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June Break-Episode 49



June Break-Episode 49

"They must be worried sick searching for you. You need to do things right this time..."

"How..how exactly? I asked

"By going back home. You need to go see your parents, your entire family. Let them know that you're alive and well. Will you rather be happy to go back and realized that your Mom is in critical condition or you lose a family member because of your disappearance? Maybe one member of your family developed a high blood pressure and the condition kept getting worst and at the end, the person passed..."

"God forbids it..." I exclaimed

"Yes, God will forbids it but is high time to do the things right, you need to put the past behind and focus on embracing the new. You can't continue like this April, you're not an orphan neither are you without a family..."

I heaved a heavy sigh
"I'm not sure they miss or care about me. They're better off without me and I feel the same way too..."

The whole memory came flooding back. I blinked back severally to keep the tears from running down.

I'm glad that Phil stayed, he was just about to open the door and walk out after our little fight, when I asked him not to go.
He decided to stay without much plead.

We sat down and I began to narrate my story all over again.
As sad as it feels, I was ready to tell it all to him, just maybe he will understand me and why I was in the situation where he found me
Why I had to cohabit with an animal in human form. 

Louise, changed from the nice human that promised me so much love, peace and safety to a mønster.
He became a mønster who molested, stole from me and wanted to make me his slave.

He turned into a blackmailer after finding out that Phil who showed so much interest in me was rich.
Out of fear, I almost make him succeed in blackmailing Phil.
Louise would have not only gotten an expensive car from Phil but he would have also become a rich man if I had danced to his tone.

He abused me s3xually, emotionally, even deceived me and took all my life savings. 
He threatened me even after all this and I lose my self-esteem.
I felt i had no real value anymore.
I became a shadow of myself.
I couldn't return home to my people and couldn't escape from Louise.

It was through Phil that I was saved
After which the war between Phil and I started

I have had enough to chew in life.
In my vulnerable state, in my helpless condition Phil stepped in and gave meaning to my life.
He showered me with love, gift, attention and gave me hope again.
I will never deliberately hurt such an angel.
I was devastated, broken, I hated myself when Phil found out about Louise and I.

I still managed to push through Life because I only got myself in this big city and wanted to be a better version of me.

I wanted to return back to my people as a better person, not as the angry child that had to run away from home because I felt unloved.

Life thought me a lesson and I learnt in a hard way.
It breaks off my prideful wings and humbled me.

Now I'm wiser, better than I was yesterday, more dependent, hardworking and more loving and forgiving.
I'm glad that the war between Phil and I has finally come to an end today, the war is over after several months of unending trouble, regrets, guilts, heartache, emotional breakdown, fear, jealousy and hurts.

Phil is back and this time he's ready to stay by me as a true friend.

I so much desired friendship with Phil, even if we're not going to be lovers.
I just wanted us close.

It initially seem like is not going to happen but is finally happening and I just can't hide my joy.
He's the man God sent to my life to rescue me from the cage Louise put me

It felt so good to be finally free from Louise but it was heartbreaking knowing that the man who indirectly saved me wanted nothing with me.

I'm liberated once again and will do anything to cherish every moment with Phil.
I pray our friendship last and breed more trust, understanding and love between us.
I don't want to lose Phil again but life has thought me that anything can happen unexpectedly.

I don't know if he has totally forgiven me from his heart.
I don't want the past to keep us hostage or apart.
I don't want my past to come between us again.
I don't want to be reminded of it either.
I hope Phil feels better with me as time goes on, so that our friendship can blossom.

"I'm sure they miss you and will give anything to have you back.." he said bringing my mind back to the present.

In truth, I really miss home. I miss my Mom and Dad.
I miss my brothers and only kid sister

Is been years, I sometimes imagine what they will be doing without me and wish I'm with them
I wish I never left home.
But I couldn't take the partiality anymore, I couldn't take the favorites card they kept playing around me.

I have had enough and decided is time to flee.
While running, I ran into the wrong hand.

But my story is gradually taking another new shape and I'm so loving it.

"Do you think so? I asked

"Sure, I know so. From all that I gathered, they didn't do any of what they did to you deliberately. I'm sure they didn't even notice that you were feeling unloved or left out. They see it as a way training you but I agree, it was not the best way. You have every right to be angry but running away was a mistake. Louise could have hurt you or even kíll you and nobody will know what happened to you. That's scary right? 

I nodded. 
It was indeed scary when I think about it.

He continued
"...What do you say? Do you want to visit home or you're still not ready for that. I don't want to force the ideas on you, is your call, I need you to decide if is what you really want to do or you will rather give it a proper thought first.."

I draw a long breath. The whole thing sound harder than Phil can imagine.

"Let me think about it, atleast a week.." I finally said.

"Is totally fine April. Take all the time you need alright? Whenever you're ready, let me know. And concerning your school.."

He paused
I used the silent moment to let him know that I'm actually seeking for admission and not fully in school yet.

",Oh you lied..? He said while raising an eyebrow.

I couldn't make anything out of his expression. I suddenly had fear that he will be mad at me for the lie

"Well, I did. I didn't want to appear like a loser, like I haven't been able to achieve much in life. Saying I was in school makes me feel like I was atleast headed somewhere in life. A big goal I needed to personally score..."

I gasped out and continued
 "... I'm sorry for lying. I don't want you to be mad at me again. I promise not to lie to you.. again.."

He chuckled
", I'm not mad at you April. From now onward, can we try to be transparent to each other? You know how much I hate lies. No matter how it hurts, please still tell me the truth. Nothing can shake or shock me anymore when it comes to you. I really want us to start in a clean page, let's leave aside the old and embrace the new going forward. Alright?

"Sure.. I agree.." I said.

"Like I was saying, concerning your school? Hope you don't mind going for a normal school.. full time, not some part time? Working and studying is not an easy thing. I want you to study whatever you want and focuse only on your studies. I will take care of every expenses... but only if is okay by you.."

I nodded excitedly, I thanked him all over again.

He asked me to walk him to his car, he will also drop me off to wherever I intend going initially.

I locked up the door and we left.

This is indeed a new chapter of my life.
I know this new page will be super interesting with Phil in it again.

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