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June Break-Episode 54



June Break-Episode 54

"Where's your friend, I ask you again..?

One of the police questioned John that early morning

"Officer, what is going on, I have the right to know what is happening and what exactly is my friend's offēnse.."

"You will know everything about your friend when we get to the station..." The first officer said

"You're equally a suspect in this investigation, so you've to keep shut and answer only the question that you're asked and if at the end of the investigation we discover you are also in the game, then you will be cooling your a$s in cell.." the second police officer said

"All of you can't threaten me. I'm innocent and my friend too is innocent. He only visited me after which he left. This lady here is my neighbor.."

He pointed towards me as I stood few feets away from him

"... April, did I do anything wrøng? I'm a medical practitioner and like you know, I come visiting my sister often and have never been on any crime slate. I'm a good and law abiding citizen of this country and I don't move with vagábónds. Ask my sister, she will tell you things about me?

He pointed towards his sister who was standing close to him

If not that his sister's husband leaves for work early, he would have also tell the police to ask the in-law about him.

"All this your long story is not what we asked you. Where is your friend..?

"I don't know. He was here yesterday and later left..."

He looked towards me as Phil who was on phone outside walked in to join me.

"... wait, April did you ask your boyfriend to call the police because of what happened yesterday night? You didn't even come outside and my friend didn't even get to see you. We never said anything bād to you except when I cautioned you for being too harsh with words. What exactly is the reason for inviting the police..?

Just then Louise walked in

Louise startled when he first saw the police.
His focus was on John and the men in uniform standing beside him.

He actually came to see if I'm the real April that he's being searching for.
I asked him to come today's morning and he did
Louise was really determined in meeting me
Unknown to him that I deliberately set a trap for him and knowing how gullible he was, he foôlishly walked into the trap

"..oh! thank goodness, my friend is here. He will testify to everything that happened. He never said anything to April or hürt her in anyway. He was with me all through the time that he was here. She was even the one insúlting us. I don't understand why she will send her rich boyfriend to call the police on us..."

Louise blinked severally when he finally saw me standing beside Phil.

".. April is really you..? He asked looking lost and confused.
He stared at me  

"You're Mr Louise right? One of the police man asked him

He didn't reply immediately
He looked from the police man in front of him to John

"... John, what's going on?

"I can't explain it guy, I'm equally surprise just as you are. The police came knocking this morning at my door, asking for you..." John was interrupted by another police beside him

"We don't have time for all this back and forth. Are you Louise?

"Yes! He finally said

"Is obvious you know Miss April, how did you get to know her?

"She used to be my girlfriend but later ran away after emptying my entire apartment while I was away. I have been searching for her ever since and very surprised that she has been hiding in here after renting another apartment. It was through my friend, after he described his female neighbor that I became suspicious and wanted to meet her and that was why I came this morning..."

"Is a good thing you came. Can you prove any of this things you just said? Do you have evidence. Maybe even the stolen items can be traced and you will provide a receipt of every stolen thing.."

He opened his mouth and closed, I guess he was caught unaware

"Officer, is over two years, I can't possibly have a receipt or anything to prove it. But if you search her apartment then you will definitely see alot of my stuffs, except she later sold it all.. April is very smart.."

"I'm glad you know that Louise.." I couldn't keep mute anymore
"... every item I picked from your apartment is all mine. I bought them and when I saw an escape route, I left with my things. You stole my money.. over a million, you molested me, harassed and wanted to turn me into your sëx dóg as you revealed that you will invite other men to sleep with me while you collect the money...

"Officer, he illegally kídnapped her and turned her into a slave without a choice..." Phil added to my surprise.
He continued from where I stopped

"... officer, this man here forcefully kídnapped April, he wanted to turn her into a s3x slave and not only that, he also plan to use her into duping people after he stole all the money she worked for which was over two million. He stopped every means of communication for her and also try to use her to blackmail me after he saw that I was interested in her. He told me that he was her cousin but they were not even related in anyway. He lied to me so that I will loosed interest in her and after he succeeded, he decided to make her life more miserable than it was, he wanted to start making more money out of her and the only means he can think off was to turn her body into market for other men like him. He did alot of ill things and after April managed escaped, he's been looking for means to get her back to the wørst nightmare he initially put her through..."

I was enjoying everything that Phil was saying.
Is a real prove that Phil will remain my backbone of support.

"Thanks Phil.." I couldn't help but say to him
Everything he said was not far from the truth.

"They're lying against my guy, I have known him for about six months and I can clearly tell you that Louise isn't like that. He's a gentleman and every lady's dream. None of what they said here is true, I'm surprised at the smooth way they lie, this is outrageous. I never knew April is like this, so terrible. She left him when things were a bit tough for my guy, just to come be with her rich boyfriend. That's how gōlddigers behaves. My guy told me everything.." 

"But he failed to tell you everything you just heard us say, he only told you what he wanted you to know. Very soon you will find out who among us is the real gold diggér.." I replied John almost immediately he was done talking.

Louise chuckled
"I did none of what they just said. I'm a good citizen, law abiding and straight forward. I have never supported any form of violence and will never hürt a woman. John, my friend can testify to that. April and her boyfriend do not like me obviously and they will say anything possible to make me look ev!l while they appear good.."

"Alright everyone have spoken, we have heard both sides, the only difference is that April here has provided evidence of everything and want the case to be charged to court and there you will be tried and persecuted according to the level of your offense..." One of the officer said.

"What evidence are you talking about officer. I never did any of what she or her boyfriend said.."

"She worked for more than a year and you asked that her salary be sent to your bank account because you believe she was your personal property and she has no right to her money.."

"Officer, I never said that. I told her that I was saving it for her school. Instead of spending extravagantly, I decided to help her save.."

"You were helping her save yet you never gave her a dime out of the money or get a single school form for her. you wanted to use her as a blackmailing bait so that you can get millions and the latest car from me, you made me believe that April was related to you. You never allowed her communicate to her family after you brought her to this city, where she have no one or a choice of her own than to dance to your every tone. You did not only molested her, you threatened her Life until she found means to run away.." Phil said as I sensed his anger rising.

"... can you dény any of this. You were looking for April after she ran off on you, so that she won't expose you and she used to be one of your means of making money. If she hustle, you will spend it on other women and then abuse her. You are doôm Louise. There's enough evidence and witnesses.."
Phil added.

"Is any of this true guy? John queried Louise

"Not totally John, they're lying against me.

", You're in for it Louise because you are going to pay April fifty million for all the abuse, damages, mental break down and all the money you stole from her if not then you will remain in prison for a very long time and soon enough, your dear friend here who is obviously into the same game as you, he kept running his mouth of how much he knows you..he too will be joining you in there..." Phil said

"...Officer, please take him out of my sight..." Phil concluded

"I'm sorry that I was calling him my friend earlier, I don't want anything about him to be attached to me. I'm not sure is up-to four months that we met. So, I thought I know him enough but obviouse i don't. My apologies please, April.. I'm sorry.." John pleaded while Louise was also begging at one end as the police held him.

"You referred to her as a gôld diggér, you judged and condemned her before everyone just because your friend said some Sh!t about her. you won't go free, just like that. I will make sure of that.." Phil said to John

Cecilia, John's sister started pleading on his behalf

I know Phil want to give John a little scare before releasing him but as for Louise, he walked right into his judgement

He could have stayed hidden or remain out of my way but his ego got the best of him and now he will be having a whole lot to chew.

Phil won't let him go without little torture and I'm totally in support.

The police whisked Louise and John away despite their plea

Phil said I will be changing apartment and I'm in for it.

By next week I should be on my way to see my people, just like is being agreed with Phil.

Until then, I want to watch the police deal with Louise until he shed sorrowful tears and offcourse I will be there with a joyful laughter on my face. 

He thinks he was untouchable and can get away with anything he did to me.
His sins found him out, he will no longer be a threat to my life and happiness.

I'm happy that I spoke to Phil, he got me in a way i never expect.

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