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June Break-Episode 58



June Break-Episode 58

Denis called immediately I was about going into the bathroom to take a bath after the long day.

He asked if I was already in bed and I told him that I was just about stepping into the shower

"Okay, that's great then. Just called to check up. I'm glad we were able to make a good progress today.."

"Yeah, I'm relieved atleast.."

"Should I drive you down to meet your parents tomorrow...?

"That's not a good idea, I will love to go alone, I don't want to create another wrong idea in their minds.."

"You don't understand me, I'm not going to go in with you April, I just want to make your journey easier by driving you down. Maybe dropping you close by and leave immediately..."

"Thanks Denis but I want to go alone. I appreciate your help so far. I don't need any further assistance in getting to my parents, is something I will love to do all by myself.."

"Alright, no problem. Please don't forget to call whenever you need a friend. Hope you don't mind if I still call in the morning to check up and maybe later in the evening to know how the reunion went."

"No problem.."

"Let me allow you go take your shower, tho I don't mind staying all night long talking with you. I don't know why I feel so much attracted to you, like ever since I set eyes on you, all I can think of is you and is not just because of your beauty, probably your personality and good spirit, that's your aura. You're like every man's dream. I understand we just met and you don't really know much about me, I bet you that in no time, you will know everything about me and I hope you will give me a good chance of friendship..."

"Uhmm Denis, I'm in a relationship and.."

Denis quickly interrupted before I can say another thing

"I know April, you're too beautiful and well trained to be single. Of course I know that you must be in a relationship. I'm not asking you to leave your man, I'm only asking to be just a friend. Although, I wish I'm the lucky guy but I respect you and your relationship and will try to register that in my mind. Hmm! I'm talking too much right, let me allow you to go freshen up..."

"Goodnight Denis.."

"Good night pretty.."

The call ended, I went into the bathroom took a long bath.
I saw Phil's miss call when I stepped out of the bathroom.

I planned to call him later when I'm through with everything and fill him in on how my day went and share the good news of finally getting the address to my parents new house.

I had a light dinner which I ordered from the hotel menu.

Immediate I finished changing from my bathrobe, which I initially had on, I changed into one of my night wear.
I released a satisfying breath as I slipped my legs under the duvet, ready to talk with the only man of my dream.

Phil called just when I was about to pick up my phone to call him.

Perfect timing, we're connected both physically and spiritually. I thought to myself and smile.

"Hey..my love.." I said excitedly immediately I answered the call

"How was your day..." He asked coldly.

"My day was really good. I'm going to fill you in bit by bit.."

"Good! I have been calling but no response from you, you got me worried April. There's a time I try but your line was busy..."

Before he will finish, I interrupted
"Yes, that must be the time I was talking with Denis on the phone.." I said to him without thinking.

"Denis?? Who's Denis.." 

"Uhh! Denis is a friend, he was the one driving me around and assisting me with the search today until I found my parents location.."

"Really! A friend, a childhood friend or some back in the hood friend that you used to have before leaving..?

"Not at all, I just met him yesterday at our former house, his brother lives there with his wife, Denis decided to help me out after we met and he has been the one driving me around since today..."

Phil became quiet at the other end.

"...hello Phil, are you still there..?

"Yes, I'm here. I'm just trying to digest what you just said April, you mean that you're confidently moving about with a man that you just met? You don't even know him before now, he only offered to help and you accepted without a blink..."

He was begining to sound like he was angry but trying to get hold over himself.

"Phil, I mentioned that Denis brother lives in our sold house and..."

"And so what..? He cut in
"... April, I don't have issue if he used to be your friend back then before you ran away from the house, my problem now is that your Denis is a random stranger, somebody you just met. He decided to drive you around and got you so engaged today that you didn't even remember to call, I was too occupied today but kept looking out for your call after I called you twice and you said  no positive response yet. unlike you, no call from you all through, even after you finally succeeded in getting your people's address, I thought I suppose to know first but you never called and when I decided to call later this evening, you're either not picking or on a call with Denis..."

"You're over thinking things Phil. most part of the day, I was really busy going from place to place in search of my parents. I was hoping to update you this evening. I'm sorry that I missed your call earlier or didn't call you back during the day. But Denis is really no big deal.."

"Oh wow! His no big deal yet he was with you all through the day and as if that wasn't enough, he's on phone with you this night and you probably wouldn't have called me if I didn't call.."

"That's not true, I was about calling you when yours came in.." I replied getting irritated with the whole thing

"Let me guess, he's driving you to your parents place tomorrow right..?

"Phil, you're getting unnecessary work up with this whole thing. Denis actually offered but I turned it down and he's aware that I'm in a relationship. There's no string attach, he's just somebody wanting to.."

"That's enough..." He cut in. 
"... since you said I'm getting unnecessarily worked up with this whole Denis issue is better we drop it then. I'm happy that you were able to get the address finally. So you will be going over tomorrow..? He suddenly said with a calm tune

"Yes, tomorrow morning I will take a cab to the place..."

"Alright then, good luck with that and goodnight too.."

Just like that, the call ended.

I was irritated with the whole talk about Denis and is a good thing he decided to drop it off at last.

I went to bed feeling exhausted with the whole event of that day.

In the morning, I got up early, prayed, got ready and before I left I decided to call Phil.
He didn't pick up.

I picked up my things and went to check out from the hotel.

I was still at the reception when Denis called me.
I didn't pick at first, it was mainly because of him i had misunderstanding with Phil last night and now he wasn't even taking my calls.

I will try as much as possible to avoid Denis.
I don't want further problem.

Denis called for the second time, I cut the call
It was the third time I decided to pick up

"Hello April, good morning.. hope you slept well..?

"Good morning Denis. sure, my night was good.."

"Is everything okay, you're ending my calls.."

"Everything is fine, just busy here.."

", Okay, I'm sorry to bother you. I just wanted to check up and know if you've left or you changed your mind and want me to come and take you instead.."

I was annoyed with his disturbance.
"I already told you yesterday that I'm fine and don't need you to drive me. I thought I was clear enough? Please Denis, can we please keep this casual, I don't want the unnecessary closeness or inquisitiveness with my private life..."

"Ok.. okay April, calm down, I was only trying to be a friend and help out when you need me. I'm sorry if I'm pushing too hard. I didn't mean to get you offen..

A sudden vibration from my phone shows that somebody was trying to reach me.

I quickly checked and it was Phil.

Without thinking twice I ended Denis call while he was still talking and answered Phil.

"I was in the bathroom when you called earlier. Are you set to leave...? He asked calmly after exchange of greetings.

"Yes, I'm at the reception, I just checked out of the hotel.."

"Okay...good. Is Denis there to pick you? I guess he was the one you were speaking on the phone earlier when I try reaching you.."

I was speechless with the whole attitude coming from Phil.

"Denis only called to check up and I ended his call immediately I saw your incoming call signal. I told you that I will be taking a ca..."

"Never mind.." he interrupted
"... Just take care.." he said and ended the call.

I sighed out loudly
Picked up my bag and left to get a cab.

Today is a big day for me, I don't know how it will all turn out.
As I woke up this morning, I knelt down and prayed that God will go before me and make me find favor with my parents.

My heart is racing and I feel really tensed

Phil's recent actions is worsening the whole situation for me.

I got into a cab and off I went to locate my people.
No matter how this meeting turns out today, I'm glad I made this decision.

I'm moving ahead with whatever situation meeting them will bring my way.

I will think about Phil later, what occupies my mind right now is majorly what the outcome of this my journey will be.

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