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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 63 & 64




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 63 & 64

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

"You want a hot romance?" Everest asked with a n+ughty smile on his face.

"Yes sugar" she replied prettily, and he curved his lips into a thick smirk.

"You won't ask me to stop right?" he asked, drawing closer to her.

"I dare not say it" she replied.

"Come here" he said and she went to him.

He wrapped his arms around her and her hands climbed his shoulders.

"I need something to eat before the hot romance" he whispered the last part, and she smiled.

"I will just order food online for you" she said.

"I want home made food" he said and she bit her lips.

"What?" he asked.

"I... gave my maids a free day today and... I can't cook" she said and looked away.

"You don't have to be ashamed, I don't expect a billionaire to know how to cook, you can now see the advantage of being a poor guy" he winked and she started laughing.

"Being poor too has an advantage?" she asked, still laughing.

"Yeah, butterfly" he replied and she kissed his nose.

"You are not poor now" she said with a pretty smile lingering on her face.

"I will believe anything you say, Butterfly, so where is the kitchen?" he said.

"You are going to cook?" she asked shockingly.

"Sure, just show me the way to the kitchen" he replied.

"You don't have to do that, I will call any of the maids back to cook for.."

"Why would you do that? You gave them the free day, don't interrupt it, I'm cooking, no complain" he interrupted and she nodded cutely.

"Now show me the kitchen" he said and she took his hand, leading him to the kitchen. 

They entered the kitchen and she released his hand.

He took his eyes around the kitchen and smiled.

"This can pass as a room" he said she came to him.

She sneaked a kiss on the corner of his lips and he took his eyes to her.

"You are acting so naughty and pretty now, butterfly" he said and a gorgeous smile appeared on her face.

His hand went to the back of her head and he pulled it closer to him, he placed his lips on her and she started responding fastly, trying to eat his lips up but he broke it and she pouted.

"Why did you stop?" she asked.

"I won't be cooking if we continue doing that" he replied with gorgeous eyes.

"I can't wait for the hot romance" she said in the smallest voice.

"I know that is the only thing on your mind currently, pervert" he teased and she giggled cutely.

"You got me, sugar" she smiled and he got the pot.

"What are you cooking?" she asked.

"Pasta" he replied.

"What if it's not available?" she asked, touching her lips with her fingers.

"I will cook you then" he winked at her, and she grinned.

"Cook me? Tell me" she said with a naughty voice.

"It's not what you are thinking" he pushed her forehead and she chuckled.

He turned on the gas and placed the pot on it, she got the pasta for him and he emptied it into the pot.

She was staring at him all these while wondering how she got this guy to be her boyfriend.

Back then she didn't even imagine that she will one day fall in love with him but right now she didn't only fall, she has fallen so deep that she can't control her heart anymore.

Only if he know how cute he's right now cooking, she can't stop herself from thinking about how his touches on her will be when he will go deeper.

She felt herself getting wet just by staring at him, and she cursed under breath.

He looked back when he noticed the silence from her and he caught her staring.

Her eyes were staring so deeply at him.

Her cheeks were so red, she kept blushing and that made him smiled.

"Butterfly" he called gently and she came back to her senses.

"Su... Sugar" she stuttered and he pulled her to himself, her b*+*bs smashing on his chest.

"What were you thinking? You were blushing" he smiled, playing with her hair with his fingers.

"I was thinking about you" she replied.

"But I'm here" he smiled gorgeously.

"That's how much I love you, I can't stop thinking about you even if you are with me" she replied prettily and a blush found its way to his cheeks.

"You just blushed?" she asked happily.

"I couldn't stop it, you were so pretty" he said and she smiled, feeling so special.

She just made him blushed.

"Let's do everything later" he kissed her and faced what he was cooking.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you more" he replied and she hugged him from behind.

"Can you just..."

"Don't say it, you are getting too impatient, I won't take time, so just chill, Miss Everton" he said, he already knew what she was going to say.

"Okay" she said in a tiny voice.

"I know you just pouted" he said and she smiled.

"You are getting to know me so well"

"You are my girlfriend, it's my duty" he said and she smiled gorgeously.

"Will you keep hugging me like this? I'm cooking" he asked.

"I can't be away from you, I want to be close to you" she said babyish and he grinned.

She is acting so cute right now and he can't even resist her charms.


Myles stepped down from the car and he expected Jennifer to do the same but she remained in the car.

He walked to her door and opened it.

"You are not coming down?" he asked but instead she pouted.

He got what that means, and he smiled.

She wants him to carry her in his arms.

"Such a baby" he said and got her, he carried her out of the car, and she quickly trapped her legs around his waist, hugging his body and placing her head on his chest.

"This is what you want right?" he asked softly.

"Yes baby" she replied cutely.

"I want to stay like this" she added and he started walking with her inside.

He got into the big living room and Monica came downstairs.

She smiled widely when she saw them.

"Awww! Total perfection, love is sweet" Monica gushed and Jennifer raised her head to glanced at her before hiding it in his chest.

"You are acting like a baby now" Monica said.

"You are so romantic Myles" Monica said and Myles smiled.

"Pray for a boyfriend like me" he said and she cackled loudly.

 "I will excuse you guys, Jennifer don't come talking to me when he's gone ok" Monica said and left.

"Seriously? Are you a baby?" he asked.

"Take me to my room" she said, cringing into him.

He looked at her before he start the walk to her room.

He entered the room with her and he dropped her gently on the bed but she grabbed his front shirt.

"Don't leave me" she said.

"I'm not going to leave now" he said and she slowly let go of his shirt.

"You are something else" he said and fell on the bed beside her.

She quickly climbed him and he looked up, hooking eyes with her.

"I love you" she whispered.

"I love you so much" he replied, and she brought her face closer. 

She kissed him gently and romantically, his hands quickly groped her butts and she released a sharp moan into his mouth.

"Mmm" she released a sharp moan again.

He could feel the chill and shiver of her skin on his, he smiled handsomely and started caressing her @ss.

"I want to eat your lips, baby" she said on his lips.

"You have all the permission baby" he said and she smiled prettily.

A renew energy and passion craved into the burning sensation and a new wave clashing into the kiss, the beautiful sparks filled the movement of their lips and she kissed him deeply, her throat moving hungrily, his hands kept caressing her @ss and she couldn't stop the sharp m0@ns escaping her throat.

"Myles" she called and that voice did many things to him.

He deepened the kiss and started eating her lips till she became breathless, she was breathless but she didn't want it to stop, she wanted more and more of his sweetness.


Everest and Paige consumed the dinner and he washed the plates though she insisted he should leave it for the maids.

They came out of the kitchen and he faced her to see a pretty and silly smirk on her face.

"You are so naughty, I know what you are thinking now" he said and she gave him an innocent look.

"Come here" he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, he carried her into his arms and she quickly wrapped her hands around his neck.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked prettily, sucking her lower lips.

"You will found out soon" he replied and took her stairs.

Paige's heart started beating so fast, it does this anytime she is with him but right now it wasn't because of that, it was because she was anticipating what would happened in the bedroom.

She was in the mood before he got into the room with her. 

He gently sauntered to the bed and when he got there, he gently dropped her on the bed.

She smiled and started staring affectionately at him.

He gently grabbed her shoulders and made her place her head on the pillow.

He smiled at her with emotive eyes and she felt her core getting hot.

They fixed their eyes on each other and they didn't look away till a minute passed.

His hands suddenly fell on her top and he pulled it up, rolling it till it passed her br@.

He looked at her and he could noticed the anticipation and desire in her eyes.

He smiled at her and she smiled back, his hands went to her bra and as gentle as he was, he started pulling her br@ straps slowly till he completely pulled it down and her pinky breasts came to view.

Her nervous breaths came as her twins meet the lurking in his eyes, he was staring at her b**bs and she loves the way he was staring at it, she was dripping wetly as he gazed intently at her b*+*bs.

"Tell me what you want" he rasped sexily and she responded to his intoxicating voice.

"S+ck them, sugar" she replied.

"They are so pretty just like you" he said and her cheeks turned red.

He brought his face closer to her b*+*bs, it's just some inches separating just mouth from her b*+*bs.

"You are the first lady I will be doing this to, Butterfly" he said and she felt butterflies in her tummy.

Her breaths became hot as she watched his lips parted and his lips went down on her right b*+*b.

"F+ck" she moaned wetly, grabbing the bed spread tightly as her legs folded on the bed.

Her body was on great heat as he s+cked on her n+pples, swapping his tongue on her n+pple. His other hand found its way to her left b*+*b and he started rolling his finger on the n+pple.

"Oohhhh!" she m0@ned rasply, digging her nails into the bed.

This isn't the first time a guy will be s+cking her b*+*bs but this....

"Everest... Sugar" she m0@ned prettily and he almost lost it with the way her voice was sounding in his ears, he wanted to do more, this is the first time he will be doing this but he wants to do it in the best way he can, he wants to give her all the pleasure. He's novice but he doesn't want to act like one.

This came with another sensation, a sensation she hasn't felt in her life before, his tongue got the magic and he's driving her nut.

She felt her p+ssy screaming his name as she watered deeply.

Right now she was imagining how his tongue will feel on her swollen cl+t, how it would be if he swiped his tongue on her vulva. She wants it badly but she wants to take things slow with him.


"Am I doing it right?" he voiced.


Does he need to ask, he's doing more than right, he's messing with her senses here.

"Tell me, Butterfly" he demanded.

"It.... it's the... best feeling of my... life" she said, breaking the words as the pleasure couldn't allow her to say it straight.

He smiled and moved his lips to her left b**bs and she started talking incoherently.

Her body stiffened as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter.

Her creamy juices were pouring out and soaking her p+nties badly.

"Ohh....gossh, don't stop baby" she m0@ned, her hands left the bedspread and went to his hair, she dipped her hands into his scalp and started pulling his face to her b*+*bs as he sucked feverishly.

"Ahhhh... Ahhh" she started shaking as she felt her orgasm hitting her.

He made her cum with just s+cking her b*+*bs, what no man has ever done to her.

He's different and she is going keep him forever, it's too early to talk about that but she can't spend her life with another person.

He broke the contact his lips made with b*+*bs and he stared her.

He kissed her so hard and she started returning the energy.


They could smell the scent of their ar+usal, it filled the room and it was so hot in there with their deep craving.

She straddled him, moving her @ss on him as their lips moulded perfectly into each other.

His hands moving on her @ss nonstop.

He felt a mad heat rushed to his d+ck and he was getting hard as she rocked her @ss on him.

She was wet and he was hard. Tension build around them and she kept m0@ning his name sweetly.

"Myles" she gasped when she felt his hard d+ck hitting her @ss.

She smiled naughtily, an idea creeping into her head.

Tonight she is going to make her man feel so good, she is taking charge of everything, she is going to return the favor.

She gently broke the kiss and smiled prettily, and he returned it handsomely.

She slowly stood up from his body and came down, his eyes following her.

"What are you planning?" he asked.

"Have you ever cum before?" she asked rawly, and his brows twitched.

"What is that? C+m?" he asked innocently.

Oh! She forgot she is dealing with a virgin but even virgins are aware of what the word means, is this how innocent her boyfriend is? Is she now tainting him?

"Have you ever ej+culated before?" she asked.

"No" he replied sharply.

"Do you want to experience it? Do you want to c+m?" she asked naughtily.

"Yes...Yes, make me C+M!!" he replied in a smallest voice, driving her nuts.



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