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Obiageri - Episode 3




Obiageri - Episode 3

By Amah's Heart


The last drum was heard and I watch the stranger rose from his seat,

 nobody cheered for him, everywhere went silent except for few whispers.

Nduka jumped up and down as he started displaying his strength and wrestling skills again to the public, and they all began to cheer loudly for him.

As the fight began, I held my heart in my hand, everybody watched with keen interest as the two men battle in the wrestling ground.

They were sure that Nduka the great wrestler will beat this stranger, I was among them because Nduka has always beaten his opponent hands down, nobody have being able to defeat Nduka and that was why he was greatly feared and he does whatever he wants and get away with it because there is nobody that can challenge him.

How I wish this stranger will beat him, and break down his ego but how possible was that.

I kept watching as my heart continue to beat even louder in my ear drum.

I watch Nduka tries to lift the strange man off from the ground with his hefty hands but he was unable and just like shock the stranger with so much ease and without struggle swept Nduka off his feet, throwing him to the ground in an unbelievable defeat.

The crowd did not cheer as we all struggle with the fact that Nduka was on the ground, it looks unbelievable but he was actually on the ground.

Defeated with so much ease.

He managed to rose to his feet and move around ângrily, he pounce again at the stranger who undoubtedly threw him to the ground for the second time like a chicken feather, he did not mount on him and punch the living day light out of him like Nduka always do to his opponents, instead he remained standing daring Nduka to get up again.

Nduka got up again, he displayed his skills to the public but did not get the roaring cheers like before as everyone tries to get in terms with the truth that Nduka was going to be defeated by the stranger.

Nduka was disappointed when he saw that not everyone was cheering at him like before, he was going to fight with everything in him and defeat this stranger who wants to stëal his glory,

 he believes that nobody can outshine him in the whole community. 

He was a great wrestler and he will remain so until his last days on earth. 

Well so he thought.

As the crowd looked on, this time with so much amusement than fear at the stranger who suddenly lifted the champion holder, the great Nduka himself, the man lifted Nduka above his head, he threw him up, 

Like a father, who throws up his child playfully and catch the child in the air then repeated the same thing all over just to see the baby giggle, 

yes, that was what happend in our presence.

The stranger was at ease with Nduka 

The stranger threw Nduka up and instead of catching him as a father will do to his new born child, the stranger allowed Nduka to fall on the ground.

This time around the crowd cheer loudly, the drum began to beat as Nduka struggle to get up.

He held his waist in pain as he cried out for the first time, I watch his pride destroyed on the ground, all the suppose strength and might he thought he had lay there on the ground as people began to jubiliate.

Nobody have ever seen such display, the stranger was doing everything with so much ease, he threw Nduka three times on the ground with so much ease without any form of struggle.

 He never said much or displayed like Nduka, yet he defeated him without a sweat.

When Nduka managed to get up he said they should cancel the wrestling match because he wasn’t so prepared today, he also said that his wrestling outfit contributed to his poor performance.

He said they must cancel it because there was no way a common stranger from nowhere will defeat him, that it was never done and it won’t happen.

He claims that he remains the only great wrestler and nobody will ever takes his place.

With his constant ranting they agreed to cancel it and another day was set again for another wrestling game.

Nkwo (nkwo market day)not Eke again this time.

 It was a clear defeat, no doubt, the stranger threw Nduka on the ground three good times but Nduka will not accept defeat,

 he said it was over his déåd body to accept such defeat. 

And that was why the elders were pressurized to agree with him to set out another day for the fight.

The stranger was not offended that his obvious big win was cancelled, 

he did not feel indifference, he just went on his way while Nduka went home to nurse his pride and wound.

 villagers went back to their different houses and I silently prayed that the stranger will be favored again by the gods of the land to beat Nduka on the next match.

I deliberately went to the stream to check for the stranger, since I know the time he usually go to bath at the stream.

But he was not there this time, I searched everywhere I can think off but he was nowhere to be found. On my way home I decided to check the old woman that live in the outskirt of the village

I know she lives alone and I don’t know if she have children of her own. Because she was always alone.

I cut down some goat grass, since I have always seen the woman carrying goat food on her head so I assume she must have a lot of goats.

So I carried the grass to her place and she was sitting outside her hut, weaving a basket.

I dropped the goat food and greeted her.

She was happy on seeing me as I carried chair and sat beside her. I asked her to teach me how to weave baskets and she promise to do that.

“a ma m ebe onye Ina acho nbi (I know where the person you are looking for lives) she said 

I was surprised that she actually knows that I was looking for the stranger.

“biko, achola m ya ebe nile, ma na ahu gim ya, kedu ebe nga achotaya (please, I have searched for him everywhere but couldn’t find, where can I find him)

And she told me where he lives which was not so far from her hut, the place was deserted, he did not live among the villagers, he built a hut inside the bush and lives there, and he wasn’t easily seen and his place was close to a stream.

I asked the older woman to tell me his name but she said I should keep asking him for his name he will one day tell me

So I quickly went to the place the old woman described to look for him.

 I saw the hut, he fenced it all around and when I got close I did not know how he noticed my presence and shouted out to me even before I got to his wooden built gate.

He shout out asking me to stop there.

“Nne, gini ka ina acho (young girl, what are you looking for)I paused, and remained standing without saying anything.

He came out to meet me instead.

"...nsogbu adi?…gini ka ina achom (is there a problem…why are you looking for me)

“o we ghi ihe meren, n choro ile otu idi… (Nothing happened, I just want to know how you are doing)

“a dim mma…Nne, biko laba ebeghi…(I’m fine, young girl, please go back to your house)

“aha gi obu gini… obu na iwegi aha (what is your name, or don’t you have a name) I asked him 

“aham a dighi mgba…(my name is not important)

 please be on your way, night is fast approaching.

“Okay, good luck in your next match with Nduka, may the gods continue to favor you…"

And with that word I ran back to the village and continued my everyday life

Rumors were going around that the stranger may be a spirit, because nobody has seen him before then, and he lives far away from everyone, as if he doesn’t want to associate with humans.

 He was indeed strange and nobody knows his name or any history about him.

Nduka was seriously using the few remaining day to practice, he continue practicing until the Nkwo day arrived.

And the villagers gathered again to watch what Nduka will do this time.

Ever since Nduka and the stranger fought he was a little bit calm, but was still parading himself and making mouth to those that cares to listen that he can’t be beaten by any man.

And as everyone gathered, the dancers began to display their dancing skills, the stranger arrives late and sat on his own again.

And as the last drum for the fight sounded, Nduka entered the wrestling ground and began to display his might to the public

 the stranger was quiet the whole time, he later joined Nduka in the and the fight began.

Just like a wave, without wasting time, Nduka was defeated again as the stranger did not pity him this time, he beat Nduka until he passed out and as people gathered to really check if Nduka truly fainted or not I was busy looking around for the stranger but I did not see him.

I don’t know which side he passed or how he disappeared.

Nobody noticed when he left, everyone was consumed with Nduka’s defeat that we did not take note of how the stranger left.

They poured water on Nduka and he was later carried back to his house.

He was badly beaten, and his face was so swollen, he broke his leg and arms and they have to call the medicine man to come and administer herbal medicine for him and also massage him.

I was happy at same time fear griped everyone as we all wondered who this stranger maybe.

But we rejoice even more that Nduka met his match, Nduka was finally defeated and his wing of pride was broken down.

Now we can drink water and drop cup in peace without looking over our shoulders.

I will do everything I can to know who this stranger is, villagers have being warned to stay away from his route but I’m not scared of him or whoever he maybe.

I will one day get to know his name and to find out if he is really human or a spirit as people believe him to be.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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