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June Break-Episode 63



June Break-Episode 63

I got tired of listening to her talked none stop about Denis and men in general.
Ever since yesterday, Rachel has been talking.

This is 4:50pm, which is already a day, 24hours after meeting with Denis and yet my ear have not rested from Rachel's talk.

Days are running, time is going for my Mom.
She's my priority right now and not this Rachel's distraction.
I'm trying to focus.
I spoke with Phil yesterday night and this afternoon.
I'm still waiting for his promises

Rachel is distracting my mind

"He's hot hot, woah.. did you see his house? How do you meet all this hot rich guys, you need to teach me your tactics April.."

"...is not like I haven't been meeting them but they always have something that turns me off..."
."..I don't like staying in a relationship for too long. I get bored and will come up with a quarrel that will make us break up.."
"... seeing Denis, I'm speechless because he fits perfectly into the kind of man I want.."

"Okay Rachel, I have heard you.." I replied as I return my attention to my phone.

I was trying to chat with Phil but he said I should give him few minutes.

I held my phone waiting for when his chat will pops up.
I have decided not to tell him anything about Denis or the fact he gave us huge sum of money for my mum's health.

Phil may not fully understand that Denis did it out of the kindness of his heart.

Phil will think otherwise and I really don't want to have another misunderstanding with him because of Denis again.

We spoke yesterday and today and he said he was going to send some money to me today.
He said he has spoken to his Dad and collected some money from him

He will add little from his own and send it all to me.

I'm still waiting patiently.
Once I get the alert I will start making prepparetion with my Dad on how to move my Mom.

"You're not responding well April, do you like Denis too because I don't want to have a jeâlóus sister brewing down my neck. I thought you said Phil is your main man and Denis is just a friend and nothing more?

"...why are you not responding or excited for me that I finally meet a man that's fully qualified. Denis is handsome, rich and eloquent. I don't care about his religiousness because I'm not strongly rooted in one but I can worship him as god if that will please him.."

She began to laugh at her own joke but I paid her no heed.

Rachel haven't really changed like I thought, she said she was a change person but her actions speaks a different language.

"I'm trying to focus Rachel. All I think and care about right now is Mom. I'm trying to do everything I can to make sure she survives this, I can't afford to lose her. I want Mom back in good health. I will go to any length to make sure of that..."

"I understand April but it could be a waste of energy and money. We've literally given up. Whatever the outcome will be is totally fine.."

"Is not fine Rachel and I'm not giving up and don't care if is a waste of money or time. I will do everything I must for Mom.."

"Are you talking out of guilt because it sounds like that. We have been here and watch as she keeps disappearing into bones, we understand clearly that is already late for her, there's no hope of survival in this her story, if there is, I'm sure Dad and David would have found a cure. You don't understand how much has gone down in drain. David, even with his family abroad spent so much on Mom, Dad also spent almost all he has. You just arrived few days ago and thinks Mum can bounce out of cancer and become well again..

"... do you know how much have gone into her health? Dad sold our big house, his car and move to this wretched environment that i håte so much. My school suffered, my mental health and emotions suffered...

"...I can't bring my friends home or let them see my Mom. I can't afford many things I wish for or live the kind of life I have always dream off. Her sickness has caused so much pain and reduce me to a lower standard if not that I refused to show my vulnerability to anyone. Is not like I'm wishing her dèãth but that will be a relief for her and everyone'. If she happens to díe, that burden and pain will gradually be behind us. We will move on in no time..

"... she's alive yet she does not know what's happening around her. She's walking déãd, alive yet her mind, brain and the cells that supposed to keep her mind alive are already déãd. Mum doesn't know or understand anything...
"...Before she became worst, anytime I happen to go check her, she will refer to me as April, calling me April and asking me where I have been that she missed me. I see the frown on her face whenever I say that I'm not April and she should stop referring to me as you. It later became worst, she doesn't recognize or understand anything again...

"... Is been months I stopped going in to see her. I will just peep through the door and walk away, that's if I manage to get close...

"...i'm actually exhausted from everything and need a break, maybe a vacation abroad that can distract my mind from the traumatic experience that this whole mum's sickness has caused.."

I was quietly listening to Rachel rant.
I realized her only pain was because the situation wasn't to her favor.

"This is not about you, is about Mom and maybe if you can just leave yourself out for once, you will begin to see and understand the whole situation better "

She was just self-centered and all she cares about is herself but that's not new, that's who Rachel has always been.

She was trying to defend her nonsense analysis of how I shouldn't attach too much emotion to Mom so that it won't affect me psychological when she's finally gone.

I deliberately choose not to reply her.

A message came into my phone, I quickly check, thankful for the distraction.
It was a bank alert from Phil.

I opened it and screamed quietly "oh my goodness.."

Phil has credited my account beyond my expectation

Phill's call came in almost immediately, it was a video call.

"Thank you so much Phil, I'm speechless...I don't know how to thank you for your many kindness. You keep surprising me beyond words. My God will bless you.."

"You're welcome my love. I just want to do everything within my power to make you happy. I cherish every of your happy moments, is very important to me and I know this few days have been tough on you, seeing your family and your Mom in such condition...is terrible. I needed to do all I can to make sure she's save. I hope is not too láte..."

"No, is not. After this call I will go and meet my Dad so that we can start processing how everything will go. I will definitely keep you updated. I have so much faith and with God's help she will make it.."

Rachel rush to my side and started waving at Phil

She started talking to Phil, interrupting our conversation 
"Phil, even with God's help, Denis help and your help Mom may still not make it but April has refused to give up..."

Rachel paused and began to smile sheepishly while overshadowing herself on my phone
"..hi Phil, you're really cute..."

"Hi.." Phil replied back. He seems confused

"April is that your sister..? She looks so much like you..."

Rachel forcefully grabbed the phone from my hand

"I look better, prettier and more fun than April. Take a look at me.." Rachel said to Phil while laughing.
She wanted it to sound like a joke but Rachel meant it indirectly

Phil chuckled and said
"No one is more pretty than my April. She's the most beautiful girl in the entire world. But when it comes to fun, April isn't very good with that but that's okay with me.."

"If you say so Phil. Is good to see you.. you're cute. I can't even tell between you and Denis who's finer or why April kept having fine men to herself. I'm going to snatch one of you from her.."

I was giving Rachel sign not to mention Denis to Phil.
I don't want to spoil this happy moments but she paid me no heed and continue running her mouth.
I try to collect back my phone but she dodged.

"Denis? You know him too, how?... did he come visiting? Phil asked and I can dictate ánger in his voice.

"No, Denis didn't come, April took me to his place. We went to his fine house and he also gave April money that he promised her for mother's health.."

"What..? When was that..? Phil asked

"Yesterday and he drove us back after spending time with him.."

"That can't be true. Please give April the phone.."

Rachel try to say something else but Phil barked
"...I said give April the dámn phone.."

Rachel returned the phone
My heart was racing as I looked at his ångry face in the video call.

"...You went visiting Denise and he gave you money..? Why didn't you tell me? I spoke with you last night and even today but you never mentioned it. If not for your sister, I wouldn't have known what was going on..."

"...Why will you do that? I make sure I give you everything April. love, emotional and financial support. I always try my best to be there for you. What were you doing in Denis house? I thought you've changed after Louise but I'm totally wrong.."

"Is not what you think, I was afráid you will be mad at me, that's why I didn't tell you anything about Denis. I...I... hello.. hello Phil.."

He ended the video call even before I can explain.

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