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I Hate You Jace - Finale




I Hate You Jace -  Episode 87&88


By Naomi Cindy B.


The greatest psychopath... Klaus!

She quickly stood, startling everyone as her eyes stayed on the man.

She blinked twice, and the alcohol cleared from her eyes, then she saw the face clearly as the man arrived at their table.

It's a bartender, he actually brought more drinks.

"Gawd, can't believe I'm hallucinating" she muttered, shaking her head.

"You ok?" Jace asked, standing beside her already.

"Of course!" She quickly faced him.

"Are you drunk?" He asked, and she held his shoulders with a pretty drunk smile.

"Yeah, drunk with your love baby!" She winked, and he chuckled, pulling her body closer.

"Don't try to deny, you're drunk" he whispered, and she pouted, her cheeks so red .

"I dunno..." She licked her lips.

"Just a lil bit more ok? I'll get you outta here" he said, and she nodded, resting her head on his chest.

"Cheers to our last day together!" Gabby raised a toast, and they all stood, holding their cups.

"Cheers to bright futures!" Jenna said.

"Cheers to better places!" Craig shouted.

"Cheers to blessings!" Dorothy said.

"To love!" Scarlett said.

"To hearts!" Ronnie said.

"To we the remaining students!" Philip said.

"To Molly!" Collins laughed.

"To reconciliation" Nicole smiled.

"To friendship" Jarvis muttered from Jace's chest.

"To us" Jace said last, and they all clinked their glasses, raising it up.



The Christmas tree stood elegantly in the living room, the red lights sparkling on the stems.

Snowmen, tinsels, garlands, shinning stars, ornaments, candies and several heirlooms decked the tree up to the skirt, it was limitless.

There are several dishes on the dining, and it's obvious that dinner has been eaten cos most of the plates are empty.

Mouthwatering aromas filled the house, and the smell of festivity. It's Christmas!

Thanks to Caroline's new job at a firm, her salary doubled so this year's Christmas could pass as the best all her life.

The door to her room pushed open, and she came out looking stunning, dressed in red for her date tonight.

Jarvis came out of her room at the same time, dressed gorgeously in a white clingy gown, hugging her curves s+xily.

She decided to dye her hair pink, and it came out nicely with her bangs.

She's holding a birkin bag, and her expensive heels are threatening the ground as she walked to Caroline, looking so pretty.

"My gawd! You look so beautiful!" Caroline gushed.

"You too Aunt! I'm so glad you're going out with someone else now. I'd love to meet him soon" Jarvis replied happily, and they hugged.

Every Christmas night, they've always spent it together, but this year they're spending it with their men, and they couldn't be more ecstatic.

They walked to the Christmas tree together, and just like they do every year, they closed their eyes and clasped their hands, making their wishes.

They finished up at the same time, and they left the house at the same time too.



"Aww! You look so handsome!" Camille gushed when Jace came out dressed for his date.

His earrings are dangling, and he got a new tattoo on his right arm, his lips got even Pinker, and his build became s+xier...he's to die for as mint oozed from him.

"I love you Hot Daddy!" Camille hyped again.

"Thanks Cami" he smiled.

"Oh my gawd you look dishy!" Nicole appeared, checking him out proudly.

"This could pass as my best Christmas, you're so handsome son" Ms. Zoe came out to check him out too.

"And coincidentally, today is our nine months anniversary" Jace announced.

"Oh my gawd there should be a cake!" Nicole said.

"I got that" Jace replied.

"Have fun" Zoe hugged him. 

"By the way you should write the 6th season of Wet Kisses, I'm on the 5th already and I don't want it to end" Nicole whined.

"I'm already on another series, Wet series is over so get over it , and shouldn't you be hunting for jobs? Wait till I stop spending on you" he rolled eyes.

"I love you baby brother! Bye Mummy's boy!" Nicole quickly changed topic.

"F+çk you Andrea" he replied, getting in his new car.

The drive to the coper field didn't take so long.

Jarvis arrived in her car at the same time, and immediately they came out, they rushed to each other in front of it, grabbing each other to kiss deeply.

"You're unconventionally hot, little cat, and i love what you're wearing" he whispered.

"Why? Cos it'd be easy to take off?" She teased.

"Yeah, and because it'd look good on my bedroom floor" he winked, and she smiled widely, kissing him again.

"I love what you're wearing too, the fact that it's all white too" she said.

"I wanted to match for once" he replied, and she smiled again, holding eyes with him.

January this year, if anyone told her she'd be in love with a crazy naughty psycho, she'd have called it a bluff, but here she is, about to have the best time of her life with her man.

Each time she sets eyes on him, she just slips deeper into his charm, and it's unbreakable...she's so gone,...

Jace grabbed her @s$ behind, and he smiled when he saw her bite her lips.

Their first meeting was chaotic and crazy. She's a girl he promised to ruin, the b*+*ch he hated for her sass, but here he is, unable to get enough of her no matter how much he takes.

She's a drug, and he's already on overdose, but he's not ready to pause... He'd rather die with her than live without her right now...his life.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you endlessly" she replied immediately.

Another kiss followed, but the pilot announced the readiness of the helicopter, so they broke it and walked hand-in-hand to it.

They got ready and their belts were strapped once they took their seats.

Their headsets were put in place, and they rested back, holding hands on as the helicopter took off.

Jarvis freaked out completely, but thanks to Jace's thumb on the back of her hand, she was able to calm before they balanced on the sky.

"You're scared of takeoffs" he said.

"Thought my heart was gonna fly out of my chest" she replied, and he chuckled.

The fun started immediately, and Jarvis couldn't hide her awe as she watched the beautiful city of Washington from above.

It's beautiful on the ground but up here is another level of radiance...it's mad!

The lights, the buildings, skyscrapers, islands, waters...

"Oh my gawd! My best night!" She gushed, unable to close her mouth as she commented on everything.

"Wait...that's Kohinoor island, and that's the tower... F*+*k! Why are they all looking extra gorgeous from up here?" She said.

"Cos you're above them baby" Jace replied.

The flight attendants pushed in trays of several foods and snacks immediately, fruits and drinks too, beef, fish...even crabs.

Then there's a big cake, colour purple with few white icings.

Jarvis gasped, facing Jace slowly.

"Wait... wait...

"Only Jace can do it this way yunno?" He said proudly.

"Aww, this is too good to be true" she replied, blushing hard.

"You do remember that today is out...

"Nine months anniversary, I know!" She cut him off, and he chuckled.

"Actually I made a wish today again. I already made a wish for your return so I dunno if Santa will make this new wish come true" she said.

"What was it baby?" He asked.

"I want our first kid to be a girl" she replied, and he laughed shortly.

"Seriously? Childish" 

"Childish? C'mon big wolf...I want my baby girl first then you can have your baby boy as our second" she replied.

"As you wish, little cat" he said, and the attendants poured their drinks.

They took their cups at once, taking off their headsets before clinking glasses.

They drank, then they sank the knife into the cake together, marking the ninth.

"Come here" Jace pulled her closer with an hand, holding his cup with the other.

"Another kiss? Aren't we oppressing the readers?" Jarvis teased 

"If they're jealous, they can find themselves a Jace Volkov" Jace replied, and she smiled beautifully.


"I love you, Little Cat" he winked.

"I love you too, Big Wolf" she replied, and their lips collided as they closed the scene with their palms.

The helicopter moved to an higher altitude, and the city below them shone.

It'll always be them... FOREVER, AND EVER... AND ALWAYS.

Jace Volkov & Jarvis Dobrev 💕


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