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June Break-Episode 62



June Break-Episode 62

I didn't know that my Dad called Rachel and Mark, he informed them that I was around but they didn't believe it.

They said they will only believe if they see me with their eyes.
And they were left breathless when they finally saw me.

"Jesus Christ.." is this really you April? Mark exclaimed with his eyes opened wide.

I nodded with a smile because my own emotions was chóking me real hard.

I have cried most part of the night because of my Mom, I didn't want to cry again.

"You look different April, I can't believe I'm looking at you live. I was afráid that I will never see you again.." Rachel said calmly while trying to keep her distance.

Rachel has really turned into a very pretty lady, she can passed for a model.

Pretty face, slender body with hips, her body figure is so beautifully carved, her long athletic legs can't be unnoticed.

Mark rushed up before I can say anything and threw his arms around me in a very tight hug.

"Try not to squeeze life out of her.." my Dad said to Mark with a joking tone

Mark loosened up and I can see him struggling with his emotions as he tries to blink back tëars

"You're trying to be tough guy huh!? I said while struggling with my own emotions 

"I can't help it sis, I so much miss you. This are tears of joy.." he said as he wiped off his eyes.

Rachel quickly wiped out something from her face too but I saw her even though she did not want anyone seeing her doin that.

"...Welcome home April. I don't care about the circumstances behind your disappearance in the first place, the search and so many troubles we've been through ever since. All that matters to me...to us is that April is home.."
He threw his arms again around me but more gentle this time around.
Rachel maintained her distance.

"...You've seen Mom right..? I know it must be very devasting.." Mark said.

I breathed in with a nod.
I was too emotional to speak.

"..let me check up on her.." Mark said as he started moving towards mom's end with Dad.

"Hey..are you alright? I asked a quiet Rachel

She heaved a sigh "not really.."

"Is it because of Mom? I'm trying to see if there's a positive way for her. It most be super hard for everyone, for years now and I was just here for a day and still finding it hard to digest it all in. I'm positive that miracle will happen on her behalf.."

"I'm positive too April but after all this years, I don't know if miracle can save her. I'm used to Mom's illness and is not because of her that I feel so sad,"
"... don't get me wrong April. I'm very happy, seeing and knowing that you're alright. I know I was the reason you left the house and ever since, I have fought with guilt, I wasn't really the junior sister you wish to have.."

"No.. you maybe a pain in my neck back then.. occasionally offcourse but it feels good to have a sister.."

She manages to laugh
"I know you're trying to cheer me up April. I regret everything and wish I could go back in time and be there for you and with you Like is expected from little sisters rather than causing trouble and getting you into Mom and Dad's bad book all the time. I know they prioritized my needs above yours and I'm sure they did it ignorantly because I wanted all the attention and care. I'm sorry April..I was stûpíd and føôlish. It was too late when I realized it and have lived with regrets ever since.."

"Is all good Rachel, come here.."

She took few steps and walked towards me "can you forgive me? She said as tears settled below her eye lid.

"Offcourse Rachel. I can forgive you anything..is all in the past now and I'm so happy to finally be home and meet you and Mark, Dad and also Mom despite her current situation. Is a relief to be back.."

I drew her into an embrace and we remain that way for a while.
She didn't loosen up and I wasn't ready to let go.
We remain so until Dad and Mark returned back to the sitting room.

We sat talking before Rachel and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood

I told her about Phil and how he has been a God sent to me.

We talked about things that are not so deep as she opens up to some of her own deep things that she haven't been able to share with anyone.

Denis called me again asking me when I will be coming, I told him that evening.

He asked if I will like to stay a little while so that we can talk, I told him I will but it depends on what he wants us to talk about.

He mentioned that he just wanted to hear how it was getting home after all this while and everyone's reaction when I showed up.
He added he likes me and wish I can be his friend, he wasn't asking for a relationship but my friendship.

I had to remind him of my boyfriend and also let him understand that we're just ordinary friend and he will be helping me on that ground and nothing more
And I was going to pay him back whatever I take from him

He said there's no prøblem that he understands.

I try calling Phil but he didn't pick up.
He later called me back that he will call me later that night

I urgently needed financial help for the sake of my Mom.
Since Denis is willing to help then I better not waste time going right away.

I asked Rachel to go with me the following morning and she agreed immediately.
We took a cab and went to see Denis.
Denis had his own place and that's the address he sent to me.

When he saw Rachel and i he seems surprised.

",I thought you will be coming alone, you didn't tell me that you will be coming around with somebody.."

",Does that change anything now.." I asked annoyed

He looked over at Rachel

"Nothing changed, I'm glad that you both came..."
"...Wow, your twin is really beautiful. I never knew you have a twin sister.."

"We're not twins, she's my elder sister.." Rachel said as she sat in the well decorated sitting room.

"Really! This is very interesting. It's very obvious, the resemblance is strong. Welcome to my home.. what's your name pretty one. " Denise said as he extend a handshake to Rachel who took it before telling him her name.

"You've a nice place. Do you stay here alone.." Rachel asked him looking around the house

"I do with few of my staff. it get lonely in this big house and that's why I sometimes go over to my brother's place and spend time with them.."

He asked what he can offer us and I said I didn't want anything
He brought a drink anyway and served us in a fancy glass cups.

"I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom.." Denis said to Rachel and i
He turned to me
"... coming back to such news and seeing her in that kind of state must be hard on you April. I don't know the state she's currently in but I'm hoping to help in anyway possible..."

"Thank you Denis," Rachel said.
"...how do you intend to help us? April still believes in miracle for Mom, but I really don't know what to believe because her current health state makes us hopeless.."

"Don't give up because miracle from God is the exact thing your family need. God will come through for her.."

I was begining to like his sense of reasoning but I only nodded without a word.

All I could imagine is my Mom getting well again

"You're a religious man right? You keep mentioning God but what if God has equally given up on Mom.." Rachel asked Denis

"Don't say that Rachel. God can't give up on Mom..." I said to Rachel.

Hope is all I'm holding on to, I don't want anyone to squash the tiniest hope left in me and won't want Rachel to say anything negative.

"God has your Mom in his palm and will breath his life into her again. until sickness is defeated all you have to do is to continue trusting God..." Denis said

"...I came from a very religious home. My Dad is a Minister and my Mom is a Gospel artist. I have seen God work wonder in the lives of people, I have witnessed so many miracle and have also been saved from things that could have consumed me. I grew up wanting to also be a minister but along the line, I dropped that desire to pursue a career. I believe in God and there's nothing impossible for him to do.. absolutely nothing.." Denis said

"I believe too. Your words have rekindled my faith even more. Thanks Denise.." I said and meant every word

Denise later said he won't be able to afford even half of the money but he will give what he has and maybe with a collective effort from others the money will be completed.
He said he actually planned to invest the money into his business but there's no greater lose than loosing a love one because of unable to pay medical bills.

His business can always wait but saving life may not and he was helping in the ground of friendship.

I thanked him again.
Maybe I misinterpreted him, misunderstood where he was coming from.
Denis wasn't that bad after all.
I wondered why I was nursing such ideas in my mind.

He's nothing like Louis and talking to him opens my mind to a whole new thing.

Rachel watched him in admiration and didn't stop smiling all the while he was talking 

I begin to wonder if she was even listening to anything Denis was saying or she was just living in her own imagination.

He sent the money into my account after I gave him the account details
After seeing the alert I was speechless.

"Thank you so much Denise. This was way more than I thought..it means a lot to me and I will definitely pay back this kindness. Even though we met not too long ago, not even up to a month and you agree to do this without wavering...I deeply appreciate..."

I hugged him for the first time.
Rachel did too
He decided to drop us and I watched as Rachel jumped on the front seat.

I sat quietly at the back and was just thinking and hoping to get a good feedback from Phil so that my mom's abroad medical treatment can begin.

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