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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 69&70




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 69&70

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Forest appeared with shaking hands and looked around for Tabitha,she appeared to him almost instantly. 

"You did it" She laughed. 

Forrest grabbed her neck. 

"So....it wasn't a lie?" He asked. 

"You're hurting me" Tabitha coughed. 

"You said he's an immortal!! That he can't die!!" Forrest shouted. 

"He didn't die! He vanished!" Tabitha shouted. 

Forrest released her. 

"Then,will he be back?" He asked. 

"He should,but I don't know when. It might take years" Tabitha replied. 

Forrest sat down on the ground. 

"Are you regretting it? You should be happy you took your revenge" Tabitha said. 

"Get lost" Forrest mumbled. 

"That bastard acted weak,he should have avoided it,I know what he can do" He said. 

"You're right,he gave up by himself. Or it might not have worked on him" Tabitha said. 

Forrest sighed out. 

"He should be back soon" he muttered.  

"I still don't understand why you're feeling guilty,it's your revenge....."

"Get lost!!" Forrest yelled and she immediately disappeared. 


Zhuri slowly opened her eyes and tears rolled down from them,she saw Alora,Neriah,MCkenzie and Esme the moment she opened her eyes 

"My lady!!" Alora called.

"Zhuri,you're awake" Kenzie also said excitedly. 

Zhuri sat up immediately but Esme touched her. 

"Be careful please" She said. 

"What about my lord?" Zhuri asked and they all kept quiet. 

"He's not gone right? It was all a dream right?" She broke into tears . 

"Zhuri,you shouldn't be crying this way. It's not healthy for your child....."

"You really think I care about the child at this moment?! You think?!!" Zhuri shouted. 

Esme faced Alora and McKenzie. 

"You two leave...."

"Including you,I want to be alone please" Zhuri cut in and Esme sighed. 

"Fine,please don't do anything stupid. Everything will be fine" She said and like that the three of them walked out of the room. 

Zhuri broke into tears again,the memory of how the emperor vanished earlier came and she couldn't hold it in. 

"You can't leave me this way,you can't" She shook her head as tears fell down her eyes endlessly. 

She was still crying when suddenly the deity appeared to her. 

"Old one" Zhuri's eyes widened. 

The Deity smiled at her. 

"You should stop crying Zhuri" she said. 

"Why? You came so late,he's gone...."

"That's the best way" The deity said. 

"What....what do you mean?" Zhuri stuttered. 

"He was indebted to Forrest,but now he's not,,anymore" The deity said. 

"Then,he's never coming back...."

"Of course he would,so you should start waiting. He did that because he want to live a happy life with you and that life inside you,he will be back soon,after paying the price" The deity said. 

"You really think I can survive without him at this point? I can't" Zhuri shook her head. 

"You will,you will be fine child" The deity said and Zhuri wiped her tears. 

"I will trust you" She said. 


Forrest was standing on one of the tallest trees in the woods,his eyes roaming all around the woods. This is what he's been doing every day,going from one tree to another,looking around,waiting for someone but the person never came. 

Seems today is going to be one of those days too. 

Forrest sighed and opened his left palm,he made an arrow of fire and snapped it down from the tree,But before the arrow could hit anything,a sudden wind from nowhere blew it off and it landed in the middle of the river. 

Forrest looked surprised and immediately appeared on the ground,he summoned the arrow out of the river and it looked around. 

The wind started all over again,everything in the woods shaking,only Forrest wasn't moved,the wind wasn't doing a thing in his body. 

"What's that?" He asked,still looking around. 

"Hey brother" The familiar voice called and Forrest immediately turned. 

His eyes widened when he saw him.....it's the emperor. 

"August?" Forrest called. 

Emperor Augustus chuckled and moved closer to him. 

"You made me come back so faster than I imagined" He said. 

"What do you mean?" Forrest frowned. 

"You've been waiting for me for a month,everyday,you wait and look for me" the emperor said and Forrest looked away. 

"Stop being delusional,I never waited for you" He said. 

"I'm back now...and I think we are even" Emperor Augustus said. 

"It was all your plan,you didn't avoid it intentionally" Forrest said. 

"Because I know you never wanted to kill me,you will only taunt me,but I wasn't ready for child's play,it's faster this way" Emperor Augustus said. 

"I hate your boldness" Forrest said. 

"I know" Augustus replied. 

"You should go to where you belong,your people are still mourning your death" Forrest said. 

"Let's go together" Emperor Augustus said. 

"I don't belong there,I belong here" Forrest replied. 


The palace was filled up,it's the 30th day of mourning the Emperor's death. 

Everyone was present,mourning and paying homage to the late Emperor. 

Zhuri and Sabrina were dressed in the same black robes,they walked to the front,both with heavy eyes as they bowed first in front of the throne. 

"Pay homage to the emperor!!!" 

Everyone bowed after that,some already started crying again. 

But no one would do that like Zhuri and Sabrina. 

Sabrina's eyes were full and blurry,filled with cold tears. Zhuri wasn't crying,but it was like it wasn't her,she couldn't even think straight anymkre. 

She's been waiting every single day,believing what the deity said but it was like as each day passes,the pain grew even more. 

"You said you won't leave me...you said you won't take long even if you leave. Why is it taking you months? Why?" She asked,finally tearing up. 

Her condition gets worse everyday,she doesn't eat well or sleep well,even though she was pregnant,she falls sick every week but still never allow the royal physician attend to her. 

'He will come back if something bad happens to me' she would say that. 

After paying the homage,everyone started leaving the throne room again,Sabrina and Zhuri in front,followed by the elders and then the royal officials too. 

It was all silent until suddenly a white horse entered through the palace's biggest gate,everyone started moving away for the horse. The person's face was covered so nobody recognized who was riding it. 

The horse kept on going until finally it stopped right in front of Sabrina and Zhuri,everywhere was quiet,expecting the next move. 

Then alas...The veil was removed,revealing the Emperor's face. 

Everyone gasped out loudly. 

"Your majesty!!!!!" They all screamed. 

"Brother.....brother" Sabrina broke into tears. 

Emperor Augustus smiled and climbed down the horse. 

"Brother!" Sabrina ran into his arms immediately,holding him tightly. 

"You came back...you really came back" she cried. 

Everyone went on their knees and bowed all at once. 

The emperor's eyes were on Zhuri even while he was hugging Sabrina. Zhuri's expression was blank but he could tell what she was feeling that very moment. 

He broke Sabrina's hug and rushed to Zhuri,pulling her into his body impatiently. Zhuri's tears fell finally as she felt his body on her own. 

"My woman" The emperor called. 

"My lord" Zhuri mumbled

"I'm sorry........"

"I missed you so much Augustus" Zhuri said and broke the hug. 

"I missed you,I missed you" She cried. 

"I missed you more,more" the emperor said and smashed his lips on her own in front of everyone. 

"Long live the Emperor!!!!!" The announcer screamed at once. 

"Long Live his majesty!!!!" Everyone chorused all together. 

THE END.......

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