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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 67 & 68




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 67 & 68

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

Kingsley gulped shakily as Myles's crossed legs loosened and he placed them on the floor before standing up gently with a grim smile on his lips.

He pocketed his hand and started looking at Kingsley, looking so cool like a hero.

"Wow! Congratulations Kingsley" he said simply and started walking to Kingsley.

Kingsley swallowed hard and started shifting back whilst gulping shakily, the file almost fell from his shaky hands but he held it tighter, fidgeting with his fingers on it.

"I suspected you the first day I came into this office and saw you, you were shocked when you saw me but you quickly comported yourself, I'm overly observant but I kept quiet about it, remember when you sent guys to delay Mr Donald from signing the deal with Jennifer?" he said and Kingsley's eyes widened.

"I heard you talking on the call, don't be surprised, I called someone and he saved the situation, you are a spy, Ceres's lover and your main aim here is to extract every information and feed Ceres, since she can't match up with my girlfriend, she sent you" he said with a creamy smile, and Kingsley staggered shockingly.

How did he find out about his main aim here? Has he been keeping a tap on him?

"I kept quiet doesn't mean I wasn't aware of what you are doing, I waited for this moment, I used the CEO route and you thought Jennifer was yet to arrive in the company" he said and laughed.

"We have been here, I knew it would come to this" Myles said and the file finally fell from Kingsley's hand.

He started sweating too much and his clothes started getting drenched despite the air conditioner in the room.

"I planted a spy camera here, you have been messing with the CCTV power house, it's over for you" Myles said and his face turned sour.

He took out his hand from his pocket and started walking briskly to Kingsley.

He got to him and grabbed him by the collar pushing him to the wall, his back landed hard on the wall and he almost heard his back bone breaking.

"I didn't like you the first day I saw you, it's very hard for me to dislike someone at first sight, I knew something was eff about you" his hold tightened on Kingsley's collar and Kingsley gulped.

The door opened and Jennifer walked inside, looking so sassy with a glare on her face.

She walked to Kingsley briskly and immediately she got to him, she landed a hard slap on his face.

"Bastard, I didn't know you were a spy in my company until today that my boyfriend told me, I wanted to deny but you just prove it, you stole my first plan and gave it to Ceres, you tried delaying the signing of my contract with Mr Donald, I made a big mistake hiring you , tell me what more are you hiding?" she yelled and slapped him again.

Kingsley looked away from her with no word coming out from him.

"What should I do with him? Kill him?" Myles asked with a poisonous smirk.

"The cops will do that babe" she replied.

"So what about Ceres?" he asked.

"I'm not going to arrest her but I will handle her myself, where's his phone, I will give that b*tch a call" she said and Myles dipped his hand into Kingsley's pocket, he came out with the phone and turned it on.

It was face lock so he faced the phone on Kingsley's face and it opened instantly.

He quickly went to his contact list and Ceres's number was the first on the list.

He dialed the number and gave it to Jennifer.

Myles looked back at Kingsley and saw him glaring at him hatefully.

The number started ringing and Ceres picked up. Her excited voice came.

"Baby, we are celebrating right?" she asked.

"Yes b*tch" Jennifer said and Ceres's eyes widened.

"Jen.... Jennifer" she gasped.

"It's Jennifer Keys, your cover is blown today, you are still dumb that you can't come out with fashion design but you result into stealing mine through my secretary, I caught him today, you are going down, I swear" Jennifer said bitterly and hung up.

"Do you think you are innocent here? Why don't you open up to your boyfriend who you claimed to love" Kingsley asked and Jennifer heart skipped a beat immediately.

"What is he talking about?" Myles asked.

"She is not in love with you, remember what I told you when Myles started working for you, it was a plan to make him fall for you" Kingsley said and Myles faced Jennifer who was finding it hard to look at him.

"Do you want to know what the plan was?" Kingsley asked and Myles took his face to him.

Jennifer started fidgeting, the truth is about to come out.

"Let me tell you" Kingsley said.


Jennifer was about to leave for a meeting when Kingsley came inside.

"You are ready?" he asked.

"Yes, let's go" she replied.

"I have something to discuss with you, I won't take time" he said and she looked at him.

"Make it fast, you know how important this meeting is" she said.

"Do you observe the driver's body scent?" he asked and she looked confusedly at him.

"I observed but what is it about?" she questioned.

"If you are able to extract his body scent you will become a trillionaire in a day" he replied and she stared at him intently.

"How?" she asked.

"There is an extractor machine for that once you get him to trust you, you will sedate him and extract his body scent and turn it into perfume" he said.

"I don't think that will be possible, I'm not on good terms with him, we hate each other" she said.

"Pretend to fall in love with him, make him fall for you and it will be easy to get him, think about this, there's no consequence in getting his body scent, you will be becoming a trillionaire" he said convincingly, and she smiled.

"I will think about it" she said and he smiled widely.


Myles faced Jennifer with a blank look after he finished narrating what happened.

She looked down, feeling too guilty.

Her throat ran dry and she started shaking.

She didn't accept the idea wholly, she started trying to work on it but instead she fell instead, and she fell for real for him.

"Do you think she loves you for real?" Kingsley asked..

"She didn't carry out the plan, do you think you will poison my mind against her, you are wrong, she fell for me with true intention, I'm not a fool Kingsley" he said and Jennifer's eyes widened.

Does he trust her that much?

"You are still trusting her, she is not what you think she is..." the rest of the words disappeared from his lips as Myles punched him..

"Shut up" he yelled and the door opened.

The cops came in and Myles moved away from him.

"Take him away" Jennifer said and the cops took Kingsley away, taking him out of the room.

Myles didn't say a word to Jennifer, he started walking out of the room.

She ran after him but when she came out, he was gone and she squatted in her office, her eyes hurting with tears.

What if he didn't really believe her? He's clearly angrily, maybe he defends her in there so as to ridicule Kingsley and make him feel like his words got to him.

"I'm sorry baby, I should have told you" she said guiltily.


Since she received that call from Jennifer she hasn't been herself, she canceled her schedule as her mind was really disturbed.

She stood in her office, walking around the office.

She found out about Kingsley being a spy in her company.

This means Kingsley is in a big mess and she has to do anything to get him out of it.

The door opened roughly and she quickly looked back to see Jennifer looking so livid.

Her secretary came in at once.

"I tried to stop her..."

"Leave" Ceres said and she walked out.

"What are you doing here?" Ceres asked arrogantly and Jennifer walked to her.

A hit slap landed on Ceres's face and she gasped.

She tried to return the slap but Jennifer held her hand and gave her another hot slap.

She started slapping her till her cheeks became deep red with her finger prints.

Jennifer pushed her and she fell on the floor.

"I know you are dumb and useless but I didn't think you will be this stupid, b*tch" Jennifer said bitterly.

"You are going to destroy yourself, I'm not going to press charges against you, know One thing you will never be like Jennifer Keys even in your past, current about next life, loser" Jennifer shot and walked out of the office.

Ceres folded her fist, biting her lips angrily.


It's time for lunch, Newton and Sloane were walking to the kitchen to get their food.

They kept smiling at each other till they got there and got their food.

They came out and settled on their reserved spot.

She started eating but he wasn't eating, he began staring at her till she looked up and saw him staring affectionately at her.

Her heart started racing.

"You are staring" she muttered.

"You are so pretty to resist, I can't look away" he said and she blushed.

"I missed you throughout the night" he said.

"I missed you too" she said babyish, and he smiled.

"Let's go on our first date" he suggested and she looked at him sharply.

"Are you serious?" she asked excitedly.

"You are excited?" he smiled.

"Yes, I can't wait" she replied happily and he took her hand, he kissed her knuckles and started rubbing his hand on them.

She smiled and he started smiling back at her.

"Where is Michelin?" she asked.

"I think in the restroom" he replied and she nodded.

"Let's eat, I have something to.."

"What is that?" he cut in.

"You will know after this" she winked prettily and he smiled.

"I will be expecting it" he smiled


Michelin came out of the female restroom and started walking to the kitchen to get her lunch when she bumped into a cute guy wearing the waiter uniform.

"I'm sorry, don't be offended" he said with a charming smile and she blinked.

"I haven't seen you here" she said.

"Yes, I'm new here, just resume work today, I'm Ramoni" he said.

"Michelin" she smiled.

"Nice to meet you and sorry for bumping into you" he smiled and his dimples came out.

He looked at her and walked away.

"Gosh! He's too handsome, does that mean I have finally found my boyfriend?" she muttered silly.


"What? Kingsley is the traitor" Paige gasped as Jennifer told her about everything that happened.

"That's not the problem" Jennifer said sadly.

"About Myles?"

"He left the office since that happened and he isn't picking my calls. I'm getting scared, what if he breaks up with me, I can't handle it" she said and started crying.

"Jen" Paige came to her and started trying to console her.

"Stop thinking that way, I believe he will understand you if you explain everything to him but you should have told him before Kingsley"

"I was scared and it even escaped my memory, I wasn't expecting it to come out today, I didn't believe Kingsley was planning to use that method and make himself rich, I discovered his main aim was to betrayed me and use his scent to start his own company, I can't believe I was almost engaging myself into something that would leave Myles with a skin disease, I feel so horrible right now" Jennifer cried.

"He will come along, just try talking to him" Paige said and hugged her tightly.

"He's with Everest, I believe he will talk to him" Paige said and Jennifer nodded.


Everest got here five minutes ago and he has been waiting for Myles.

They talked on the phone and he told him what happened in the office with Jennifer so he asked him to meet him at this place.

He was still sitting when a taxi stopped and Myles came out.

He started walking to the spot and when he got there, Everest stood up and they hugged.

"You look down" Everest said, and he sighed before taking a seat beside him.

"So what is your decision, please don't break up with her" Everest said in a pleading voice.

"Break up? That will never cross my mind, I'm just confused, what if Kingsley is right about her faking her love for me"

"You are a genius twinnie, yeah, this is our first time being in love but I'm sure you will know when someone is faking to love you, you are extra smart" Everest said.

"You make me look like a god sometimes with the way you talk highly of me" Myles smiled and Everest laughed.

"If you are not then you won't have been able to track traitor in the company so easily, I think you should go to her, talk with her, she might be crying by now" Everest said.

"I don't know... I'm not angry or mad at her, my instincts still trust her" Myles said.

"You are hard to deal with, not everyone will understand you like I do buddy, she didn't push with the plan, she is wrong for accepting the idea from Kingsley" he said.

"I will settle it with her" Myles said.

"Care for coffee?" Everest asked.

"Yes" he replied.

"I'm coming" Everest stood up to get the coffee.


The dismissal of Kingsley as Jennifer's secretary has been announced to the staff and everyone is aware that he was the traitor in the company.

Jennifer is in her office, fighting with her emotions.

There's traces of dried tears on her cheeks, she has a pen as she sucked on it, thinking about Myles.

She hasn't set her eyes on him since Kingsley was arrested in the morning and until now she hasn't seen him, he's not even picking his call.

"Why did I even accept the stupid idea and try to make him fall in love with me but I ended up falling for him instead" she muttered guiltily.

"I don't want to lose my boyfriend, I love him so much, I will die" she said tearfully.

She took her phone and started calling but as usual he didn't pick any of her calls.

An idea came into her head to go to his house and check if he's there.

She was about to move from her chair when he came in, a blank look on his face.

Jennifer flew from her chair and ran to him but she stopped when she saw the look on his face.

She started playing with her gown as think of what to say to him.

"Ba... Baby" she called. No answer.

"I'm sorry" she said. Still no answer.

That hurts....

"I shouldn't have accepted to do that but I was not in good terms with you but still I wasn't happy about pushing ahead with the idea, I didn't think I will fell for you but I ended falling in the trap I set for you, please don't leave me Myles, I love you genuinely, my love is not fake, don't break up with me" she said and a tear almost fell from her eyes and that's when he spoke.

"If you let that tears out then I'm breaking up with you" he said nasally, and she quickly pushed the tears back.

She looked at him and his eyes fixed on hers too, she started looking creamily at him and he started returning the same energy.

Tension built up and she went closer, knotting her hands on his front shirt.

"Forgive me" she said.

"If you are faking love for me, know there are ladies out there dying to make me theirs" he said gently and she went into his arms.

"You are mine and mine alone" she said like a baby, sounding so cute with her basal voice.

"Jump on me" he said and she looked up.

"I'm crazy about you, you should know that"

"I won't do anything to hurt you again, I promise" she said and jumped on him.

He held her @ss and her hands climbed his neck.

"What if I decide to f+ck you here?" he asked with a naughty lip bite and she felt a sharp sensation in her p+ssy.

"I'm all yours" she replied, biting her lips, and he started taking her to the table.

He got there and placed her on it, she caged her legs around his waist, locking her legs.

He stared crave-full into her eyes, giving her a hard-to-resist charming look and she felt her heartbeat.

"Do you know what I want now?" he asked, licking her neck line.

"No" she m0@ned softly.

"I want to grab your neck and eat your lips like ice cream" he replied and she looked s+xily into his eyes.

"Eat my lips, my love" she replied with eyes full of want.

"One more thing, I'm taking you somewhere tonight" he said and she was about to smile when he took her lips, fitting it perfectly on his as he started eating her lips like ice cream, his hand went to her neck and he grabbed it but not as hard to choke her.

"Myles, I love you,ahh" she rasped erotically.



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