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June Break-Episode 55



June Break-Episode 55

I went with Phil to the police station after two weeks
I wanted to see how Louise was enjoying his new cell
John was also going to be freed that week
He had spent two weeks and his sister kept pleading, asking me to forgive so that her brother can be freed.

I told her that it wasn't in my power, John was very fast in jumping into conclusion and defending a crimiñäl like Louis

He got what he deserved and I'm sure that he had also learnt his lesson.

I told Cecil not to fright, John will return home to her.
They just wanted to teach him a little lesson, maybe next time he won't be fast with his tongue
John was later released after two weeks and just within this period he has gone down drastically in size.
I guess is because of féâr, unrest and troubling feeling that comes with being in a police cell.

He wasn't really beaten but they must've punished him in another way.
The lesson was well thought.

moving forward, he will be more focused in Life and try not to interfer in people's afair that doesn't concen him.

Visiting Louis in cell was to know if he was having the best moments of his life

The police brought him out and I saw he was only on his undies.
His ribs were begining to show off and he had dark patches on both his face and arms.
His left eye was swollen to the size of a small tangerine
The right eye has a blood shot on the white part of the ball.

He appeared as if he has been in cell for more than a year already with the way he was looking.
Is just two weeks and he looks unrecognizable, I wondered how he will look if he stays for more weeks.

"Are you enjoy your new home? Phil asked him

He tried to say something but no sound came out
He had tears gathered up in his eyes as he quickly bite his lips in regret before he quickly looked away.

"He asked you a question Louis, are you enjoying your new home..? I asked with a hard voice

"No.." he quietly replied

I rolled my eyes, pretending like I was really angry
"No? no what..? You're still very disrespectful. I don't think you want to leave here anytime soon. I said, throwing off my face to another direction.

",No ma'am, no sir. There's absolutely nothing to enjoy here. I regretted everything I put you through, every of my bād behavior towards you April, I didn't know better but now I do..."

"You don't have any right to look me in the eyes, you need to be trembling in fear because you don't know the next thing that I'm cooking for you. The real regret will set in by the time I'm through with you..." I said 

"Please,  ma'am... April please. Forgive me, I'm truly sorry and wish I could go back in time and right every wrøng. I'm going to drop déãd if I stay in here another day, I may not last a night in that cell..."

"So do you have the money? I mentioned that you will pay April 50 million for everything you took from her, all the danger you put her through, the trauma, mental breakdown and emotional damages you caused in her life. Without the money you're not getting out of here anytime soon.." Phil asked

"I don't have it sir, I don't even have up to a million in my bank account. You can check if you doubt me. I initially had a million plus but I paid my rent last month, there's nothing much left with me again.."

Phil chuckled quietly and said
"April used to be the one enriching your pocket, she worked so hard for a whole year plus and you took all her money. You dëcéived her that you're saving it but it was all a lie. Well, is unfortunate because you're still going to produce that money. The only good that can do for you is for you to pay lesser amount, instead of 50 million, you can pay 20 million instead. That's fair enough and  I believe that is also affordable now for you.."

"No sir.. please, I don't have anything aside what I just told you. I'm not lying. You go and do check on my bank account. I'm trying to be very truthful here sir, I don't want to hide anything so that I don't get into more trouble. I'm sorry, I'm deeply in regret of my actions. You and April should find it in your hearts to forgive..."

"Hey.... you didn't do anything to me. Is April you should be asking for her forgiveness not me. But obviously, you're not sorry, you're just playing the victim and acting as usual.."

"I am sir. I meant every word and i can prove how sorry I am in any other easier way aside this drastic measures that's carried out on me.."

"Shhuu shhuut up! what's drastic about putting you in cell and giving you a little beaten? You're only acting sorry because you're at our mercy. You're not really sorry Louis, you're a good actor and wouldn't be sorry if you weren't caught. Please, stop with the "sir or ma'm", I detest the sudden fake respect. I will let April decide later on what exactly she want to do with you. But be certain that you have a long time to spend in here.."

He was pleading as we walked out of there but we didn't pay him any attention.

The next on my agenda was the long awaited journey.

I got ready to travel home.
My bag were set that weekend as Phil planned to take me to the airport.

I wanted to travel by road since I haven't being on an aroplane before and don't know how the outcome will be.

But Phil insisted that it was stress free and more comfortable
That once I arrive at the airport, there will be taxis that will convey me straight to my destination.
I agreed because it indeed sounded stress free and I wanted to experience being on an airplane for the first time.

I asked him what we were going to do with Louis since he was still in police net.
He said if I return back we will decide on letting him go but he should remain there for now.
 I don't intend staying long on this journey.

School will be resuming in two weeks,
I have only one week to spend back home that's if everything goes well.

He booked my flight ticket and everything necessary for my traveling and was around that early morning to drive me to the airport.

I sincerely don't know how to explain the way I feel about this whole traveling thing

I'm scared of the outcome and don't know the kind of welcome or dejection I'm going to get.
But since my mind is totally made up and Phil is really on it, he wants me to go back home and right every wrøng, I just have to do this.

I hope it won't be scandalous

Louis will remain in police custody until I return back
Until then, he should continue with his cell punishment.

I hope the outcome of my journey bring smile and not sadness.

Is about five years already, is really a long time.
Everything have changed since I left home.

I have dreaded this journey but I can't run from my past
Is time to face it.

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