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I Hate You Jace - Episode 67&68




I Hate You Jace - Episode 67&68


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Please kill Brenda!! ... Kill her!!!" She cried hard, her hot tears pouring with the rain.

Jace smiled lightly as he raised his hand to her hair, stroking the wet coils slowly...

"Is that what you really want?" He asked, and she quickly looked at him.

"No! I'm just so mad at her" she shook her head, and he smiled again, returning her head to his chest.

"And this is one of the reasons I've been avoiding telling you...I knew you'd cry to stupor" he said.

"You went blind and Marcus did that too, you went through a lot and...I can't even imagine it" she sniffed.

"Stop the tears, little cat" he said.

"I can't, it's coming out on it's own" she replied.

"Then let's leave the rain, you'll catch the flu" he said, and she nodded.

He picked her up in his arms, taking her out of the rain into the building.

He met Craig and Gabby in the passage, and though they're not crying, but he knows they're crying inside just by the looks on their faces.

"I'll dress her up" he told them, taking Jarvis into his room.

Though she insisted she could change her clothes by herself, but he pretended like he didn't hear.

He stripped her by himself and dressed her up in a white hood and cargo pants.

He changed his wet clothes too...

"No more tears, unless you want me to lick them off" he said, and she smiled as he leaned in.

They kissed lightly, and he caressed her cheek.

"I love you"

"I love you" she replied, and he hugged her dearly.

"Can we come in?" Gabby's voice said from outside.

"Yeah" Jace replied, and the guys came in. They still didn't break the hug.

"Are you ok? Crazy pants" Craig asked, and Jarvis smiled in Jace's arms.

"I'm fine" she muttered, and Jace sighed.

"So where was Klaus all these while?" Gabby asked.

"No idea, but he was aware of how Zoe came to the mansion to pick me, and he has been watching me since then. How he found my account number is still a mystery, and I changed the number more than five times already, but each time I did, he found the new one and resumed sending money. I was stockpiling the money with plans to burn or pour them into the sea, but then Zoe said there are kids who needed the money, so we built this orphanage with it" Jace replied.

"Wait...he killed Megan and the girls cos of what?" Craig asked.

"He knew I cut off their fingers for messing with my little cat, and he probably felt like I didn't finish the job" Jace replied.

"Which means he's still watching you, he knows you're here right now" Gabby said.

"Yeah, I think" Jace replied.

"He's notorious" Gabby muttered.

"If Andrea is still with him, she'd be 25 right now" Craig said.

"Yeah, my first fan" Jace smiled as her face came to his memory.

"First fan?" Jarvis broke the hug.

"She always looked forward to my childish poems back then, she read everything" Jace replied.

"She must be so pretty and lovely" Jarvis smiled.

"She was" Jace replied.

"So...what are we gonna do now that Klaus is back fully?" Craig asked.

"He'll make another move, and I'm waiting for that" Jace replied, smiling creepily.



Brenda's car drove in roughly, and she was looking so weak as she came down from the car.

She's coming from the hospital where she did a checkup...her sickness is only getting worse 

She rested on the car body when she felt like vomiting, but she only retched, feeling weaker.

"Looks like someone's dying soon" a thick voice said, and she looked up immediately.

Klaus is standing right in front of her, hands in pockets and the sly smile on his crooked face.

"Klaus?" She muttered in shock, and he widened his arms.

"Aren't you gonna run into my arms? I know you missed me" he grinned.

"Bastard!!!" She yelled, bolting to him.

He grabbed him by the collar and started choking him...

"You ruined my life!!! You ruined everything good I've ever had!!!! You ruined it!!!" She cried loudly.

Klaus pushed her away, and she fell on the ground heavily, then he adjusted his tux.

"We finally saw each other again after 14 long years, and this is how you welcome me? That's rude" he said, and she looked up with wet face.

"You ruined me" she muttered.

"You came to me yourself! You said Danny your husband wasn't treating you well, he wasn't rich enough to your taste. I gave you the luxurious life and riches you wanted, and I even gave you two kids, but you refused to give me my kids when I asked gently, so I attacked, and now it's my fault? You're mad" he laughed, and she stood slowly.

"You killed Danny, the maids were raped and killed! You shot Granny Donna and took Andrea! Jace was traumatized!!" She yelled.

"And now I'm back to treat his trauma... I've been watching him from afar since years ago, but now it's time to take him under my wing, he's mine anyways" he replied.

"Don't touch him!!! Don't go near my son!!" She shouted.

"The son you didn't care about when he was young? I know he hates you so you have no right to say that" he laughed.

"Where is Andrea? Where did you put my daughter?" She demanded.

"She escaped from me when she clocked 12, and I haven't found her since then. She's hiding well, she's smart" he replied.

"What!" She gasped.

"But I'll find her soon anyways, and I'll reunite her with her brother" he replied.

"Go near Jace, and he'd kill you!" She shot, and he came closer to smile at her face.

"You're not the only woman I impregnated. Before I met you, i met a woman, and she gave me a son too, so if Jace tries to go against me, the plan B is to make my other son kill him...they hate each other anyways, so it'd be so simple" he smiled.

"Wh...what!" Brenda swallowed.

"Are you surprised? They already met. I was the one who told his mother to enroll him in Finley. It was my plan from the start" he said.

"Demon!!" she seethed.

"Enjoy the show, won't be long now" he smirked and walked away...

"I'm doomed" Brenda started crying again.

She got her phone and dialled Marcus's line.



Scarlett stretched as she came out of her revision class alone..

She's so damn hungry, she has to visit the cafeteria as soon as possible.

She was on her way when she came across Gabby at the hallway, and she stopped with a big smile.


"Hey,... awkward" he replied, and she laughed.

"Been a while, how have you been?"

"Reading for exams, I can't wait to get out of this school" he replied.

"There's still one semester to go" she said.

"Doesn't matter, it's the last session" he said, and she smiled again.

"Hey Gabby!" A female voice yelled behind them.

"See ya later!" Scarlett waved and walked away.

"Hey" Gabby turned to see the girl from the restaurant.

"Jenna?" He said surprisingly.

"Don't be surprised, i school here too, and I knew you even before we drank together. I'm a second year Humanity student" she said.

"Nice, I'm not surprised, you're kind of bad" he replied.

"Am I?" She laughed.

"Don't ask me again" he replied, and she laughed again.

"It was really cute...I mean how you slept on the ground and...

"Please..." He muttered.

"Fine!" She said cheerfully.

"Lunch?" He asked.

"Yes please!" She replied, and they left the hallway together.



Craig has plans to have lunch with Dorothy, so he's sitting and waiting already, but she's nowhere around.

"She said her revision classes ends by 12, this is 12:10" he muttered, getting his phone to dial her line.

He was still dialling when Scarlett joined his table.

"Ronnie is over there" he pointed at a table...

"Nope, thanks" she smiled, and he chuckled, dialling Dorothy's line again.



The class took longer than expected, so it was already 12:15 before Dorothy left class.

She gasped when she checked her phone and saw she missed several calls from Craig.

She started running down the hallway, but someone suddenly pulled her into a corner.

"What the...

She stopped when she saw Petra's face.

"You again? I said I'm not interested!" She scowled and made to leave.

"Craig broke up with me cos i told him to wait till our relationship clocks one year before we'd have s+x" Petra suddenly said, and Dorothy stopped to turn back.

"Believe me, he only dates for s+x and nothing more. The moment he sees your nakedness, then it's over" Petra said and came closer.

"For real" she said and walked away.

Dorothy kept standing in the corner, looking like she just got bombed as she stared into space 

"Babyish!" Craig's voice made her turn, and she saw him walking into the corner.

"Why weren't you picking up? Thought you got kidnapped for being too pretty or something" he said, and she smiled.

"Class ended late, and I came here to talk with a course mate. Let's go" she said.

Craig took her hand, walking out of the corner with her while her mind got drowned with thoughts about Petra's words.



The last lecturer walked out of the class just now, and students started leaving the class.

Jarvis packed her notes into her backpack and stood...

"Leaving already?" Philip asked beside her.

"Still going to Prof. Marcus's office" she replied.

"So..." He smiled.

"I'll see you tommorow" she replied...

"Wait!" He suddenly said, and she blinked.

"I need to say this to clear my mind. The competition day, you actually made my heart race" he said, and she smiled.


"Trust me, when I held your waist tighter than normal, I was out of my senses for a while and I didn't even know" he said, and she laughed.

"Above all, School Psycho is lucky to have you. You're nice, pretty, curvy and brilliant" he complimented, and she smiled.

"Thanks, Phil. Thanks for being real" 

"See you tomorrow!" He waved.

"Bye!" She waved back, walking out of class.

She headed straight for Prof. Marcus's office, and she met him waiting already...


"Why did you do it?" She interrupted, and he understood immediately.

"It wasn't his fault that Klaus killed Danny. If anyone should be blamed, it's Brenda, but you hurt him physically and emotionally" she said.

"Jarvis" he stood.

"Now I don't even have the morale to talk to him about your wedding tommorow, I can't" she said.

"I understand" he replied, and she turned to leave.

"Klaus is back, and according to Brenda, he's here for Jace. Please warn him go be careful, and also... I'll try my best this time to protect him" he said, and she nodded.

"Thanks" she said, finally leaving the office.

Marcus fell back on his chair, rubbing his temples.



Nikki hasn't been attending the revision classes for the fear of Jace.

All has been spending his days in the mansion, hoping he'd be able to take care of Jace before exams next week...he can't miss the exams.

He was pacing his room when his phone suddenly rang, and when he checked to see Esther, he hissed and clicked red, but then another call came in, from his dad.

"Dad!" He quickly picked.

"Isn't it hightime we meet face-to-face?" The voice said, and his eyes widened.

"Really? When? Where?"

"I'll text you the location tonight. Jace Volkov is the only one on the list you wrote, get ready to meet him too, it'd be fun" the voice replied.

"Jace?" Nikki said shakily, hanging up to bite his mouth wall.



Jarvis had her bath here in his room__Jace isn't in.

He's currently in his workshop, working on his exam project.

She's planning to go meet him after her bath though.

She was about to enter his dressing room when the door opened, and he came in.

"You can't be done already" she said.

"Couldn't stop thinking about you, I think i should just work on you instead of the project" he replied, and she chuckled as he got to her and pulled her into a deep kiss.

She was responding at first, but the moment he started pulling at her towel, she broke the kiss.

"The project is more important" she whispered.

"Nothing is more important than you, and besides...i'm submitting on Monday and today is just Thursday. There's still time so relax for me, baby" he whispered too, capturing her lips again.

She finally left her towel to him, and he pulled it off her body.

It landed on the ground as they fell on the bed together, still kissing addictively.

His clothes landed on the ground beside her towel after a while, and Jarvis's moans sounded like the sweetest melody when he slid into her wetness.

"I missed your warmness" he whispered.

"I missed how you fill me up too" she replied, and that set the pace as he started f*-*king her, taking her hard at every insertion.

"Feels better than the first time, right?" He whispered, sucking on her br+asts in turns...

"Yeah, please go hard" she m0@ned, fisting the sheets as he hit the that spot.

"Ouch!! Yeah please!"

"How your m0@ns drive me crazy" he left her breasts and went to her neck, decorating it with hickeys as her legs folded on the bed.

"Ah! Jace!" She gasped, grabbing his hair.

"Next time, I'm taking you through the back" he said, withdrawing his d+çk from her teasingly, then he thrusted it back in...hard.

"Oh my gosh! That was so good" she started moving her hips with him, and his lips found hers again.

His phone suddenly rang on the stand, but they were too deeply into their lovemaking...

It stopped ringing and started again.

Jace stopped moving and stretched his hand to it.

His plan was so switch it off, but he mistakenly clicked green.

"Hello...son" Klaus voice came.

They both heard him clearly, and Jace frowned...


"Any name you call me will do, son. You're my favorite anyways, why don't we meet?" Klaus replied.


Fifteen minutes later, Jace was already walking out of the room, leaving Jarvis to ponder alone.

She was about to call him when her phone rang...it's an unknown number..

"Hello?" She picked.

"Esther speaking, meet me at the pool, we need to talk" Esther's voice said and hung up.

Jarvis contemplated for a while before leaving the room, making her way to the pool.

She stepped in the door and didn't see anyone at the poolside, and she  hissed out immediately.

"What was I thinking? She's crazy" she muttered and turned to leave, but she beheld Esther behind herself, holding a gun.

Her hands were shaking on the weapon as she stood.

"What are you doing?" Jarvis's eyes widened.

"I just realized Nikki will never become mine completely if you're not dead. You have to be dead" Esther replied, pointing the gun at her.

"Don't pull that!" Jarvis shouted, but Esther wasn't ready to stop.

Jarvis took two quick steps back, and that landed her in the pool.

She began drowning, and Esther brought the gun down fearfully.

She ran out of the place.



Jace arrived in his new car, and he got his gun from the safe before leaving the car.

It's a small house in the middle of nowhere, but he walked in boldly, meeting darkness.

"Klaus!!!" He yelled, taking more steps around.

He turned to another angle, and his voice echoed as he yelled his name again, but then something pressed on his head from behind suddenly.

He recognizes that coldness...a gun, so he stopped moving.

"Hands up" the voice said, and his ears moved...

That voice...

The person was about to pull the trigger when Jace turned professionally, snatching the gun from the him...

He got his own gun too, holding it with his other hand. He aimed for the person with the two at once ...


"Bloody hell, you now work with the lunatic? I bet you can even work with a dog so far you get what you want. Damn it, I didn't cûm because of you" he smirked, and Nikki gulped, shifting back.

"Say your last prayers" Jace muttered, sliding his fingers under the two triggers.

"Dad!!!!" Nikki screamed.


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