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I Hate You Jace - Episode 77&78




I Hate You Jace - Episode 77&78


By Naomi Cindy B.


The long bullet flew directly to Nikki's chest, and blood shot out of his mouth as his face went up, receiving most of the blood before he went down.

Collins's eyes were wide for a while, but there's no time to panic cos Klaus men started retaliating immediately, shooting back at him, but then a group of guys came out of their hiding places in the woods.

They started backing Collins up, and bodies started going down as the two groups rained bullets on each other.

Klaus was guarded out of the place, but the gunshots still continued till Collins  was able to escape with ten of his guys.


"Argghhhhh!!!!!!!" Klaus screamed, breaking the chandelier when he arrived at his safe place.

"That @sshole son of mine! He knew? How come he was ahead of me? Jace!!!!" He yelled, pushing away the table in front of him angrily.

Nikki's body was carried in by some of the men, and it was placed down gently, blood still oozing out of his shot chest.

Klaus squatted beside him an felt his jugular vein, but no movement.

"Pity" he muttered and stood.

He was breathing hard as he walked over the broken glasses to a door.

He opened it and stepped in villainously, putting on the lights.

Esther is sitting on the bare groud, hands and legs tied while she backed the wall.

She easily got captured by Klaus men after Mrs. Ronald spilled her location, she has been here since a week.

"Sick psycho!!! Let go of me!!!" She shouted, and he kicked her in the face, making her yelp.

"The best thing to do in this situation is accept fate" he said.

" My parents will find me and you'll be doomed!" She spat, and he laughed.

"Aren't you one amazing girl? I've had you here for a week but they still can't find you, and here you are, boasting about them?" 

Esther gulped fearfully.

"Aren't you quiet obsessed with Nikki? Too bad he's dead" he said, and her eyes widened.


"It kind of happened. I needed a shield and he was available" he smiled.

"No....no not Nikki....he's your son!!!" She screamed.

"Yeah, but there's no law that says my son can't die for me. He's mine anyways. You see I can't die yet, I have an empire to protect, and I need my second son. Life is all about strategy young girl" he said, and tears rushed out of her eyes.

"You're a monster! You're a devil!!!" She cried hotly, and he stood, laughing as he looked down at her.

"When my son finally joins me, you'll be the first gift I present to him. He'll kill you himself" he said and walked out of the room

"Nikki!!!' Esther's cries echoed around the whole house till he got back to the main room.

All his remaining boys are there already...they lost five to Collins, and there are ten left.

He looked at Nikki's body on the ground and pocketed his hands.

"Send his body to his mother, and it's time to bring Andrea to me. Nikki's death will make things easier" he said heartlessly.



"You made a deal with Collins?" Jarvis said surprisingly.

She's still in her room with Jace, facing him as they sat in bed.

"Yeah, he has been secretly following the school bus since weeks ago, to and from school" Jace replied.

"And he agreed? Despite his exams?" She said.

"Collins never writes exams, his father has all the lecturers wrapped around his fingers, so they give him the best result everytime. And why won't he agree? He needs Molly" Jace explained.

"I hope that thing won't make him mad completely" she replied.

"Seeing you worry about him is bothersome" he said, and she smiled, placing her legs on his laps before crawling to him.

"Don't be silly" she said.

"Then give me a hand job" he whispered in her ear, and she chuckled.

"Seriously? Not scared of my aunt?"

"I won't make a sound... c'mon dip your hand in" he replied, but then his phone rang..

"Dang it" he muttered, getting it out of his pocket.

It's Collins calling...


"Klaus' men attacked, and I did like you told me, but he used Nikki. He shielded himself with him...I think Nikki is dead" Collins announced, and Jace's brows furrowed as he stood.

"What the f*+*k?" 



A phone could be seen ringing on the couch, and a maid brought it to Mrs. Ronald who's coming downstairs.

It's Mrs. Laurence calling, Esther's mum.

She inhaled before swiping green.

"How's the search for Esther?" She asked.

"Still same...the cops can't find anything, and I'm so scared. What if the psychopathic boy got his hands on my daughter already" Mrs. Laurence said.

Mrs. Ronald clenched her hand on the phone, remembering when she spilled Esther's location to Klaus after he threatened her.

She hasn't told anyone about it since it happened, afraid that she might be arrested for being an accomplice.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Mrs. Laurence said.

"Actually, the thing is...

Mrs. Ronald was about to speak when a maid screamed from outside the house.

She rushed down the stairs and opened the door hastily.

Her eyes widened when she saw Nikki's bloody dead body at her doorstep, and her body stopped working as she fell unconscious too.

"Ma'am!!... someone help me!!" The maid screamed terrifically.



With all the girls gone, Nicole is the only one in the room now.

She has been reading Jace's poem book since dusk, and she's still at it.

She was actually holding it when she got kidnapped back then, and how she has been able to keep it till now despite several escapes is uncanny.

She closed the book and stood from the reading table, putting off the reading lamp before walking to the bed.

She was about to climb it when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who's it?" She asked as she walked there, but no answer came.

At the same time, her phone rang in her hand...it's her sugar daddy calling again, he has been calling but she has been ignoring.

"Seriously? He came here after I warned him not to?" She said, looking pissed as she opened the door, but it was another story entirely.

Her eyes widened when she saw the faces of Klaus men, and she made to quickly shut the door, but she was injected on the wrist.

That was all she could remember as she fell unconscious on the ground.



Marcus hasn't been hearing from Brenda since the wedding, so he came to check on her with Marie.

They're supposed to be back at England after the honeymoon last week, but Klaus is still around, and he still wants to stay till they find a solution.

They rang the doorbell, but no answer came.

"You think she's out?" Marie said.

"I don't think so" Marcus replied, opening the door.

Their eyes widened at once at the sight they met in the living room

Brenda is laying down there unconscious, blood escaping her nostrils.

"Mum!!!" He screamed.

"Brenda!" Marie gasped, her bag falling from her.


Twenty minutes later, they were already at the hospital, got her admitted while they wait for the test results in the hallway.

"What could be wrong with her?" Marie said worriedly.

"I just hope it's nothing serious" Marcus replied fearfully, and his phone buzzed in Marie's bag.

She got it for him, and he took it to read the new message.

"What!" He gasped.

"What?" Marie went closer.

"You know Nikki Ronald right?"

"Yeah, the take writer? Your student?"

"He's... he's dead" he muttered, and she gasped.

At the same time, the doctor came out with the test results, looking sad.

"Another bad news?" Marcus swallowed.

"She's suffering from gastric cancer. I'm sorry but she's at the last stage already. No treatment nor precautions has been taken, more like she allowed it to eat deep into her" the doctor said, and Marcus's phone fell from him.

Marie covered her mouth...

"How long does she have?" Marcus asked.

"Three days"



In sad moods and black apparels, Jace came out with Jarvis and Ms m Zoe, ready to go to Nikki's burial.

It's today, and it'd have even started already.

Jace suddenly faced Zoe and Jarvis...

"You both should come in my second car, Jarvis will drive" he said.

"But it's dangerous alone, what if Klaus..." Jarvis said fearfully.

"Trust me, do as I say" Jace said, and she nodded.

He gave her a sad smile as he got in the Bentley, driving out of the orphanage.



Nikki's body has just been lowered into the grave, and people's tears accompanied him as earth was thrown at his coffin repeatedly.

Craig came back from Seattle for the burial, and Dorothy is in attendance too.

Gabby is present with Jenna, and lots of their departmental mates.

Marcus came too with many lecturers.

Jace just stood at a place, watching the sad scenario with a deadpanned look on his face.

Mrs. Ronald was unstoppable with her tears, but she has too many people around consoling her.

Collins suddenly joined Jace...

"Are you sure about what you wanna do?" He asked.

"I made up my mind, no going back" Jace replied, and Dorothy came over.

"Where my Jarvis, I haven't seen her around?" She asked, and Jace was about to talk when his phone rang.

Merely seeing the last digit of the unknown number, he knows who it is, and he quickly picked.


"Good, and I think you have no other choice now. I have your mother figure Zoe, your adorable little cat, and our beloved Andrea with me" Klaus said.

The speaker is loud, so Dorothy gasped when she heard that.

" If you touch them Klaus...

"Calm down son, your cooperation is all I need, no hard feelings" Klaus cut him off.

"Where are you?" Jace asked calmly.

"I'll send you the location, and you can try to bring cops or thugs, but know that no number of them will amount to the ones I have here. I strengthened my fold already, so come here and join me. I'll release them, then we can leave the country together and create history" Klaus replied.

Jace hung up immediately.

"What was that?" Marcus appeared.

He heard everything too.

What's going on?" Gabby and Craig came over too, and they all exchanged glances.

"I'll call the cops" Marcus made to dial the line, but Jace snatched his phone and smashed it, making everyone gasp.

"I own this game, don't ruin things" he said and walked out.

They all quickly followed him.



True to his words, Klaus' fold tripled already

His men increased, standing on every corner of the house with dangerous ammunition.

Inside the dark room there's Jarvis, Zoe, Nicole and Esther, but the lights are on.

Their car was easily hijacked on their way to the burial, and here they are.

Only Esther is tied, the rest are free but can't make any move anyways, they're trapped in the middle of strong men.

"I never expected you to grow so fleshy, I was expecting a skinny daughter. I prefer lean badasses" Klaus said to Nicole, and she smirked.

"I'd rather die than watch you take Jace to that hellhole in England!" 

"Oh daughter but you have no choice. Your brother is on his way to do as I say, just wait and see" Klaus smiled.

"You think Jace will follow you? He's not daft!" Nicole said again.

"His girl is here, I'm sure she means more to him that the rest of you, so there's no reason he won't bend to me" he replied.

"Why are you doing this?" Jarvis asked.

"Do I need a reason? They're my kids! I own them and I decide their fates!" Klaus spat.

"Your madness is on the roof already" Zoe muttered.

"You know I should reward you for  taking care of him till he grew up. You deserve it" Klaus replied.

"He's here" one of the men said, Klaus smiled as Jace was led in.

'"Jace!" Jarvis gasped and made to go to him, but she was blocked.

"See that? I knew it!" He boomed, hanging his arm on Jace's neck.

"Did you check his trails?" He asked his men.

"Yes, he came with friends and they're outside. No cops or thugs in sight" they reported.

"Good! Now let's make it fast, flight is ready" Klaus said, and Jarvis was grabbed together with Zoe and Nicole.

"You all can leave" Klaus said.

"No! No Jace! Jace!" Jarvis was struggling with the men as they dragged her out with the rest.

Jace stood with Klaus, not bothering to move or look at her.

"Jace!!! Jace please look at me! Jace! You know I love you right? Don't leave with him! Jace!!!" She screamed.

"I don't wanna be saved like this! You can't go with him, his empire is hell! Jace!" Nicole shouted too.

"Jace... don't do this... please" Zoe was saying too.

Jace neither blinked nor looked at them till they were finally taken away.

"Finally it's just the two of us" Klaus smiled, facing him.

Jace smiled back surprisingly, hugging him slowly.

"Son!" Klaus sighed, hugging him back while patting his back fondly.

"Yeah, we're finally together, and we'll be together forever... just the two of us" Jace said, and Klaus tightened the father and son hug.

Secretly, a faint red light is beeping inside Jace's back pocket.

"Let's go, dad" he whispered, closing his eyes on Klaus shoulder.



"Dial the cops now!, Jace can't follow that man, he's the devil! Dial the line Marcus!" Nicole shouted, and his eyes widened when he saw her white elbow.


"Dial the f**king cops already!" Nicole shouted.

Jarvis was already doing the dialling, but then Collins appeared.

"I don't think it'd work" he said, and they faced him.

"What do you mean?" Craig asked.

"Actually...three days ago when Nikki died..." Collins said.


After hearing the news at Jarvis's place, Jace left to meet Collins at the hostel, and he was surprised to see he got shot on the arm.

"I barely escaped with my guys" Collins said, wrapping a bandage on the arm after removing the bullet by himself.

"Maybe my strategy wasn't the best after all" Jace replied.

"No bud... you're just as brainy, but that man ain't human. He used his son as a shield, meaning he'd go any length to get what he wants. Wolfie, he'll kill Jarvis or Zoe or your friends or anyone" Collins said seriously.

"No matter how much you protect them, he's got ways, and his men are skilled. I don't think you can outsmart him. He wants you, and he won't stop till he gets you" he continued.

Jace sighed and stood.

"Then there's just one option" he said.


"Use your dad's connections and find me where I can get a small but powerful time bomb, pocket size" Jace said.

"Wait...no... Wolfie" Collins gasped.

"If you can't take the devil down, then join him and go down together. Get the bomb before Nikki's burial, I'll pay any amount" Jace replied.


"Wait..." Gabby gasped shockingly.

"He knowingly told Jarvis to come to the burial separately with Zoe, he knew this kidnap would happen and..." Collins said guiltily.

"No!" Jarvis's eyes widened in horror.

"He's with the bomb, it's killing them both" Collins said.

"Jace! Jace no!!!!" Jarvis started running to the house madly.

Nicole and Zoe joined her with the rest, but they've barely gotten halfway when the blast happened, blowing the house off at once.

The blast force threw everyone of them away as the house began burning gloriously.

Everyone landed in different angles and instantly passed out with wounds on their bodies, but Jarvis stood despite her bloody head, watching the house burn with her heart inside...

She died, went to hell and came back instantly...

Piping hot tears fell out of her eyes, and her vocal cords shook devastatingly as she held her head and screamed out....


She started running towards the burning house again, but another blast from it threw her again .

This time, she flew and landed on a fallen tree, hitting her head hard on the wood. Blood rushed out of the spot...

"Jace... please..." were the last  words she whispered, and a lone tear slipped out of the corner of her melancholic eyes as they went shut.


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