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June Break-Episode 53



June Break-Episode 53

"Well, tell your friend that your neighbor is not interested in saying hi. I'm busy John and is late, you shouldn't come knocking on my door at this time, you know I'm in a relationship and like you observed, my man do not like other men around me, especially a neighbor who wouldn't let me be.."

"April! That's ridiculous thing to say about me. Are we fighting...I thought we're cool. The things I playfully said earlier, I already apologized, what's the problem then? I only wanted you to meet my friend because I have praised you too much to him and he's eager to meet you in person. I can't figure out where all of this is coming from, I meant no harm and respect you and your man, don't misunderstand me.."

I yawned tiredly as I pretend like I was really tired and sleepy

"I had a long day and need to go to bed. We're cool John, but I'm not going to meet your friend because of how you boasted to him about me. Tell him that I'm very tired and not interested in meeting him. Yes, say that to him... you have my permission.."

He stared at me in disbelief

"...Goodnight John.."

I moved back and closed the door right in his front
Whenever he gets tired of standing by the door he will walk away.

How can I even meet the same man that I have been running away from?

Louise almost crippled my dream and rendered my life useless you 
But God sent Phil again, he gave me another chance to be loved again like never before.
Louise can't come from nowhere to ruin my life again
That's not even possible.

This time, I will make sure that he pays, he will be put in his place
I silently hope that he won't bring another misunderstanding between Phil and I

I went into the bathroom to freshen up so that I can finally go to bed.
I was still in the bathroom when I started hearing another knock on the door

Who could be knocking again at this time.
It should be around 9:30pm.

I hope it wasn't John, it can't be John because I dismissed him over 30 minutes ago.

Wait, is it Louis?
No way, he wouldn't dare come knocking on my door.
Beside he didn't see me, I was the one that saw him 

Who exactly is knocking on my door at this odd hour.
I began to hurry up from the bathroom as each of the knock went from quiet knocking  to loud and then it became intense.

I came out finally, wore a night robe before heading to the door.

"Who is there.." I asked worried and scared.

"Is me and my friend.. Louise.." John said

I paused as I peeped through the door hole to see for myself.

I saw them standing beside each other.
I was not only worried but scared and confused on what next to do.

What exactly do they want from me?

Did Louis figured out that I'm the one,?

John must have described me to him and said so many things that made him came to my door so that he can see and confirm if I'm the one or not, he can finally finish me from where he stopped.

I cleared my throat, I tried to remove every trace of féâr in my voice

"What do you and your friend want.. John?

I asked loudly and boldly
Deep down I was afraid but I refused to act like I feel.

"Well, he wishes to meet you in person.."

"Who wish to meet me in person and what for? I asked, even though I already know the answer to the question I still had to ask.

"I mean my friend. He said your voice and the way I described you is similar to that of his girlfriend.."

I almost open the door and give him a slap.
What girlfriend is he talking about

"His girlfriend, I'm not sure your friend knows what he's saying. He's probably confused.."

No reply came immediately but after few seconds Louise spoke with his frog, ūgly voice

"We're sorry to disturb, I just wish to see your face that's all. Your name is April and from what my friend here said about you, it fits perfectly to that of my girlfriend that I have been wanting to see for a very long time now. She disappeared without a trace and I have been searching to make sure that she's okay and maybe she will return back to me...if possible.."

I punched the wall hard, as I imagined the wall to be Louise.

He really has guts to open his mouth and say such rubbish!
The foólish guy is still referring to me as his girlfriend

What a sháme.

This time I will use everything I have to give him the taste of his own medicine.

"I'm sure you must be a terrible human for your girlfriend to disappear without a trace. If she wants to be found, she could have returned..."
I paused and then continue
"... But..no problem, I will be out in the morning, you can finally see my face and check if I have any resemblance with your supposed girlfriend. It will be a good thing if you can sleep over at John's place or come here in the morning because I may be leaving early. After then, I'm sure you will keep a clear distance from me. Your stúpid self wouldn't dare come close to me ever again after our encounter tomorrow morning..."

"April, what came over you tonight huh! My friend here mean no harm, he politely wanted to get to know you. None of this requires insúlt and is very childish of you to be insulting him. He never insülted you or said anything bād here.." John said, Louise mumbled something that I couldn't hear.

"We're done here John, please get away from my veranda with that friend of yours. I have told your friend what he needs to do. So, goodnight and see you two tomorrow.."

No word was heard as I listen to the sound of their legs walking away

"...She sound suspecious, which will make me want to be here as early as possible. She's very rude .." I heard Louise said to his friend

"Is your runaway girlfriend also rude like this..? John asked.

I didn't hear exactly what Louise replied.

I walked back inside and called Phil.

I just had to let him know, calling to inform him is because I know the whole thing was beyond me.

He was unstable that night after I finished speaking to him, he kept calling me non-stop.
He said I should have informed him immediately I noticed that Louis was around.

 He even wanted to come that night to arrest Louise and take me away from that compound but I told him it was already late

Phil promised to come very early in the morning with some police men.

Louise will finally be locked up, I can't wait

I hope he he will be around by morning to see not only me but to see me with my man, Phil and also the police men that will handcuff and whisk him away

I'm sure Phil will make sure Louise write that he will never be found an inch close to me again

Until tomorrow, let's wait and see his reaction when he will finally see me.

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