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I Hate You Jace - Episode 63&64




I Hate You Jace - Episode 63&64


By Naomi Cindy B.


"UNBOLT MY BELT, little cat" he whispered, and Jarvis's hand made the move immediately.

They went to his belt, and as she began unhooking it, their eyes communicated.

Her heart thudded faster and faster as she pulled it out at once ...

She was gasping gently, and the longing look in his eyes made her even more wanted...she could see how much he wants her in those lustfully seductive eyes of his, and she can't wait to savour everything he has to give.

She dropped the belt on the ground, the metal clanking as it landed.

She proceeded to unzipping him, then Jace took over, pulling the jean down his legs.

Jarvis gulped immediately she saw his bulge in his boxers.

Ok she has touched it before, but she hasn't actually seen it for real, and that made her gulp again as she stared.... he's darn rocky.

Jace used his right hand to tuck her hair behind her ear, and her eyes came back to him..

"Are you scared?" He asked in a whisper.

She couldn't help but notice the worry on his face.

"No, I'm...fine" she replied, trying not to shake as he picked her up easily, walked to the bed and dropped her on it.

He came on top of her, and she closed her eyes when he brought his lips to her face.

 He kissed her forehead, nose, lips, chin and throat, then he gently pulled down the straps of her bra.

She raised her back slowly so he unhooked it behind. He took the br@ off completely, and it landed on the ground as his lips found her shoulders, pouring wet kisses on the fresh skin down to her collarbones.

He kissed her pinkish n+pples fully, making her gasp, then he kissed his way back to her face, capturing her lips again as he interlocked their right hands, pinning it down to the bed.

Their tongues were still fighting in their mouths when his left hand slipped down.

He pulled her p+nties to one side, and he began rubbing her cl+t with his thumb, causing her m0@ns to grow.

She was already so wet, so the more he rubbed, the damper her p+ssy gets...

"Damn, you're so adorable" he whispered warmly on her lips.

Sliding a finger into her opening was so easy, and she broke the kiss when he added one more.

"Jace!" She gasped as he began the finger ministrations...she lost her breaths again, and she gasped when his fingers quickened.


He circled the fingers, and she felt like crying cos the pleasure was overwhelming, she couldn't...

"Please...more" she begged, gasping as the smell of her dripping juices filled her nose.

It was so ar+using, and her body was shaking as she felt her prec+m coming.

She pulled him into another kiss as she shot endlessly across the sky, creamy liquid pouring out of her... 

Jace literally tore her p+nties away, and he didn't have to try hard before getting his boxers out of his legs too.

Jarvis widened her legs for him, and she slowly tilted up on the pillow, watching as he placed his d+ck on her entrance.

It's exactly what she expected, her wolf is darn big, so big that she wondered if she'd be able to take all of that.

She wrapped her arms on his neck, and he made sure to hold eyes with her...

"Don't look away, little cat. Concentrate on me as I take you" he whispered, and she felt a snap in her head as he pushed in his length at once.

"I can't... Jace!" She couldn't breath as she felt the expansion down there.

"That was only half of my length, little cat" he replied, and she gasped.

"Jace are you sure it'd fit in?"

"Just kiss me, don't stop kissing me" he replied, pressing his lips on hers.

They were kissing hard as he slowly started sliding the rest of his length in, stretching her more...

Gasps and m@0ns filled his mouth from her, he couldn't stop himself from pushing further into her tightness.

 When he was finally inside her completely, he broke the kiss and their eyes met again....

He has never felt this satisfaction before, the endless sweetness as her p+ssy hugged his d+ck so possessively, he couldn't think straight anymore as he stared at her honey eyes.

"I can feel you...every single inch of you, little cat. You're so damn warm, I can't stop" he whispered, and she gulped before replying.

"Then... don't stop"



A black car halted in front of the abandoned building, and Megan came out with Ashley and Latto.

The rain is still pouring, but lesser than before.

The mysterious man they met at the hospital told them to meet him here if they want any help from him at all, and they didn't think twice before coming.

The building is at collapsing point already, so it's not currently in use.

They went in together, hoping to meet him in already, but it's empty, and Latto hissed out 

"See? I told you guys he's sick in the head, now where is he?" She said.

"Don't f*+*kin try to blame anyone again, we all agreed to come" Megan replied.

"No need to fight, girls" the familiar voice said behind them, and they turned at once... 

Their faces were immediately met with cloud of a known spray.

The three fell helplessly on the ground, and the man smiled ominously.

He's not alone this time, he's with his gang, and they're quiet much.

The girls were tied to the roof planks with ropes on their necks, and chairs were placed beneath their legs to keep them from hanging.

Megan was the first to open her eyes, and she gasped when she saw what's happening.

"Who the hell are you!!!" She yelled, trying to free herself, but their arms were tied too.

Her yell woke the others, and Ashley began crying.

The man stood, his grey beards looking creepy as he smiled lightly.

"Ever heard of Klaus Volkov?" His thick voice said, and their eyes widened.

"Wolfie's...d...dad?" Latto stuttered, and he smiled again.

"Messing with my son will be your last mistake. I know he wanted to kill you three, but he's doing a great job resisting his psycho gene, and that is why I'm gonna finish the work for him" he said.

"No! I'm the only child of my parents please spare me!!!!' Ashley cried out.

"Fear not, I'll make sure to send your families with you" Klaus shrugged, signalling to his boys.

"Bastard!!! Stop this nonsense!!!" Megan screamed as they started walking to them.

"F*+*king stop!!!" Latto cried too.

 Klaus smiled wider when the boys got to them.

The chairs beneath them were taken away, and their bodies got hung automatically.



Gabby's car came to a stop in front of the gate, and the girl earlier came out, looking tipsy as she walked to the other door.

She opened it, and Gabby fell out drunkenly, his face so red as he lay on the wet bare groud, sleeping off.

"Hey! This isn't your bedroom!" She kicked him on the arm, and he changed position, sleeping off again.

"Hey!!" She shouted, kicking him again.

Craig's car stopped there, and he came out with Dorothy who was holding a teddy and an umbrella.

"What's wrong with him?" She muttered, looking at Gabby on the ground.

"Gabby!" Craig rushed to help him up, but he's still fast asleep...

"Who are you?" Craig asked the girl.

"My name is Jenna, my date didn't show up and his date didn't show up too, so we drank to stupor!" She laughed, her cheeks slightly red.

She handed Gabby's car key to Dorothy and chuckled.

"Take care of him, he's so hurt" she said and walked away from them, stopping a taxi which she hopped into.

"F*+*k! Gabby!" Craig shook him.

"Scarlett" Dorothy muttered, getting it.



Jace's thrusts has been slow and gentle since he began the screw, and Jarvis's m0@ns were same.

She embraced his body to his own as she enjoyed his mildness while it lasts.

She's aware that he's taking it slow cos this is her first time, and the pains kept reducing at each pound.

He was growling softly into her ear as he f*+*ked her, and his lips didn't leave her own for too long. He kept giving her wet kisses in-between.

She heard first s+x is always painful, coupled with the fact that he's huge, but he handled it like he has been preparing for this night for decades...her pains faded off so quick.

When the pleasure began seeping in, she smiled at him, and he returned it, kissing her lips again..

"Can't stop myself from kissing your lips" he whispered.

"I love you big wolf" she breathed.

"I f*+*king love you more than I can control, you know that, right?" He asked, and she nodded as he wrapped her legs on his waist.

"Say it" he whispered.

"I know you love me" she replied.

"Good" he said, increasing the pace of his thrusts.

"F*+*k! Yeah" she m0@ned throatily.

Her stomach stirred when she felt him deep inside of her...he was going so deep, hitting her so f*+*king hard.

He licked the skin on her neck, and she shrieked as he pounded into her, harder than ever before.

"Oh gawd!! Jace ...

"You have no idea how many times I've stroked my c+ck in the bathroom whenever I remember how your palm feels on me" he whispered.

"Ouch!!" She cried when she felt him growing bigger inside her.

"You're being such a good girl, little cat. I can't stop f*+*king you" he groaned, banging her again.

 Jarvis hid her face in the crook of his neck, m0@ning loudly as he took her again and again, each thrust deeper than the last till she couldn't take it anymore.



Gabby woke up to a cup of piping hot coffee beside the bed, and he quickly took it, drinking everything at a go...

"Now you can tell me why you drank with a stranger last night" Craig came in, and he stood from the bed.

"Nothing big" he said.

"Scarlett?" Craig said.

"Can we just...not?" Gabby faced him.

"Fine, let's play Xbox then" Craig grabbed the controllers, and Gabby smiled.



"We're visiting the library starting from tonight. Exams is in two weeks and I can't risk it" Dorothy said, pinning her hair in a ponytail.

"I'm sure Jarvis made that rule" Scarlett replied.

"It's my own rule. Jarvis has been reading every night since the beginning of this semester. The only nights she didn't read are..." 

"The nights she spent with Jace" Scarlett interrupted.

"Correct, just ask her anything in her textbooks and she'd tell you, but me...i only read when exams are at my door" Dorothy replied, and Scarlett laughed.

"So you changed your mind about Gabby, why?" Dorothy asked.

Scarlett hasn't talked when Nicole came in, but they kept talking anyways, not minding her presence.

Nicole went to her bed and sat silently, bringing out a book.

She started opening it page by page, they're short childish poems, and surprisingly, a small smile appeared on her face as she read.

She opened to the next page where a name was written in bold letters...


A tear fell from her eyes to the name.



Jarvis's eyes are still closed tightly in bed, and Instead of the white sheets from last night, she's currently covered with a purple one, and the bedsheets got changed to purple too.

Jace took out the white sheets already, it got stained with her blood, and he had to dispose it by himself.

He's currently sitting beside her in bed, watching her with a slight smile.

He was trapped before, but after what happened last night, after what she made him feel, he's completely gone.

His smile grew wider, and her eyes opened gently... she's damn pretty like that...

"Big Wolf" she whispered in a tired voice, and he kissed her eyes.

"Do you wanna shower first? Or eat first?" He asked.

"Come here" she pulled him to herself, cuddling closer.

"You want this?" He asked.

"One hour like this ok? I love you" she whispered.

"Anything you want, I love you too baby" he replied, covering them both completely with the duvet.

Finding warmth in each other is surely the best comfort on a cold morning like this.

"Tell me what you wanna eat, they can start making it now" his voice came from under the duvet.

"Fried rice, if they can make it like Ms. Zoe does, no...

"No carrots, I know" he replied, getting his phone to call the kitchen.

According to his order, it was brought after an hour, and he brought it to bed.

They ate together, still unable to keep their lips away from each other throughout.

The helicopter date will have to wait till tonight, so they left the hotel after breakfast.

The drive back to the hostel was sweeter, Jace wouldn't stop asking if she was ok, and to keep her buds awakened, he branched at a snack store and got her bagfuls of it.

She was munching on cocoa balls as he drove into the hostel park, but immediately they came out, she saw a livid Caroline standing there.

"Aunt Caroline?" She said shockingly.

"I thought I told you to stay away from this thug!" Caroline said, walking angrily to them.

Jarvis quickly hid behind Jace...

"Seriously? What has he done to you! The Jarvis I brought to this hostel two and half months ago wasn't like this! Are you sure you're still interested in your books?" 

"I read almost every night, aunt" she replied behind Jace.

"Then what happened last night? You went to a hotel with him? Jarvis!" Caroline yelled.

"He's my boyfriend and we love each other!" Jarvis snapped back.

"What! Boyfriend? This futureless thug? His tattoos don't scare you?" Caroline gasped.

"Jace is not futureless! He's got the highest GPA in his department and he's a brilliant writer! And I love his tattoos" Jarvis muttered.

"Gawd, you're far gone. Leave my girl alone, Jace or whatever you're called" Caroline faced Jace.

"I don't want to" Jace replied stonily.


"And I'm guessing Nikki told you about this again" Jace said.

He's being so calm cos he knows he'd say something rude if he decides to go on the moody mode.

"Yes he told me! He's just protecting Jarvis from you!" Caroline fired.

"Nikki?" Jarvis scoffed, walking out of the park.

"Jarvis!" Caroline made to follow her, but Jace blocked her.

"Why don't we talk?" he said politely.

"No!" she rolled eyes



Jarvis barged in and met him on his laptop.

Esther is in the bathroom currently...

"Jarvis?" Nikki stood, and she walked up to him, slapping him hard.

"Who are you to keep reporting me every time? You're not my father!!" She yelled.

"But I love you! I wanna stop but I can't! You fell for me first before Jace took you away from me!"

"Stop talking!! Have some shame Nikki, aren't you...

He grabbed her face forcefully, interrupting her by kissing her ...

"Nikki!" Esther came out of the bathroom nakedly, eyes wide at what she just witnessed.

Jarvis hit Nikki's middle with her knee, and he quickly let go of her, then she slapped him again.

"I'm sorry about...

She slapped him again...

"How dare you kiss me!!" Esther shouted, and that was when Jace came in.

Immediately he heard the statement and saw the scene, his madness bursted, and his veins appeared on his neck as he went after Nikki.

Nikki shifted back fast, and before he could get to him, he went for the window, jumping out through it.

Jace jumped after him, chasing him like an angry wolf would a mouse down the corridor.

Students filled it up immediately, wondering what's happening.

Nikki disappeared in the midst of students, and when Jace realized he has lost him, he stopped running, dipping his veiny hand in his hair as he imagined Nikki's lips on Jarvis's.

His body was shaking with rage, and he needs to deliver it somewhere, he needs to destroy something, else he might run mad totally.

This time, the kitchen plates won't do, so he walked briskly to the park, his raging breaths coming out so hot till he arrived there.

He opened his car and got his cigar lighter from under the backseat.

He opened the gas tank with shaky hands, then he put on the lighter.

He stepped back far enough, then he threw the burning lighter at the car.

The car blew up.


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