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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 8




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 8

Written by Amah's Heart 


" I don't have an option there Papa. Emeka and I took a bløød oath before he went to the city on a scholarship...and if I go contrary to the convenant we had then I'll either end up m@d or déâd!" Adanna finally broke the heavy news as she released the breath she was holding

" What do you mean by you and that Osucast boy took a bløød oath...?" Mazi Ebuka asked looking at Adanna fiercely

Adanna remained silent seeing the frightening look on her father's face. She jerked when her father shouted saying 

"...Adanna as an intelligent girl I want to believe that you won't be that foolish to gamble with your future. Ada please me tell that this is one of your childish jokes...?"

" I'm sorry Papa but it's the truth. I took an oath with Emeka as the only man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I really do not care if he is an Osucast or not! I love Emeka very much and what matters to me is our future together. Papa I want to marry him regardless of the traditional boundaries!" Adanna replied leaving her father in shock 

" Wow! I'm just realizing that you've been charmed Adanna! My ënëmíes have finally succeeded in getting to me through my daughter. I'll sure deal with them and by the time I am done with them...they will understand why I am known as the Mazi Ebuka of this village"

" There's nothing wrong with me Papa. I am very alright...nobody chārmed me!"

" I don't think so Adanna. You're surely chārmed and it's definitely my ënëmíes at work. They want to dent my image and tarnish my ambition to be the next Onukwo of this land...but then I'll make sure their plans for my family fails!"

" I still insist that I am very fine Papa. I'm not charmed nor are your ënëmíes using me to get to you. I'm just following my heart...that's all Papa!"

" Adanna you may keep denying it but I am very convinced within me that you're charmed. I mean it's not enough that you took a convenant with a rejectee boy who is an Osucast...today you want to add to the list of your mistakes by marrying him and you claim you're not charmed...? Wow!"

" Papa I made no mistake choosing Emeka or taking that convenant with him. For the gods sake! I am of age to make my choice of the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and it is certainly not Prince Obinna!"

" Okay lets assume you're right. So Adanna the choice of the man you made is none other than an Osucast...?"

" I loved him Papa even before I knew about his status as an Osucast and I still love him. Love they say conquers it all!"

" Stop this madness Adanna! I'll overlook the past and pretend that none of this ever happened. All I want you to do is to break off whatever relationship you have with that boy and his family. Forget your past with him and marry prince Obinna. Face your bright future!"

" I will do no such thing Papa. Didn't you hear what I said earlier...? Emeka and I are inseparable because of the bløød oath that binds us together forever!"

" Shut up Adanna! You're my daughter and I'll not allow you put your hands into a fire that will burn you alive. Do you think at all...? Or wait! Do you want all of us to live in extreme isolation and be referred to as Osucast relatives..?" Mazi Ebuka exclaimed and then took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He continued but this time in a calm voice 

"...see my daughter if the oath is what you're scared of then don't worry yourself about it. Trust me as your father I'll run around and find a way to set you free. Ada, you will not d!e neither will you run m@d. You're my daughter and I Mazi Ebuka will find a way to  bring you out of the convenant that binds you two. Just allow me handle it!"

" That won't be necessary Papa. I want to be with Emeka. I love him so much!"

" Adanna tell me the truth...what exactly have I done as a wrong to you such that you're hellbent on destroying all the hard work that I've spent years to build...? Do you want to bring down all the efforts I have put into becoming a prominent man in this village...? Talk!" 

" You've done nothing wrong to me Papa. It's just that I am currently twenty seven years old. I am now an adult who is old enough to make certain decisions for myself with or without your validation so grant me my choice Papa!"

" Ada I'll never approve of that choice of yours so you have the liberty to either change it in peace or in pieces!"

" Well Papa I will do no such thing. So you are free to do your worst Papa!"

" What do you mean by that Adanna...? Are you trying to dare me or what...?"

" I'm sorry Papa if you choose to see it that way but then I really love Emeka. He's my choice of a husband and I'll marry him whether or not you approve of him. If it's not Emeka I'll simply stay single forever and that's my final decision Papa!" Adanna said and angrily stomped out of her father's presence. 

Mazi Ebuka kept ranting for Adanna to come back and stand before him but she was far gone. He is boiling in ánger and thought to himself that he is going to disgrace Emeka and his only family in such a way that they will never forget.

After Adanna ran out of the house, she went straight to meet her mother at the backyard. 

Her mother; Ngozi was plucking pumpkin leaves when her daughter came and stood before her fuming 


" Adanna why is your face looking that way...? Don't tell me that you and your father... I heard  you two usual banter about your marriage to prince Obinna...? What is the issue...?" Ngozi asked out of concern. She stopped plucking the leaves in other to focus her full attention on looking at Adanna

" Talk to your husband Mama. I have made my choice of a man and unfortunately that man isn't Prince Obinna whom he has chosen for me. Emeka remains the man I love and I'll marry him whether he likes it or not!" Adanna said and was about walking out on Ngozi when she begun feeling dizzy.

The dizziness made it seem like the world was rotating around her and Ngozi who noticed her change in demeanor had to ask her worriedly 

" Adanna are you okay...? What's wrong with you..why the sudden dull face...?"

" I'm fine Mama. It's just the stress of today that is taking a toll on me. I'll be going to my room now! Just help me and talk to Papa please!" Adanna pleaded as she took another step forward to walk out of Ngozi's presence 

Just at that moment the dizziness became worst, Adanna's eye begun closing as she lost her balance and weakly slumped to the ground.

Seeing this scenario, Ngozi was abruptly alarmed. She ran to Adanna's side amidst her several screams and wailings which alert the occupants of the house.

" Adanna! Adanna! Adanna! Somebody should help me ohhh!. Nnayi please come out! Our daughter is dying ohhh!"

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