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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 5




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 5

Written by Amah's Heart 


Seconds flew into minutes and minutes into two hours yet Adanna wasn't at the stream path where they had earlier agreed to meet up. 

Emeka is already frustrated and was gradually giving up when he saw her approaching in a short flowery wrapper tied round her breast region and a similar wrapper round her petite waist.

He smiled satisfactory. Indeed four years was enough time to create some glaring changes on his girlfriend. 

He observed that undeniably, Adanna was more facially beautiful and she had gained a little weight which made her more curvy and appealing to the eyes.

Adanna walked gracefully towards where Emeka stood smiling at her. She could barely believe her eyes and it took her a while to come to terms with the reality that Emeka was indeed standing in front of her in flesh and blood. 

" Oh the gods! Is this really you Emeka...?" Adanna quizzed with tears streaming down her cheeks and with her eyes fixated on Emeka.

Emeka stared lovingly at Adanna and slowly nodded smiling sadly as he pulled her into a tight passionate hug

" Yes it's me my love. I'm back for you like I promised. I've missed you so much and that's why I had to use your friend Ebele to get you to come and meet me here. It's been four years and right now I am happy to be in your arms again" Emeka said whispering to her ears as he hugged Adanna tighter to himself. 

Adanna reciprocated the hug by placing her two hands on his waist. 

This act of hers made Emeka let out a short laugh. 

There's no doubt that his heart is bubbling with joy and inner satisfaction seeing that Adanna is still as loving and clingy as she use to be in time past. 

" I'm sorry I kept you waiting for this long Emeka. I actually thought Ebele was pulling my legs when she said that she saw you and that you wanted to see me so to get her off my back I told her to tell you that I'll meet with you here at this time...but then I still had doubts in my heart about the authenticity of the news Ebele told me and that's why I came here late" Adanna explained gently disengaging from the hug 

Emeka released a deep breathe he held and he warmly cupped Adanna's cheeks. He stared into her eyes with so much emotions that his heart conveyed 

" I understand you my love and I am not angry with you at all. Honestly, after two hours passed by without me seeing you coming I almost gave up and went back home...but right now I'm thankful to God that I was patient enough to wait and experience this loving moment!"

" Me too Emeka...I'm glad that I listened to my intuition and still came amidst my doubts and uncertainties. I've missed you so very much that my heart is bubbling with happiness at merely seeing you now. But I'm feeling curious Emeka...when exactly did you arrive from the city...?" Adanna asked looking at Emeka skeptically. 

Adanna asked because hugging Emeka earlier and seeing him standing right in front of her still feels so dreamy and unreal. She wants to be sure that this is truly real and not her mind playing games on her intelligence!

" I arrived the village yesterday. I thought of other ways to see you since I knew that coming to your father's house to find you wasn't in the list of options. I remembered that you and Ebele are close friends and so I decided to pass through her to let you know that I am back for you..for us..and for our future!"

" Oh Emeka! Those times without you by my side has been really héll for me. Thank you for coming back for me. My love I'm really happy to have you back here with me. You can't imagine how many times I have dreamt of this day that I'll stand with you like this again"

" I promised you that I'll be back for you and I'm here now. I couldn't stay for long after graduation because the only woman who holds the master key to my heart is right here and needs me by her side. That's why it broke my heart a lot when I was told yesterday that you are betrothed to prince Obinna" 

Adanna heaved deeply when she heard that. She is amazed at how news flies quickly without physical wings!

" I see you've been told about the recent happenings already. Well it's true that I am betrothed..." Adanna said and exhaled before she continued talking 

"...my father got me engaged to the crown prince without my consent and now I'm trying to prevent the marriage at all costs because my heart belongs to only one man which is you Emeka!"

Emeka giggled as he held Adanna by the waist and drew her closer to himself 

" Adanna you do not need to tender an explanation. I already know that you'll never betray our love and trust especially when there's a bløød oath between us. I am just jealous that another man is eyeing my girlfriend"

" Emeka you don't need to be jealous of anyone because I am yours now and forever. Nothing and nobody will ever be able to separate us!" Adanna said whilst softly caressing Emeka's cheeks 

" Of course my love we will never be separated even a miles away again. Do you want to know why...?" 

" Is it because of the bløød oath and convenant we had before you traveled...?" Adanna asked and Emeka nodded in the negative as he continued 

" It's not that Adanna. The thing is...my mother and I are planning to come and see your parents by tomorrow...so that I can ask for your hands in marriage and after getting their approval we can start the marriage preparations immediately"

" Oh the gods! You are coming to see my parents tomorrow and subsequently marry me...?" Adanna asked excitedly as Emeka smiled and nodded affirmatively 

" Of course my love...I want to make you my wife and leave this village with you!"

" Thank you so much Emeka. Oh no! I forgot to ask you about Mama. I did come to see her last week and she was complaining of leg pāins but I got her drugs for the paíns. Is she better now...?"

" Mama was having leg pāins...? Honestly I didn't even know about that. Anyways thank you my love. I know I could always count on you to take care of my mother in my absence"

" Common you don't need to thank me Emeka. I love you the same way I love her too. Mama is like my biological mother and now she's even my soon to be mother in-law" Adanna said beaming shyly to Emeka's amusement. 

Emeka smiled as he begun giggling Adanna on the waist making her laugh uncontrollably until a baritone hard voice interrupted their blissful moment

" So this is where you are Adanna...? You've finally grown wings! You dare sneak out of the house to come and meet a man under the tree...? Are you m@d!" Mazi Ebuka thundered in a loud voice 

" Fa..fat...father...I..I..I mean this is Emeka the son of late Mazi Azuka..the palmwine tapper that use to supply us with fresh palmwine back when he was alive. Papa you still remember him right...?" Adanna said stammering as she stylishly shifted away from Emeka

" What's there to remember about a palmwine tapper who is practically the husband to an Osucast woman! I can't believe that of all the young men in this village my own daughter Adanna decided to stand with the son of an Outcast...?" Mazi Ebuka asked rhetorically. He exhaled and then paused to look at Emeka disdainfully before he continued his words 

"...my friend before I close my eyes and open it...will you get away from that place and go home right now!" 

Before her father could complete her statement, Adanna darted away straight to the path that leads to her father's house leaving Emeka to his confusion 

Now left standing alone with Mazi Ebuka; Adanna's father. 

Emeka asked the current pondering question on his mind to aid clear the confusion slowly clouding in his head

" An Outcast...? Son of an Osucast...? What do you mean by that Papa...?"

" Do I look like your father...? Young man go home and ask your mother that question. Emeka or whatever your name is...please leave my innocent daughter alone for her betrothed husband. I won't warn you again!" Mazi Ebuka warned and then left ângrily.

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