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June Break-Episode 44



June Break-Episode 44


He touched me gently and said
"You seem to be a little distracted today, is anything the problem.."

One of them asked, and as usual it was Jerry that asked me. 
He mentioned he had asked me a question twice but I was looking on a different direction and didn't answer him

I quickly apologized and asked him what I can help him with.
He wanted to know where he can find a designer, expensive ladies bags. 
he wish to get it for a special lady.

His friend left us alone to a different section
I took him to the place and that's where Phil and Danielle were browsing through.

Danielle was picking expensive things and throwing it into the shopping trolley that my colleague was pushing around for her.

She will point at anything she wants and my colleague will pick it and drop inside the cart filled with her things.

I looked at Phil and our eyes locked onto each other before I managed to look away.

They were still distance away but Phil and Danielle's presence filled up the whole section.

Poor Phil was silently watching her, he was neither looking happy or sad in his demeanor but I can clearly see that he was not happy for some sort of reason.

I guess he can't wait to get out of here and away from me.
I wish he will stay all day but I seriously have to understand that we can never be together again

"If you're to choose among all this beautiful designer bags displayed here, which of them will you choose..?.."
Jerry asked me, bringing my attention to him
His friend was at the men side after saying he doesn't need any sort of help, I should stick with Jerry.

I raised an eyebrow at Jerry's question because I was really confused.
He had a cute smile on his face as he asked again.
 "...I want to get the bag for a special person, I can't stop thinking about her ever since I set my eyes on her and I have been looking for means to let her know how much she means to me. She is worth  the entire world but since I can't get her that, I decided to buy one of the most expensive gifts for her here. So I want you to help me make a choice, pick a very special unique and offcourse a designer handbag here for me that you think this my special woman will love. I'm a guy, I know alot of guys stuffs but not very familiar with ladies stuffs.."

I was really excited to be given such offer of picking something special for whoever Jerry was secretly dying for.

I smiled broadly as I checked for one of the nicest, outstanding bag. Something that the special lady can't say no to. Although is expensive but I'm sure Jerry can afford it.

The color too was beautiful and one of my best colors.
But it was indeed a unique color and the hand bag is just only two and it came in last week and the other one was with a different color and accessories. It was bought by a rich business woman same week that it arrived.

The second one was seated like a Queen in the shelf and waiting only for the luckiest and wealthy person and today is it's lucky day.

I pointed at it and Jerry agreed immediately that it was indeed a very unique handbag.
He picked it and hand it over to me to hold it for him which I did gladly.

Jerry was also very funny as he try to make me smile but even though I managed to smile my heart still beat for Phil who has not stopped looking at Jerry and I.

Danielle saw the beautiful handbag in my hand, which I was holding on for Jerry and said she wanted the exact type but my colleague told her that it was the last one I was holding.

She became grumpy and approached Jerry

"Can you sell the bag to me? I will pay more money for it. My boyfriend is rich and I'm also wealthy. I need that bag.. it's so cute and pretty like me. How much do you want for it and I will pay even close to double of the amount. I just want to have it by all means. I didn't see it in time and the slow shop attendant with me couldn't even show it to me. Whoever owns this fine boutique needs to fire all his staff and employ new and active set of serious workers. Not some brainless staff that tries to steal my man and a dull fat one that couldn't show me one of the finest designers here, despite we walked passed it's shelf.."

"I'm sorry but as you can see I have already taken it and is because of it's uniqueness I took it, all thanks to April my dearest, pretty attendant. You asking me to sell the same bag that I just bought is ridiculous.. "

He turned to me and said
 ".. April come on let's go. You really made the right choice for me, this bag must be way too special and I'm glad you choosed it.."

I smiled and nodded affirmatively.

Danielle boils angrily as I followed Jerry to the cashier.
Phil was so cold and quietly watching us. He didn't say a word all through or attend to his angry Danielle that obviously can't be pleased no matter what you do to please her.

Phil must be feeling disappointed with his pretty girlfriend but the way the event of the day turned out was unexpected.
I was begining to feel better, especially with Jerry making me feel more important in front of Danielle and her troubled boyfriend.

whoever Jerry was getting the bag for has to hold onto it and appreciate it well because it came from a very sincere and caring heart, is not just about how expensive it was.

Jerry's lady must be a very special person. 
I wish I'm very special to someone too just like the girl.

Jerry's friend was waiting for him as we came to the cashier.
Just as he was paying for the bag, it was the exact time Danielle and Phil came to the cashier.
They waited as Jerry paid for the hand bag and stepped aside for them.
Danielle couldn't take her eyes off the designer bag which was specially wrapped up for Jerry with a rose flower attached to it on his special request.

Danielle really needed the bags but it was too late, she can't have It. Even with all the money she claims to have or her boyfriend has she still can't afford everything she wish for.

That's sad, and I don't feel any pity for her because she is very rúde and doesn't care about anyone else but herself.

"This is for you April, I got it for you because you're the woman I can't stop thinking about. My friend is aware how much I have wanted to do this long time ago but I was just a little worried of what you will think of me, I can't keep it anymore and just as you're the prettiest girl I have ever come across with a kind and pure heart like a dove, I want you to have something as special as you and I also want to know if you will like to go on a date with me.. maybe one of this days, at your convenience.."

I became speechless, Danielle stood staring with shock written all over her

Phil moved about as he stared at me with so much energy and I noticed sweat broke out on his forehead.

My colleagues were clapping and hyping me in a very sweet manner that made me feel special.

I was speechless as I stared at the most expensive gifts any man has ever given me.

I was picking a special gift for Jerry's mystery woman not knowing it was for me.

I don't even know what to say as both Danielle who's anger boils even more was ready to shoot me down if her eyes was a gún with bullet.

And also Phil who appears very uncomfortable as he cleared his throat loudly, moved about and try to clean the sweat that suddenly appeared on his forehead even with the air conditioner cooling everywhere.

I don't know what to say, even Jerry's friend said I should accept his friend request because he is a nice and caring guy and has been my secret admirer for a while now.

I looked from the gift to Jerry and then at everyone around.
I opened my mouth to say something but no word came out.
I was indeed speechless.

Danielle anxiously waited for me to reject such an expensive gift so that she can quickly grab it.

Although the portable handbag is way too expensive yet I so much wanted it.

What do I really do now and Phil's presence was making me feel uneasy.

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