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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 7




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 7

Written by Amah's Heart 


Uchechi continued sitting quietly still unable to say a word of reply to Emeka's question. What's there to even say...?

She's in a tight spot and inwardly wished that her son did not get them involved in this huge setback by making such a mistake.

 How could he take a bløød oath with a woman...?Oh the gods!

It took Uchechi a while before she could gather the strength to respond to Emeka 

" I don't know what to say Emeka...you and I know that I'm not the one holding things here...it's Adanna's parents!"

" I'm aware Mama but I am stuck knowing that her father would never consent to an Osucast like me marrying his daughter. Rather he will sought out a way to break us free from the oath!"

As Emeka said this, Uchechi sighed sadly and was silently deep in thoughts

" Nobody has ever succeeded in breaking free from a bløød oath without someday facing the repercussions that comes with it...so I don't really think that there's any potent way of escaping the dëäth and m@dness consequences except by marrying Adanna" Uchechi said to Emeka's disappointment 

Emeka exhaled as the burden of what he had done with Adanna weighted heavily on his shoulders. 

He doesn't know how to come out of the mess he had walked into with his eyes open.

" I'm worried Mama and I'm scared not only for myself but for Adanna as well. We are both involved in this and we'll be facing the consequences together if her father eventually pushes through with his selfish plans to forcefully marry my Adanna out to prince Obinna!.."

"...I'm now wishing that I didn't take that oath"

" My son the mistake has been made already so lets not dwell too much on the past rather we should find a way forward..." Uchechi begun and paused to take a deep breath before continuing 

"...I'll go with you to see Adanna's parents tomorrow. Lets just hope that after we explain everything to them... they would be more understanding and considerate at least for their daughter's safety and wellbeing!"

Emeka's eyebrows creased in worry and anxiety. Honestly, he didn't expect that things will become this twisted and eventually turn out this way but sadly that's the reality of things right now.

To make matters even more worst, he doesn't even know what to expect at Adanna's parents place tomorrow. 

" Are you sure this will work Mama...?" Emeka asked doubtfully and Uchechi nodded in affirmation before replying 

" As a woman who is a mother I can tell you that it will definitely work on Adanna's mother...the reason being that to us who are mothers our children's wellbeing always comes first before any other thing. But I don't think or know if it will work on her father Mazi Ebuka. It might be difficult to scale through him!"

Uchechi's blunt words did little to reduce Emeka's fears and worries, instead it intensified them and made him feel more anxious than before. He has many questions plaguing his mind.

What if her father still remains adamant and rather insist on finding a way to break them free from the bløød oath even when there's no actual way...? 

If that happens, what then becomes of him and Adanna...? What becomes of their love and their promises together...?

Seeing the worry and tensed look on Emeka's face, Uchechi became alarmed. 

She can understand her son's pain and knows that what he needed at this moment is words of comfort and affection not discomforting words.

" Emeka I know how hard the heart matters can be because I felt the same way when your father's family were against their freeborn son marrying me who is an Osucast. It wasn't easy dealing with such a traumatic situation but your father as a strong man stood his grounds and fought for our love together. Seeing his resolve his family had no choice but to grudgingly consent to our marriage!" Uchechi explained hoping that it'll help brighten Emeka who is disheartened 

As Emeka listened, he heaved heavily as his hopes was slowly restoring. 

He admires the fact that his late father fought for his undying love for his mother and he believes that he can do the same for Adanna; the love of his life.

" Mama I pray that everything turns out well tomorrow. Thank you so much for your support in a difficult time like this as I don't know what I would have actually done without you by my side. Thank you Mama...you'll always remain the best anytime and anyday" Emeka said genuinely as he looked at his mother with love evident in his eyes 

Hearing those heartfelt words from Emeka made Uchechi become very emotional. She was moved to tears as she stood up and hugged her son who immediately reciprocated the hug. 

" I love you very much Emeka. You're my only child and I'll do anything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Just know that in every step of the way I am always willing to give you my utmost support if it'll make you happy okay" 

" I know Mama. Thank you very much! I also want you to be happy always. As you can see I am a grown man now so I wish you'll find a good man who loves you like Papa did and from there you can equally live your life to its fullest"

Uchechi chuckled aloud as she heard that from Emeka. Marriage at her age..? Her son never ceases to amaze her with his mature humorous way of speaking.

But in spite of her chuckles, there's an hidden look of admiration in Uchechi's eyes and she hugged her son tighter. 

She smiled sincerely from her heart as she felt his robust body and arms protectively wrapped around her. 

If there's anything she doesn't regret in her life as an Osucast, it is her marriage to her beloved late husband which eventually reproduced her son Emeka. 

Till date, Uchechi still can not believe that time flew so fast and that today her young boy is now a grown man who is not scared of taking responsibilities for his actions and mistakes.

She can still vividly remember the exact date she discovered she was pregnant with Emeka down to when she gave birth to him as a baby and afterwards nursed him into adolescence. 

Funny enough, it's been twenty-nine years yet it feels like it's yesterday. 

Yes! it may not have been an easy task to singlehandedly cater for a child but thankfully she pushed through it all and now she feels so proud of the way she had trained her son. She knows that her late husband will also be happy in his grave when he sees the zealous young man Emeka has grown to become. 


Meanwhile at Adanna's parents house, there's a huge pandemonium. 

Mazi Ebuka is very furious with his daughter for frolicking with an Osucast which might dent his name and consequently stand as a stumbling block on his firm pursuit to be the Onukwo.

" Adanna are you síck in the head...? You as my first daughter suppose to live by example to your younger siblings yet this is all you can teach them...? To go about frolicking with the Osucasts...?" Mazi Ebuka thundered clamping his hands on the bamboo table in the spacious thatched sitting room.

" Honestly Papa I never knew that Emeka is an Osucast. It never crossed my mind to ask him that and it hurts so much that he kept it away from me for all of this years we've been together... knowing how sensitive such issues is"

" Wow! So it's been years you two have been seeing each other behind my back. Adanna don't you think it's about time you use your head to think with your right senses...? I mean if a man who is interested in you is already lying to you while in courtship what then happens when you two are married with kids..?"

" Emeka doesn't lie Papa. I'm sure there's a valid reason for him hiding this from me or maybe it could be that he never knew about his origin either. Besides whether he is an Osucast or not...it doesn't matter to me because I love him" Adanna said to Mazi Ebuka who looked at his daughter wide-eyed in surprise.

Mazi Ebuka is wondering what is giving his daughter such trust in Emeka and fueling the boldness to admit her love for a man in front of him who is her father. He decided to keep his cool knowing that any attempt to take this issue the hard way will backfire on him

" Well Adanna now that you know that your lover boy is an Osucast...what are you going to do about it...? Are you going to let love lead you blindly into destruction or you are going to do the right thing by severing all ties with those despicable and rejectee set of people...?" 

After hearing the question her father asked her, Adanna just kept looking at him wondering how to start spilling the beans that there's more to their love connection than she's letting out.

I mean how does she even start telling her father that she has already taken a bløød convenant with her boyfriend who now turns out to be an Osucast...?

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