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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 73 & 74




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 73 & 74

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


The sunshine's shine so brightly, penetrating into the room through the windows.

The light hit Jennifer on the face since she was facing the window side.

Her eyes lid parted and she opened her eyes slowly, she squinted her eyes and slowly looked up, her eyes fell on his face and she smiled at the gorgeousness she was seeing.

He was looking so innocent as his lashes hugged each other perfectly on his face.

She smiled widely and the memories of last night started flooding into her head.

She returned her eyes to him and caught him staring at her, he was awake already but she didn't notice.

"Baby" she called and he smiled.

"Thinking about our night right?" he asked sweetly and she blushed red.

"Yes" she replied prettily, and he pulled her to him. He kissed her forehead and nose before going for her lips, the kiss lasted for one minute before they pulled away.

"So how was my performance last night?" he asked.

"I give you 10/10, you are the best" she replied and he hugged her.

"We are going to visit my grandmother today, I'm going to introduce you to her" he said.

"I can't wait" she said excitedly.

"Why won't I be, like I have seen her already but it wasn't on a good platform, I just pray she would accept me as her daughter in-law" she said with a scared face and he started laughing.

"I don't think she will reject you, she has been disturbing me for years now to get a girlfriend, don't be afraid, she will like you" he said and she hugged him.

"I hope so" she muttered.

"Come on, stop worrying yourself" he said and she looked up.

"I believe you baby" she said and he sat up.

"Let's brush together" he said and she sat up too.

"Let's go" he said and they got down from the bed together, they linked hands together and stepped into the bathroom.

They stood beside each other and took the brushes in the brush hanger. He got the toothpaste and applied on hers before applying it on his brush.

They looked at each other and smiled before they started brushing.

It only took them five minutes before they were done.

"So what next?" she asked.

"Breakfast before going home" he replied and she smiled prettily, coming closer.

"What is that look?" he asked.

"What about a short s+x?" she asked with a n+ughty bit on her lips.

"You are..."

"I got addicted immediately I tasted it last night" she cut in, and he started laughing.

"Seriously?" he smiled but gasped as she started pulling his trousers down.

"Baby" he gasped and held her hands.

"Wait, we can do that tonight?" he said and she pouted.

"I promise, let's get breakfast" he said and she pouted again.

"I love you" he said and carried her into his arms.

He kissed her and her arms climbed his neck, trapping its cage there, she started kissing him hard as he walked out with her.


Everest came into the office and the first thing he saw was the change of things on his desk. Everything was different from the way he usually arranged things on the desk. He saw a female bag on his seat and he furrowed his brows confusingly, what is going on here?

He looked at Paige's office and looked at his desk before making his way into the office.

Paige was in the office with a lady who was holding some files.

She looked up and immediately she saw him, a wide bright smile appeared on her face.

The lady took turned and started looking at Everest.

"What is happening? I saw a female bag at my desk" he asked and she smiled.

"Meet my new secretary baby, Allison Parker" Paige said and his eyes widened.

"What? Am I fired?" he questioned.

"No, how can I fire my boyfriend? You are promoted baby, my boyfriend can't be my secretary" she smiled and he remained silent.

"You are now the chairman of Elites group of company" she said and his eyes came wide.


"Chairman, Sugar" she completed.

His eyes turned wistful with emotions as he stared at with affectionate emotive eyes, he didn't know how he was feeling at that moment. 

He was so emotional and he couldn't say a word for a complete minute.

Chairman of Elites group of company? How is he going to believe it's not a dream?

Paige gave Allison a signal and she walked out of the office.

Paige smiled and walked to Everest, she wrapped her hands around his neck and started staring at his face.

"You are not happy with the position? I can make you the CEO, I will step down so that you can become the CEO" she said seriously and his lips parted.

"What? This is your company that will be heartless, I love the position, I'm just overwhelmed with happiness" he said.

"Just kiss me and grab my but+s" she said naughtily and he kissed her, grabbing her bu+ts, palming it.

Paige m0@ned slowly into the kiss, feasting on his lips sweetly till they broke it.

"I can't believe it, from a secretary to the chairman of this company, you didn't tell me" he smiled.

"It was supposed to be a surprise" she smiled and he hugged her.

"I love you so much" he said affectionately.

"I love you more, sugar" she said and he broke the hug, he cupped her face and started staring at her.

"Butterfly" he called romantically and she blushed.

"Thank you" he said with an emotional tone, and she giggled.

"Just kiss me and grab my @$s, press it hard" she whispered s+ductively, and he smiled cooly before pressing his lips on her, his hands going to her @$s, he started pressing her bu+ts and she started m0@ning cutely.


The black range Rover halted in the house and Myles came out at the same time with Jennifer.

She looked around the place and smiled.

"I'm here again" she said and he took her hand.

"Let's go in before my neighbors will see you,I don't want to answer questions" he said.

"No, I want them to know I'm your girlfriend" she said.

"Please babe" he pouted cutely and she smiled.

"You are so cute" she said and kissed him.

"Come here, stubborn girl" he said and started pulling her inside while she giggled till they entered his apartment.

Grandma Patricia was already in the living room.

She dropped the silk thread she was holding and stood up.

"Baby" Myles called but her eyes fixed on Jennifer.

"You? Jennifer Keys" she called and Jennifer swallowed hard.

Is she going to reject her? She started pulling her skirt end.

"She is your girlfriend?" Grandma Patricia faced Myles.

"Yes, grandma" he replied.

Grandma Patricia took her eyes to Jennifer and started staring at her without a word.

"Grandma....Good morning" she stammered. No answer.

Myles was staring at Grandma Patricia wondering what she was up to with her act.

"I know the last time I was here I was so rude but I changed because of your grandson, I love him so much, I know you will hate me..."

"Shut up, who told you I hate you, I'm just checking you out if you have @$s and gladly you have it, my grandson loves big @$s, no wonder he fell for you" grandma Patricia interrupted, and Myles's eyes widened.

"Grandma" he gasped.

"Come on, I just tell the truth, come here Jennifer" Grandma Patricia widened her arms, and Jennifer quickly rushed into her arms.

She hugged Jennifer tightly.

"My happiness is that my grandson is finally dating, so have you guys fixed the wedding date?" 

"Grandma" he called.

"Shut up" grandma Patricia glared, and Myles sighed.

"The wedding date will be fixed soon" Jennifer replied and she smiled.

"I know you are for real, my spirit accepts you, take care of him for me" Grandma Patricia said and Jennifer smiled brightly.


"Wow! I'm so happy, he confessed" Michelin said after Sloane broke the news to her.

"He's so cute, pray for a boyfriend like Newton" Sloane smiled.

"You were claiming hard to get" Michelin said and they laughed.

"It's in our genes to always claim hard to get, you should get a boyfriend or are you hitting on Ramoni the new guy!" Sloane said.

"No, but he's so cute" she said.

"You are crushing" Sloane said.

"Baby" Newton called and Sloane smiled before turning.

He gave her lips a quick kiss.

"I'm here" Michelin shouted.

"Get a boyfriend" Newton said teasingly and Michelin rolled eyes.

"I want to take you somewhere" he said to Sloane and she smiled.

"Let's go" she stood up and Michelin scoffed.

"Stop being jealous, Ramoni is there for you" Newton winked and started walking away with Sloane.

"Why are they pairing me with Ramoni? I'm alone again?" she said.

"Who are the people pairing us?" she heard Ramoni's voice behind her and she quickly turned to see him.

"Ramoni" she called and he smiled.

"You were talking to yourself, I'm here now, let's talk, senior Newton and Sloane are now dating" he said and sat down.

"It's remaining only me" she said.

"Who told you you are the only single?" he asked and she faced him.

"You are single too?" she asked.

"Yes" he replied and she found herself smiling.

"Why are you smiling? Happy that I'm single" he questioned.

"No, we can actually click" she said slowly and he furrowed his brows.

"I'm sorry..I.."

"It's fine, give me your number" he said and she quickly glanced at him.

"Your number or I might change my mind" he said and she scoffed.

"I don't need your number" she said and he started laughing.

"So annoying" she rolled eyes and gave him her phone.

"Be fast" she said and looked at him, they started laughing.


Jennifer's hands were hung on Myles's neck as they came into his room.

"Your room is filled with your scent" she smiled and kissed his neck.

"A sign that's my room" he said.

"Paige just promoted your friend" she said.

"He called me, I'm so happy for him"  he smiled and turned to her.

"So you love ladies with big @s$?" she asked.

"Are you seriously believing my grandma? she can be crazy sometimes" he said.

"I believe her, she can't lie, well I'm safe I got big b0oty" she said and he chuckled.

"You are thinking I might leave you a big with big b0oty?"

"I know you won't do that but I want to be at your taste" she replied.

"I love your imperfections, everything about you" he said and she kissed him.

She started staring intently at him.


"Make me cum" she whispered into his ear.

"Seriously, my grandma is here" he laughed.

"I will keep my voice down, be fast, I want your fingers on my cl+t" she said sexily.

"Gosh, you are driving me crazy" he said and carried her up.

"Jennifer, come out and eat, I prepared something for you" Grandma Patricia said at the door.

"Later" he smiled and she pouted.

He started taking her outside.


Ceres came into the bar house wearing a scarf which made her unrecognizable.

She started looking at the place till she saw the person she came for.

She started walking there and she settled down before him. Ronnie.

"Miss Ceres" he smiled, dropping his cup.

"I'm here, let's talk about this" she said.

"Go on" he said.

"You are one of the top judges in the award..."

"I know what you want but I also need something" he cut in.

"What is that?" she asked.

"You already know it, this isn't the first time we will be working together" he smiled.

"How am I sure that you won't play me?"

"I will leave that up to you, I'm leaving" he said and stood.


"Okay fine, book a hotel, see you then" she said and he smiled.

She stood up and walked out.


Everest came out of the car with Paige. This is their official first date and it was a freaking picnic on the beach.

They came out of the car holding the things they will be needing, they are spending the night here.

Paige was wearing a cross top and short free skirt, looking so hot.

He was wearing a shirt and p+nts.

She came closer and kissed him deeply, she broke it and rushed away.

He smiled and followed her.

"Let's make the tent first" he smiled and she giggled.

"I'm so elated" she shouted and he smiled.

"I'm feeling the same vibe" he muttered and she squatted with him.

"I will help" she said and he nodded.

Together they set up the tent and when they were done it was night, but there wasn't any darkness there as Everest fixed big bulbs which brightened the whole area.

"Gosh, I'm tired" she said and he pulled her to him. He kissed her hard and gently broke it.

"Do you feel energized now?" he asked and she chuckled.

"Yes, sugar" she replied and kissed him.

"I got milky doughnuts for you" he said.


"Come" he said and took her hand, he took her to the bag and opened it, he brought the milky doughnut and she jumped on him.

"I love you" she said childishly and started eating it.

"So sweet, I love you sugar" she said and he kissed her not minding the chunks in her mouth.

"I love you more" he said affectionately.

 "Let's skin dip" he said and carried her up, he started taking her to the river and she kept kissing him till he entered the water with her.

He dropped her gently into the water and she balanced but her hands were still on his neck as they stared at each other emotively.

"Don't ever break up with me" he said.

"You are my vitamin,I can't do without you, I love you more than anything" she said and his hand went into his pocket.

He brought out a necklace pendant that has his name inscribed on it.

She gasped.

"It's expensive" she said.

"I don't mind since I'm giving it to you, it has my name, I want my name to be always close to your heart" he said and she started blushing hard.

"I love you" he said and started wearing the necklace on her neck.

"It's so pretty, I love it" she said and held the pendant, kissing it fondly.

She stood on her toes and kissed his lips succulently, tasting his feverishness.

"We will be together, no break up no matter what" she said and he smiled.

"I'm sorry I don't have a gift for you" she said.

"Making me the chairman and giving me your love is the best gift" he said.

"You are making me so emotional" she said and hugged him.

"Skin dip" he shouted and they went into the water together.

They came out at the same time and they started laughing.

"I also have another gift for you" he said, moving closer.

" What is that? Sugar?" she asked.

He went slowly into the water and stopped at his knees, kneeling down.

He looked at her and he could see the anticipation in her eyes.

He smiled and started kissing her navel.

"Everest" she gasped like a moan.

He licked her navel sensually and slowly started moving down.

"Ahh" she shut her eyes as she felt the chills on her skin.

She gasped when he suddenly pulled her skirt down, she opened her eyes and started staring at him.

He looked at her and smiled naughtily before going for her p+nties.



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