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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 41




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 41

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Alpha Atlas glanced at me before turning to the mean looking lady in front of me. “Aunt, she's not my personal slave. She's my mate… the Luna of…”

She didn't wait for him to finish his statement when she burst into laughter, leaving Atlas and I shocked and confused as well. After a few seconds of laughter, she asked Atlas. “Why do you like joking around, nephew? You make good jokes.”

“Joke? I'm not joking, Aunt. She's really my mate and Luna to be of this pack.” Atlas snapped at her.

Scoffing, she turned to me. She stared at me like I was a piece of garbage that was irritating her. Then, she replied. “This has got to be a joke, Atlas. And yes, it will remain a joke. This thing standing in front of me can never be Luna of the Cold moon pack.”

Tears had already filled my eyes, and I was trying to blink it back, but ended up letting it roll down my cheeks. My legs had already gone numb, and I couldn't even leave that spot. Atlas became furious, then he yelled at her. “Aunt, we are tired. I really don't have the time to have this conversation with you. We'll rest now.”

With that, he held me to himself and walked into the castle with Beta Jackson, who followed suit.

“Atlas! Atlas!! How dare you walk out on me? Are you disrespecting me because of this slave of yours?” Aunt Barbara yelled angrily, but Atlas didn't spare a glance at her. 

We got into his chambers. I was too shocked to say anything. I just sat on the couch silently. Atlas bent over to me, and held my wrist. “Allison, I know that there is nothing I can say to justify the embarrassment you got from my aunt. But trust me, I didn't know that she was here. I'm deeply sorry about how rude she was to you and…”

“You know, it's nothing. All my life, I've always been abused and talked down on. This is not the first, and I don't think this will be the last time that someone says hurtful words to me. Your aunt is right, I am not fit to be your Luna, Atlas. I think it's time we face the truth.” I sniffed hard, and continued. “Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to be with you, but it's obviously impossible.”

Atlas shook his head in disagreement, and placed my hand on his chest. “Can you feel my heart beating, Allison? It's still beating because you're here. The moment you leave me, that sound won't be heard or felt anymore. I don't care what my aunt thinks or says, you're the only Luna of the Cold Moon Pack.”

“Atlas…” I tried to speak, but he shut me up with a passionate kiss on my lips.

After a few seconds, he disengaged the kiss and stared directly into my eyes. “You're mine, Allison. Please, let me mark you.”

My eyes widened in shock immediately. Blinking rapidly, I asked anxiously. “What? You want to mark me, huh? But…”

“Didn't you say that you love me, Allison. Then, let me mark you. You're my mate, and it's only right that I mark you.” He replied.

I nodded my head with a smile. “Yes, Atlas. I agree.”

With that, he continued kissing me and of course, he got me marked on my neck region. We were so turned up, but he managed to stop us from having any intimacy as I was still wounded.

Meanwhile, angry Aunt Barbara stormed into her room, pacing around in fury. 

“He dared to walk out on me. Atlas has never done that before. He loves and respects me so much, what could happen to him? He cares so much about that good for nothing slave with him. What does he even mean by her being his mate?” She grumbled.

The doorbell rang noisily, snapping her out of her thoughts. “Who the f*** Is it? Didn't I tell you that I don't want to have dinner?” 


Upon hearing the voice, Barbara turned around swiftly as Harper walked into the room. With a calm voice, she called out. “Oh, Harper, my darling. I didn't know that you were the one on the door.”

“When did you get back, auntie? I just heard from the servants that you came.” She hugged her tightly.

After the hug was disengaged, Barbara sat on the couch with Harper, and replied. “I just came back to North America this afternoon. You won't believe what just happened when Atlas got home.”

“What was it, auntie? Is everything okay?” 

Barbara snorted. “He came back with a slave girl, and guess what? He told me to my face that she is his mate, and that's not all. He walked out on me because of that girl. Do you know her?” 

Harper burst into crocodile tears immediately. Then, said. “This is what I've been going through ever since you left, Auntie. The Alpha doesn't listen to anyone else but her. Would you kindly believe that he took her with him to the conference?” 

“What? Does that mean that this isn't the first time he's bringing her home?” She asked with her eyes narrowed.

I'm still sobbing, Harper continued. “She practically lives here in the Cold Moon Pack, auntie. Atlas punished me just because of her. He treats me badly just to please her. I'm so excited that you're back.”

“That witch! How dare a slave think that she would become a Luna out of that blues? I will never let that happen, not to my nephew.” Aunt Barbara freaked out.

Seeing how furious she was, Harper smiled mischievously and mumbled inaudibly. “Now, I'll get rid of that slave girl with the help of Aunt Barbara. The Moon Goddess is on my side.”

“No one else is as fit as you are to be the Luna of the Cold Moon Pack. You grew up with my nephew, and you're the only one who should be Luna. I will help you.” Aunt Barbara assured her.

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