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I Hate You Jace - Episode 81&82




I Hate You Jace - Episode 81&82


By Naomi Cindy B.



Caroline arrived with Philip and Jarvis just now, and it was Philip who carried Jarvis into the house too.

She was still dripping of water, and her flu aggravated.

Philip had to drop her in her room and excuse them so Caroline had privacy to clean her up.

Jarvis remained standing, allowing her to do whatever she wants...

She pulled off her wet clothes and dressed her up in new ones. Thick sweater and baggy pants.

She made her sit in bed afterwards, then she got a towel to start drying her hair with.

"Do you want to get sick again? You get sick close to three times every month and you visit the hospital every time, aren't you tired of it? Huh? Do you want me to continue worrying about you?" Caroline said as she dried the hair.

Jarvis said nothing, so she sat beside her.

"It's been five long months Jarvis. I know how painful it is to lose one's lover so please... it happened to me too remember? I lost my husband one year after my wedding and...

"And you haven't been able to move on since then" Jarvis interrupted with a weak voice, and Caroline went mute.


"I know you cry whenever you're alone and you stare at his pictures all night. It's been five years but you still can't get over him, but it's been just five months since I lost my boyfriend and it still feels like yesterday. The house blew up in front of me Aunt Caroline" Jarvis said and started crying again

"I can't even sleep at nights, it's always him in my head and the memories we shared float in my skull every single day. Caroline you know how madly I love this guy, he was my first and I was already hoping he'd be the last but death took him from me...do you know I've imagined what our future would be like? Happily married with two kids... one boy and a girl... and...and...

Jarvis broke down again, unable to hold back the tears this time.

"Come here" Caroline pulled her into a tight hug and started stroking her hair.

"You'll be fine"

"No I won't be fine...I miss him so very much and I think I'm starting to go bonkers, I'm running mad without him and...

"Jarvis stop ok?" Caroline hugged her tighter.

"It hurts so bad Caroline, I can't bear it" she continued bawling out her eyes...

The door opened, and Dorothy came in with Scarlett.

"Again? The tears again? You didn't attend the only class we had today too, and Philip said you went to the waterfall...again" Dorothy said.

"Here" Scarlett sat beside her, and Caroline stood.

"It's a whole two hours journey from school to this place, you guys didn't have to come again" she said.

"No Caroline, I can't just leave this crybaby here for a second" Dorothy replied.

"I'll be outside then" Caroline smiled lightly and left the room.

"Look at your red eyes. Are you trying to ruin your fine face? Stop crying" Scarlett said as she wiped Jarvis's tears.

"Your temperature is starting to rise again, please stop" she said when she felt it.

"Seriously?" Dorothy sat on the other side and felt it.

"It's not that bad, just lay down and rest" she said, helping Jarvis lay in bed gently.

She kissed her cheeks and rubbed them.

"Yunno I love you, right?" She said, and Jarvis closed her eyes without replying.

"Ouch! Just warm up already huh?" Dorothy pouted.

"Let her be" Scarlett replied, and Nicole came in.

"Look who we have here" Dorothy said.

"How's she?" Nicole asked, taking off her shoes before sitting beside Jarvis.

"Still the same, she didn't even eat breakfast this morning, can you imagine?" Scarlett replied.

"She didn't?" Nicole blinked.

"Believe me, she won't even take custard" Dorothy shook her head.

"Not again Jarvis, you must eat something" Nicole replied and left the room for the kitchen.

The girls followed her, and together they made garnished noodles.

They took it back to the room with a cup of juice.

Philip was already inside with her when they arrived, but she's still curled under the duvet like a kitten.

"Sit up and eat something" Nicole said as she dropped the tray of food in bed.

"I'm not hungry" Jarvis replied from under the duvet, and Nicole smirked before taking the duvet away from her head.

"Come on sit up and I'll feed you if you want" she said.

"I said I'm not hungry, leave me alone" Jarvis replied, eyes still closed.

"Even if I break this?" Nicole snatched the snow globe from her, and Jarvis spranged up with a gasp.

"You either eat, or I smash it"  Nicole raised it up, and Jarvis's eyes widened.

"Don't! If you break it I'll kill you Nicole" She said quickly.

"Then eat, it's that simple" Nicole said.

Jarvis looked at Scarlett and Dorothy, and they smiled in support.

Slowly, she sat back on the bed and picked the fork.

She started eating gently, and after taking just five forklifts, she drank a little juice and pushed the tray away.

"Give me my snow globe" she faced Nicole.

"You barely ate anything but it's better than nothing" Nicole replied, handing her the globe.

She took it and returned to bed, piling the duvet on herself again.

Craig and Gabby came in at once with goody bags, all for her.

"How's she doing?" Craig asked.

"Not better" Dorothy replied.

They dropped the bags on the ground beside the bed at once.

"There should be something to do, she can't remain this way... she's losing too much flesh" Gabby said.

"The only thing to do is bring Mummy's boy back from the dead"  Nicole replied.



Nicole drives Jace's Bentley, so Jarvis is with the new Maybach, though she hasn't driven it since his demise, today will be her first.

She came out of the car with Milo, and the orphanage kids rushed to her in folds.

"Jarvis!" Camille hugged her waist, and she stroked her hair.

"How have you kids been doing?" She asked.

"You still visited last week remember? We're cool" one of them replied.

"Whoa! Milo grew bigger!" Camille tried taking the cat from her, but Milo refused, clinging to Jarvis so much.

"Seriously?" Camille said, and Jarvis smiled.

"I'm glad you smiled" Camille said, and the smile disappeared from Jarvis's face.

"Hot Daddy won't be happy to see you this way. Ms. Zoe said you don't eat daily and you don't sleep, and you don't talk to people too...you should cheer up, your happiness matters too" the young girl said.

"Jarvis?" Ms. Zoe said, and she looked up to see her behind the kids.

"Zoe" she smiled.


Five minutes later, Jarvis was already in Jace's room, walking around and inhaling his scent of smoke and mint...

She does this anytime she visits the orphanage, it's the only way to surround herself with him.

She inhaled again with closed eyes, remembering all the memories they had here.

Their first night here,  the night he touched her for the first time, the night he gave her an orgasm, the night he told her about his life and the night he ate her up...his naughty dirty words and tattoos, his smile and lips, his body, his laughter and his moods, his blind anger and his sweet loving side...

She had plans not to cry here today, but what can she do? Not like she's the emotion controller, she can't....

The tears were about to fall when Ms. Zoe came in.

"You're not crying, are you?" The woman asked, and Jarvis turned quickly.

"Huh? No" she covered up with a smile.

"So the graduation ceremony is in a week" Zoe said.

"Yeah" Jarvis replied, sitting on the bed.

"I had plans to make that day a memorable day for him. I was gonna make the kids stay at home and cook different dishes to celebrate with him, I planned to organize a party and celebrate that my handsome son is a first-class sculpture graduate" Zoe smiled, and Jarvis blinked.

"He was like my real son. I might have been a babysitter for him and Andrea, but I felt attached to him the most, and losing him took away a big part of me which will never be restored" Zoe continued, coming closer.

"What I'm trying to say is that...you have to be happy, Jarvis. You still have a long way to go, you're still young" she said, and Jarvis sniffled.

"Live your life, please" Zoe said, and Jarvis nodded, hugging her.

"I will"



Finally the long awaited D-Day is here, the 25th set of graduates will be leaving the school today.

Finalists could be seen everywhere in campus, walking around in their academic gowns, snapping pictures in every space they see 

Parents aren't left out.

Craig's parents, Gabby's dad and sis, Scarlett's parents too, even Ronnie's.

They all graced the function, each congratulating their wards with bouquet of flowers as their pictures clicked.

"I'm so proud of you" Craig's dad said, and he smiled largely.

"I wish i was able to make it to first class" 

"I know you're not lazy, so the second class is still an achievement" his mum said.

"Craig can you snap I and your parents? I'd love to have a picture with my in-laws" Dorothy said.

"She's so cute" Craig's mum said, and he laughed as he took the camera, snapping them.

Gabby's dad could be seen showering him with praises too...he came out with second class like Craig.

"Was thinking of going on a one month rest in Spain, with Jenna" he said, holding her waist tightly.

"Do whatever you want, son. It's your year" Dr. Rogers replied, and Jenna smiled happily.

Scarlett's whole family are in attendance, including her younger ones...she's a first class.

Ronnie came out with a third class in business admin...

Nicole is a third class too, Ms. Zoe came with her and Priest Fisher.

"Am I the only first class grad in this circle?" Collins appeared.

"The first class you bought with money? Please" Craig rolled eyes.

"Wolfie would punch you for saying that if he was here" Gabby added.

"Jealousy stinks" Collins mocked...

The finalists were called into the hall eventually, it's time for the ceremony to start.

The graduands sat together at one side of the big hall while parents, friends and family occupied the rest.

Jarvis sat with Dorothy, Philip and Jenna on a row, and the mumblings died down when the anchor got to the front.

"Before we start anything at all... It's so painful that we lost five students last semester, they're supposed to be in here graduating with the others right now, but fate had other plans" he said, and Jarvis kept her eyes down

"Let's all stand and give their souls a minute silence" the anchor continued...

Everyone stood, and he started reading out the names.

"Ashley Mont" 

"Megan Higgins"

"Lattora Fritz"

"Nikki Ronald"

He hasn't even called Jace's name when students started crying, disrupting the silence.

"Let's maintain the silence, please" the anchor said, and silence returned to the hall.

"And... Jace Vol...

"Erase my name from that bloody list, I'm back" a calm nasal voice interrupted from the back of the hall.


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