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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 71 & 72




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 71 & 72

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


He started walking to her and just his eyes fixed on her body, she started watering down there, her n+pples hardened on her chest.

She has always wanted this but she didn't want to push him but tonight she can't control the feeling, she really wants to have him inside of her, she wants to feel her man inside of her. She badly craved it.

The cool atmosphere in the room kept hitting her p+ssy and b👀bies, she kept her gaze on him till he got to her.

His eyes were filled with lust, want and excess craving for her.

He has been trying to hold back but after what he just saw now, he doesn't think he can hold it in again, she is his girlfriend and he thinks this is the right time for it, he can't remain a virgin forever.

They hooked eyes on each other and the tension in the room started growing,  he raised his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear. She swallowed hard, feeling the effect of the touch on her skin.

"I can't resist this temptation anymore baby" he said charmingly and carried her up immediately.

Her legs hung on his waist and he started walking to the bed with her.

He got to the bed and dropped her on it, coming on top of her.

He gave her b*+*bies a naughty look, staring at her fully erected n+pples.

"You are so endowed, I love your body" he said and kissed her n+pples fully, her eyes went shut as a m0@n escaped her lips tenderly.

His hands started working on her body, moving down to her navel as he kept kissing her n+pples.

"Myles" she gasped when he started touching her navel sensually.

"You are so adorable" he said, lifting his lips from her n+pples. She opened her eyes gently and saw him smiling at her, she started smiling back.

"I don't want to hold back anymore" he said.

"I don't even want you to hold back, take me love" she replied and he went for her lips. They started kissing hard and she gasped at how fast he was. She was literally trying to match up with his pace. His kissing style was different today and she tried her best to keep up with him.

They were still kissing so hard when his hand left her navel and started sliding down till he got to her baby.

He gently circled his finger on her cl+t.

"Baby" she gasped, breaking the kiss.

"You love it?" he asked naughtily.

"Keep touching it... Don't stop please" she moaned and he smiled.

He started rubbing her cl+t and her m0@ns started growing, filling the room up with her cute cries.

"Damn.... Darling, I love you...Ahh"  she said erotically, curving her toes on the bed.

He circled his fingers on her cl+t and she started gasping for breath.

He slid a finger into her p+ssy and her lips parted but no word came out.

She kept gasping for breath, and when he started the ministration with his finger, she almost started crying as the pleasure was getting too much for her.

No man has ever made her feel this way, he was doing this with just a finger.

"F+ck!!! Myles, more please" she begged, throwing her head sideway on the bed, her eyes rolling in their sockets.

"Circle your finger in me, darling" she said in a whisper, m0@ning louder.

He circled his finger in her and her body started shaking as she felt her c+m getting nearer.

He returned to flicking her cl+t, and her body started shaking tremendously, her legs were shaking as she shot her creamy wet juices on his finger.

"Ahhhh...Gawd!" she rasped.

He just made her org+sm.

"Please, take me baby" she said impatiently, longing and lust in her eyes.

She gazed at him and saw the same energy in his eyes, lust and want filled his eyes and that got her watering again.

She sat up and her hands went to his trousers, she started undoing the loops on his trousers, she loosened the loops and pulled his trousers down.

He assisted her in pulling his trousers away and she smiled lustfully, seeing his hardness in his boxer brief.

It took him just a hand to get the boxers away from his waist.

His beautifully co+ck stood elegantly and he got on the bed.

She widened her legs for him immediately.

"You are the first lady and you are the one I will be doing this with forever" he whispered and she smiled widely.

"I love you" she said and he gently slid his c+ck in her p+ssy.

"Myles" she curled as she felt his length in her.

"You are...so tight" he groaned as he felt her warm cunt on his dck.

"I haven't...f+ck for a long time now... ahhh" he pushed his length in again and she felt him stretching her walls.

"I love you more, I love you Myles" she gasped and he stared into her eyes.

"Don't look away from my eyes, baby" he said and started moving his waist gently, sliding in and out of her.

Moans and gasps filled her mouth as she started feeling the overwhelming pleasure despite the expansion his c+ck was making.

"You... are so sweet" he said, sounding deeply erotical.

The pleasing look on his face as he take her made her wetter despite the ministration going down in her p+ssy.

"I can't get tired of doing" he said.

"Don't get tired, I don't want you to get tired either, don't stop, harder, please..."


A pop sound could be heard as Newton gently broke the kiss, their lips were swollen but the look of hunger and desire for each other still lingering in their eyes.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"You expect me to be alright after dressing like this, I'm losing my senses" he said and she smiled prettily.

"You like it?" she asked.

"Like? Understatement, I love it, I love everything, you are so pretty" he replied, bringing his lips closer.

She bit her lips like she wanted to say something but nothing came out.

"Actually...I love you" he said after a minute and her heart bombed.

"You were in love with me right?" he asked.

"Yes but I wanted to be sure you weren't playing with my feelings...I love you" she replied and he smiled widely.

"What if I turn my attention towards another lady?" he asked and she bit her lips.

"I don't want to imagine it, I started losing it when you started avoiding me, Michelin came and you were getting closer to her, I thought you were starting to like her, I was afraid" she said cutely, and he smiled.

"I can't love another lady except you, right now I want to continue kissing, I don't want to leave here" he said s+ductively.

"Then don't" she whispered and he carried her up.

He saw a table in the room and he went there, he dropped her on the table and their kissing spree started again.


Jennifer was the one on top of Myles right now, she was riding him so deep and slow, bouncing her @s$ gently on him.

Her n+pples were in his mouth and her gentle and slow m0@ns kept coming.

Their skins were in the embrace of each other, their hearts beating against each other's chests.

He was moaning softly and she loved it, she loved the cute s+xy sounds he was making as the warmness of her c+nt embraced his c+ck possessively.

"Mmmm" they moaned together, hooking eyes on each other.

"You are so adorable" he whispered, rubbing his lips on her nose tip.

"You are so sweet, darling" she said s+xily and he captured her lips.

His hands went to her butts and he grabbed it possessively, guiding her as she bouncing on his c+ck gently and slowly, their moment was a slow love making but they were feeling the insane and overwhelming pleasure, she lost count of how many times he has made her c+m since they started banging. He's so good at it and she kept wondering how a v+rgin will be this expertly on something like this, his stamina was so amazing to her.

The kiss was gentle and slow too.

He kept taking her till the last minute.


Myles and Jennifer showered after the hot passionate s+x, and they were in bed, cuddling so tightly. Her head was on his chest and he was stroking her hair and gently touching her b👀bs.

"I lost my dad when I was little" she suddenly said and he started listening attentively.

"I was born as a result of a one night stand, Dad and Mom got drunk that night, she hated me and dad so much, she left me after I clocked five years, dad was poor and she hated him for that, according to her it was a mistake. Dad loved her but she never loved him back because he was poor. She hated me so much" she said.

"Dad died when she left, I was left alone, I went to her but she rejected me, she got married to Mr Adams and abandoned me, I started working so hard to feed myself, God was on my side and luckily I became a CEO at 19 years, the same time with Paige, we were friends and we shared the same story with me, I'm not a graduate Myles, I couldn't finish school so I went into perfume and fashion business instead" she said and started crying.

"Your mom is really heartless" he said.

"I thought she would like me after I became rich but she still hates me" she said and he started cleaning her tears.

"I understand how it feels like growing up without parental love, I'm here for you" he said and grabbed her face, raising it up, he was still cupping her face.

"I will give you all the love you didn't experience while growing up, I lost my parents too but at least I enjoyed their love, don't think about anything, you will be fine without her, you have always been" he said and kissed her forehead.

"I  love you, Myles" she sniffed.

"I love you more" he replied.

"Smile for me please" he pouted cutely and she smiled.

"That's my pretty girl, my gorgeous boss" he joked and she laughed.

"I'm blessed, I don't know what would happen if I didn't meet you" she said..

"It was destined for us to me, our lives can't be complete without each other" he said and she kissed him.

"I love your lips" she said.

"Yours is addictive" he smiled gorgeously.

"How come you smile so gorgeous?" she asked.

"Can you tell me about yours? It's too pretty" he replied and she hit his chest whilst blushing.

"Don't allow your family to weigh you down, you are a strong woman, I have known you to be a strong woman, keep being that woman for me, ok" he said and she hugged him.

She was feeling so emotional at that moment.

"I don't have anything to say, I love you deeply" she said.

"Are you tired?" he asked.

"Tired? Do you have something in mind? " she asked.

"Do you want to smile again?" he asked.

"Yes, but I don't understand?" she said and he leaned closer.

"Another round will help" he said in a s+ductive voice and she looked at him.

"It's even hard to believe you were a v+rgin, you are so naughty" she said and he smiled.

"I love your b👀bs" he said.

"You called them decimal point" she scoffed and he laughed.

"It's not funny" she said, frowning.

"Now I love s+cking them on them especially the n*pples" 

"You and dirty talks" she said.

"Deny that you are not getting w+t" he said seriously.

"I can't deny it, your raw words got me dripping" she said truthfully and he smiled n+ughtily.

"So what about another round, hot one?" he whispered with poppy eyes.

"When you are in me again, don't stop till I will ask you to stop" she said s+ductively. 


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