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June Break-Episode 52



June Break-Episode 52

After the long kiss, he took my hands into his, massaged it gently, he looked at me and said the exact words that I so much longed to hear

"I'm very proud of you April, you deserve a special gift for your beautiful performance and I will definitely get you one and if you keep up like this, trust me you will be getting gifts from me at all time..."

I love gifts, especially coming from Phil, it's always outstanding.

It has been a great time out with Phil and I enjoyed everything about this evening.

He picked me up like it was agreed on, took me to one finest foreign restaurant where we get to eat some continental meals.
After which we drove to a sit out steak joint, we were served with a cooked, garnished potatoes and a well marinated steak.
I thought we will be going home from there, but Phil was not done spoiling me with food.
We went to a cocktail port to have a drink and stayed for over an hour talking and laughing like new lovers.

As evening approached, I thought we were finally heading home but he drove me to a sea food kitchen, where all manners of sea food were prepared

The food presentations were outstanding, it came in a round mudded local plate
The whole new way that we were served was beautiful, the face of the sea food was beautiful to behold, seeing it alone I began to salivate, the taste was worth the packaging.
I consumed it all gladly within few minutes

By the time we left, I was too filled up.

It feels like I won't be able to eat any other thing for days but I doubt it, this will only last for tonight, by morning I'm sure hunger will wake me up.

",I had massive fun, you overfed me Phil, if I don't watch it, I will bløw up in no time. I'm overfed, I feel really heavy I don't want to grow fatter than my actual size. I want to remain smart and beautiful for you.."

He tickled me and smile while I began to laugh.

"I will try not to overfeed you next time. I'm glad you had fun and more fun are loading for you and your gifts too will be delivered. Is a beautiful thing to watch you laugh, to know that you're happy and safe, the most important is to know you're mine again..."

I blushed

"... there's still matters of importance that you're forgetting. 

I rolled my eyes, trying to think what exactly he meant and what could be that important.
"...we had an agreement that you will be visiting home soon, to right the wrong that was done in the past. You said after a whole semester is over, that's the only time you can go.."

I heaved a heavy sigh "yeah, is true"

"So, what's the plan? When do you plan to go?

He was still talking as we parked opposite my house gate, when the gate opened
I can see the gate from where I sat inside the car, while Phil was backing the gate
His main focus was me as we were talking

John stepped out, followed by another person, a young guy who was talking to John.
My heart doubled skipped as I saw him fully.


 Jesus Christ. What in God's name is he doing here. 
How did he find my place

That's when I remembered that he was the one John was referring to as Lu.

So I was the April that stole everything he got and ran away with my lover

My jaw dropped as it all began to dawn on me
How can he fabricate such lies without any iota of guilt.
None of what he told John and maybe several others was true.

I stared at him as they came out of the gate and began to walk down.

Phil try to turn to see what got my attention that much, that I wasn't listening to him anymore.

Before he will turn back, I cupped his face and gave him a kiss.

I can't just afford him seeing  Louis
He will think otherwise, he may think I might be seeing Louis in secret, because what better explanation do I have in defense for this?

How come Louis knows where I'm staying? The same Louise that brought so much problem to Phil and I.

He deceived me, stole from me, manipulated me, he even try using me as a blackmail to drain Phil
He wanted to destroy my life but I escaped before he could execute his plans.
Louise is ev!l and shouldn't be seen around me ever again

I don't want another problem that will make Phil to distrust me, anything that will make him not to trust me again like it happened the last time, I don't want any part of it.
I have to do everything I can to protect this second chance I have with Phil.

"What could be the thing taking all your interest, you're not even paying attention to anything I'm saying.."

Phil said, not understanding my reaction.

"Nothing serious, I was just thinking it all through. Yes, I will go. By next weekend I will be on my way. let me use this week to prepare for the journey. Alright?

He agreed.
After spending few more minutes with him, we bid each other goodbye

I rushed inside, as I went to refresh for the evening, I heard a knock on the door.

I went to the door and saw John.

"Hey John.."

"Fine girl, I saw your rich boyfriend's car outside earlier, I know he's the one. Is he a car dealer, always changing cars..."

"Is that why you came knocking on my door?  I asked quietly

"Not at all, I wanted it to sound like a compliment, I'm sorry if it sounded rude or annoying. my friend and I stepped out earlier but we're back, he will be going soon and I want you to say hi to him please, hope you don't mind?  I was boasting to him that I have a pretty neighbor and he wish to say hi.."

I began searching for the right excuse but couldn't think of any at that moment.

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