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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 4




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 4

Written by Amah's Heart 


Emeka's mother Uchechi was sitting on a low bamboo stool and watched as her son Emeka kept pacing about restlessly.

She truly felt her son's pain as she very well knew how much he loved Adanna.

" Mama which of the Adanna...? I sincerely doubt that it is my very own Adanna you are talking about!" Emeka said whilst walking to and fro in anxiety 

" Calm down Emeka...I know that it is hard to believe but that's the truth! Adanna is now engaged to be married to Obinna the crown prince of this Land..." Uchechi said and paused to exhale deeply before she continued

"...well from all indications she is being forced into the royal marriage because her greedy father wants to make sure that he fully secures the seat of the Onukwo...since the current Onukwo is going to be vacated in a few months time and he doesn't want to lose out..." 

Uchechi words was cut off midway by Emeka who blurted out now standing at a spot with his eyes fixed on his mother

" I thought as much! That father of hers Mazi Ebuka will never change. He's always trying to decide for his children"

" Yes! But funny enough I heard that Adanna hasn't consented to the marriage till date and that is the sole reason a date for the bride price payment hasn't been fixed yet. Notwithstanding, Adanna's stubborn father is still not giving up and with the consistent coercion from her parents it is likely that she will bend in due time" Uchechi said shrugging her shoulders 

" I seriously doubt that mama. Adanna will never do that to me. She just can't betray me by agreeing to marry the prince...she's mine and mine alone!"

" You seem so sure about that...? What's even giving you so much confidence..?" Uchechi asked looking intensely at her son with a smirk on her face 

" It's because Adanna lost the right to make any marriage decision after the bløød oath we took together four years back!" Emeka unknowingly blurted out loud before he could stop himself 

His words took Uchechi by surprise as she never expected to hear what she had just heard from Emeka's lips 

" Bløød oath..? Emeka what do you mean by that, who did you take a bløød oath with eh...?" Uchechi asked abruptly standing up to face Emeka squarely

Emeka heaved after realizing what he just did; 

out of ánger 

he has unintentionally let out a secret that is ought to stay solely between him and Adanna. And right now he doesn't know what to say again.

When Emeka remained mute without uttering further words of explanation, Uchechi had to retort to serious threats 

" Bia young man you had better start talking or else I will open that muted mouth for you in my own way!" Emeka's mother thundered without smiling at all 

Emeka sighed heavily and he finally responded after seeing that there's no actual way to escape this knowing how persuasive his mother can be at times.

" It's actually a long story mama"

" Okay then...cut it short! It's not like I'm going anywhere today so start talking!"

Emeka nodded as he picked a bamboo stool and placed it beside the stool his mother previously sat down on. 

He sat on the stool and beckoned on Uchechi to come and sit down as well.

Uchechi who was eager to hear what her son had to say immediately succumbed. She walked over to her stool and sat on it with her eyes still fixated on Emeka

" As you can see Emeka I am now sitting so better start talking. What bløød oath were you referring to...? Wait oh! I just hope it isn't what I'm thinking it is...?"

" I'm not a mind reader Mama so how will I possibly know what you are thinking...?" Emeka asked trying to be sarcastic but Uchechi wasn't having it 

" It's not a laughing matter Emeka. I know you and Adanna were cr@zily in love with each other but I'm hoping in the deepest part of my heart that you two didn't go overboard. Because the bløød oath you mentioned earlier is what I still don't understand!"

Emeka inhaled deeply as everything begun dawning on him. He saw that his mother's patience was gradually running out so he begun talking slowly 

" I'm sorry Mama but it is what you are thinking. It was Adanna who convinced me into doing it and that is how we went overboard by taking a blood oath"

" What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emeka are you m@d!..?"

" I'm sorry Mama. We loved each other so much and we were scared of being separated after I leave the village. That's why we had to go that far...I'm so sorry"

" Is that enough reason for you two to gamble with your lives...? Emeka do you even realize what you've done...? My only son taking a bløød oath...? Oh the gods I am finished!" Uchechi said in soliloquy as she dramatically placed her two hands on her head wailing lowly 

" I'm sorry Mama but I honestly don't regret doing what I did. It was clearly out of love that Adanna and I took the bløød oath never to leave each other and that whoever does will díe or run m@d forever. Mama like I had said earlier...I don't regret doing it because if not for that convenant I am sure Adanna would have been coerced into marrying Prince Obinna by now!" Emeka said shrugging nonchalantly

Uchechi looked at her son in awe. She's wondering if Emeka is cråzy or he has been charmed by her husband's relatives who h@tes her a lot because she blatantly refused to marry one of them 

" When I lost your father who was my husband...I actually thought that you Emeka who is my only son would be my consolation...that is the reason I invested my all into you without succumbing to the pressure from your father's relatives but it seems I actually thought wrongly" Uchechi said with tears cascading her eyes down to her cheeks in torments 

Emeka sighed sadly. He understands his mother's pain but he couldn't help it. He loves Adanna so much and he is aware that she loves him too.

" I'm sorry Mama that I ended up being a disappointment. I love Adanna a lot and I know that we will end up together no matter what trials comes our way..." Emeka said and paused to release a breathe he never knew he was holding before he continued without remorse 

"...i know that you are worried about me loosing my life if things doesn't turn out well for us...but I can assure you Mama that nothing will happen to either of us because we'll be getting married soon"

Upon seeing the resolute glint in her son's eyes, Uchechi heaved deeply before giving a response to Emeka 

" I don't know what to say my son. I just hope that your love for that girl would not put you two into trøùble. So tell me Emeka what exactly are your plans for Adanna now that you're back home..?"

" Well I plan to pay Adanna a surprise visit tomorrow morning. Then after seeking her consent I will go see her parents by evening to ask for her hands in marriage. Since I am a little well-to-do financially...I believe that they will be open enough to accept me as a befitting son in-law for their daughter Adanna"

" That is a good idea Emeka. I agree with you on your marriage plans. Delay can be dangerous...the earlier the better. Lets just hope everything turns out well!"

 Uchechi concluded inaudibly. 

Emeka sighed equally hoping everything turns out well by tomorrow.

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