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I Hate You Jace - Episode 65&66




I Hate You Jace - Episode 65&66


By Naomi Cindy B.


The car blew up, making students squeal out in horror as they gathered to watch from afar.

 Jace smirked as he watched the havoc he wrecked..

He could feel his anger dissipating little by little, and his head started clearing up.

He slowly faced the crowd of watching students.

Craig and Gabby are just arriving, and the moment they saw what's happening, they made to go to him, but Jarvis was faster.

She walked fast to him, and her breaths were shaking as she took his hands, looking up at his face.

"Are you ok?" She asked gently.

"Aren't you scared of me? I just blew up a damn car" he muttered without remorse.

"Jace answer me...are you ok?" She replied, holding his hands tighter.

"I feel better" he replied, and she hugged him immediately, pushing his head to her shoulder so she could start stroking his hair.

"Calm the rest of the anger, you'll be fine" she whispered.

He hugged her back, closing his eyes as he rested on her.

Dorothy clutched her teddy tightly to her chest in fear.

"His madness is more than we thought" Scarlett muttered.

Nicole is in the middle of the students too, and the sad smile appeared on her face again as her eyes settled on Jace.

Gabby and Craig exchanged glances, then they sighed out at once.



Nikki didn't wait to close the door of his car before rushing into the house.

He met Mrs. Ronald by the door, just about to leave the house.

"What's chasing you? Nikki!" She said as he released hot breaths on her face.

"I can't go back to the hostel for now, I'm staying here till I figure out what to do" he replied.

"Why? Did something happen?" She asked curiously.

"Of course it happened!" Esther came in, and Mrs. Ronald raised her brows.

"I'm so not ready for your drama, Esther" Nikki said, but she gave him a loud slap immediately, her fingers printing on his cheek.

Nikki made to return the slap, but his mum held his hand.

"Again? You're on her side again? Mum!!" He yelled.

"He kissed the girl! He has been tailing her around and she reported her to her aunt! He'll never stop Mrs. Ronald!" Esther started crying.

"You did what?" The woman faced him.

"I love her!! Isn't that enough reason for me to do all of that? Jace literally stole her from me!!" He yelled, and Mrs. Ronald gasped.

"I see your father grew on you already. Your father's hobby is taking what's not his, and now you?" She said.

"I don't care! He's my father no matter what you say, and I'm his only son so I'm living up to his name" he replied boldly.

"Only son?" Mrs. Ronald laughed.

"Just how many lies did he tell you?" She continued.

"What do you mean?" Nikki frowned.

"Why are you asking? Run to your father and ask him" she replied.

"Fine" he said, scowling at the two of them before going upstairs.

Mrs. Ronald held her chest, falling on the couch devastatingly.

"It's real, the psychopath is back" she muttered fearfully.

Esther was sniffing as she wiped her tears, thinking of what to do.



"You should go for therapy, seriously" Craig said.

He's walking around with Gabby while Jace sat in bed with Jarvis beside him.

"I'm not doing that shit" Jace replied bluntly.

"Really? Dude, you burned a car! Your car! Millions of dollars!" Gabby said.

"Your madness is escalating and we can't just watch you like this. What will you blow up next time? A house? I'm just glad Nikki was able to escape before you got him, cos I'm sure you'd be getting arrested by now for killing him" Craig said.

"If not for anything, do it for Jarvis" Gabby said.

"Jace" Jarvis turned his face to herself gently...

"Yeah, do it it for Jarvis, for me" she said, rubbing his cheeks.

He gave her a long stare before pulling his brows.

"Fine, if you'll go with me" he said, and she smiled before kissing his lips.

"Sure, that's my man" she said, and he pulled her to his laps 

"Thank gawd" Craig breathed, taking his seat.

Gabby was about to do the same when someone barged in...Collins

"Collins?" Gabby said surprisingly, but he went straight for Jace.

He tried to punch him, but Jace caught his fist with an hand and brought it down before standing with Jarvis.

"F*+*k off or you'll be the next thing I burn!" He glared, throwing his hand off.

"Cutting off their fingers wasn't enough? Why must you kill them too!! They're part of the gang! I get that they made you mad but you punished us already, why must you kill them bastard!!" Collins yelled.

"Wait... who're they?" Craig stood.

"Megan, Latto and Ashley...they died by hanging...at the deserted church last night" Collins replied.

"Jace was with me throughout last night" Jarvis spoke up.

"What!" Collins faced her.

"At Petals Hotel not far from the copter field, you can drive there right now and ask for their records. I and Jace spent the night together" Jarvis said again.

"So what are you talking about?" Gabby asked Collins.

"They're dead, for real...I mean it" Collins replied.

"Any clues?" Jace asked.

"The church smells like gasoline, but there's no sign of any burn, so the cops concluded that the criminal owns the gasoline scent" Collins replied, and Jace's brows faltered slightly.

"And you still came here? Have I ever scented like gasoline? Gawd, you're dumb, and it's making me regret helping you" he said, and Collins faced him.

"Don't tell me you...

"Who else would send you Molly? I sent it to your family some days ago, and I guess they gave it to you, which is why you're not a lunatic yet" Jace replied.

"Why? Why did you send it?" Collins asked slowly.

"You saved my life last semester. I hated it back then, but now that i met someone who's worth living for, I can't help but feel good about being alive, thanks to you" Jace replied, staring at Jarvis who smiled immediately.

"Sorry for suspecting you though, i had no choice" Collins said.

Jace sighed out.

"So...who killed the girls?" Gabby asked curiously, and they all exchanged glances.



Scarlett came to wash few clothes alone...

She'd have used one of the washing machines, but she did hand wash to stress herself...she needs the stress.

She was getting ready to go spread the clothes when Nicole entered the room with clothes to wash too.

She chose a machine and was about to start washing when Scarlett walked to her.

"I heard you have a disorder, you hate seeing people happy, is that why you ruined my relationship?" She asked, and Nicole faced her slowly.

"Yes" she replied flatly.


"Did that hurt? You wanted the truth and I gave it" Nicole smiled, and Scarlett slapped her, but that only made her laugh out, shocking Scarlett a lot.

"It's not just a disorder, you're a psycho" Scarlett muttered.

"Of course I am, that's our family signal..." Nicole smiled as she leaned in to Scarlett's ear.

"We're all psychopaths, like our father" she whispered and laughed again before stepping away.

"And i didn't sleep with your boyfriend, he's not even my type, but I guess you fell for my pants you saw" she said and shrugged.

"I'll leave you to revel in your newfound truth" she said and walked out.

Scarlett released the breath she didn't know she was holding, and she almost fell as a result of shock, but someone held her behind, and she looked up to see Ronnie.

She quickly separated herself from him and grabbed her bowl of clothes...

"How have you been doing? I just wanna know" He asked, but she didn't stop...

"If you're happy with Gabby, then it's fine, your happiness matters" he said again, and she turned...

"It's not that easy to get over someone, especially a guy you love with all your heart" she said placidly and left.

Ronnie rested on the nearest machine, guilt getting the best of him again.



Craig is currently in bed with Dorothy, cuddling away as they slept in each other's arms peacefully.

Reading for exams has been taking all their time since last week, so they decided to spend tonight together before resuming the pattern again tommorow.

Dorothy suddenly opened her eyes, sitting up slowly before adjusting her sleep mask.

She walked to the goody bag on the table but couldn't find what she's craving...ice cream and doughnuts...she must have ate it all before bed.

She yawned and walked back to sleeping Craig, tapping him gently.

"Babe" she called, and his eyes opened slightly.

"Babyish, are you ok?" He sat up immediately.

"I want ice cream and doughnuts" she replied.

"Wait...what!" He gasped.

"I won't be able to sleep if I don't have the two" she replied, and he checked the time.

"This is past 11, 11pm sweetheart, I can't...

"But i need to eat the two, i want it" she said childishly, and Craig sighed.

"Gawd, babyish you'll be the end of me" he said frustratedly, and she sat on him immediately, pulling him into a kiss he couldn't resist.

She was kissing so hard that he slipped his hands under her PJs to grab her boobies, but she broke the kiss...

"Ice cream" she pouted, and he smiled.

"Let's go get it then..." He said, and she smiled.

"I love you Craig!"

"You're a brat" he laughed.



Nicole and Dorothy aren't in, so it's just Scarlett and Jarvis.

Scarlett finished her reading task an hour ago and she's already asleep, but Jarvis is still at the reading table, reading silently.

If she wants to convince her aunt that Jace is not distracting her, then she has to prove it by getting A in all courses... it must work.

She was already yawning tiredly, but she's still pushing on.

She checked the time, and when she saw it's some minutes to 12, she yawned again.

"Damn tired" she muttered, opening another textbook, but a knock came at the door.

Thinking it's Nicole, she went to open up, but her happiness knew no bounds when she saw Jace.

"Big Wolf!" She gushed, rushing excitedly into his arms.

"Don't tell me you're still reading by this time" he said, kissing her neck as his arms wrapped on her possessively.

"I have to, I'm not stopping till 1, I'll convince my aunt don't worry" she replied, breaking the hug.

"You're overworking, little cat" he said, and she pouted 

"But I'm fully charged now that you're here" she said, and he chuckled, kissing her lips deeply.

He licked his lips when they broke it...

"I love you" he kissed her again.

"I love you" she replied, and he showed his hand.

He's holding a bag of refreshing snacks and drinks...

"Stay with me till 1am" she said.

"I'm staying till daybreak" he replied.

"I love you!!" She squealed, and he smiled at her cuteness as they walked to the reading table together.

"Zoe will tell you my family story tommorow" he suddenly said.

"Seriously?" She replied.

"Klaus is back" he said, and she gasped.

"Your father?"

"Unfortunately, and for a start, he's a psychopath. I inherited the gene from him, though I've been suppressing it" he replied.

"Did he come to you" Jarvis asked fearfully

"He doesn't need to come, he left signs...he killed the girls, the gasoline scent belongs to him, that's his smell...the smell that traumatized me" he replied, and she froze.



Jarvis didn't come alone, she's with Craig and Gabby, and they're all seated in front of Ms. Zoe, ready to listen to the story.

Jace isn't here though, so the four are alone in the passage.

"Years ago, Brenda got married to Danny Braun, the only son of Granny Donna.... they lived in peace with Donna in the same house. Back then, the family wasn't rich, but they were living comfortably till Brenda got pregnant...she gave birth to Marcus after nine months, and that was when it started" Zoe said.

"What?" Jarvis asked.

"After Marcus clocked three years, Brenda started taking long before coming home... Marcus would cry like crazy without his mother, you could say it was granny Donna who raised Marcus cos Brenda was following big men" Zoe said.

"Mad" Craig muttered.

"Danny wasn't rich, but the rich men Brenda met were ready to do anything for her, so she began disrespecting Danny, but the calm man took everything like nothing, Danny was too good a man" Zoe said.

"Soon, she got pregnant again, and this time it was a girl..." 

"A girl?" Gabby asked surprisingly.

"Yeah, they were three" Zoe replied.

"That's new" Craig said.

"Her name was Andrea, but Brenda only stayed to take care of her for a year, after that she returned to her street life, dating big men to survive... I was Andrea's babysitter, she was the calmest who never cried for her mother, she was Danny's favorite"

"And three years after, Brenda got pregnant again...you can already guess who she gave birth to" Zoe said.

"Jace" Jarvis muttered.

"Yeah, but she was worse with him. She waited to heal for a month after birth, then she returned to the streets. Jace didn't receive any motherly care at all, and he was stubborn even as a baby. He'd cry all day and night, I was the one who stood with him throughout..." Zoe continued.

"The kids grew up with care from me... Marcus turned 14, Andrea turned 11, and Jace was preparing to clock 8, that was when Danny's company started growing. Brenda came back to her senses this time and tried to cut off her street life, but Klaus didn't make it easy" 

"He was one of the men Brenda dated in the streets, and he's the real father of Andrea and Jace. He insisted on taking the two kids, but Brenda refused, and the consequences were brutal" Zoe said.

"Brutal?" Craig asked.

"That day was Jace's 8th birthday, and Jace knew Brenda would not be at home during the day, so he insisted on a night party. That same day, Danny won his biggest contract, so it was double celebration, but it turned bloody" Zoe started crying...


The whole house was already ready for the party in the garden that night, but Jace sat sadly on a chair in the middle, looking so down...

"You should cheer up, mum is never coming" Andrea said, sitting beside him with his poem book.

She loves reading Jace's poems a lot...

"Jace?" Danny called.

"Dad" he replied.

"Time to cut the...

Danny was still talking when his head blew off of his neck as a gunshot sounded.

"Dad!!!!!!" Andrea and Jace screamed in horror...


"What!" Jarvis spranged up.

"Klaus invaded the party with his gang to take his kids. Danny was killed, and all the maids present were raped and killed by Klaus gang, including me. I was in coma for a year and i only survived miraculously" Zoe cried harder.

"F*+*k!" Craig stood too.

"Granny Donna got shot too, and she almost died... Jace witnessed everything in tears, but thanks to the hyacinth flower covering him that night, Klaus didn't get to him, but he got Andrea before the cops came...he took Andrea away since then" Zoe continued.

"Jace was deeply traumatized, the pain became unbearable when he found out Klaus is his father...he couldn't take it, he was too young"

"He suddenly woke up blind one day as a result of the trauma of what he witnessed, he lost his eyes, and that was when Marcus almost killed him with folded wire every night. He hated him cos Jace's father killed Danny, his own father, and Granny Donna supported him cos she hates Jace for being a bastard too" 

"I was in coma all that period, and when I woke after a year, I went straight to the mansion to get him. They willingly threw him at me, and i came here with him. He regained his sight one morning, but then his psychopathic signs started showing, first was mad anger...

Jarvis was already crying as she ran down the corridor.

She didn't wait to listen to the rest of the story, she needs to see Jace...

Her tears were hot as she ran down the stairs, and surprisingly, she met Jace just coming out of his car.

She stopped, and he stood still too, beside his car.

Just like it always does anytime they meet, raindrops started falling.

She ran madly to him, burying herself in his arms as she hugged him so tight...

The rain became heavier as he hugged her back, and she kept crying.

"Please kîll Brenda!! ... Kîll her!!!" She cried hard, her hot tears pouring with the rain.


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