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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 3




Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 3

Written by Amah's Heart 


" Ah! Feels good to be back home again after four years. Oh! I miss mama and Adanna so much. I can't believe time flies so fast and today I am back to my village..." Emeka said to himself whilst walking down a path in the village.

Looking round Emeka noticed that everything in the village are the exact same way he knew them to be and he smiled as he commented inaudibly 

"...it seems nothing much has changed since I left here to the city...which means I didn't miss out on much as I thought!" 

Emeka graduated two days ago and decided to immediately come back to the village to share the good news with his mother and the love of his life, Adanna whom he shares bløød ties with.

Yes! Adanna was finally able to erase his fears and further convinced him to take the bløød oath with her. 

Eventually, they took the bløød covenant before he left with the missionaries to pursue his scholarship education. 

It may have been wrong but he doesn't regret it because that has been the hope he held on to that kept him going for all of those years without her by his side.

Emeka continued walking and on the road path he came across a group of three petite maidens carrying bundles of firewood on their heads. 

It's obvious they are just returning from the bush that is opposite him. 

Emeka waved and smiled at them as the three maidens greeted him warmly although he noticed the way they stared weirdly at him. 

He is sure that they are wondering who the handsome strange young man is.

His thoughts is further confirmed by the conversation he overheard from them within earshot. Such that he had to stop walking for a while so he could completely grasp what they were saying.

" Ah Amaka! Did you see that fine man I just saw...?" Oluchi uttered standing at a spot and the other three followed suit.

" I'm not blind Oluchi. I sure saw him and he looks so cute that it leaves me wondering if he is from this village!" Amaka answered drooling over Emeka

" Bia Amaka what do you mean by you're wondering if he is from this village...are you trying to say that we do not have fine men here or what...?"

" Well we have fine men in our village but you will agree with me that none of them is as handsome as that young man that just passed. Bless the gods! it feels like he had just fallen from the sky!"

" You're right Amaka...he is so fine and he dressed like a big man. Oh! I thank the gods that I am still single!" Oluchi blurted out sarcastically probably in an attempt to scorn Amaka who is engaged 

" So..? Look Oluchi, I may be betrothed but it doesn't mean I am married. Get it into your empty head that I still stand a chance of getting any man that catches my fancy!" Amaka fired back at Oluchi who bursted out laughing hysterically 

" Wow Amaka! so you are saying that you will readily dump Chigozie and run into another man's arms when the need  arises...? Tufiakwa! may the gods have mercy on you" Oluchi said while looking at a nonchalant Amaka in disdain.

In all of this, the third girl Chioma remained quiet in the midst of their bickerings. Chioma is one of the many maidens who was crushing on Emeka years back, and although it was hard but she still recognized who Emeka is.

Amaka after hearing what Oluchi said hissed loudly and ignored her as she turned her focus to Chioma. 

Following her gaze, Oluchi equally turned to look at Chioma who has been standing beside her without uttering a word to contribute in their discussion.

Obviously they had both noticed her unusual quietness and thought that it is about time the inquire about the reason.

" I don't understand you Chioma...why the whole unusual quietness as though we are not talking something sensible. Abi do you know the young man from somewhere...?" Amaka blatantly asked and Chioma released a deep sigh 

" Yes I know him infact we all know him. Do you two not remember Emeka who was given a scholarship by the missionaries over four years ago..?" Chioma answered whilst staring at a confused looking Amaka and Oluchi

" Emeka..? Emeka..? Which of the Emeka is that because I can't remember any man by that name in this village who looks so fine and perfect...all the Emeka I know are all these ugly village stouts!" Amaka said in her usual sassy manner 

" Amaka is right...me myself I don't also know of any Emeka in this village that is so polished and groomed. Abi Chioma didn't you see that the man that passed by dresses like one of these missionaries that do come to our village....?" Oluchi said and paused as though something occurred to her. Then she exclaimed

" ...wait oh! Amaka and Chioma could it be that he is actually not from our village but rather he is one of the new missionaries allocated to this village...?" 

Chioma shook her head as an indication that her assumptions were not correct, this made Amaka and Oluchi give up on trying to guess who she is talking about. 

Upon seeing the sheer curiosity and frustration on their faces, Chioma smiled widely. 

And then she decided to answer their questions in a way that would make them remember Emeka easily.

" He is actually from this village. Emeka is the young man I was crushing on during that time before we heard that he followed some of the missionaries to the city...I think that is four years back... do you two remember him now...?" 

Immediately the memory clicked on the minds of Amaka and Oluchi, they shouted looking at Emeka unbelievably 

" Oh the gods! Are you serious...? You mean Emeka son of late Mazi Azuka...?" Amaka asked curiously and Chioma slowly nodded in affirmation 

" Chioma are you sure about this...? He doesn't look like the man we use to know at all. Honestly I'm finding it hard to believe this!" Oluchi said wide-eyed and unable to believe her ears 

" Well I suppose that the years and city is what changed him this much but I am a 100% sure that it is the same Emeka; the son of late Mazi Azuka the palmwine tapper that we all knew four years ago" 

Emeka heaved as he decided that he has heard enough and besides the hotness of the sun was gradually rising too. 

Seeing this, he begun on his way again without sparing them another glance

" I can't believe that despite the years passed..these three gossipers never seem to change!" Emeka said shaking his head before walking into another path that will lead directly to his father's house.

Honestly, Emeka doesn't blame them because he can perfectly understand their expression of bewilderment.

It's probably due to his different mode of dressing and other vivid positive changes ranging from his facial looks to his glowing skin, demeanor and maturity features. 

Next to making Adanna his girlfriend years ago, the second best decision he ever made was accepting the scholarship of the missionaries because that changed his life wholly. 

By merely looking at the present him, anyone could tell that he is no more the wretched looking Emeka that left the village four years ago. He has changed greatly in all ramifications.

After spending four years in the city, he learnt how to dress in their modern attire and is no longer using the wrapper they are tying here in the village

And for his glowing skin? 

Emeka still has the missionaries to thank for everything because as promised, the scholarship took care of his daily feeding. 

Thankfully, the school matrons were equally kindhearted and ensured that the students were well fed during the period of their three daily meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Additionally, his exposure has shaped his sense of reasoning and behavior. 

Without being told, Emeka knows that he now thinks and behaves more maturely with an uber intelligence.

To top it all, he graduated with good grades hence the missionaries has already promised him a good job with a satisfactory pay in the city. 

He feels proud of himself for coming this far and he knows that both Adanna and his mother would be proud of him too.

Speaking of Adanna, he misses her a whole lot and he can't wait to meet her again along with his dear mother whom he misses and hasn't seen in four years.

There are the only reason he came back to this village. 

Emeka intends to marry Adanna the love of his life. Afterwards, he would seek her parent's consent and then work towards relocating with his newly wedded wife and his mother to the city.

Emeka beamed widely as the thought of marrying Adanna crossed his mind. 

Yet nothing actually prepared him ahead for the huge shock he would soon be getting.

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