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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 61 & 62




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 61 & 62

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage

"Then make me....WET" she rasped erotically.

A naughty smile caught up on his lips and he released his breath on her face.

"What if I don't have any idea about making a woman wet?" he asked, stressing the last word.

"You are teasing me, you are not innocent, baby" she replied.

"What if I don't end up getting you wet? Look can deceive, I'm still innocent" he whispered.

"You are teasing me now and it's not funny, I'm waiting" she said and he smiled.

"You trust me don't you?"

"I trust you and I know you can make me water" she gasped at the end of her speech as he rubbed her thighs.

"Baby" she m0@ned when he rubbed her thighs again.

Her body started heating up.

Tension started building when his lips went into her neck, he started licking her neck like he's licking an ice cream.

"Mhmm" she released a rasp moan as his fingers caressed her thighs.

He kept licking her neck while caressing her thighs with his fingers.

"Myles" she gasped as pleasure shawled on her.

Her breath started becoming long as his fingers went to her navel.

She froze and held her breath tightly as his fingers made contact with her skin there.

"Oh!! ohh!!" she dropped another cute moan.

He started caressing it there and she started feeling water gushing out of her p+ssy instantly.

"Damnit" she rasped erotically as he kept doing the caressing.

His fingers quickly went up to her chest but it stopped right under b*+*bs in the br@, her breathing hitched nervously as anticipation flashed in her eyes.

She expected what he would do.

He started touching her skin there without making contact with her b*+*bs but she was feeling the deep effect.

Damn! She might just cum if he continues, right now she r+grets asking him to make her wet, she badly wants him inside of her but she can't say it to his face, he's not ready for that, she doesn't need anyone to tell her that.

He caressed her skin there without making a slight touch on her b*+*bs but she was already panting.

His hand moved to her p@nts and he grazed his fingers on her waistband.

"F+ck" she gasped and he smiled naughtily.

He moved his fingers down and brought it closer to her p+ssy.

Anticipation was killing her now as she felt his fingers closer to her p+ssy.

Her stomach hollowed and her chest feel up and down.

He ran his fingers there, massaging the skin there and her wetness came like a breakage of a fountain water.

Her p@nties became so soaked with her wetness and it dripped down her legs.

"Baby, please stop" she said slowly and his eyes went to her face.

She looked at him and she saw him staring.

"Why? You are extra h0rny?" He whispered.

"Shouldn't I make you c-m?" he whispered and her heart skipped a beat.

"I love you" she said and grabbed his face, giving his lips a long kiss.

She broke it and started breathing heavily and his eyes went to her p@nts.

"Your p@nties are really soaked" he muttered n+ughtily and her face turned red.

"Baby" she pushed him away and came down from the table.

"Wait for me, I will get dress" she said and ran into her dressing room.

He smiled and started looking around the room till his eyes fell on a wall framed picture of a man, Jennifer look so much like him.

"That would certainly be her father" he said and went there. 

He was staring at the picture when she came out of the dressing room dressed up.

"Baby" she called and he looked at her.

"So hot and s+xy" he remarked and she blushed.

"This man" he pointed at the picture on the wall.

"My late dad" she said and he looked at her.

"Oh, he was so handsome but I'm more handsome" he said and she chuckled.

She walked to him and hugged him.

"Thanks for earlier" she whispered.

"It's nothing, you can ask for more if you want" he replied and she quickly looked up to see a n+ughty smirk crept into his lips.

"Naughty boo" she shot, and they chuckled.

"Time to leave, you changed into a new bra" he said, looking at her chest.

"Stop staring"

"They are mine" he said and she looked at him with emotive eyes.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you more" she said and he took her hand as they went downstairs.

They came out of the castle and he tried to release her hand but she quickly objected and he smiled.

He took her to the car and they entered together.

He smiled at her in the car and she returned the same energy, he smiled and drove out.


Everest and Paige came to work very late but who would dare ask the CEO why she is late.

She came out of the car with Everest and she held his hand immediately.

"You want to make our relationship so public soon?" he asked.

"I want everyone to know you are off limits now, you are mine alone" she said.

"You are so possessive"

"Jealous and I want the attention of my man always, I'm a baby when I'm in love" she said cutely and he grinned.

They started walking inside the company and all eyes were rendered on them till they got in and took the elevator which landed them on the floor of the CEO.

She smiled at him as they came out of the elevator.

The door automatically opened and they stepped in.

Gasps would have filled the floor from the workers but knowing how strict she can be no one made a sound till they left and murmuring started.

Vivian who was coming from another office saw them and her heart broke into pieces as she saw her holding his hand.

"See you later" he said as they stopped at his desk.

"Sugar, I will miss you" she said and he chuckled.

"We are here" he said.

"Why don't you come and work in my office, I'm thinking of relocating your office, you should start working in my office" she pouted.

"We can't work if we are there together, we would be distracted, I'm here, call me when you miss too much" he said and she smiled.

They shared a deep kiss before she went into her office.

Vivian's knees wobbled and she became weak as she saw everything.

She came out of her hiding and Everest fell on her.

He was about to call her name when he saw the tears on her eyes, and she ran away.

"She saw us?" he muttered and shook his head.


A room door in the building and Newton took Sloane inside and locked it.

He carried her up and placed her on a small table in the room.

"Newton" she called.

"I might just lose my senses if I don't do this" he said sharply.

"Do what?" she blinked.

"Kiss your lips" he replied and her cheeks turned pink.

"Do you love them that much?" she smiled.

"I'm addicted already" he replied with a rush in his voice.

"Kiss me" she said seductively and his lips were on her already.

He started kissing her so hard and she was trying to match up with his pace.

"Hmm..ou" she moaned softly and his hands went to her waist mistakenly, he quickly took it away and she broke the kiss.

"You can touch" she said and grabbed his face, reconnecting their lips.

He began kissing her tightly as his hands held her waist.

Her hands climbed his shoulders and she hooked her hands there as they kissed sweetly, she kept releasing cute m0@ns into his lips.


"There's a CEO award coming up next week hosted by NWA, you are nominated" Ceres secretary said.

"Nominated alongside with who?" Ceres asked.

"Jennifer keys, Paige Everton...." 

"Stop" she cut her off.

"Who's the head judge?" she asked.

"Edward Lawrell" her secretary replied.

Ceres smirked knowingly. 

"Is there anything?" she asked.

"The sales are coming down"

"I don't want to hear about it, leave if you don't have anything to say" Ceres said and her secretary left the office.

"Should I just kill you? Jennifer Keys" she said.


Everest entered the HR unit and walked to Vivian's office. He entered and she looked up.

Their eyes met and the usual smiley face was replaced with a blank look.

"What are you doing here?" she asked icily, and he sighed.

"We are fighting?" he asked.

"Your boss won't be happy if she see you here" she said blankly.

"This is about her?"

"What do you think?" she asked back.

"I knew you had feelings but I didn't want to hurt you" he said.

"You know?" she asked and he nodded.

"She kissed you, are you guys dating now?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry, just forget about me" he replied and walked out..

Vivian fell back on her chair as tears cascaded down her cheeks.


She came out of her car with Kingsley and they went into the mansion.

"You mean she's dating her driver? I always known her to be a b*tch, so classless" she said.

"Should we just mess with her boyfriend to show her a lesson?" she asked.

"I would love that but it won't be good now, that bastard is extra smart, she is bringing another bigger idea" he said and Ceres smiled widely.

"You will have to be fast this time, Jennifer is very smart" she said.

"You can count on me baby" he said and she kissed him.

"Let's f+ck, I missed you" she said and stood up, sitting on his lap.

He smiled and started stripping her immediately.


The car pulled up in front of the mansion and the backdoor opened.

Paige and Everest came out holding hands, looking so lovely and adorable.

They smiled at each other and went in at once.

"You are so pretty" he said lovelyly.

"You are the handsomest guy in the world" she said and he blushed.

"You just blushed" she gushed happily and he smiled.

"You got me, Butterfly" he said sweetly.

"Are you going home?" she asked.

"Sure" he replied and she walked to him and held his face, staring deeply into her eyes.

"I don't think that would be happening tonight, your sister is aware of our relationship now beside you remember what I said in your room last night?" she said cutely.

"What is that?" he smirked.

"I want a hot romance with you tonight but I can't control my moans so let's do it at my place" she replied and he smiled.

"So tonight I want a hot romance, Sugar" she said seductively.



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