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I Hate You Jace - Episode 79&80




I Hate You Jace - Episode 79&80


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Jace... please..." were the last  words she whispered, and a tear slipped out of the corner of her melancholic eyes as they went shut.

Dorothy's eyes opened slowly, but immediately she got a windstorm of what just happened in her head,  she spranged up with a gasp.

Her forehead and knuckles got bruised, but she wasn't even feeling the pain as she looked around with horror registered in her eyes.

Gabby woke up next, then Marcus and Nicole. Collins and Craig were the last to stand, and when they noticed Jarvis's absence, their eyes widened at once.

"She didn't enter the fire, right? Tell me she didn't enter the fire!" Dorothy shouted in tears.

"I clearly saw her landing before I lost consciousness" Marcus replied, going to a particular direction.

"No!" He gasped when he saw Jarvis unconscious in the pool of her blood, lying on the tree.

They all rushed there, and Dorothy heart flew to her mouth.

"Shit!! Jarvis!!" 

An ambulance was called together with the cops and firefighters.

Within ten minutes, the three arrived.

Jarvis was taken away with Dorothy while the rest stayed to see what happens.

The bomb is a really strong one, and no matter the water they sprayed, it didn't go out, so they had to wait till the intensity died down before they resumed trying to put it out.

They were successful this time, though the house is in ashes by now.

Nicole and Marcus rushed in with the firefighters even when they were told to stay back.

The sight of burnt bodies and skeletons everywhere scared Nicole so much, and she started crying.

"Mummy's boy where are you?"

Marcus swallowed fearfully, unable to breathe well.

"Jace... don't do this"



Brenda regained consciousness not long ago, and she just continued lying there weakly.

She has been battling with the disease since last year, but keeping it to herself just to punish herself.

She deserves all the bad things in the world for shattering her own family.... ruining her own kids.

She was hoping to get to make amends before she'd die, but it's obvious that Jace would rather die than allow her anywhere around himself.

She's got no importance, so it's better to just say bye to the world.

She left the bed and walked out of the ward.

She was on her way to the rooftop when she heard two nurses whispering in the hallway.

"Did you see the news? It was an explosion, and news said the popular erotic writer died in it together with his dad" the first one whispered.

"You mean Jace Volkov?" The second one gasped.

"You know him?"

"Of course! I follow his books back to back! What the f*+*k! It's a lie!" 

"No" Brenda muttered, and they both turned back at once.

"No!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed, blood escaping her mouth as she went down flat.

"Madam!" The two nurses started running to her...

She was transported back to the ward, and doctors joined them shortly.

The beeping sounds of monitor and jolting sounds of defibrillators could be heard as they struggled to bring her back to life, but...



Students were chatting loudly with each other as they marched out of the lecture hall, and girls were drooling all-over Gabby who's waiting in front of the hall.

His hands are in his pocket, and he seems impatient as he kept looking at the door till she finally appeared... Jenna.

"I knew you'd be waiting!" She gushed, rushing into his arms.

"You took too long" he replied, breaking the hug to kiss her lips deeply before hugging her back.

"I'm not a soon-to-be graduate like you" she pouted, and he chuckled.

"I'm starving!" She held her tummy.

"Burger?" He said.

"Sure!" She replied, and they held hands as they walked down the hallway.

Posters are usually not allowed on walls of the hallway, but there are several posters of Jace's obituary with RIP written boldly...

Gabby was avoiding to look at them as he walked with Jenna, but he couldn't.

He suddenly stopped in front of one of the posters and Jenna sighed, stopping with him.

"I still can't believe it, five months without the School Psycho in this college, not the same" she said, and Gabby touched Jace's face in the poster with a sad smile.

"Rest on, gee" he said.

He finally left the hallway with her and they went to the cafeteria.

Luckily, they met Craig and Dorothy eating on a table already, and they joined them.

"Why are you frowning?" Jenna asked Dorothy.

"He won't let me have chicken nuggets" Dorothy pouted.

"She gets swollen gums anytime she eats them, don't mind her" Craig replied, and she rolled eyes at him, taking a rough bite from her hotdog.

"Too dramatic" Gabby laughed.

"Hey guys!" Scarlett joined the table with Ronnie.

"Full table, isn't it?" Jenna said.

"I know, right?" Ronnie replied.

"So you guys are graduating in two weeks, the semester is almost over" Dorothy said.

"I'm so jealous of them" Jenna replied.

"The fact that Wolfie should be graduating with us" Craig said sadly, dropping the chip with him.

"Each time I see his face in his posters, I shed a tear. I mean, he was a jerk...but when he met Jarvis, he changed and everything. He shouldn't have died with Klaus" Scarlett said.

"I'm gonna go use the restroom" Craig said and stood, fighting back his tears as he walked out of the cafe.



Jace's Bentley drove in, and Nicole came out at the driveway.

She looks so changed and different as she made her way to the sanctuary.

She hasn't even entered the church when she sighted Priest Fisher in front of it.

"Cole" the man stood surprisingly.

The scars from klaus'pliers are still on his face.

"Father" Nicole smiled, and the man quickly hugged her dearly.

"You're back, hail Mary" he said gratefully, breaking the hug after a moment.

"You went for therapy?" He asked.

"Yes, been on it for four months now, and it has been helpful. The smell is diminishing, and before Christmas, I'm sure I'll be totally cured" she replied, and he held her hands.

"Thank Jesus, I'm so glad" he said happily, taking his rosary.

"Let's go in" he said, and she nodded as he led her.



Marcus left for England two months after Jace's death, but he came back once every month to visit Brenda's grave.

Well, Brenda didn't survive the shock she got from Jace's death, she couldn't.

Marcus came to the grave with Granny Donna this time, and after dropping his flower, he sighed.

"Do you feel better?" Donna asked.

"Better? No, Jace's death is the worse thing that happened to me, and the fact that I lost Brenda that same day, and I couldn't do anything. Donna I promised to protect Jace remember? I promised to protect him from Klaus but I couldn't do anything" tears slipped out of his eyes slowly.

Donna placed an hand on his back to console him, and that was when Nicole drove in.

She got down from the car with her flower, pretending not to see the two till she got to the grave and dropped it.

"You didn't even get to know my grown face before your death, so I'm purposely doing this to remind you of the pains you brought to our lives, Brenda. Rest in peace if you can" she smiled emptily before  turning her back on the grave to face the two.

"What are you doing here? Donna" she asked, and Granny cleared her throat to speak..

"You have something to say? I forgot that's more like the Donna I know... Don't even step anywhere near me. I heard everything you did to Jace and just like he didn't forgive you before dying, I'll do the remaining work for him. I'll hate you till I die too, stay back!" She shot angrily.

"Andrea..." The old woman tried talking, and she smirked..

"I'm a psycho too remember? One more word and I'd make you join Brenda inside the coffin" 

Donna went mute as she got in her car and drove off.

"They're the same...so hateful and spiteful... she's not different from Jace, and i deserve it" Donna said guiltily.



The volume 1 to 4 of Wet series is present on every shelf in the store, and everyone entering is coming for just the book and nothing else.

Jace put them on pre-release before his death, and after his death, his agency released them.

Though the fifth season is still not out, but the selling four are the bestselling erotic books in the country right now.

Ms. Zoe sat in a corner of the store, watching as customers queued to buy the books with a sad smile on her face.

The kids cried their eyes out for almost a week after the tragedy, and till now, they still can't believe it.

She closed her eyes, palming her face as tears came out...



The water is falling just like it always does, and the breeze around is cool as usual.

Barefooted and shattered, Jarvis walked into the fall and stood under it, looking so gone as the water drenched her.

Her eyes are sunken like she's sick, and there are dark circles around them.

Despite the water flooding her face, her dried lips remained so obvious on her pale face, and any sane person wound see she lost a lot of weight.

She has become a living dead since Jace's demise, and not even therapy can fix her situation. She comes here every single day.

Eating became a problem and concentrating in class is a big issue. Her thinking is not straight, and her life feels so incomplete.

Who knew he'd fill such big space? So big that she's feeling so hollow right now without him.

He left without a goodbye despite everything, he left without caring to think about how she'd feel.

He chose death over her and that even hurts more than everything.

How could he? How dare he die? How dare he leave her? How dare he break her this devastatingly?

She feels so alone despite having many people around, she feels like giving up too 

She's holding the snow globe he got for her with one hand, then her necklace pendant with the other hand, crying under the fall as the cold water made her shiver.

Even her cry is inaudible, her voice is so gone as a result of daily bawling.

"Have I really lost you forever?" she muttered sorrowfully...

A car stopped below the place at once...

Philip came out with Caroline, and Caroline gasped.

"I knew she'd be here" Philip said.

Caroline quickly climbed the rock and went to Jarvis under the fall.

"You didn't even wear your shoes? Jarvis please enough of this, I'm losing my mind already!" She said.

Jarvis kept looking blankly at her as she pulled her out of the waterfall.

She was shaking so bad.

Philip brought a cardigan and she was covered with it, then he carried her in his arms afterwards.

He started taking her back to the car, but she kept looking back at the waterfall, crying again.

'Santa, Christmas is in one month but I'll make my Christmas wish early this year, like now.... please, give me my boyfriend back... I'm dying' she thought,  clutching tightly at her necklace pendant.

'Please... Santa'


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