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I Hate You Jace - Episode 71&72




I Hate You Jace - Episode 71&72


By Naomi Cindy B.


...I own the heart in your chest, so unless you want me to f+çking die, don't stop breathing for me, little cat" he said, and more tears escaped Jarvis's eyes as she tightened her arms on him.

"I love you so much Jace, I love you so damn much" she sniffled, his loud heartbeats echoing in her ears as her head rested on his chest.

"I love you too" he replied, kissing her hair fondly.

Caroline exchanged glances with Zoe, and Zoe took her hand.

"She's in good hands, you can trust me" she said.

"I wanna believe that" Caroline replied.

Dorothy was smiling widely already, same as Scarlett.

Craig and Gabby released stressed sighs at once.

They stayed around the two till they broke the hug, and Jace picked her up in his arms easily.

"I think she should return to the hospital" Caroline said.

"No I don't wanna go back" Jarvis replied, looking at Jace for support. She literally begged with her eyes.

"She'll be good with me, I promise" he said.

"I'll get her medications from the hospital" Zoe said.

"Are you sure?" Caroline asked.

"I give you my word" Jace replied, and Caroline smiled without realizing.

"I'll come back tommorow morning to check on her"

"Sure" Jace replied, and she went closer to kiss Jarvis on the forehead.

"Be fine" she said, and she nodded.

Jace eventually took her out of the place, straight to his room.

He dropped her in bed and gave her forehead a kiss.

"Are you still mad at me?" She asked slowly.

"Even if I wanna be mad, I can't. It's darn hard... you've settled deep inside of me" he replied, and she smiled.

"I'm not usually the curious type, but it started since I met you. Wanting to know everything" she said.

"Yeah, I know the girl I met back then, a crazy one who broke my Maybach window, the mad nutjob who drove away in my car" he replied, and she chuckled.

"I promise to bring her back"

"I love any version of you, little cat" he replied sincerely, caressing her right cheek gently as his eyes caught her lips.

"Jace..." She whispered, and he leaned in at once, kissing her nose tip.

"I love this" he said, and she smiled.

"I love this" he said again, kissing her forehead this time.

Jarvis couldn't hold back her chuckle.

"Mmm... especially this" he said, kissing her lips this time.

She didn't hesitate to respond, and this time he didn't touch her.

It's obvious he's avoiding a hot make out cos of her weak condition, but kissing her naughty boyfriend without his hands on her body isn't the same, though his lips remains just as sweet.

They both licked their lips when they broke the kiss, and they smiled at once.

"Tell me what you'd love to do all night, anything at all" he said, and she bit her lip.

"Hmmm... Let's snack-read" she said, and he frowned.

"I don't get that, baby" he said, rubbing his thumb on her bottom lip.

"Get snacks, and let's read the season 2 of Wet series together" she said, and he stopped rubbing to smile.

"Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"I'm ready as hell, my ride or die" she winked, and he smiled so wide, hugging her on the bed.

"Gawd, I love you mad much"



Craig is sitting in bed, and Dorothy is currently between his open legs, disinfecting the wound on his lips__the one he got as a result of Jace's punch.

"I'll make sure to punch him back tommorow morning, psychopath" Dorothy muttered, and he smiled.

"Seriously? You'd fight for me? Where are the hands?" He mocked.

"Shut up" she replied, and he smiled again.

She finished disinfecting the wound and was about to leave the middle of his legs when he pulled her back with himself.

He tried to steal a kiss, but she avoided his lips.

"I just finished treating your lips, we can't kiss" she said.

"Ion give a damn sweetheart. Do you know how many weeks I waited before I got to kiss you?" He replied, and she laughed.

"I wonder how many years I'd have to wait before we f*+*k" he joked, but she got serious immediately.

"So what if I told you to wait till we get married before s+x?" She asked, and he shrugged.

"I'm fine with it, but why would we do that?" 

"Actually, Petra...

The mere mention of that name made him cringe, and he furrowed his brows.

"Tell me everything"

"She said you broke up cos she denied you s+x" she muttered, and he smirked before standing.

"She twisted the whole story"

"Twisted?" Dorothy blinked.

"A week into our relationship, i found out she had STD, and even after she treated it, I was still afraid to f*+*k, so I told her to wait a month before our first $+x, but she was stubborn about it. I had to cut her off when it was too much" he replied, and Dorothy scoffed.


"Trust me, I'd never lie to you sweetheart" he replied.

"Then she should be put in her place" she said, and before he could reply, she walked out of the room.

She once saw Petra coming out of a block, so it was easy to locate her.

She entered the block and found her with a group of guys.

She's in their middle, about six of them, and they're all touching her while dropping money after each touch...

Her b*+*bs, @ss... some were dipping hands under her skirt too, and she was moaning shamelessly.

"I should have known" Dorothy muttered, diving into their middle to pull her out.

She might not be a good fighter, but she's sure her anger will make her defeat Petra right now.

She started giving her big hits, and Petra only cursed, unable to fight back till she landed on the ground.

The guys tried to attack Dorothy, but that was when Craig came in, so they backed off.

Craig got his phone, smiling as he made a video of Dorothy beating Petra.


Gabby dropped Jarvis's medications in Jace's room just now, and immediately he came out of the block, he was crossed by someone.

"Heya!" Her voice said.

"Jenna?" He said surprisingly.

"Yeah! I came to sleepover with a friend here so I decided to find you!" She replied, and he smiled.

"Beer? I brought one" she revealed a bottle, and he took it from her.

They went to the poolside together,  taking turns to drink from the bottle.

"Someone drowned in here today, heard she woke up" she said.

"Yeah, luckily" he replied, and she looked at him.

"You always have this look on your face" she said.

"What look?"

"Heartbroken" she replied.

"Whatever" he said, drinking beer again.

"What's your type of girl?" She suddenly asked.

"Why?" He faced her.

"Maybe.... just... maybe I could try to become your type. We could heal each other" she replied, and he sighed before standing.

" Are you offended? Sorry but...

"Thanks for the beer" he dropped the bottle and left.

"Is he for real?" She blew bubbles.


Scarlett went for an intake of fresh air after everything, and after taking her fill at the rooftop, she stood to leave,but surprisingly, Ronnie is behind.

"Hey... I was just...

"You don't have to explain, this place is general, anyone can come" she cut him off.

"You don't have to leave yet" he replied.


"We could...talk" he said, and she heaved before sitting back.

He joined her on the chair, and he smiled when he saw the starry sky.

"You used to love starry skies" he said.

"You made me" she replied, and he nodded.

"I did..."

"How have you been sleeping?" She asked.

"I don't sleep at night anymore since it happened. I spend every night thinking about how stupid I am for letting Nicole get to me" he replied, and she looked at him.

Their eyes met, and he was unaware of when he started reeling himself to her.

She almost started closing her eyes , but she suddenly stood and made to leave.

He quickly pulled her back and went on his knees in front of her.

"I can stay like this throughout the night if you want, please" he begged, and tears came out of her eyes as she stared down at him.

"Let me fix the damages I made, and this time if I f*+*k up again, you can kill me... Scar" he said, and she sniffed.



Nicole has the poem book with her again, and this time she's smiling as she read through the pages.

She smiled wider when she got to her favorite poem, and she read it out.

"Shine shine shine"

"Stars stars shine"

"Sparkles are mine"

"All night long"

"When morning comes"

"I'll embrace the sun"

She giggled after reading for the fourth time, and she started rubbing that page.

"My adorable, cute lil bro" she smiled, but then she remembered something.

She stood and brought a necklace out of her jean pocket...

Jarvis's necklace, it actually fell from her neck when she was getting rushed into the ambulance earlier, and she was lucky to find it.

"I'm trying so hard not to get jealous of your love life, I don't wanna hurt you...lil bro" she mumbled.



"What! You burnt a gas station? You almost murdered Esther's family?" Jarvis said shockingly after getting the text from Dorothy.

"Not tonight, please" Jace replied from the front of the music player, but she came down from the bed immediately.

"You weren't serious about the two, right? Gawd, we need to go for the therapy as soon as possible" She said urgently.

"I don't do jokes, I burnt the gas station and I'll pay for it, and yes I'd have burnt Esther's family if you didn't wake up for me" he replied frankly, and she made faces.

"That ain't working, and i won't take any nagging, and if my agent gets his hands on Esther, I'll kill her for real" he said, and she immediately pulled his face down, kissing him deeply.

Jace sighed into the kiss, grabbing her face this time to intensify the fleshy contact.

"Is that some kind of calming pill? It didn't work" He said as they broke it.

"Leave her alone, I'm the foolish one who went to meet her" she said.

"And you... the foolish one..are my girlfriend, so baby... I'm killing her" he replied, putting on the music.

It's "Tumblr Girls" by G-Eazy.

Before she could talk again, he took her back to bed, making her lay on his chest with sea of snacks surrounding them.

He covered their legs with the quilt before picking the book 2.

"Don't kill Esther" Jarvis muttered.

"Gawd, why are you so difficult" he groaned.

"Please... please... Please...

"Fiine!" He quickly said, and she kissed his cheek happily.

"I love you big wolf"

He replied with a squeeze on her b**b, and she smiled as she relaxed.

He opened the book, and they both started reading.

The book 2 is about Ares and Nina's daughter... Vivian and her boyfriend Nathan. 

The song was playing softly in the room as they read together.

The first two chapters are free of smut, and Jarvis was reading calmly while eating ice cream till they got to the third chapter

"I love your dress" Nathan told Vivian, and she blushed...

"Aww, thank...

"Take it off" Nathan interrupted, and Jarvis looked up at Jace who was smiling mischievously.

Vivian didn't hesitate to peel off the dress...

It was Nathan himself who pulled off her underwear, and he fell on the bed with a knowing smile, lying flat.

"Now, Viv...sit on my f*+*king face and place your p+ssy in my damn mouth" Nathan ordered.

"Jesus! Jace!" Jarvis screamed, facing Jace completely.

"What now?" He grinned, making sure she doesn't leave his torso.

"This is even erotic than Wet Kisses for real! OMG my boyfriend is so spoilt!" She laughed.

"But you love him that way" he winked, and she kissed him.

"Of course, no one comes close to my big wolf" 

"You need to learn how to swim" he said.

"Will you?" She asked.

"With pleasure" he replied, and she fed him some ice cream before going back to his chest.

They resumed reading while his hand stayed under her top throughout, caressing her soft br+àsts.



Nikki has remained in the same position since Jace left, his hands clasped in front of his face as he shook obviously.

His mum was right about his dad being a criminal cos for the record, Klaus is a thief who robbed banks repeatedly with his gang, but they were never caught cos there's always no evidence.

Is he supposed to trust him now? He even gave him a empty gun to face Jace...he obviously likes Jace more but...

"I've decided to wait till you're done with your exams in two weeks before executing my plan" Klaus said as he came in

"Me or Jace?" He asked, and Klaus scoffed

"Why are you acting like the baby brother here? You're a year older than him!" 

"Answer me already!" Nikki shouted.

"If I chose him, he'd be here by now instead of you. I have a plan ahead of me so don't ruin things, else you'll be dying in his place" Klaus threatened, and Nikki fell back on the chair.


One of Klaus boys came in immediately.

"We just found out that Andrea stayed with a priest the year she arrived here" he reported, and Klaus smiled.

"Where is the priest?"

"His location will be out soon"

"Good, and about the Esther girl, Jace wants her dead and I'll just do it for him again as the good father that I am, Find me where she is" Klaus sighed.



Jarvis found Jace's eyes on herself again when she opened her eyes, and she smiled, feeling much better than yesterday.

"Waking up to see you first everyday is all I want" she whispered.

"I wouldn't want more too baby. How did you sleep?" He asked, pulling her closer to scatter kisses all over her pretty face.

"Best sleep I've ever had" she replied.

"Any dreams?" He asked, kissing her eyes.

"Who needs dreams when I have you here in reality" she replied, and he gave her a lazy grin before planting a morning kiss on her irresistible plump lips.

"Tell me what you want for breakfast" he said.

"I'll have to go back to reading for exams today, i dunno..." She complained.

"Let's brighten your mood then" he said, getting his phone.

He logged into a shopping app called Excess, and he gave her the phone.

"Click on anything you want, they'll deliver it before the end of today" he said.

"Seriously?" Her eyes brightened.

There are dresses, undies, bags, shoes, hair accessories, jewelries and so on...

"Anything at all, though I'd prefer if you don't shop for p+nties. I love it if you don't wear underwear while with me, so I'll have easy access to your cute kitty" he said rawly, and she can't believe she blushed hard, feeling pressure down there.

"You and your dirty mouth" she chuckled.

"Yet you're blushing, and I'm sure you're all wet in the middle right now" he winked.

"Won't deny" she muttered, and he laughed.

"Today is Prof. Marcus's we...

"Don't finish that please...I have something to tell you about Nikki Instead" he interrupted, and she raised her brows.


"He's actually my...

A knock on the door interrupted, and he groaned as he went to open up.

"Bad morning" he frowned when he saw Nicole.

She raised the necklace up to his face, and he quickly snatched it.

"How come you have this?" He questioned.

"You should be thanking me" she smiled.

"I don't want to" he replied and made to shut the door.

"Now that's too rude, Mummy's boy" Nicole said in a baby voice, and his eyes rolled back up immediately.

He let go of the door as their eyes met, and she smiled.

Only one person calls him that when he was young and would always cry for Brenda's attention.

There's only one person who calls him Mummy's boy with that voice....and it's Andrea!

He quickly took her right hand and rolled up her sweater sleeve, then he saw the sign..

Her elbow is whiter than her whole body, it has always been that way.

"No f*+*king way in hell, Nicole the sugar girl? The b*+*ch?" He muttered shockingly.

"Andrea instead... Andrea Volkov, the third psychopath" she smiled, and Jace let go of her arm.

"It's so hard to pretend...f*+*k" she muttered.

"You've gotta be kidding my brains, i've seen you naked!" He shouted

"But you didn't f*+*k me cos I smell" she replied shamelessly

"What's up here?" Jarvis came out.

"Jarvis? Good, say hi to your sister-in-law" Nicole smiled.

"Shut the f*+*k .... Up!" Jace snarled.


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