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Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 1



Shackles Of Tradition - Episode 1

Written by Amah's Heart 


" I am scared my love and I can't help it. I won't let you leave me here because I'm just scared of so many things!" Adanna said fidgeting with her fingers. She is standing and leaning on Chukwuemeka's body who was sitting on a low tree branch.

Normally Adanna is a shy girl who finds it hard to express her thoughts without feeling anxious, hence the reason she fidgets with her fingers most of the time.

Adanna is the first out of three siblings; two girls and a boy. 

Her father is one of the chieftain title elders who doesn't joke with tradition and coincidentally the next in line to become the next Onukwo.

Chukwuemeka on the other hand lost his father at a tender age of ten. He is left with his widowed mother who is constantly being búllied by her husband's relatives.

Adanna was 19 years of age whilst Chukwuemeka was 21 years old when the both met at the village stream and fell helplessly in love with each other. 

On Adanna's 20th birthdate, Chukwuemeka asked Adanna to be his girlfriend and she obliged happily.

Time gradually flew by and their relationship is clocking three years with their love for each other still waxing stronger and stronger to the envy of other jealous maidens and young men.

It is during this period that missionaries from the big City' came with the introduction of new names; 'God', 'Jesus Christ', 'Virgin mother Mary', 'Holy spirit', 'Baptism', 'Christianity' and lots more.

This names sounded so strange in the ears of the villagers who were deep into traditional worship and its beliefs. 

Undeniably, the villagers value their customs and traditions so much that they aren't ready to let go of them even in the nearest future. 

Hence the missionaries was faced with a lot of resistance and rejection from the villagers who wholly avoided them.

Thankfully, they were bent on not giving up on the propagation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And gradually, few people begun warming up to the missionaries and subsequently embraced Christianity. 

This few set of people got baptized and dedicated their life to the preacher's Lord which is the Almighty God.

Amongst those few people who repented are Chukwuemeka and his widowed mother. 

Chukwuemeka got baptized in Christ and begun bearing the shortened form of his name "Emeka". 

From that time onwards, he gave his entire time to the things of God and desisted from all appearance of Sin.

Emeka's zeal for the kingdom work got the missionaries attracted and endeared to him. 

Such that they collectively decided to grant him a scholarship and sponsor his education out of the village to the city.

Emeka and his mother was undeniably overjoyed.

Afterwards, Emeka went on to break the news to Adanna his girlfriend hoping to get the same excited reaction from her but instead he got the opposite.

But how would she be happy...? 

Their relationship has only been three years old and Adanna was really hoping to marry Emeka in the future.

Then is she actually expecting Emeka to forgo this one in a lifetime opportunity that he and his widowed mother really needed...?

" You're scared..? Why..? I don't understand Ada don't you want me to go out there and find my footing in life...?" Emeka asked lovingly calling her by the name he fondly crafted out for her. 


" Emeka I'm scared that after you leave this village to the big city that you will not find me attractive again. You'll be different and the city girls the missionaries talked about would then start entering your eyes. I'm scared that they will eventually snatch you from me with their big bumbum and breasts" Adanna said shyly looking at Emeka's face and he bursted out laughing hysterically

" Big bumbum and breasts...? oh my goodness! oh my God!" Emeka exclaimed repeatedly as he continued laughing harder at that particular comment.

It was really funny to him but he had to control his laughter when he saw the skeptical look on Adanna's face. 

From the growl that followed, it became glaringly obvious that his girlfriend isn't at all pleased with him making a joke out of her utterance.

" You are making fun of me right...? Okay then..you're not leaving this village except maybe you plan to go without my consent...then you're free!" Adanna said folding her hands together. she's proving stubborn.

" Please Ada you know that I can't accept the scholarship from the missionaries without first seeking the consent and approval of the only woman I love..."

"...I want to go to the city and work in other to make our lives better in the future...or don't you want that too..?" Emeka asked lovingly cupping Adanna's cheeks and she sighed sadly.

" Of course I want our lives to be better but I don't want to lose you by the time you get to the big city and probably upgrade. And you know that my birthday is coming up by next month but since you will be going this weekend then it means you won't be available...."

"...Emeka I'll be celebrating my birthday without you for the very first time since we begun our relationship and it makes me feel really sad!" Adanna said outrightly expressing the emotional intent of her heart. 

She is going to be twenty three years of age and it hurts her that her boyfriend would be absent on the celebration day.

Emeka inhaled and exhaled deeply. He was feeling disheartened and equally scared but he was trying to be a man by suppressing his emotions all in. 

But after Adanna's last statement, Emeka couldn't hold it inside anymore and had to speak out although inaudibly

" I'm scared too Ada. Look at you..? You're very beautiful and endowed and from a well respected home. I'm aware that many young eligible men has already begun asking for your hands in marriage. I'm the one who feels more scared that you'll be taken from me by the time I leave this village to the city!" Emeka said with his head bent low. He felt insecure and couldn't hide it anymore.

" I know you feel scared too my love. I would have asked you to come see my parents to pay my dowry before accepting the scholarship but we know how my father is. I know that he will not like a man who isn't at least averagely wealthy" Adanna said to Emeka who nodded affirmatively 

" Exactly my point! Ada your father would not approve of me with my present wretched condition right now. I'm financially incapacitated that's why even my widowed mother is being harassed everyday by relatives who simply want to sleep with her..."

"...Please Ada just give me four to five years and I promise that I'll come back for you my love" Emeka said sincerely and upon seeing the nonchalant look on Adanna's face he paused his words midway. 

Adanna further rolled her eyes sending out a stubborn girl vibes which he is already fond of seeing. 

This expression got Emeka beaming in amusement as he begun to nudge a nonchalant Adanna more closer to himself by placing his two hands on her waist. 

When Emeka was sure he now has Adanna's full attention focused on him, he continued from where he had stopped

" ...Common Ada stop being stubborn already. I equally need this opportunity so I will be able to make money to take care of you by the time we finally get married and have children. Yes! I know you are scared and that you have every right to be but please don't be so self-centered by not agreeing to this!" Emeka said pleadingly with a sad voice. He further heaved with dismay and frustration vividly written on his face.

Emeka's words succeeded in softening Adanna's emotional state and she bursted into tears as the realization dawn on her

" You're right. I've just realized that I'm truly being self-centered by trying to draw you back from pursuing your dreams and maximizing this opportunity for our future sake...yet as your girlfriend I can't help it" Adanna said practically choking in her own tears

" I know Adanna. I don't know how I'll cope without you over there but I believe we will pull through despite the distance. Just trust me okay...?"

Adanna nodded in affirmation to Emeka's question and then she slowly wiped her tears as she gave him a reply.

" You know that I trust you and have never doubted your words before but Emeka I'm really scared. You know that I'm not used to us being long distance apart"  Adanna said sighing aloud 

" Me too Ada. I'm not accustomed to being in a long distance relationship with you but we are left with no choice. It will not be easy at first but I still believe we'll cope just fine okay...?" Emeka said assuringly as he cupped her cheeks for the second time that day.

Adanna inhaled and exhaled heavily. She looked at Emeka lovingly as it occurred to her that she really really loves this man with the whole of her heart and being. 

Why wouldn't she..?

When Emeka although he is twenty five years old and very good looking, he has been faithful to her as his girlfriend. 

Not just that! He is very hardworking and even though he doesn't have enough money presently, he is always very caring and thoughtful regardless of the little wages he earns from his farming jobs to people. 

To top it all, he is very disciplined and has not made any séxúal moves at her despite how attractive, curvy and tempting her body is.

" This is hard for me Emeka but since this means a lot to you and our future together...I'll wait for you and give my approval for you to accept the scholarship and go to the city but it's only going to be on one condition" 

" What could that be my love..? Just tell me what you want me to do Ada and consider it done!" Emeka said smiling widely at Adanna who stood looking at him eyeball to eyeball. 

Emeka's smile gradually faded away when he heard Adanna's request 

" Lets have a bløød oath Emeka! That way our fears will be minimized and we can be rest assured that none of us is leaving the other no matter what happens!" Adanna said expectantly

 Emeka just kept looking at her with his mouth agape without knowing what response to give her.

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