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June Break-Episode 51



June Break-Episode 51

It has all been strong will, determination and  persistent for me to finally finished my first year in school.

Yes, I have nailed it and grades were good too.
I'm doing great with this University thing and the most important part is how proud Phil will be when he sees my overall results for my first semester.

At least he will be happy that his money is well spent.

I'm already proud of my good self because I put in so much to be able to achieve this great score.

I feel good and can't wait to see Phil tomorrow evening
That's when he will be driving down to pick me so that we can hang out.

Returning from school after a long time, my apartment appears new.
I kept looking around, wondering if it was still my apartment.
Everything appears new, even the walls, the tiles and even the ceiling.

I have been gone for about seven months, I stayed in school all this while, my room back in school was very comfy
Phil makes sure of that.
I enjoyed my stay and aside the comfort, and the lecturer, the course mates were very nice, friendly and helpful.

They teach with kindness and ready to guide and correct when there's a setback.
It could have been a little difficult attaining this good score that I'm currently holding, my present grades makes me real happy.

I don't know how the second year will be but looking at how this first one went by gives me confidence that the rest will be awesome.

I breathed calmly as i unpack my bags, and after I was done unpacking, I began to clean up my apartment.
Dusting, sweeping and washing.
I was very tired by the time that I was done with the entire chores.
I showered and stepped out to look for what to eat.
I stopped at my neighbor's house to check up on her and she was very delighted to see me.

The baby was big compared to the last time I saw him and he had already started school
I promised to get him a gift when I was leaving for school of which I couldn't, not because I forgot but there was no children shop around me back in school.

I  told her that I haven't forgotten my promise to her child and I will definitely do the needful.
I stepped out to get what to eat, maybe by tomorrow I will do proper grocery shopping.

As I was going back home after getting the things I needed, I ran into John, he was coming over to visit his sister for the weekend
We both began to walk back home together

"My run away girlfriend is back.." John said laughing.

I chuckled a bit "who's your girlfriend? Hope you aren't referring to me.."

"See the seriousness on your face, i was only joking before your fine rich boyfriend will send boys after me.."

I chuckled again
While John continued
"...is good to see you again April, I heard you're schooling in one of the biggest University in the country. How's school treating you.."

"Good, infact great. I'm enjoying school Life..."

"Obviously, is written all over you. Look at how fresh your skin looks and you added extra weights, especially around the waist. It's now more round and charming.. organically carved, no surgery or artificial added to it..."

I suddenly began to laugh. "John, please leave me alone. With this mouth of yours many ladies, nurses and patients in the hospital that you work will be after you, like how ants are attracted to sugar.."

"Never, work is work, I don't mix it up with pleasure. But outside work, we can do as we please. Is you that I'm targeting, April you're the skeleton in my laboratory. Uh hahaha! I want you, especially now that you're looking hotter than fire. Who wouldn't k!ll just to have you.." 

"Thanks for the compliments John, is good to see you too..." I said, trying to dismiss him as we approach the gate.

"Can I come over and visit later? He asked

"No.. no, my boyfriend will be around. You remember the last time he saw you at my place, war broke out and I wouldn't want the second war to happen again.."

"That your fine rich boyfriend is a jealous lover indeed. Alright, I will see you whenever you're outside, at least I have all through the weekend, is being a while I saw my sister. About three months, that's why I insisted in visiting them after her long plea. I will get to see more of you around, that's if your fine rich boyfriend will allow you..."

He paused and then continued.
"...one of my friend, I call him Lu, he will be coming over to visit tomorrow, we have an event we will be attending. I told him I will be at my sister's place and I already sent the address to him. Is a wedding ceremony of one of my guy which I would've love if you come with us but I guess your rich boyfriend won't let you step an inch close to another man..."

I scoffed loudly but didn't say a word. 
John continued
"... you know what I said is true. Your boyfriend placed a restriction order on you, you can't go to anywhere without his permission. Another man is not allowed to love you or go out with you, look at how pretty you are, he only wants you for himself alone, that's not fair.."

".... Did you know that this my guy, Lu.. I mentioned earlier, who will be following me to a wedding ceremony, he used to have a girlfriend who's name was April, I never met her but my friend told me so much about the girl. this particular girl ditched him. She emptied his apartment and cart away with all his things... including his money..."
"... He came back from work one day and met an empty house, the girl was gone like the wind, Lu said that the girl sold all his things before running back to her old lover whom she was secretly cheating on him with. Some Ladies are not to be trusted at all..."

I turned to my apartment to go without knowing what to say concerning his friend's case
John said again
"...I know you are full of life and a very lovable, free spirited soul. Don't let your fine boyfriend cage you, or place an embargo on you. You know, like trading restrictions in economy. You can't do nothing of your own accord untill he approves. You always wanting to please him at all times even when you know deep down you're not happy or satisfied with some of his decisions. I know he is super rich and that's the power he has over some of us that are still working our a$$ off round the clock to be able to make it too..."

I had to interrupt him at this point.

"I'm not dating Phil because he's rich, I'm not without choice in my relationship. I make decisions too which he respects and does not impose anything on me. I don't understand anything you're talking about because I can't relate to any. I'm sorry to say but You don't really have what I need in a man or maybe because our mind works differently. Phil understands me and he brings out the best in me. You will get a woman some day that will cherish you but don't carry out your annoyance on my man, he is actually not your problem.."

I began to walk away

"I was only looking out for you April, you're too pretty for one man to hold you down with either money or influence. I want you to be happy and free in any relationship you find yourself. I'm just a concerned friend.." John said behind me.

"Thanks John for your sincere concern, but I never complained to you.." I replied before walking into my apartment.

Are they thinking that I'm being caged in my relationship because Phil is rich.

That's absurd
Phil is the last man that will do such.
And I'm glad that he found reasons to come back again to me.
I wonder how life will be for me without Phil in it.

John mentioned his friend, Lu or something. Can't even remember the name he called him who had a girl friend that ran away with his things and went back to her secret lover.
I can't relate to such and who knows what made the girl do such to him.

I could have related it to me and Louis story but theirs a huge difference.

I don't have secret lover, I didn't empty Louis house or stole his money. I picked only what was mine and left his own properties for him without touching them.
If I had such mind like the girl had I would have really emptied his house but even at that it wouldn't be enough for all he took from me.

Well, life has been good to me, Louis is a past tense, I disposed everything about him into the trash can. 

I don't want to think or  bring up his case for any reason and pray never to see him ever again. 
Bringing back those sad memory and letting his thoughts hurts me is the last thing I want to do.
Indeed, I'm in a better place.

Phil changed all the narrative and he brought flood light to my life.
I can't thank him enough for that.

John and his Lu friend, that has a girlfriend that's my name sake are less of my problem.

John even generalized women that they're not to be trusted.
He added that I'm being caged and shouldn't let Phil's influence or money to keep me trapped.

That was very annoying to say, yet I kept my cool and didn't react like I intend.

I'm glad I maintained my dignity and walked away.
John was only bitter because he knows clearly that he can't have me and he can't measure half of the man that Phil is.

I look forward to seeing my Phil tomorrow, nothing else matters to me anymore.

I don't have any business with John, neither can I relate to anything he said
It's a mere coincidence that John's friend who will be attending wedding with him tomorrow has a girlfriend who happens to bear the same name with me.

I don't know her or the Lu.
She's my name sake doesn't make us the same.

I went about my day without a second thought about John or whatever he said.

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