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June Break-Episode 60



June Break-Episode 60

He looked me over again, gasped and said
"You... you look gigantic.." 

That wasn't what I was expecting but it was a great relief

I giggled a little
"I can't say the same about you Pa.."

Pa used to be the name I call him when I was a little girl.
I dropped it off during my teenage days and started calling him Dad like every normal person.

He managed to smile as he opened his arms
"Welcome home April, my prodigal daughter.." he chuckled as he said that.

I rushed into the awaiting arm

It was far easier than I thought.

He led me inside

"April is home..."

He said quietly into the empty house.

Obviously there's no one at home because the entire house looks so desérted and lonely.
It smells more of medicine and earth.

I saw picture frames on the wall of the sitting room, just like it used to be in our old house.
I saw my parents picture, me and my brothers.
My picture was actually there 
It was not taken øff despite I went missing.

Seeing my innocent childhood and teenage picture I became so emotional.

"Where's everyone..."? I said quietly looking around the entire sitting room.

My Mom, business woman must be out as usual
I wonder when she will return
I can't wait to see her.

The inside house painting looks dull and strange.
Apart from the chairs, TV and dining table there was nothing else fancy.

The inside house was so stuffy and a bit dark.
No enough ventilation
Only one window was open.
No air conditioner, no standing or even a ceiling fan 

How do they survïve in this kind of place with little air?

I was sweating all over in no time because I easily get sweaty.

My Dad walked into a door that seem like a kitchen, he took water in a plastic cup and went to a closed door that from my guess, is the bedroom but a bit dark.

I wish my Mom can come back now, I so much look forward to seeing her again.

My Dad came to join me in the sitting room
He managed to smile as he sat in the next sofa close to mine.

"Dad...I went to our house searching for you all and was told it has been sold.."

I paused and continued
"...i went asking around until I visited Mario, your friend. He was the one that gave me the right address finally. Not many people knows of your whereabouts..I guess you choose not to tell anyone.."

He breathed deeply before gasping out again.
He looks exhausted.

"I..I can't still believe that this is you. I'm trying to wrap my head around this whole thing.."

"Is me Dad. You may call me the prodigal daughter, that's actually who I am. I found my way back and you can't start imagining what has happened this past years..."

He nodded as he heaved.

I needed to keep talking to keep the mood warm
My Dad wasn't saying much.
I guess he was indeed shock

"I'm sorry Dad that...!
"... I don't know where to start apologising from Dad, I'm back and I regret my teenage decision of ever leaving home. But if I'm to be sincere, I did not totally regret everything, although my life was exposed to danger but it also opened room for me to meet a great and caring man.. Phil. Philip is a kind man and he took care of me when my life was in disarray..."

"Philip..? My Dad asked and I quickly nodded.

"...He's the same guy that you took off with..?
Before I could say anything my Dad continued immediately
"... I'm glad that you were in a safe hand. We searched everywhere, involved different police. They promised to find you or the guy but nothing was heard.."

"... At the bakery where you used to work, they described the guy that usually come over to check you but no one knows anything about him. The day you left, somebody saw you getting into his car with your backpack and they described the car to the police but they still couldnt track it down. Every searched proved abortive. We put up your picture on social media, paste on the streets and road, different organisation and worship centers were also informed in case they see you anywhere, they should try and call the number on the flyer..."

He coughed out, heaved again
"...No one had any useful information about you. We supposed to move from the house earlier than we did but we waited and kept hoping you will return but after two years no sign, we decided to leave.."

"... your Mom saw the short note you left. You mentioned that you can no longer take in the ill treatment we melted out to you..."

"...April, i realized that we were a bit shrewd without even knowing it. All I wanted was for my first daughter to have the best upbringing. Maybe we went hard on that without even realizing. I can't start explaining how much your disappearance has caused us. Is a good thing that you found yourself home. Although you look way bigger than I envisage, I was not expecting this huge transformation. What have you been eating or what did the Phil guy fed you that made you so big..." He said and this time, he managed to laugh out.

I joined him in the laughter.

"..i know you've a whole lot of things to tell us but we can always catch up later.."

"Yes Dad, a whole lot and the guy I took øff with is Louis. Phil is a good samirithan who saved me. There's a whole lot to tell.. maybe later like you said..."
"...Where's Mom, I can't wait for her to return. What of David, Mark and Rachel.. where's Rachel? I guess she's in school now..."

I didn't wait for his reply, and went on talking

"...Dad.. I'm sincerely sorry that I caused you and Mom so much pain to the extent you've really gone down in size. You sold your house Dad, all because of me. You moved to a rented apartment, inside here is sùfføcáting because of the little air coming in. this is far from your kind of house. You like space, comfortable and enough air offcourse. I'm sorry for everything that you and Mom went through because of me..."

"We didn't sell the house because of you April, rather because of your Mom..." My Dad said as he stood and asked me to follow him.

I was still trying to understand what he meant as I followed him to the room he previously took a cup of water to.

I carefully walked in and stood close to the door.
A window was open and the second one was closed.
The breeze blow gently, flying the light white curtain around.
The room was a little bit scanty, I saw a drip poll standing close to the bedside with a drip on it.
There's a trash can close by, the trash in it looks like packs of drugs and tissue paper.

I looked over at the bed and noticed there was somebody there.
The cup of water my Dad took in earlier was on a table close to the bed.

The figure was looking all bone and skinny.
The head was wrapped up with a scarf.
My Dad stood watching whoever the person with so much pain in his eyes.

"Dad... who's there..? I asked like a whisper while still standing close to the door and stretching my neck to see if I can really recognize the person at all.

Dad urged me to move closer.
I did, I stood beside him but still couldn't recognize whoever the person was.

It was a female obviously, so skinny that I can trace out her skeleton bones from the nighty hanging loosely on her body.

There were so many medicine container lined up on the cupboard  close to the bedside.

Almost everything was close to the bedside
I guess why is so is because whoever  the sick person is, she can easily stretch her hand and get whatever she wants

"... Dad..?

I became scared that I had to look away.

"Your Mom.." he said quietly without turning to look at me.

"what do you mean my Mom? I queried as I looked at the unrecognizable sick person on the bed.

"...No..no way, Is not possible. This can't be Mom.." I said covering my mouth with my hand to avoid screaming.

"... this can't be Mom. How... what happened. This is impossible, you're joking right..." I said still trying to avoid the sleeping skinny figure on the bed.

"Your Mom has cancer. Is three years now April. The sickness is traveling with speed...with no mercy it beat her hard. We've spent almost everything we have yet the sickness do not want to let go. She has seen too much suffering but we're not giving up on this..."

I couldn't stand any longer
I rushed out of the room, I couldn't believe what I just heard and saw.

Is this some sort of expensive joke
It can't be true.

I heard her coughing hard and long.

I peeked through from the open door.

Her entire body shakes with each cough.
She poured a sputum, brown mucus into a tissue which she threw into the waste bin by her beside.

My Dad took out some drugs with the cup of water, he moved it closer to her mouth.

She calmed down and the cough subsided after taking the drugs
She relaxed back on the bed.

I walked to the sitting room.

This whole thing is way too much for me to take in.
"God ..!
I exclaimed quietly as I wiped off a tear rolling down my face.

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