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June Break-Last Episode



June Break-Episode 69

They say good things happen to them that believe, is not in all cases because I have seen a lot of people that believe and have a positive mind towards life but it never ended well for them
They become depressed, sad, lonely and bitter.

Life wasn't favorable at the end and that was never what they envisioned.

All they had left is hope and hope never disappoint

Mine was not just hope, I had a strong believe that things will eventually workout for me.
I had faith, I believe wholeheartedly that even though my path might have been messed up along the line but I was determined to work really hard to make something good out of my life.
I wasn't ready to return home the same way I came out.

If things didn't work out with Phil, I wasn't going to relent, I will make sure I make a name for myself.

I wasn't relying on anyone.

I would have sponsored myself to school.
It would have been to a part time school that I can afford, studying something different and working hard to secure my future.

It wouldn't have been the kind of big and expensive school I attended, courtesy of Phil.
I will still graduate in my affordable University, get a better job and maybe a car which I would have driven home to see my people, so that they can also know that I'm fine and I'm not miserable.
But I wouldn't have met my mother alive.

Well, that would have been the case but God brought Phil my way and he was loving and patient with me.

Through his financial assistance my Mom became cancer free.

That alone means the world to me and I will never forget his kindness in a hurry

Is already a year after our wedding and can't seems to get over the honey noon.

Phil pampered me like a little baby.

He makes me understand the true meaning of love
He brings out the best in me.

He found me when I was lost and at Louise mercy.
He came through and saved me even without knowing.
Louise would've messed up my life, even though I would have found my way out but Phil brought the miracle easier and quicker.

Several challenges broke us apart and I thought I had lose him to another woman but God brought us back again to each other and despite how rough the road has been, I sometimes had doubts that we won't end up together but God had a bigger and better plan and I'm glad that I was patient and hopeful

My Mom traveled again for her final hospital check up
She came back last week I drove down in my latest car that Phil bought for me to go see her.

I stayed for two days and returned back to my dearest husband who was already missing me

Mark married his sweetheart and his wife became prégnant in no time and later gave birth to a baby girl

Rachel was the next in line
Denise became more serious with her after seeing that Rachel has changed

After the fight we had back at my place, Rachel became calm and considerate of other people's feeling.
She was done with her selfish behavior and was ready to embrace the real change.

She traveled back after my wedding and got a job in a commercial bank.

After seven months of been in a serious relationship with Denise he finally asked her to marry him.
Rachel was happy and sent me pictures of her ring.
It wasn't expensive ring like mine according to her but she cherish it so much.
She mentioned that she was equally saving for her wedding.
Denise wasn't as rich as Phil but all that matters to her is the fact that he is God fearing and cares deeply about her.

After a year and six months of marriage to Phil, I was already getting worried on why I wasn't prégnant yet.
Phil said i shouldn't allow that to bother me, we should enjoy ourselves first before babies start coming
Since we were medically okay, i shouldn't be troubled with the delay.
He said we should rather trust God and have faith that at the right time, I will conceive.

I have always trusted God, I heard faith that at right time I will carry my baby

And my faith paved the way for me
after 2 years I became pregnant.

It was a smooth prégnancy journey for me.
Rachel gave birth to a baby girl on April 1st. My birth month, she said her name is Marvel and her second name will be April, not just my birth month but she was also given my name
I felt so honored

 About a year later of celebrating the birth of Marvel April Denise, that's Rachel's baby girl, my little prince came forth. 
Exactly on the 1st of June.

He was my long awaited miracle, my June break baby.
 The special one that was perfected created by God.
He was so pinky and cute, all I saw was God's gift to me.
I have never loved like the way I fell in love with my June gift.
It was love at first sight.

 Even Phil couldn't get enough of his son.
We enveloped him in our warmth and love.
We called him Joshua, he will grow up to be brave and strong.

My story is almost looking like a fairytale, i don't want it to end.
I'm happy talking about this beautiful life journey and I'm finding it difficult to conclude 
This felt like a new stage, another new begining.

I'm in love with this new begining and I have faith that the rest of the journey will be a great ride.

No matter how rough it gets, I'm a tough nut to crack
I will adjust to every situation and keep moving.

My family is my biggest gift.

My faith is my wheels as I journey ahead.


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