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I Hate You Jace - Episode 73&74




I Hate You Jace - Episode 73&74


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Shut the f*+*k .... Up!" Jace snarled.

"Are you gonna slap your big sis or something?" Nicole smirked like him.

"You're not my sis, I'm not a fool" Jace smirked too.

"Ok ok wait... what's going on please?" Jarvis asked in confusion, looking from one to another.

"Ever heard of Andrea? That's me" Nicole said.

"What!" Jarvis gasped.

"I said shut it!!" Jace yelled angrily.

"I knew you'd be a jerk!" Nicole snapped.

"F*+*k away" Jace glared.

"I only found out when I joined this hostel and saw Ms. Zoe during my second year. I followed her around cos I heard she took you away from the mansion, and I found you through her" Nicole replied, and Jarvis's eyes widened more.

Jace gritted his jaw hard, still glaring at her.

"I won't take your words, ever" he said and pulled Jarvis in, locking the door on Nicole's face.

Nicole stood by the door dejectedly for a while before walking away.



"What! Nikki is what?" Craig said with wide eyes.

He's already present with Dorothy and Gabby.

"And Nicole is what?" Gabby gasped. 

"No that's bull crap" Dorothy muttered.

"Nikki is your stepbrother? And Nicole is the Andrea you talked about? The lovely... pretty... etcetera... Andrea? No please hand" Craig said unbelievably.

"Your family is the most complicated I've ever seen" Dorothy muttered.

"Fine, Nikki is the idiotic stepbrother, but there's no way Nicole is Andrea" Jace spoke.

"But you said she has the sign on her right elbow" Jarvis said.

"Doesn't matter baby, she's crazy enough to con" Jace replied.

"But then she mentioned Zoe and the mansion, and your father, how's that possible?" Jarvis replied.

"I don't even wanna know, she's not Andrea and that's period" Jace replied and left the room looking upset.

"Can't their family drama just end already? I'm tired" Craig said.

"I know, right?" Dorothy replied.

"The wedding" Gabby stood.

"Let's go dress up, sweetheart" Craig replied, leaving with Dorothy.

"I'll go find him" Jarvis said.

"Sure" Gabby replied, leaving too.

Jarvis went to the only place she's very sure he'd be....the workshop.

He's in, backing the table while smoking hard.

She stood by the door when she came in, and when he saw she's not coming closer, he dropped the cigar and stepped on it.

She finally went closer, hugging him gently when she got to him.

"I know it's hard to take it all at once,you just have to cool your head and think about what you really wanna do, don't rage" she said softly, and he broke the hug to hold her face tenderly, leaning in to rest his forehead on hers.

"The only cool I need right now is you" he whispered, and she smiled  as he kissed her lips.

He brought the necklace out, and she gasped.

"You found it?"

"Nicole did" he replied, fixing it back on her neck.

"I won't lose it again" she promised, and he kissed her nose tip before hugging her. 



"Done" Scarlett said after putting finishing touches to Dorothy's makeup.

"Aww! I look prettier!" Dorothy gushed as she looked in the mirror.

She's coming with Craig to Prof. Marcus's wedding.

"Make sure you have fun at the function" Scarlett said winked.

"Sure!" Dorothy got her bag, rushing out of the room.

Almost immediately, Ronnie came in, holding a bag

"Hey! Sorry for not knocking, the door was open" he said.

"It's fine" she replied, and he gave her the bag.

"What's this?" She asked, taking it.

"You love eating red apples early every morning, from the store down the road" he said, and her eyes widened.

"They started opening again? Oh my gosh!" She opened the bag, and when she saw the numerous red apples, she hugged him before knowing.

"Thank you!" She squealed, and he was about to hug her back when she broke it.

"Do you have plans today?" He asked.

"Yeah, reading at the library" she replied.

"Can I come?" He asked, and she hummed for a second...

"Fine" she said, and he smiled widely.

"I'll see you then!"

"Sure" she replied, and he left the room.

She was smiling as she checked the bag, and Nicole walked in.

"I see you both made up" she said.

"What? Are you gonna try your tricks again? Will you drop a br@ this time?" Scarlett rolled eyes.

"Oops! Sorry" Nicole laughed.

"You know I wanna believe you're actually Jace's sister cos you're both psychos, but he never hurts people without reason, whereas you don't even need a reason to hurt people, you do it for fun. You're a greater psychopath" Scarlett muttered.

"And you didn't hear the part where they said Klaus kidnapped me when I was 11? I escaped from him when I turned 12, meaning I spent one year with the madman, and during that one year, he injected me with many dangerous serum throughout so I could lose my good memories, but i was too strong, and instead of wiping my memory, the serum turned me to a greater psychopath. I didn't realize till I escaped, then people's happiness started irritating me, and this stupid body odour started too!" Nicole shouted.

Scarlett couldn't blink as she stared at her...

"No matter how much I tried to stop the urge to destroy happy people, I couldn't, I can't. I don't even feel remorseful after doing it too. Is it my fault that my prostitute of a mother had me for a madman, is it my fault that the madman kidnapped me? Is it my fault that I have the disorder? My little brother won't even accept me cos he sees me as a whore which I really am!"  She shouted again.

Surprisingly, tears came out of her eyes, but she wiped them away immediately.

"I look so pathetic right now and I hate it" she muttered as another tear fell.

"F*+*k, these darn tears" she muttered, wiping them again.

Scarlett dropped the apple bag and went to her, hugging her for comfort.

"It's alright to cry ok? You can still be fixed" she said, and Nicole didn't try wiping the tears this time as they rolled down her cheeks.

"It's ok" Scarlett patted patted her.



Gabby came out all dressed for the wedding, and he stopped for a while to button his sleeve before raising his head, but he was surprised to see Jenna waiting, dressed gorgeously.

"Jenna?" He said surprisingly.

"Before you question me, it was Craig who told me to dress up and be your partner to the wedding" she smiled, and Gabby got a text immediately... from Craig

• Coming without a partner won't make any sense bro. Treat her well.

"Damn...Craig" Gabby muttered, and Jenna came closer.

"Shall we leave? You have to pay for the beer you drank last night though" she said.

"You gave it to me by yourself" he replied.

"But you drank it and just left me all alone at the poolside, cruel" she muttered.

"I'm sorry, I was just in one of my moods" he replied.

"It's fine now" she smiled, feeling much better after hearing sorry.

He offered his arm, and she linked hers with it.

They smiled at each other before walking down the hallway.



The ringing of the doorbell made Mrs. Ronald look up from the magazine she's holding.

She's actually in the living room, resting.

A maid opened the door, and Klaus stepped in.

"Morning here!" He hollered.

"Klaus?'" she stood skeptically.

"Dear baby mama. You're my favorite but too bad I don't like our son. Why is that idiot so slow? He inherited your brain I think" he mocked.

"Whatever you're planning to do Klaus, count Nikki out" Mrs. Ronald glared, going closer to him.

"Why would I? He willingly came to daddy" he replied, and she tried slapping him, but she pushed her away.

She staggered back to the couch, and one of the maids tried dialling the cops...

"If I were you, I wouldn't try that" Klaus faced her, and the phone fell from her.

He leaned in to Mrs. Ronald on the couch, and the woman gulped.

"Heard Esther is the closest to you, even more than her parents" he whispered, and her eyes widened.

"Meaning...you know where she's hiding" he said, and she gasped.

"Tell me... now" he smiled.



Marcus Braun and Marie Wallace today...

Their posters and boards are all-over the walls of the hall, and the matrimony will soon start.

Guests are mingling with cups of wine in hand.

Granny Donna's business associates, Marcus's co-lecturers and his students, Marie's friends and loaded family.

Philip was searching for Jarvis with his eyes, but he gave up after looking for a minute.

She's not here if Jace is not.

"Philip?" Marcus called behind him, and he turned.

"Prof! Congratulations you look more kinky. Marie is so lucky" he said.

"I'm the lucky one to have her" Marcus smiled.

"Aww, heard you'd be taking over the family business in England after this wedding, meaning you're leaving Washington for good" Philip said.

"Yeah. I became a lecturer to watch over Jace, but now I'm quitting after exams, Jarvis is beside him now" he replied.

"I guess you made the wedding happen here in Washington instead of England cos of him too...you love him a lot" Philip said, and Marcus looked around.

"I don't think he's coming" Philip said.

"It's fine, I'll see you around" Marcus patted him before leaving.

"Philip?" His name came again, and he turned to see the four.... Craig and Dorothy... Gabby and Jenna.

"Better, now I have people to talk to" he smiled, walking to them.


Marcus went to the washroom to wash his hands after leaving Philip.

He needs to ease his tension.

He'd be walking down the aisle with Marie soon, but Jace is not here.

Somehow he's hoping he'd still come, but he knows for sure he's never coming.

He rinsed his hands and was about to get tissue when he felt someone behind him.

Before he could lift his frame, a knife was slid on his neck, stopping him from moving.

"Move an inch at your own risk"  the voice said, and he froze.


"I should be slaughtering you by now and turn today to bloodbath day for what you did to my son" Klaus replied.

"What's stopping you?" Marcus asked shakily.

"He doesn't have the determination to kill you. I only kill those who he wants to kill, but doesn't mean I can't hurt you" Klaus replied, and Marcus swallowed.

"Take this" Klaus said, shoving the knife into Marcus's arm.

"Ahh!!" Marcus groaned as his blood wet the ground.

"I'll be back after I carry out my plan" Klaus whispered, walking out of the room.

"Argh!!" Marcus's eyes were rolling as he held the knife.

He pulled it out of his arm, and more of his blood followed it out.

Brenda rushed in with wide eyes.

"Marcus!" She gasped.

"Klaus...came" Marcus breathed.

"Marcus!" Granny Donna came in.

"Marcus!!" She screamed in horror.

"He has a plan, we have to protect Jace at all costs... He's not here to play" Marcus gulped, holding his bleeding arm.

"Let's get you to the hospital first" Brenda said.

"No. I only have to clean up the wound and stop the bleeding somehow, can't ruin my wedding" Marcus replied.



The evening mass ended five minutes ago, and the church is almost empty except for Priest Fisher who's in with two stewards.

He finished speaking with the two, and they left too.

He went on his knees in front of the alter and started humming silent prayers.

He was on it for five minutes, and he did the sign of the cross when he stood.

He turned to leave, but surprisingly, he saw Klaus sitting on a chair in the front row, looking at him with his smile.

Judging by Nicole's description of him, he recognized him immediately.

"Klaus?" He said, and Klaus stood.

"My daughter must have told you a lot about me, but I have no time for banters, where's she presently? And give me a description of her grown face" he said.

"I won't let her perish in the hands of a sinner like you. I won't tell you even if you kill me" Priest Fisher replied.

"It'd be satisfying to watch you die,  and after your death, I can just get all the information about her from any of your church member, but no....I want it from you and that's why I'm gonna torture it out" Klaus said and raised a kick to the priest's chest.

The kick made the old priest fall flat with a bleeding head.


"Where is Andrea?" Klaus demanded firmly.



Most of the students are done with their exams, but some still have one or more paper to do next week before the break.

The hostel corridors is full off flexing students that evening, but Jarvis is at the pool with Jace.

She's sitting at the edge in her pink bikini, her legs dipped in the pool.

"Do you think I'll be able to do it?" She asked nervously.

"C'mon little cat, I'm here" Jace replied from the pool middle.

He's shirtless, showing off his beautiful tats as water ran down his skin.

His hair is damp too, it's free of dye so the black locks fell on his face.

"Baby, I'm thinking you should come visit my aunt during the break" she said.

"I have plans to do that, always ahead of you" he winked.

"Are you proud of that? Jerk?" She laughed.

"Of course, cute kitty" he replied, and she chuckled as he came to her and carried her away from the edge.

She closed her eyes and stilled herself as he took her to the middle of the pool, placing her down gently.

The water reached their chests.

"Open your eyes, Little Cat" he said, and she slowly opened up, but she gasped immediately she saw the water around her, and she started breathing loudly.

"Chill, baby... relax and look at me" he said, and she held eyes with him as she wrapped her arms on his neck.

His hands held her backside softly...

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"Scared" she replied.

"How did you become aquaphobic in the first place?" He asked.

"No reason...I was just scared of large volumes of water since I was young" she replied.

"Cute coward" he teased.

"I'm not a coward, I once smashed your car window" she defended.

"Whoa, solid defense, Little Cat" he replied, and she laughed.

"What about now?" He asked, and she looked around the water again.

"I feel better than before" she said.

"You think you can dive now?" He asked.

"No. Step by step... I'll learn diving tommorow" she shook her head.

"Aren't you too lazy?" He narrowed his eyes.

"I still have one exam to write next week" she pouted.

"Same" he replied firmly.

"Let's just stay like this big wolf. I'll get used to the water today, and tommorow I'll dive" she said.

"Sure, but there's no way we're staying still" he replied, and she gasped as she pushed her chest to himself, caging her body as he slammed his lips on hers.

She began kissing him back as roughly as ever, and she was even surprised by his speed.

Maybe because they're in the pool?  His drive is insane but she managed to match up as their tongues wagered.

His right hand went down her body, and she gasped into his mouth when he inserted it in the middle of her legs.

Her bikini is pin-under, and when he tried to undo the pins, she opened her eyes and broke the kiss.

"This is why you told me to wear this bikini. You had plans, bad boy" she whispered, unable to hide the excitement in her voice and eyes.

"What page is this scene in Wet Kisses?" He asked, finally undoing the pins.

"Page 163" she replied with a slight lip bite, and her head snapped back as he rubbed her clît slowly with his thumb.

She was already watering, but it's mixing with the pool water.

"Mmmm...gawd" she moaned, unable to close her mouth as he leaned into her ear.

"The fear that someone might enter anytime is what I need. That restlessness creates more wetness in your pu+$y for me, and I'll fûck you till you nut" he whispered, pulling down his shorts before lifting her to his torso.

He raised his d*+*k mightily, inserting it into her opening at once.

"Jace..." She stuttered as she felt the crazy sensations stirring inside.

He settled deep inside her, so big and long, and she wrapped her arms on his neck once again.

"Properly" he whispered.

"Big Wolf" she whispered back.

"Good. Now Little Cat, you'll calm down like the good girl you are, and f+çking take it" he whispered hoarsely, balancing her @ss on himself before thrusting up deep into her warmness.

"Ahh! Ouch! Jace!... Jace!"


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