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Dark Moans - Episode 73 & 74




Dark Moans - Episode 73 & 74

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.






Stanley stopped running when he couldn't find any sign of the face he saw,he swallowed,he was panting so tiredly. He was still standing when his phone beeped,he removed it from his pocket and opened the mail. 

It was a picture of Juliette,her face was covered. 


Stanley's eyes widened,another message popped in and he checked,it's the address of where Juliette was taken 



"Easton" Stanley muttered,he knew he's the only one who would call his dad that,no one else. 

He didn't waste another time in running,he got to where he parked his car and drove off roughly,his heart beating so fast. 


"She's still not answering her phone?" Goldie asked,watching Winnie who have been dialing Juliette's number. 

"No,I don't know why I'm so worried right now" Winnie sighed. 

"Come on,she left with Stanley you know. Maybe she's too busy with her boyfriend and forgot about our date tonight" Minnie joked. 

"Exactly what I'm thinking,she's definitely busy with love making" Goldie said and Minnie laughed. 

Winnie sighed and nodded. 

"I will believe that then" 

Goldie stood up from the couch and went to the kitchen with Minnie. 

"The cake should be done now" She assured. 

"Yeah I know,I'm gonna put Juliette's portion aside first,Winnie is a glutton,can't help it" Minnie said. 

"I know" Goldie laughed. 

Minnie wore her gloves and opened the oven,she brought out the delicious looking chocolate cake and dropped it on the table. 

"Smells so good! You're so amazing Minnie,I've been dreaming of cake" Goldie pouted. 

Minnie smiled. 

"We are gonna keep this in the fridge,I love frozen cake" She said. 

"Me too,I'm gonna pour myself a glass of milk for now,while waiting" Goldie cheered

"I would like a glass too" Minnie smiled. 

"Honestly,I miss having us all together." Goldie mumbled. 

"It's all you and Juliette's fault,you two are always busy with your boyfriends,Winnie and I are always available" Minnie said. 

Goldie pouted. 

"Sorry about that" She apologized. 

"I understand tho,so it's fine" Minnie muttered as she put the cake in the fridge. 


Juliette coughed out from her sleep as she opened her eyes,meeting the dark room. She tried to move her body but could not. 

She was tied on a chair. 

"Who's here?!! Help!!!" She quavered,struggling on the seat. 

"You should calm down pretty one" Easton and Alexander walked in. 

Juliette recognized them almost immediately. 

'Stanley's .....brothers??' She thought. 

"What do you think you're doing? Why am I here?!" She screamed. 

"Don't worry,you will be free soon,when your boyfriend is here" Easton dragged a seat and sat down in front of her,he brought out a wrapped weed and light it up,he started smoking. 

"He really got good eyes,no wonder Cortez got his eyes on her too" Alexander said and Easton chuckled,his eyes on Juliette. 

"What are you planning to do? Why am I here?" She asked. 

"We have nothing to do with you,don't worry,we won't hurt you,we only need our brother to be here as soon as possible" Easton replied. 

"You're not going to hurt him right? You are his brothers" Juliette said. 

Easton and Alexander laughed. 

Juliette swallowed,she was shaking with fear. 

"He should be here soon,he even replied me" Alexander said,showing Juliette Stanley's reply to his own message. 


"Guy,have you heard from Stan?" Holland asked as he came into the living room.

"His last text...was that he might come home late,he's definitely with Juliette. 

"I'm worried" Holland sat down. 

"Then I will call him" Daniel said and dialed Stanley's number. 

"Maybe he's busy" Daniel said. 

"I know,but I don't know why I'm so uncomfortable right now" Holland sighed. 

"Do you have Juliette's number?" Daniel asked. 

"Yeah" Holland answered and immediately dialed Juliette's number,same thing. 

They both exchanged glances. 

"That's weird" Daniel said. 

"Yes it is" Holland concurred. 

"He told us about the apartment he got for Juliette right? Do you still remember the address?" Daniel asked. 

"Of course,should we go there?" 

"We have no choice,you just raised my own worries too,I don't think I will be fine until I see him" Daniel said. 

"I will get something to wear,just two minutes" Holland stood up and went Upstairs.


"Nobody is home" Holland said after pressing the door bell for almost ten times. 

Daniel sighed. 

"I hope they are both fine,but shouldn't they just answer if they are too busy and tell us?" He grumbled. 

Holland groaned worriedly. 

"Why the f*+*k is my heart beating so fast?" He Managed to chuckle. 

Daniel looked at him. 

"Don't worry,He's fine" 

"I hope so" Holland muttered. 

They both entered into the car and left. 


Stanley stopped the car in front of the his phone but couldn't find it. 

"Did I lost my phone?" He asked ,but no time to keep on searching,he got down from the car and ran to the door. 

He knocked countless time. 

"Sir Stanley?" Micah appeared from the back,he wasn't in the house. 

Stanley turned immediately. 

"Good thing you're home,I need your help" Stanley said. 

"What's going on?" Micah asked. 

"I would have showed you,but I can't find my phone. But,I think my brothers kidnapped my girlfriend" Stanley said. 

"What?!!" Micah's eyes widened. 

"Should I call...."

"No,don't. But I need you to get the cops,I will write the address down for you,it's few distance from here,so call the cops when I get there......."


"You got home so late sweetheart,did something happened?" Opal asked as he served Mr Brocks his food. 

"I had alot of meeting after leaving the station" Mr Brocks replied. 

"You must be so tired,you should have taken your bath before eating" Opal said. 

"No I'm too hungry to do that,I will bath after eating" He replied. 

"But...why's everywhere so quiet,I only saw Cortez in the living room,what about Easton and Alex?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"Oh,I think they went out to have fun" Opal replied. 

"Why leaving Cortez behind?"

"Don't mind them" Opal smiled. 

Mr Brocks checked his phone to see if Stanley returned his call,he has been trying his number also.

Opal sighed out,checking the time.  

'They should be done by now' she said inwardly. 


Juliette watched silently from where she was,like Easton and Alex said,they didn't touch her,not even a slight one. 

Suddenly,the door opened and one of their boys ran in. 

"Boss,He's here" he said and Juliette shifted uncomfortably on her seat. 

"Bring him here" Easton said. 

"What are you planning?" Juliette asked. 

"It's a pity,you won't be here to witness it. This is for family alone" Alexander smirked. 

Stanley walked in and his eyes locked with Juliette immediately. 

"Babe!!" Juliette cried out. 

"Peach" Stanley also called and tried running to her,two guys grabbed him from the back. Stanley looked at them. 

"Let go of me...."

They kicked his two legs at once,he was forced to kneel down. 

"No! Let him go,please don't hurt him" Juliette broke into tears. 

"Don't worry,I will be fine" Stanley assured her but Juliette shook her head. 

Stanley looked at Easton and Alexander who are still enjoying the drama. 

"Let her go,I am here now" he said. 

"Of course,why not" Easton smiled and gave his boys a sign. 

They walked over to Juliette and began to untie her. 

"I'm not leaving here without him! Don't touch me!" Juliette screamed as they forcefully dragged her out of the big room. 

"Stanley!!! Stanley!!!" 

Soon,her voice wasn't heard again. 

"What do you want? What is your reason this time around?" Stanley asked. 

"Reason? Do we need an exact reason? Everything started since the moment you were brought into the house!!" Alexander growled and almost hit him but Easton pulled him back. 

"Your fingerprint can't be found on him,be careful" Easton said. 

"What do you mean by fingerprint? What are you planning to do?" Stanley asked.

Easton chuckled and bent in front of him. 

"What do you think? We need to end you so dad can finally see the rest of the son he has" He said. 

"You think you will be able to?" Stanley asked. 

Easton laughed. 

"I know what you're thinking" He said. 

The door opened and to Stanley's surprise,Micah entered,their eyes met. 

"You must be thinking he's here to save you" Easton said. 

"Here is the suicide note you requested for,it's exactly his hand writing" Micah said and Stanley's eyes widened. 

"Suicide note? What suicide note you bastard!!" Stanley yelled,trying to get up,the two guys holding him down added more pressure. 

"You will regret this!!" Stanley glared at him. 

"No I won't,I was paid enough and I will drop my resignation letter as soon as you are gone" Micah said. 

"How dare you" Stanley muttered. 

"Now you see? No one is on your side" Alexander smiled. 

"What do you want from me?! What!!!" Stanley shouted. 

"Nothing else than your life,everything will be great once you're dead,I've been dreaming of a life without you for a while,it's time to make it come to pass" Alexander said. 

"Don't worry,I will give you a simple death,I know how much dad cares about you" Easton said and a guy brought a steel bowl with a syringe inside it. 

Easton took the syringe and pressed out little quantity from it. 

"This is the most poisonous one I found,I was told the victim will only last for ten minutes after being injected with this,I want to try it out so badly" Easton smiled. 

Stanley started struggling hard to get away from the guys grip. 

"Two more should hold him down!!!!" Alexander yelled when he saw that Stanley was beginning to overpower them. 

Easton faced Micah. 

"You,come do it" He ordered. 

Micah took the syringe from him without hesitating. He approached Stanley. 

"Bye Stanley" Alexander smiled. 

"I will be back for you,I'm your biggest fear and you know that,you can't end me" Stanley said. 

"This product of a night stand" Alexander wanted to punch him

"Don't touch him! If you don't want to go to jail" Easton pushed him back. 

Micah injected Stanley's neck with the poison and almost immediately he began choking,poking out blood,his eyes turned red and he began sweating,he became sweaty like that and his whole body became weak. 

"Don't worry,I will keep this suicide note where your dad will find it" Easton smirked. 

"Take him and throw him into the sea,the deepest one,and put this note on the bridge,that's if the police notice he's missing" Easton told his boys.

"Yes boss" 

They immediately carried Stanley,he was all weak and couldn't open his eyes again,though he was still breathing. 

"What are we going to do about his girlfriend?" Alexander asked. 

"Don't worry about her,leave it for me" Easton replied. 


The boys stopped the car in Verrazzano-Narrow Bridge. 

It's the biggest bridge in New York,Micah came out,along with the boys who carried Stanley's unconscious body. 

"This idiot is so heavy,what the heck?" 

"Get rid of him and let's go" Another one snapped. 

It was so dark and everywhere was so cold,the boys lifted Stanley's body and like that they threw him into the cold water,hearing the splash before they all entered the car and drove off.


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