!" Holland yelled. 

"Not just crazy,I'm insane,so tell me whatever you're hiding" Daniel said,staring at him down since Holland is shorter than him. 

"You sound so desperate,like you really want me to have a secret so badly" Holland said. 

"That's how desperate I am right now....."

"We were friends since elementary......"

"That doesn't count at all....Not like we were four when we met,you were more than ten...."

"I'm twenty now! It's been ten years and you still think I have a secret? Are you even normal right now?" Holland pushed him away. 

Daniel roughed his hair frustratingly. 

They were both looking at each other while breathing hard,until they heard the door bell. 

Daniel walked to the door and opened it,Juliette entered,she was in tears and her eyes were totally red. 

"Are you okay?" Daniel immediately asked. 

Juliette shook her head slightly. 

"No I'm not,I'm not,I'm dying" She cried,holding her chest,she almost fell but Daniel caught her beforehand. 

"You should take it easy...."

"Not when I'm feeling too guilty" She shook her head as more tears rolled down her eyes. 

"What are you talking about? Guilt?" Holland came closer. 

Juliette began telling them the story,from how she was kidnapped,to the last minute she saw Stanley. 

"What?!!!!" Daniel and Holland's widened. 

"I'm sorry...." She fell on the floor. 

"You think sorry can solve anything right now?" Holland asked. 

"I know it can't,I just feel too guilty,it's eating me up,I almost swallowed pills,I keep dreaming about him,what if Stanley hate me forever? I don't think I will be able to live this way with the guit....."

"Even if you told us early,nothing much would be done" Daniel spoke up.


"There's no evidence,you think just explaining what happened to the cops will set things right?" Daniel asked and bent in front of her. 

"Easton would never make empty threat,he finally did what Stanley always expected,We all know he hates him so much,we know what they can do,so stop blaming yourself" Daniel said and wiped her tears. 

"But Stanley...." Suddenly Daniel's phone rang. 

He took it from his bag and his eyes widened,it's Stanley's number,his hand was shaking. 

"Answer the call" Holland said loudly and he swiped green. 


The voice sound strange

"Who are you?" Daniel asked. 

"I just found this phone and I called the emergency contact,turns out to be this" The voice said. 

"Can you please tell us your location? I will be there in few minutes" Daniel replied. 

The person told them where he is and immediately the three of them rushed out of the house,Daniel drove roughly out of the compound. 

"He sent a Message to Stanley,we should be able to find it there,on his phone" Juliette said. 

Holland nodded,his hands were shaking nervously,he was only trying to act strong,but he's the weakest in heart. 


"Thank you so much" They said to the guy who gave them Stanley's phone. 

"It's nothing" He said and walked away. 

"Do you know his password?" Juliette immediately asked. 

Daniel unlocked the phone with his own fingerprint and Juliette was shocked. 

"The three of us have our fingerprints saved on each others phone,just in case" Holland told her. 

"Oh" she nodded. 

"Here's the message" Daniel called their attention and they moved closer immediately. 

"That's right...it should be enough to take to the cops station right?" Juliette asked. 

"Wait" Holland suddenly said and they faced him. 

"It's today" Holland Said. 

"Today's what?" Juliette asked. 

"They are going to announce the acting CEO for the companies today,every properties of the Brocks will be shared"  Holland said and Juliette gasped. 

"That's so fast!" She screamed. 

"You think they care about him that much?" Holland scoffed. 

"We can't allow Easton and Alexander take everything" Daniel said. 

"So what are we going to do now?" 

"We need to find any way to stop them,get in the car" Daniel said and immediately they all entered at once,Daniel drove off. 



"It was filled up with billionaire,Me Brocks business partners who are ready to work with whoever Mr Brocks willed his companies for. TV stations are live,recording everything Happening life and direct. 

After the whole drama,it was finally time to call in Mr Brocks lawyer to announce the will. 

Everyone started clapping as he climbed on the stage,standing in front of the mic. 

At that same moment Daniel,Holland and Juliette rushed in,breathing hard. 

"What are we gonna do? This seems unstoppable,I'm scared" Juliette said. 

"That's not Mr Brocks lawyer" Holland and Daniel said at once.

"What? You mean they did something to the real lawyer and brought another one here?" Juliette's eyes widened. 

"Believe it or not,those people are more wicked than the devil himself" Daniel said And Juliette swallowed. 

Then the fake lawyer started.....

📜 To my sons who have stood right beside me,working day and night to keep the company up to this moment,I know you've worked so hard and you deserve anything I will be writing in here today. 

"Honey!!!" Opal broke into a loud fake tears and everyone started pitying her. 

"I feel like killing her" Juliette hissed. 

The lawyer continued. 

📜 What long note do I need again? I William Brocks,the owner of 

*The Brocks Companies*

*The Brocks Hospital*

*The Brocks Motors*

*The Brocks University*

*The Brocks High School*

Distribute my properties as follows. 

📜 The Brocks group of company should only be managed by my eldest son,Easton. The hospital and Motor company will be given to my second son,Alexander,And both the university and highschool will be managed by My precious wife. All the money in every accounts of mine should be distributed in between my three sons,I worked all my life because of them so I'm giving out everything to them also. .

"Honey!!!!" Opal cried out again. 

Everyone was at the point of tears also as they watched her crying bitterly,Easton and Alexander held her,also tearing up. 

"My dad didn't pen down that sh*t" They suddenly heard a deep raging voice from the back,entering into the hall and everyone turned with wide eyes. 

It was followed by loud gasps across the whole hall. 

Stanley and Micah came in together,walking in sync. 

Easton and Alexander's eyes widened. 

But the shock was yet to end. 

Also right in front of everyone,Mr Brocks entered with Cortez beside him. 

Opal fainted on the spot. 

"Give that witch one slap to wake her up,it's not time to die yet" Stanley said to one of the guards standing.

Everyone watched with wide mouth and eyes. 


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