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I Hate You Jace - Episode 69&70




I Hate You Jace - Episode 69&70


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Dad!!!!" Nikki screamed, and Klaus walked into the building with his usual attitude, smiling in a smug way as he advanced.

Jace's hands started going down immediately... what the fu+çk is happening?

Did Nikki just call Klaus his dad?

"Welcome here, favorite son" Klaus said, and Nikki's eyes widened too.

"I didn't plan to introduce you both this way, but it can't be avoided" Klaus said, stopping in their middle.

"What game are you playing?" Jace muttered.

"What's going on? Dad" Nikki said.

"The simple truth is that I impregnated your mothers, and they gave birth to you both, for me" Klaus replied.

"What!" Nikki and Jace said at once, their eyes widening again.

"You're bluffing" Jace muttered.

"Why would i? Do I look like i have the time to waste?" Klaus glared and faced Nikki.

"Your mother refused to let you bear my surname cos the b*+*ch is unappreciative. She was a whore like Brenda back then, but the difference is that she wasn't married like Brenda, so immediately she got pregnant, i knowingly let her go after giving her enough money to start a new life. I always have a plan B" he said and placed an hand on his shoulder

"But now that I'm back, an affidavit is enough to change your surname. You're Nikki Volkov, my first son" he smiled, and Nikki swallowed.

Klaus left him and went to Jace...

He made to place an hand on his shoulder too, but Jace hit him on the head with the gun barrel, and Klaus staggered as he began bleeding.

"You do not touch me!" Jace spat, his eyes shimmering with both anger and shock.

"That's a nasty thing to do to your father" Klaus said.

"Father?" Jace smirked.

"Yet, you brought the idiot you called my stepbrother here to kill me" he said.

"I told him to write a list and your name was the only enemy name he gave. I brought him here to know the truth that he can't kill you as his brother! The gun has no bullets!" Klaus spat, and Jace raised the gun up, shooting it to confirm.

It really is empty...

Nikki gasped, shaking more than before.

"Where's Andrea?" Jace asked.

"She escaped from me, probably living fine somewhere, but I promise to find her and reunite you both. You only have to join me, I have a big empire, waiting for my children to rule" Klaus said proudly.

"You're insane" Jace almost laughed, and Klaus huffed.

"You think I'll run into your arms and take the offer after every fuçking thing you did? You made my childhood bitter! Your boys raped Zoe repeatedly and she was killed! Marcus almost killed me cos of what you did, and Donna wasn't an exception. You waited till I started tasting sweetness again, and now you're back to infiltrate? You have no idea what I have planned for you" Jace smiled creepily.

"Thanks for coming back, let's start the game" he said and faced Nikki.

"Even if we're of the same bloody father, I can never see you as my brother, and you should be careful, cos if worse comes to worse, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger on your bloody skull" he rolled eyes, and Nikki blinked as he started walking out.

"The girl..." Klaus said, and Jace stopped...

"What if I play with her a little bit? Will you agree to join me by then? It's either you agree, or I force you by killing every important person in your life, starting with her" he said, and Jace turned back to him.

"Come for her, you're free. Come with a coffin though, you'll need it" he muttered, smirking again before leaving completely.

"As expected, he chose the hard way" Klaus smiled, facing Nikki.

"Don't mess with Jarvis" Nikki said, and he laughed.

"You want her, don't you? I gave him the offer and he declined, so I'mma just shift it to you. I'll get her for you, and you'll get to kill him like you want, then we can leave the country together. I only need one son, and you're enough" he said.

A thin sweat fell from Nikki's brow.



Surprisingly, Jace's anger calmed before he arrived, maybe because it was a long drive... he vented all his fury on the wheel.

He hid the two guns in the safe before stepping out, but then he met the whole hostel in pandemonium, students talking in circles about something.

It's like every single student is out, the hallways are damn full, and immediately he stepped into one, the students started staring at him like he has two heads.

* How will he take it? 

* It's his first time, what's gonna happen?

* I hope he doesn't run mad.

He stopped walking immediately he heard those comments, and he faced the student who talked last.

"The fuçk is going on?" He asked calmly, and the student immediately looked away from him.

He went to her and grabbed her by the collar impatiently..

Students gasped...

"If I were you, I'd talk right now!" He spat.

"It's...it's Jarvis" she stuttered, and his eyes widened.

"She's...she was found dead...in the pool" she continued, and his hands fell from her collar slowly.

His blood turned cold, and he stood frozen for a second before staggering.

"What did you... just say?"

"I'm so sorry...dude" Collins said behind him, and he turned slowly.

"What's this shit all about?" Jace said, his voice barely audible.

"I went there to smoke, but I found her body floating in the pool... she wasn't breathing and...

Jace grabbed him before he could finish, punching him in the face.

"Stop saying nonsense!!! How can she be dead!!!!" He yelled.

He could feel his knees crumbling.

"At St. Matthias, she's there" Collins said with a bleeding lip, and Jace let go of him immediately, running madly out of the hallway.



Dorothy's cries came out the loudest, she was inconsolable as she knelt on the ground, crying like a kid.

"My Jarvis!!!"

Her voice is gone as a result of crying too much, and she's still at it.

Scarlett is sitting on a chair, her face buried in her palms as she cried her eyes out.

Craig and Gabby have tears on their faces too, no one to console anyone.

Jace ran in like the wind, and Scarlett stood as he got to the ward door.

"Where have you been?" Craig asked with a sniffle, and Jace swallowed.

"Tell me it's not f+çking true" he muttered.

"It is...she's in... Her dead body" Gabby replied, and life got knocked out of Jace immediately.

"Esther caused it, the security camera recorded it" Craig said, and the ward door was opened for him.

He walked in slowly like his steps are programmed, and truly he met her body in bed.

Though her face was covered with a blue cloth, but her right hand was showing, and he saw the apple wristwatch he bought for her on her wrist.

It's her...

He suddenly bursted into laugher like he's mad, and the nurses exchanged glances as they watched him display lunacy.

His laughter lasted for minutes, and when he stopped, the nurses made to raise the cloth from her face, but he stepped back.

"No... she's not dead, I refuse to see her dead. Someone is dying in her place" he muttered and stormed out of the ward 

His eyes were already so red as he rushed down the hallway.

"Follow him, he's not in his right senses!" Scarlett quickly told the guys, and both followed him out, but he was already gone.

"Esther" Craig said, and they got in their cars, chasing after him.

Immediately they drove out, a taxi stopped in front of the hospital, and Caroline came out of it, crying as she ran into the building.




She was screaming like that till she got to the right hallway where Dorothy and Scarlett are.

"Where's she?" She asked, and she was led in.

She raised the blue cloth from her face by herself, and when she saw her face, she fell on her knees beside the bed.

"No! No please!!! Your parents don't want you to come and join them yet!! Don't go yet!!. You can't leave me alone!!" She cried hard, her tears wetting the blue cloth so much.

"Remember the wish you made last Christmas? You said you wanted to meet your favorite writer and give him a hug, and you met him already. Your second wish was that you wanted to live longer than your parents, and you wanted to make them proud up there. You haven't achieved the second so please...I promise to let you continue dating Jace, you can have everything you want but please...i don't wanna be alone!!!" She cried louder, caressing her face.

"Please... Jarvis please" she begged again, snot coming out of her nose...

She suddenly stood and grabbed the plugged defibrillators.

Before the nurses could stop her, she started pressing it on Jarvis's chest, giving her great shocks.

"Wake up!!!!!" She screamed crazily.

Doctors poured in and more nurses, but hard as they tried to stop her, they couldn't.

She kept it up till they finally got her away from Jarvis, and the defibrillators fell on the ground.

"Jarvis!!!!!" She screamed, and Dorothy suddenly noticed something.



Entering the estate requires a security pass, but that's the smallest of Jace's concerns right now.

His brain isn't working, just his hands and red eyes.

The securities tried stopping him by standing in front of the car, but he didn't stop speeding, so they jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit, and he finally halted in front of a house, Laurence mansion.

He came out of the car, livid as he walked to the door.

He rang the doorbell, and a maid opened the door.

He pushed it open with a kick, making the maid fall as he stepped in

He met the family having dinner at the dinning room.

They're three..the father, the mother, then a little girl who's obviously Esther's sister.

"Where's Esther?" He asked.

"Who are you? And what right do you have to bounce into my house?" The father stood, and Jace got his gun, aiming for his skull.

"No!!" The mother screamed, and the little girl began crying.

"Esther, I won't ask again" Jace muttered.

"She has been with Nikki since she came back to the country, she doesn't visit" the father said shakily.

"Leaves me with no choice" Jace replied and entered their kitchen.

He brought out a gas cylinder, and their eyes widened as he put it on.

"Don't! Please don't!" The mother begged.

"My girlfriend is in lying lifelessly in bed, she's not talking to me again forever! She's not kissing me again forever! She's not gonna jump into my arms again forever! She's not gonna smile or call me her big wolf again, forever! Then you all need to stop breathing too forever. After you all die, Esther is gonna come out, and I'll send her too.... adieu" he muttered and walked out of the house.

He put on his lighter and was about to throw it into the house when his phone rang...it's Craig.

"Esther sighted at Pedro Gas station!" Craig's voice said over the phone, and he rushed back into his car, driving out of the estate.

The gas station is not far from the estate, so he arrived in four minutes, and immediately he got down from his car, he sighted Esther inside the station through the window.

Without wasting anymore time, he put on the lighter again and threw it at a gas tank.

Automatically, the station blew up, burning brightly at his face.

He released a heavy breath, and as he watched it burn, his tears finally fell, rolling down his cheeks.

"Do you feel better now?" Craig asked behind, and he turned to see him coming with Gabby.

He kept crying painfully, and they came closer.

"That wasn't Esther inside, it was a mannequin" Gabby said, and his teary eyes widened.

"You were about to burn her family, we had to stop you somehow, Esther is still nowhere to be found" Craig said, and Jace made to get back in his car, but Craig pulled him back.

That earned him a punch from Jace, and he staggered.

"You'll be doomed for the rest of your life if you kill three people!" Gabby shouted.

"Do I look like I bloody care? You saw her too, she was lying down, unable to move. Anything can happen to me without her, I don't give a damn about doom! I've been experiencing that shit since I was born so damn it! I'll be killing more than three cos I'm burning every member of her family to ashes. Cousins, nephews, niece, uncles and aunts!" Jace shouted.

"You don't have to, cos she woke up" Craig said, and Jace's brows moved.




"Miracles happen for real, it happened to me once too after i was raped and killed, I woke up after a year in coma" Zoe said.

She's sitting beside Caroline in the hallway... She arrived minutes after Jarvis woke up.


"Jarvis!!!!!" Caroline screamed, and Dorothy suddenly noticed something.

"Her lashes! Her lashes moved! Her lashes!" She shouted impatiently, and Caroline stopped crying to look at it too.

The doctors and nurses stilled, watching her closely, but this time it was her brows...they moved at once.

"It moved! You saw that, right? It moved!!" Caroline shouted at the doctors, and they got to work immediately.


"I still can't believe it" Caroline muttered with a worn voice.

"You should, she's back to us" Zoe replied beside her.

"She's awake!" Scarlett announced, and they both rushed into the at once.

Jarvis is sitting up in bed already, looking pale and sick..

"Jarvis!" Caroline flew to hug her dearly.

"Don't do that again, please!! I almost died too!" She started crying for joy.

Jarvis was about to hug her back when she suddenly remembered something.

She broke the hug to look at her chest. The necklace...it's gone!

"Oh no! I promised not to lose it!" She said in a faint voice, getting down from the bed.

"Where are you going? You're not strong yet!" Dorothy said urgently.

"I have to find it...I can't lose it...I have to" Jarvis muttered, walking out of the ward barefooted.

They all followed her, and she was driven back to the hostel like she wants.

She led them to the pool, and Scarlett jumped in, searching the pool floor for the necklace, but it's not there.

"It's not in" she said as she came to the surface.

"Then...did I lose it in school? I have to go" Jarvis said.

"Can you just stop already? What's the use of the necklace!" Caroline said.

"He'll get mad at me for stupidly meeting Esther, but if I lose the necklace too, he might break up with me and I'd lose my mind" Jarvis shook her head.

"Do you seriously think that lowly of me? That I'd end things cos of a fuçking necklace?" Jace's voice came from the door, and she turned sharply to see him just coming in with Craig and Gabby.

"Jace" she started crying like a kid.

"I'm sorry for meeting Esther like a fool. I was just curious about what she had to say and... I'm sorry for dying ... I'm sorry for losing the necklace and...

"Enough already...I'm dying to have you in my arms again" Jace cut her off, walking briskly to her.

He already had tears in his eyes before he got to her, embracing her so emotionally.

"Jace..." She whispered, hugging him back in tears...

"I'm nothing if I'm not the reason you smile... I just found out today that I could burn the bloody world for you, and I'll take the ashes as my daily tea till I die. I own the heart in your chest, so unless you want me to f+çking die, don't stop breathing for me, little cat" he said.


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