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June Break-Episode 50



June Break-Episode 50

"Congratulations again" he said

"Thanks.." I replied with a smile.

The happiness inside of me wish to explode like a volcano.
I was excited to finally get to where I am. 
There's no doubts that I couldn't have made it if it was left to me

I wouldn't have gotten here on my own without the great help from my super hero.
Yes, Phil is indeed a God sent, sometimes I wonder if I'm deserving of all the blessings that God has showered on me through him.
I owe him a great lot.
I have finally gotten admitted into a private University, courtesy of Phil.

The money is huge, I begged him not to spend that much but to allow me go to one of those normal Universities since he had already refused me from the one I was initially seeking admission from.

Phil insisted that he wanted me to be comfortable while schooling and to pay attention to my studies without any distraction.

I was given admission today to study law, the very course I always wanted.

I almost settle for less, I was even ready to substitute it for a socialogy in the old school that I was seeking for admission but Phil was just in time to save the day

As he took me out to celebrate, he congratulated me again
This time I began to blush like a child.

I resigned from my place of work as Phil wanted.
He said that from the drama he saw, alot of men will be disturbing me and he doesn't want that.
He refers to the romantic drama with Jerry and said it will be better I stop working.
Even before he started processing my admission into the private University, he wanted me to stop working.

He said that my school is a full time school and requires my whole attention,
Studying law will also mean that I have to study hard.

I totally agree to everything he says and immediately I drop my resignation letter at the boutique, my colleagues weren't happy.
They all said they will miss me greatly,
The manager didn't want me to go, he even wanted to give me another promotion with a better salary but no matter what I couldn't just stay any longer.
I had to go.

The manager said that i bring lots of customer to the shop and most of them enjoy the way I attend to them.
He said I'm good with customer service and will be ready to welcome me back anytime I changed my mind.

I know I will miss all of them too but in this new page, in this second chance with Phil, I have to do everything that pleases him, anything that will bring back full trust.

I want him to love me like he used to and trust me without doubt.
I want to be transparent and straight forward in my ways.
I don't want any little lies or big one like I used to do.
I want if I tell him that a particular thing is white, when he checks it will be exactly like I said it.

As of Jerry, I still went on a date with him during then but it was just to honor his invitation and to let him know that I can't date him.

I wanted to be very polite about it, because he was indeed a nice person who showed me love and make me feel special
Remember how rude and untrained Danielle was ready to bring me down, trying to announce to everyone that I was from the trenches and don't deserve anything good.

 Jerry stood by me and with his friend, they both supported me and gave me the most expensive gift I have ever gotten.
I appreciate him for that and it was only normal to see him face to face and explain why I can't date him in a kind way.

He felt hurt and said he will give me more time to decide properly, but it was no use because I knew that no matter how long it takes I can't be his girlfriend.

Aside the fact that Phil was in the picture, I don't have any feeling for Jerry and I initially wanted to give it a try, hoping with time, along the line, I will learn to love him but fortunately, Phil showed up unexpectedly and everything changed.
Jerry stopped trying to convince me and decided to move on.

Is over six months now and I have never be this happy

I'm already in school, big private University like one of those rich kids.

Phil gave me the best like he promised and has gotten everything I needed for school

He even took me shopping and I got more new wears despite the loads of clothes in my wardrobe that I'm yet to even wear.

"You are in school now April, what next? Are we still on the plan.."

He asked after toasting to a new life with our expensive wine

I know exactly what he's talking about but I don't know if I'm ready yet.

"Yes, is still in plan but I don't know if I'm really ready for such a big journey.."

"You don't need to be ready April, you may never even be ready. But because is the right thing to do so you have to embark on it.."

"You're right. But can I atleast finish this first semester before preparing towards the journey. I don't want to travel as a fresher, but finishing a semester will be better.."

He was quiet, after sometime he nodded.

"Alright then. Focus and finish a semester, I really don't want to rush you because is your call. But I want to keep encouraging you, is very important that you go back in time and right the wrong created in the heart of your people, erase the fear and clear the doubts. So that you can as well be at peace with yourself knowing well that all is finally well.."

I nodded before thanking him again.

With those encouraging words from Phil, I was more determined than before to travel back home and see my family.

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