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Dark Moans - Episode 75 & 76




Dark Moans - Episode 75 & 76

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



It's been two days and the news about Stanley's disappearance is totally everywhere,not when TV stations talk about it every single hour. It's the hot talk of the city,the Police have been working none stop trying to find any traces or anything at all to know what happened to him exactly but nothing happened. 

In the Brocks mansion,that evening,Holland and Daniel were present,they've been coming to the mansion a lot. 

Mr Brocks on the other hand was not getting himself anymore,he kept on sighing every second,he was totally worried and scared. 

"Is there anywhere else you think he might be?" He asked Holland and Daniel. 

"No,his girlfriend said he told her he was going home,that was the last time they talked" Daniel replied. 

"It was the same day we had lunch together" Mr Brocks said. 

"Sir" A guard entered and they all looked up. 

"The cops are here" The guard reported. 

They were all sitting in the balcony upstairs,four cops came in and Mr Brocks stood up expectantly. 

"Any news?" He asked. 

"We found this...by the bridge" One of the cops said and handed over the piece of note to Mr Brocks. 

"What is this?" Mr Brocks asked,his hands shaking. 

"It's a supposed suicide note written by your son sir" 

"What?!" Mr Brocks exclaimed. 

"Stanley wouldn't commit suicide,what are you talking about?" Daniel snapped. 

"Please check if it's Stanley's handwriting" 

Daniela and Holland immediately checked the note

"But....this is...his hand writing" Daniel muttered and exchanged glances with Holland.

The note fell from Mr Brocks hand and he lost his consciousness. 

"Mr Brocks!!!" 



"Daddy!!!!!!!!" Autumn screamed as she ran downstairs where her parents are. 

She have been indoor since the news about Stanley,she never stops crying. 

"Is there a problem baby?" Mr Austin asked. 

"I just saw the News and they are saying something really weird" Autumn said in tears 


"They said My Stanley committed suicide" Autumn said. 

"We saw it too....."

"That's not possible mom!! The Stanley I know would never do that! He can never dream of taking his own life,this is all the work of those people,I'm sure of it,Stanley can't kill himself!!" Autumn broke into louder tears. 

"Autumn take it easy...."

"No dad,I need to go to the cops,I need to write down my own statement....."

"What statement are you talking about? You're not even a witness...."

"But I have to let them know Stanley never committed suicide! He's not depressed to kill himself,He's not dead,I'm sure he's alive so daddy please..."

Mr Austin called the guards and they entered. 

"Please take her back into her room" Mr Austin said. 

"Don't touch me!! I need to go! Please daddy!!" She continue screaming till she was locked in her room. 

Mr Austin's phone rang and he answered right away. 

"What??" He stood up at once.

"What's going on?" Mrs Austin also stood up. 

"Brocks got admitted,I think the news was delivered directly to Him"

"Why would the cops do that?! They know how much he was down because of him,why would they deliver such sad news to a parent without thinking twice?! Oh geez" Mrs Austin complained. 

"Get dressed,we need to go" 



"Juliette,can you please stop crying? It's been two days and you haven't stopped,not even once. I understand the fact that you're hurt,but you should think about your health too" Minnie said. 

"What do you mean by that? It's Stanley we are talking about here,come on" Winnie groaned. 

"I'm just worried about her" Minnie sighed. 

"You guys really think Stanley would commit suicide like the cops claimed?" Goldie asked. 

"It was his hand writing,so I heard. But I hope it's not true" Winnie said. 

"Guys,I want to be alone,please" Juliette said. 

"Then,we will leave the bedroom for you,call us in the living room If you need anything" Goldie said and she nodded. 

The three girls walked out of the room and Juliette started tearing up even more. 

This time,she wasn't crying for Stanley's absence,she was crying because of the deep regret in her heart. 

"I'm sorry Stanley.....I'm the worst girlfriend In the world" She mumbled,holding unto the duvet tightly. 


Easton dragged Juliette's hair and dragged her into a room.

"You might want to run your mouth once I save your @ss from here,but you shouldn't,if you want to save your family" Easton said and Juliette's eyes widned. 

"Are you surprised I found out about them? Should I show you every details I have about them?" 

"Don't touch my family,they have nothing to do with this" Juliette said. 

"Just the same way you have nothing to do with this,it's family business which you're not a part of,so if you want to save your own family,stay out of this and keep your mouth shut,you know what I can do" Easton  threatened. 


And that is why she's been denying the fact that she was with Stanley till the last moment,she couldn't even tell them he only came to save her from his brother's hands because she's too scared to talk,she can't put her family on the line even though she loves Stanley,she just can't. 

"I don't deserve you....I don't" She cried even more bitterly. 

"Don't ever forgive me" She mumbled,sniffing. 



Holland was inside Stanley's room,he was walking from every angle to another,his eyes totally red and heavy as he stared at every corner of the room.

"It's not really true right? You're not that easy to get,you can't seriously leave me so easily without saying goodbye right?" He asked as if someone could hear him. 

He sat down on the floor,weeping quietly as the tears fell freely from his eyes. 

The door opened and Daniel came in,he sighed out when he saw Holland,he wasn't surprised again. 

This is exactly what he's been doing for the past three days. And the only reason why Daniel is not breaking down himself is because someone need to at least act strong to console the other. 

"Hey" Daniel bent in front of him. 

"I don't want to believe it's real,I'm not going to believe until I see his body..making no move,pale and blue,then I'm going to believe he's gone" Holland cried. 

"Then...let's believe that,I want to see his body too" Daniel said and pulled him into a hug. 

"So please stop crying,you know Stanley is silly,he's going to laugh so badly at you for being a cry baby,it's definitely a prank" Daniel said. 

"I'm going to kill him myself if this is a prank" Holland sniffs. 

"Yeah,he should die by our hands,nobody have the right to do that except us" Daniel said,patting his back. 



Cortez just got home from the hospital,He was with Mr Brocks all Day and only came home because he was super hungry. 

He dropped his car key on the table and sighed out worriedly. 

"Why would that idiot disappear all of a sudden when he knows dad wouldn't take it easy? He's so dumb" He hissed. 

"Even though I hate you,get back soon so dad can wake up. He can't die now" Cortez mumbled and looked around. 

"Why is everywhere so quiet?" He scoffed and went upstairs,he wanted to open the door to Easton's room but the voices coming out made him stop moving. 

It was Easton and Alexander having a conversation. 

"I'm having a bad feeling about this" Alexander said. 

"What bad feeling?" Easton asked. 

"The suicide note,are you sure Micah forged that well? And then the body,they should have found the body by now so everyone can believe he's really gone,but why is nothing happened?" Alexander asked. 

"The water is too deep for them to find his body that easily brought,stop being restless,that bastard is gone,trust me" Easton assured. 

Cortez's eyes widened,he almost gasped but he immediately covered his mouth tightly with his palm. 

"What about Mom?" Alexabder asked. 

"She's trying to get the Lawyer,but he's quite stubborn. Don't worry anyway,he wouldn't have a choice when he see money,isn't that their weakness?" Easton smirked. 

"The old man is taking too long,he should be dead by now" Alexander said 

"Tonight" Easton said. 

Tears rolled down Cortez's eyes

"Is someone at the door? I heard a sound" Easton said. 

Cortez left the door and immediately ran into his own room. 

The door opened again and his brothers came in. 

"When did you get back?" Alex asked. 

"Just now" Cortez mumbled and immediately wiped his tears. 

"Are you...crying?"

"No,I think it's the sand.....from.....I don't know precisely" he stuttered. 

"You're lying" Easton said. 

"I'm just sad because dad is not awake yet" Cortez said. 

"Oh," Easton muttered.



Daniel was just coming downstairs when he saw Holland holding a bowl of ramen in his hand. 

"Finally you're eating" Daniel said,staring into Holland's sad eyes. 

"The cops are saying sh*ts, Stanley is not dead,not now" Holland shook his head and turned on the TV. 

"I can remember this TV was almost useless in this house,but now,we can't do without it" Daniel muttered as he also sat down. 

As soon as the TV came on,it was followed by....


The bowl of ramen fell from Holland's hands. 


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