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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 67&68




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 67&68

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"Then.....you know how to save him,I told you already" Forrest said. 

"I will become yours,that's what you said" Zhuri uttered without thinking. 

Forrest smiled,but not at her. 

"You heard her,what do you think?" He asked. 

Zhuri's eyes widened and turned back immediately,her heart skipped a beat when she saw an angry looking Augustus. 

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked. 

"My Lord....." Zhuri went to him and instantly,they vanished together and appeared in the Emperor's Chamber. 

"My Lord...."

"I asked you a question!! What was that about?" The emperor snapped angrily and Zhuri froze. 

"I was...just.....doing what I can....."

"Who asked you to do something?! And now the only thing you can do is offering yourself to him?! Does that even make any sense to you?!!" He yelled at her. 

"I'm sorry" Zhuri muttered and wiped her tears. 

"That cry isn't going to get me this time,you acted senselessly Zhuri,I'm greatly disappointed. You should leave" the emperor said and left her in the room. 

Zhuri bite her lips and sat down on the bed. 

"I'm really stupid,why did I even suggest that?" She asked herself and lay on the bed,she wasn't planning to leave like the emperor said anyway,she was going to wait for him till he returns. 


Neriah was sitting alone in the passage way when Kenzie showed up,she seems to be looking for someone before she saw Neriah. 

"Neriah" She called and Neriah looked up right away. 

"Have you seen Alora? I've been looking her" Kenzie said. 

"Isn't she in her room?" 

"No" Kenzie shook her head and sat down 

"She's been stalking Asher for days" Neriah chuckled. 

"Can't believe that girl is serious about it" McKenzie also laughed. 

"But I hope he reciprocate,I've never seen him smile. It might be difficult" Neriah muttered. 

"She's Alora,do you even have to worry that much? I trust her" McKenzie said. 

Neriah laughed at that. 


Asher was training all alone,only the sound of his sword could be heard,and then his breaths while moving and jumping from one side to another. 

Behind one of the pillars,Alora stood there watching him secretly. Her eyes following every moves of his,she stood there for minutes close to an hour while Asher trained. Until he finally stopped and took off his shirt. 

Alora gasped and immediately covered her mouth,but still she couldn't look away. 

"So hot" She mumbled. 

"Never knew my stalker Is a pervert" Asher said without turning to her. 

Alora looked around to see who he was referring to but she was the only one there. She walked out from the pillar's back. 

"Are you talking to me?" She asked. 

Asher faced her. 

"How many stalkers do I have?" He asked and Alora's heart skipped a beat. 

"No answer?"

"I.....I wasn't....I didn't....I .....didn't stalk...I ....." She bite her lips when she couldn't find the right wprds to put together. 

Asher scoffed. 

"I'm sorry" Alors mumbled. 


"For stalking,I was just curious" Alora said boldly this time. 

"Now that's more like you,why talking like you're calm?" Asher asked .

"Do you like it or you hate it? My boldness?" Alora asked. 

"What if I hate it?" 

"I will stop acting bold before you" Alora replied. 


"Because I like you" she replied. 

"That's fast" Asher said. 

"No it's not,I've known for a while but you're just finding out,I can say it's late that you're just finding out now" Alora said and Asher scoffed. 

"Well you're not my type" He muttered and took his sword on the ground. 

"What's your type like?" Alora followed him as he walked away. 

"Someone who doesn't follow me when I walk" Asher said and Alora stopped walking. 

Asher looked at her and smirked. 

"You lied!!" Alora screamed and ran after him again. 

 Just then,Asher saw a guard jumping back into the palace,he was obviously out. He looked left and right suspiciously his face was covered. 

"That bastard" Asher gritted his teeth and gave his sword to Alora,he immediately wore his shirt back and ran after him,the guard noticed Asher coming and he also took to his heels. 

In a minutes,Asher caught him and pushed him against the wall,he punched his tummy and kicked his leg bone which made him fall helplessly on the floor. 

Asher moved closer and grabbed him by the head,he removed what covered his face. 

"Commander,I'm sorry......." A punch landed on his face and he immediately stopped talking. 

"Where are you coming from?" Asher asked. 

The guard swallowed without saying a word. 

"Tell me!!" Asher yelled. 

"Lady Ximena" he replied and Asher's eyes widened. 


"I went to break our agreement,I swear I didn't do anything else" 

"Agreement? What agreement?" Asher asked curiously. 

"She want me to always tell her what happens in the palace,....."

Asher moved back a bit before give him a back kick on his neck,his neck became stiff immediately. 

"I will be watching you from now on,you better be telling the truth about the agreement breaking or you will face his majesty's wrath" Asher said and walked away. 

He met Alora where he left her. 

"You should have dropped it and leave" he said and Alora smiled. 

"Let's be friends" She said. 

"I don't make friends with weak people" He muttered and walked away. 

Alora bite her lips,staring at him till he was out of sight. 

"Can't believe she's crushing on that ice" Gael said beside Sabrina,they've been watching them. 

"Why?" Sabrina asked. 

"He's hard to read,he doesn't even smile. He takes his job so hard" Gael replied. 

"I guess that's why brother likes him,they are both the same. Until Zhuri made him fall" Sabrina said and Gael chuckled. 

"So you think it will be the same with Asher when he falls in love?" He asked. 


"No,I'm sure he will try so hard to avoid anything that will make him weak" Gael said. 

"Brother tried too,but it didn't work. Zhuri is a typical witch,Xinena was restless till she was finally drove out" Sabrina smirked. 

"What's this talk? How about something else?" Gael asked. 

"You're such a big bad baby" Sabrina chuckled. 

"I tasted once and now I can't stop wanting it" Gael carried her. 

"Brother is going to kill us both" Sabrina laughed. 

"I will die for the both of us" Gael said and took her away. 


Alora entered her room and met MCkenzie already waiting,they stay in the same room now. 

"Where have you been?" 

"Stalking and finally got rejected" Alora mumbled and fell on tge bed. 

"Asher rejected you?" Kenzie asked and Alora nodded. 

"But I'm not giving up,never" She mumbled.


The emperor finally returned to the chamber,he walked into the room and met Zhuri sleeping innocently on the bed,he sighed out and went into the bathroom. 

He returned to the bedroom minutes later,looking more handsome in his sleep robe. Zhuri was still sleeping,he sat down on the bed beside her and stared at her face endlessly. 

He touched her hair and stroked her hair. 

"Why should you be the one to protect me? It's my work to do" he muttered. 

"And even if I leave....it's just going to be for a while,I will definitely come back for you...I won't leave you all alone" He added and kissed her forehead before settling besidd before,he was staring at her till he falls asleep. 

Zhuri opened her eyes after that,she saw the emperor beside her she smiled. 

"I love you" She muttered and shifted closer,she took his hand and wrapped it around herself,she pecked his lips and then closed her eyes back.


Finally it's the night everyone have been waiting for,the full moon festival. The palace was filled up,the celebration was all together,in the village,everywhere was so noisy and fun that night. 

It's a festive night. The full Moon was there right in the dark cloud,bright and beautiful as it stood still. 

The palace was even more interesting to be more than any day,a lot of activities. Ministers and the royal elders in the moon empire. 

Zhuri have been meeting alot of noble ladies around her age with no single time for herself,the emperor was busy too,reason why she wasn't so worried because he doesn't seem to have her time either. 

The festival started fully,and finally Zhuri got a space beside the emperor as they entered together with everyone staring at them and cheering. 

"I've missed you,my lord" Zhiri said.

"I'm missing you,even now that we are together" The emperor said and Zhiri's cheeks turned red. 

They were directed to the table where they sat down to watch the ongoing performance together. 

They haven't sat down for thirty minutes when the emperor caught the scent.... It's Forrest. As he had expected. 

He looked at Zhuri who was clapping after the amazing performance from the dancers. He stood up and Zhuri looked at him. 

"Where are you going??......"

"I will be back" He said and left quietly. 

Zhuri stared at his back suspiciously but then she decided to keep her thought to herself. 


Forrest was on the palace rooftop,the emperor appeared behind him and he turned. 

"Knew you would come" Forrest chuckled. 

"Why are you here?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

"You know why I am here....didn't I told you? I would destroy everything and it's like tonight is perfect for it,everyone smiling is like a fire in my soul,I hate it" Forrest said. 

"I warned you Forrest" The emperor said. 

"And that's why I'm here to take you down first" Forrest said and unsheathed the sword in his hand. 

"I'm not going to touch them on one condition" He said and the emperor raised his brows. 

"Zhuri,leave her for me" Forrest said. 

"You know that's not possible" Augustus said. 


"She's carrying my child"

"And if she's not?"

"I love her,and she loves me too...."

"Don't say it again!!!! You don't deserve it!!!!!!" Forrest yelled and made to stab him but the emperor appeared behind him. 

"I deserve it!!" He shouted back. 

"Because I've suffered more than you Forrest,there's no point in me apologizing to you because I was punished all these years,you don't even know what I passed through" He said. 

"I still don't Care,and I won't stop until I make you vanish,just like me" Forrest said. 

"Then do it" Emperor Augustus said,standing straight. 

"If that's going to make you leave the woman I love alone,alongside my people,then do it" He said. 

"It's this confidence I hated at first sight you were announced as my brother" Forrest said. 

"Do it Forrest,don't forgive me. We will become even once I vanish,you're right,so......do it" He said. 

Forrest rushed toward him thinking he would escape as always but Augustus didn't move,and the sword went right inside him,it came out at the back. 

Augustus poked out blood and Forrest's eyes widened. 

"The sword............works" He mumbled,he removed it back and the emperor staggered,blood rushing out of his tummy. 

Forrest's hand trembled and the sword fell from his hand. 

"Your majesty?!!!!!!" Asher screamed out and rushed to them,his eyes grew wide. 

Forrest disappeared. 

"My Lord!!!" Zhuri also rushed there and soon more people came. 

"Augustus!" Zhuri screamed,holding the emperor's bloody tummy. 

He looked at her face and smiled deadly. 

"I......I'm sorry" he stuttered and Zhuri shook her head. 

"Don't go....don't leave me!!! Don't!!!!!!!" She cried out. 

Sabrina was the last....she stopped the moment she saw him in his own pool of blood. 

"Bro.....ther" Her tears fell freely. 

It started from the blood on the sword,they turned into red ashes being elevated from the ground,then the emperor himself.

"I love you Zhuri.....   "

"No!!!! No!!!!!"  Zhuri screamed

They all watched him turned into ashes and then vanished. 

"Ahhhhh!!!!"  Zhuri lost her consciousness on the spot. 


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