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I Hate You Jace - Episode 75&76




I Hate You Jace - Episode 75&76


By Naomi Cindy B.



Father Fisher's face is painted with blood already, all dripping down his white robe as he was made to sit on a chair in front of the pulpit.

"You really have no value for your life, old man" Klaus grinned.

He's holding bloody pliers which he has been hitting the priest's face with.

"I told you I'd rather die in your hands than tell you her location" Father Fisher said weakly, and Klaus hit the pliers on his face again.

"Arghh!!" He fell from the chair, rolling to the ground as blood poured out of his mouth.

"Stop!!!" One of the stewards from before rushed in, and Klaus stood straight.

"Please stop!" The steward knelt in front of him.

"Any better idea?" He said.

"No! Don't!" Father Fisher said from his ground position.

"She escaped this place long ago, but Father found her at Finley college last month. She's there" the steward quickly said.

"You think I'm a fool? I searched Finley college student records and there's no single girl bearing Andrea!" Klaus shouted.

"No that's because father changed her name. She's Nicole Fisher right now" the steward replied quickly, and Klaus dropped the pliers before smirking.

"You didn't only keep her from me, but you gave her your name? I should end you!" He spat and made to go after the priest again, but the steward covered him.

"Please don't! She requested for the new name herself and father was just doing her the favor!!!" He cried out, and Klaus held back.

"Darn it!"

He smirked before starting to walk out of the church, getting his phone as he walked.

He dialled his mens' line...

"Andrea found. I  have many aces up my sleeves now, prepare for my son's homecoming" he said, smiling as he finally stepped out.



After fuçking Jarvis senseless in the pool, Jace brought the afterparty to his room, and right now she's holding the headboard tight while he's behind, screwing her from there.

He really made sure to fulfil his promise of taking her through the back next time, and here they are...

Their faces and entire body was already so sweaty, but the sweat on her is sure more than his.

Her hair turned sticky and damp already, sticking to every part of her face so much that Jace had to move it frequently as he gave her thrusts to die for.

She was a mo@ning mess, releasing every sound that came to her throat without trying to hold back any.

He held her @ss cheek with an hand while his other found her cl+toris, rubbing it as his d+ck enters her repeatedly.

She's so damn tight, but she has gotten used to it, and the pleasure is breathtaking.

"Oh...my..." She gasped when he thrusted deeply again.

Her sweaty palms gripped the headboard tighter, they were slipping on the surface as she received another bang.

"F*+*k!" She cried, the sounds of his skin meeting her @$s echoing in the hot room.

She started pushing herself to his center too to meet his thrusts, f*+*king herself...

"You want more, don't you? S+xy cat" his nasal whisper came as his hand rubbed her cl+t faster....her @ss cheeks clenched.

"Gawd! Yes! Please...oh .... damn!" She cried as he thrusted yet again, making the bones in her legs lose their holds in her joints.

The bed started moving on the ground at his intensity, and her face met softly with the wall as his d+ck brutalizes her insides.

It's the roughest s+x they've ever had, but will she be nuts to say she loves it most?

The slaps their skins produce, the glowing sweat on their bodies, his right hand on her @$s cheeks and the left on her cl+t while his d+ck idolizes her pu+$y is the sweetest thing ever...

She can't even get enough of this ecstatic moment.

She reached her peak two times already, and she's still as active as f*+*k...

Jace's movements suddenly became slow, slow but deep as he bent over her back.

His frame over her that way is so satisfying as his lips found the nape of her neck, licking and sucking on it till it left a hickey.

"I love how your pu+$y hugs my d+ck every damn time, your tightness drives me so crazy that I can't stop thinking of it anytime i hear the word tight..." He whispered, and gawd f*+*king damn it! She dripped so much immediately.

He knows how hard his dirty words affect her, and he's knowingly doing this.

"Jace please..." She muttered, pushing herself to his center again, begging him to f*+*k her hard, but he still didn't move.

"Say it" he replied, still not moving.

"Don't stop anymore, just...f*+*k it" she replied, and he palmed her be+asts as he raised his frame from her back.

"Hold the headboard tighter and bend lower" he ordered, and she did.

She received the hardest thrust of her life immediately, and her voice broke as he kept it up, hitting every bit of her insides.

"Oh yeah! More please! More!" She cried,, her cheek resting on the wall once again as she incredulously received his feral thrusts.

She asked for this, and she has to deal with it.

She was starting to reach the fourth peak, she could feel it as his banging grew merciless.

"Jace! Jace I'm about to....gosh!"

She couldn't take it anymore as she panted breathlessly.

Jace continued the roughness, not letting her go till he could feel his shots too...

"Oh my f*+*king gawd!" She screamed, and before he could pour, he pulled out of her, and she knelt in front of him.

He poured everything directly on her b*+*bs, and the warmness made her feel so good that she licked some with her pointer finger as her own juices flowed down her thighs.

"F*+*k it, that's the s+xiest thing I've ever seen" Jace said as they both felt a rush of cold air on their gummy skins.

She looked up at him with wild eyes, and he didn't understand that look till she took his boner into her mouth.

"Gawd damnit! Little cat!" He groaned.

He wasn't expecting that, but he sure loves how his little cat is driving him crazy right now.

His cû👀m dripping off of her b👀bs, her juicy thighs and sticky hair on her face, her warm mouth on his d+ck.

He has always longed to see her like this, but he wasn't expecting her to call the shots first...

She looks so hot, yet innocent. She looks like an angel and the devil at once, so sweet and gawd damn dirty as she worked her tongue around his shaft, swirling and flicking.

No doubt, she read Wet Kisses countless times which explains why she's so damn good...

He felt himself at the back of her throat severally, and his head just spins.

"F*+*k!... little cat" he groaned countlessly, grabbing her hair to push her closer to his growing length.

He could feel her gag, so he lessened his hold as he grew even bigger in her mouth.

"Damn! I love you" he blurted as the hotness gushed out of him.

She pulled him out of her mouth, and some of his c+m stained her lips while the rest wet her b👀bies again, creating a flowing river of it down her tummy.

"Did that feel good?" She asked so innocently, and he picked her up in his arms, kissing her hard ....

"I'm proud of you baby" he whispered on her lips, kissing her harder which earned a s+xy m0@n.

They were still kissing as he walked into the bathroom with her.


An hour later, they're both clean and clothed already, cuddling warmly in bed...Jarvis has her snacks around her as usual.

Jace kept kissing her hair repeatedly, stroking it gently.

 Anyone who enters right now wouldn't believe they're the ones who just had wild rough sweet s+x.

"We're going on our helicopter date immediately we write our last papers next week" he said

"I've been eagerly waiting for that" she replied, taking his hand to kiss.

She knowingly stained it with some of her cake icing, and he licked it, making her chuckle.

"And we'll have time for your therapy too" she said.

"That boring stuff" he muttered, kissing her hair again.

"You didn't change your mind, right? You promised me" she said.

"I never go back on my words, baby" he replied.

"And about Nicole...

"Can we not?" He interrupted.

"Jace what if she's really Andrea??" She replied.

"Urrg! You love ruining moods" he groaned.

"I know you don't believe her but allow her to prove herself. Ok fine we all know she's a bad person but she might not be totally bad. I once thought you were worse too but here we are now" she said.

"Don't compare me to her" he replied.

"Seriously? Jace" she faced him.

"The cute and lovely Andrea I have in my head is so far from what Nicole is" he said, and she puffed.

"You don't expect her to be the same, I mean...she was kidnapped, injected, affected with many disorders, she even had to sleep with big men to pay her bills....

"And that part...that was exactly what Brenda did and I hate it like damn. She said she found out about me since our second year, how come she didn't reveal herself since then? I would have taken care of her. I'm rich as f*+*k and you know it, I've got shit load of money and I could have spent it on her too but she chose the big men, just like Brenda" Jace said all at once.

"Now I get this. You accept her as Andrea already, but you're mad that she reminds you of your mum" Jarvis said, and he turned away.

"Ok, let's not talk about it anymore ok? I want my sweet boyfriend back" she said, and he turned back to her.

She caressed his face, and he smiled.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you" he replied, kissing her lightly before returning her head to his chest.

His phone boozed, and he inhaled when he saw it's a text from Collins.

"You grew closer these days, he texts you almost every hour" Jarvis commented.

"We're up to something" Jace smiled mischievously.



The hostel is starting to empty out as students are already leaving for the three weeks break.

Exams is officially over, and next semester starts next month.

Some students aren't travelling home though, students like Nicole.

She always spent her breaks with her sugar daddies, but now that she showed herself to Jace...even if he's yet to accept her, she has to stop.

She'll be spending her break at the hostel.

She went to the cafe to get herself some coffee and she's already coming back, but strangely, she felt eyes on herself.

She turned back but saw no one, except scanty students who're in the corridor.

She resumed her walk, faster than before till she got to the room.

She could hear kissing sounds, and she stood by the door as Scarlett broke her kiss with Ronnie.

"Nicole!" She stood.

Ronnie gave her a irritating look.

"I'll be outside" Nicole made to leave...

"No I was actually waiting to say bye to you. I'm traveling home today" Scarlett said.

"Oh...I guess we'll see each other next semester then" Nicole replied.

"Sure" Scarlett said, grabbing her bag, but Ronnie took it from her immediately, dragging it behind as they left together.

They met Gabby at the front porch alone, and Scarlett waved at him.

"See you next semester!" 

"Sure!" Gabby smiled.

She left afterwards, and Gabby was about to sigh out when Jenna appeared.

"Not going home?" She asked.

"Yeah, I love this hostel when students around around. Dad is always busy at the hospital too so there's no point in going home" he replied.

"Me too! I'm staying at my friend's room here!" she gushed.


"Yeah, because of you though. I like being with you" she replied, and he squinted


She picked nervously on her nails, and he smiled when he noticed.

"Let's go to my room" he said.

"Seriously?" Her face brightened.

"Craig and Dorothy left already... Jace and Jarvis too, so..." He shrugged.

"Sure" she held his arm, and they walked back in.



Jace's Bentley halted in front of the house, and he came out with Jarvis who's holding Milo.

She was smiling as he carried her bag out of the trunk, and they kissed.

"You can't just stay away from my lips" she said, and he winked, making her chuckle.

They walked to the door together, and Caroline opened up before they could even knock.

"Aunt Caroline!" Jarvis hugged her tightly, and the woman hugged her back immediately.

"Tell me how your exams went" she said, taking the cute cat from her.

"I promise you A in all my courses" Jarvis replied, and Jace smiled...her confidence is peaking.

"I'll look forward to that" Caroline smiled and faced Jace.

"How're you doing, thug?" She asked, and he frowned a bit.

"Cool, you?" He replied.

"Not bad, but make sure you don't break or burn anything during your stay. I'll make something for you both" she said comfortably, and Jarvis laughed as she walked into the kitchen.

"Thug, ion like the nickname" he muttered.

"C'mon jerk, I'll show you my room" Jarvis pulled him in.

"I knew it, purple shade... You're damn obsessed with the colour" he said.

"Don't judge me" she chuckled, pushing him to the bed.

"So, first thing we do in your house is s+x?" He said.

"Gawd! I can't with you" she laughed, laying on his chest.

"C'mon" he chuckled, grabbing her @ss.

"You're gonna stay with me till tommorow morning before going to the orphanage right? Don't go today" she pouted.

"If your aunt allows it" he replied.

"Of course! And about Nicole...

"Not again" he sighed.

"But she's still your sister nevertheless, what if Klaus gets to her?" She replied.

"Klaus doesn't know her grown face, so stop it" he replied.

"And Klaus has been silent too, you think it's dangerous?" She asked.

"It is, but you're always with me so getting you is impossible. He'll be going after someone else, but I have plans too" he replied.

"What plans?" Jarvis asked curiously.



"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream... merrily/4× life is but a dream!"

The kids were singing loudly in their school bus as it drove them back from school.

They're kids from Hope Orphanage, the name was written boldly on the bus.

The driver always sang with them, but he's not saying anything today, and Camille worried about that.

"Are you ok sir?" She asked from the midst of kids, but no answer came.

She walked to the front and tapped his shoulder.

"Are you ok?" She asked again, and he turned back slowly, but her eyes widened when she saw it's not their driver.

It's another person wearing mask and cap.. one of Klaus men to be precise.

"Argghhhhh!!!!!!!" She screamed, and the kids started panicking as the drive became too fast.

He didn't even care, carrying out Klaus orders is his concern.

The kids are one of the things that can bring Jace's head down, and once Klaus have them, he'd bend.

Klaus only needs one son, and it has to be Jace no matter what, he's the only useful one.

The kids were still screaming when a secret compartment opened at the back of the bus, and another person came out.... Collins.

The kids were about to yelp again when he placed a finger on his lips for them, and they went silent

Their sudden silence made the driver look back,but his throat was met with a knife from Collins.

He lost his life straight, and Collins literally flew to the front to gain control of the wheel  

He brought the car back to lane,, but he parked it almost immediately.

He got the kids out of the car , and another car came for them, taking them back to the orphanage.

Collins checked the phone of the dead man, and he was able to find their hideout that way.

He used his mask and face cap before starting the drive.

It's a pretty long one, and the clock was already ticking 6pm when he arrived in the only gawd knows.

Klaus was already waiting in front of of the lonely house, but he's not alone.

The remaining men are behind him, and Nikki is beside him, looking obviously scared.

He stopped the car right in front of them, and thanks to his mask and cap, they didn't detect fast.

He came out of the car, and Klaus was about to question him about the kids absence when he drew his gun.

Klaus and his men were met unawares so it was impossible to retaliate that instant.

Immediately Collins shot at him, Klaus grabbed Nikki, covering himself with him.

The long bullet flew directly to Nikki's chest.


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