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June Break-Episode 65



June Break-Episode 65

It's been a rough ride coming back without informing Phil

He didn't know I was back, after two days, I decided to call and inform him and it didn't go down well

He was âñgry that I came back without informing him and not only that, it was two days after I decided to tell him.

Already, I had my own stored åññoyance, courtesy of him
I was only waiting for the right time to ëxploøde it on his face.

I was getting ready to return back to school the next weekend

Cecilia came visiting, she welcomed me and also apologized again for her brother's misbehavior

My neighbor informed me that Louise was still in custody and haven't been released.
John, her brother travelled after the incident and not sure of returning soon.

I wondered why Phil decided to leave Louise in police cell even after all the weeks that went by
I was too occupied with my personal prøblem and didn't bother to ask or know if he has been freed.

This was contrary to Phil's words but again, Louise needed to be thought a good lasting lesson that he won't forget in a hurry.

I assumed that Phil was only trying to extend Louise stay because he wanted him to be deält with, he will néver méss with another Lady next time.

I was planning on how to return to school
I still have my personal savings which can sustain me for a period of time.
 Phil drove down to my side, this was fourth day of my coming back.

He has this scary frown plastered on his face as I opened the door.

"Hi.." I greeted

He ignored me at first and walked past me into the house.
He stood looking around as if he was searching for something.

I went to have my seat, leaving him to stand and look around

"What's the meaning of this.." he finally asked

"Meaning of what.? I replied forming ignorance

"I came so that you will tell me what's going on? 

"Nothing is going on Phil.."

"That's it, do you listen to yourself? Look at the way you called me Phil, no single emotions attached to it.."

"Isn't that your name? I have always called you Phil, what's the difference..?

"The difference is that you used to call my name with love, some sensitivity, emotions in your voice but right now, it sound so ordinary. You mind telling me what exactly is happening.."

"...I didn't drive all the way down here to get my questions asked back to me. Do you mind telling me now what's going on..?

I ignored him.

"...is this about Denise? Is that why you're acting up. I already know the answers to the questions I asked you, I only wanted you to say it with your mouth.."
".... Denise is the new guy now right? Wow! You never stop surprising me April. Louise is still behind bars for what he did to you and now is Denise?

"..listen, I won't do this again with you, you want Denise then go on with him. You already made it very obvious. I don't want to be lied to or hürt ever again. I put so much in this relationship and hürt greatly each time you do things you're not supposed to do..."

"You're adding to my stress Phil, maybe you should leave me alone...let me be please..."

"What! I'm adding to your stress? He asked cónfused.

 "Stop trying to control my life Phil, I have a choice to make too and my life doesn't evolves around you. Because you got money doesn't give you any right to talk to me anyhow. I appreciate everything you've been doing for me but you make it seem I have to worship the ground you walked on, I can't have friends or socialize with others. I can't even live a normal life. Every step I take that's not approved by you, there will be issue...

"... you don't trust me or give me chance to be myself. You breath down on me anytime you hear a man around me. You judged me each time with my mistakes and néver stops reminding me that I had a past. I'm tired already and no longer want to do this, I'm telling you now that I have had enough. I'm done Phil, I can do better with or without you. You can't continue to make my life miserable or make me unhappy each time..."

He was quietly staring at me, he seems very surprised but I wasn't bothered.

"....if you don't want to do this, then leave me the hëll alone. Go be with your kind, just as you once did before. Moving forward, I have made up my mind not to let anything or anyone bother me and that includes you. My Mom is the major thing on my mind, finishing school and getting my life in order is exactly what I'm aiming for. Stop being chåøtic and causing me påin. I'm tired of it all.."

"You're the one causing me pain April. You're the one making me feel like I made a mistake coming back..." He finally said as he approached me.

"... maybe is because I love you so much, maybe because I prioritized your happiness more than anything else. I care so much about you April. I just don't want you to make another mistake.."

"Another mistake? When you put it like that, it makes it seems like I deliberately fell victim to my past faults. I'm tired of being reminded Phil, I have had enough thinking and made up my mind that..."

"You want to leave me? I was only trying to protect you, I try to make sure you lack nothing because I don't want you to be hürt. I just don't want anyone taking advantage of your vulnerability...  He said on top of his voice as he interrupted.

He took a deep breath.
Came to sit beside me
"... you're breaking up with me for what exactly, because I'm concerned about you and Dennis, because I'm âñgry you never updated me that Denise also gave you money for your mom's treatment or you traveled back without telling..? He said again moving more closer

"No, I'm not breaking up with you Phil but I won't fail to walk away for the sake of my peace if things continue this way.."

He gasped.
He became quiet as he stared, while I look straight at nothing.

There was disturbing silent.

"I'm.. I'm sorry. Maybe I was little bit jeâlóus that Denis was going to take you away from me or you are going to fall for him. Or.. are you already into him?..."

"No, Denise is just a friend. He's more an item with Rachel.."

"Your sister, Rachael? Are you kidding me.."

"I'm serious. Rachel likes him and they've been close. I don't have interest in Denise or any other man.."

"That's a relief, and again when you say it like that I'm tempted to ask, what of me.."

I raised an eyebrow, confused

"... you said you're not interested in any other man. What of me..?

"Well, except you Phil. But you really gets me upset with your behavior sometime.."

"I'm sorry, I promise that I will try to curtail my jeâlóusy and feârs. I was afráid that I'm gonna lose you again. I don't wish for that. I'm sorry for hürting you and for my ill attitude, for reminding you of your past or using a phrase that you detest. I'm sorry April for everything. I love you.."

I nodded quietly.

"You're nodding? Just a nod... you no longer love me...?"

"Offcourse, I love you Phil. You're the only man that I have truly loved and no other have been able to béat that.."

"Hmm! That's so sweet. Are you sure..? He asked grinning. As he touched my hands and then my face, removing invisible dirts.
I nodded again.

He bent over and kissed me gently on the lips.
I shrúgs.
"What's it? He said touching my eyebrows, my lips and my ear.

"...did another man touched you, kíssed you when you traveled..? he made it sound like a joke but I didn't laugh

"You're doing it again, asking âñnoying questions. I thought I just told you now that you're the only man I love, who else will have the gút to kïss me..?

"Pardon me April, you're resisting me that's why I asked. You don't used to resist my touch before. I was only wondering aloud..."

"Is because I'm not in the mood. I have alot of things occupying my mind and the major one is my Mom.."

"I understand. Your Mom is going to be alright. Let's be positive and keep trusting God for a miracle.."

"You're right. I like the way you say that. I will keep trusting God for a miracle.."

"Permit me to put you in the mood.." he said kíssing me all over.
He bent over and kíssed me gently on the lip and I responded.

We passionately held onto each other as we kíssed.
His hands moved to my brâ and unhooked and grabbed my bøobs.

"Let's go to the bedroom, I whispered, I was carried away by the moment.

I was fumbling with his shirt button and belt.

"No.. I'm sorry.." he paused and straighten.

My body desperately wanted more.
I went over him and began to kiss him, he responded and then again he stopped me halfway as my hand traveled down his trouser.

"... let's not do this. He said again sitting up.."

"Why? I asked, confused and annoyed. I thought he wanted me like I so much wanted him.

"Because I want it to be difference and special. Not hasty, not a makeup sëx for every misunderstanding but something more. You're very special to me and I want to treat you as such in every way possible.."

"So, when are we going to get intimate.." I asked without thinking. My desperation could be felt in my body language and tune.."

"April, you're.. Hmm, confusing me..."
".. you used to be the one asking me to hold on because you're not ready or you don't feel like it. You don't always encourage intimacy between us, what changed now. Why are you sounding this way..? 
"..Tell me the truth, I promise that I won't be måd. Did.. Denise, I mean did any man touched you or make you feel desperate for sëx. You're not the woman I used to know... what changed..?"

"That's absurd Phil. You always have a way of spoiling my mood. You set my whole body on fire and when I responded, you start asking silly questions. I'm an adult, I just felt.. the time is right to get deep into each other but here you're again asking me the same thing we discussed few minutes ago.."

I stood âñgry as I readjusted my clothes.
My bra fell off, I picked it up.

"I'm sorry again. I was only surprised at the change but I'm loving it. I'm glad you noticed that I finally set your body on fire because I have been wanting to do that.."

He grabbed me from behind, kíssed my neck before turning me over.

He kíssed me a little more and said.
"..I told my parents about you and my intentions towards you. They approved and will love to meet you.."

I smile shyly.

"...I love you April, I want to make you my wife and that's only if you want me as much as I do.."

"Is this supposed to be a proposal..? I asked laughing out.."

"Well, something like that. I don't know if I want to wait any further. I know this isn't formal enough, not to worry, I'm going to make it a beautiful one, just like you dreamed.."

"Are you serious right now? Or this is another of your jokes.." I asked grinning from ear to ear. My expressions was a joyous one.

"You know that I hardly joke, especially not with something as sensitive as this. I don't want you to live here alone or live anywhere again aside my house as my woman. I want you to be my wife and mother to my kids. I have always wanted that, right from the moment I fell in love with you which have been over four years now. Louise trøuble obstructed our lives but is all over. No obstruction, he's behind bars and he will be released anytime you give your orders..."

I loosened from his arm and began to dance while shaking my waist.
He was laughing, he grabbed me again and kíssed me for a while before letting go.

"What of school? I'm still in school I hope you've not forg0ten. That can be an obstruction.." I said as I thought of my school.

"That's not a prøblem. You're finishing school as my fiancee and we're getting married right away. And if school is taking too long to come to an end then you will be leaving school as my wife and Mama to my eleven children.."

I bursted into laughter 
He couldn't also hold himself as we both laugh so hard.

We had a good time before he finally leave late in the night.

Louise was released after a week.

I returned back to school and after that semester was over, I came back home.

My Dad called updating me that my Mom was responding to treatment and she was getting better.
I was joyous and didn't stop praying for her.

Phil made it official by proposing to me one evening at a fancy restaurant.
He took me out on a date.

My engagement ring was the real rock
Pure diamond and I couldn't stop staring at it.

He took me to meet his parents and they were lovely and warm.
They said I was one of the most beautiful black girls they've seen.

I know that's just a joke because I'm certain they must have seen a whole lot of beautiful ladies.
If they've met Rachel, my sister who looks like a pretty black model what will they say.

But their compliment made me feel really good 
They were really welcoming and I enjoyed every moment with them
I couldn't just  stop smiling.

Phil made attempt on us getting intimate, he said spending time together with me put him in a high mood

So we agreed to see during weekends only, that will help keep us guided.

I was on holidays before another semester will begin.
Phil and I were slowly making arrangements towards our future wedding.

I was so happy that I announced my engagement to my family.

They were happy and was looked forward to me finishing school and then getting married to my dream man.

Rachel told me one day that she was coming over to spend time with me and to also meet Phil in person since she haven't seen him.

She said Denise was acting up and she wants to give him some space.

She called again informing me that her bags were packed and I should either ask Phil to come pick her when she lands at the airport or I should be there.

Rachel said she was desperate to meet Phil as she wanted a man just like Phil who will propose to her too.

She asked if Phil has any single brother or friend.
She may even get married before me if she meets a serious, caring and handsome man like Phil.

I don't know how to react to this whole Rachel coming over.

I asked her to hold on let me speak to Phil about it first.
She wasn't happy that she has to wait but she had no choice than to wait for my feedback.

I need to think and also to ask my man what he thinks.

Rachel is trøublesom and I really don't want prøblem in my paradise.

But she's still my only sister, and I suppose to be kind to her despite her unruly behavior.

I really don't know what to do yet with this new Rachel development.

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