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I Hate You Jace - Episode 61&62




I Hate You Jace - Episode 61&62


By Naomi Cindy B.



"Do you care for whip shot? Marcus is pretty good at it" Brenda asked when Jarvis settled down in the living room.

There are several drawings on the walls, and though they seem childish, they're very creative.

Jarvis was staring at them so intently that she didn't even hear Brenda's question.

"Jarvis?" Marcus called.

"Huh?" She faced them.

"You got taken away by the drawings? It's understandable since they were all drawn by Jace when he was young" Brenda said.

"Really?" Jarvis smiled.

"Yeah. He was versatile even as a kid. He painted, he drew, he carved, he wrote short poems too" Brenda was smiling as she spoke.

She walked to a particular drawing and touched it...it contains a young boy and a woman.

"This is the first drawing he made, a picture of him and me." She said, going sad immediately.

Jarvis couldn't blink as she listened.

"I wasn't expecting him to open his ice heart to anyone forever, but i was surprised when Marcus told me you two are tight friends" she said.

"He's my boyfriend, not just a friend" Jarvis replied.

"Boyfriend?" Marcus sat beside her in shock, and she showed them the necklace.

"Yeah, and we love each other a lot" Jarvis replied.

"My gawd, you don't know how special you are..." Brenda smiled amazingly.

"What did you do to him? What happened during his 8th birthday?" Jarvis asked curiously.

"He's probably gonna slaughter me if I tell you. He's already opening up to you, so he's gonna tell you whenever he's ready" Brenda replied, and Jarvis looked at Marcus.

He nodded in agreement, and she calmed down.

"I called you here to ask for a favor" Marcus said.

"What's it about?" 

"You've probably heard about my upcoming wedding..." Marcus said.

"You want me to talk to Jace?" She replied suspiciously.

"Please, even if he's gonna spend just five minutes, I'll gladly appreciate" Marcus said.

"I'll try my best" Jarvis nodded.

"Thanks" he smiled.

"I was asking if you'd mind some whip shot" Brenda said.

"I won't be able to wait, I have to return to the stadium" Jarvis stood.

"Oh... I forgot today is the last day of the festival. I'll drop you at the...

Marcus was still speaking when the door opened roughly, and their eyes turned to the door at once, only to see Jace coming in angrily.

"Jace!" Jarvis gasped, but he didn't look her way as he started walking to Marcus.

She knew what was gonna happen immediately, blood will flow if she doesn't do something, so she quickly blocked him from Marcus.

"You can't hurt him again!" She said.

"What right does he have to invite you here? And you didn't dim it fit to tell me?" He replied ragingly and tried to take another way, but she hugged him this time, holding him back tightly.

"No please...you went to detention the last time remember? Calm down already" she said.

"I don't bloody care! I just wanna see blood on his damn face right now" Jace insisted, and Jarvis released him.

"Wound him again then, and I promise to ghost you throughout today" she threatened, and he smirked.

"Did you just threaten me with him?"

"Jace,..." She said softly, making eye contact with him, but he broke it almost immediately to face Brenda.

"And you, how dare you surround your bloody house with my drawings? You don't deserve that joy" he said, and Brenda kept standing guiltily on her spot.

Jace tore the mother and son drawing away from the wall, waving it in front of her.

"It took me a whole night to draw this back then, and I didn't sleep a wink just so I could impress you, but you didn't come home for two weeks. I waited like an idiot every night, but you never showed up. Not like you were working, but you were with your men friends!" Jace spat, and Brenda began crying.

"You finally showed up after three weeks, and when I happily showed you this drawing, you frowned at it and pushed me out of your way. I fell and sprained my wrist! I never forgot all the things you did to me b**ch! and I'd rather die than forgive you, I swear" he said bitterly and grabbed Jarvis's hand, taking her out of the house.

Brenda sat by the wall, and Marcus sat gently on the chair, burying his face in his palms.


The drive out of the house was silent, and Jarvis was fiddling with the pleats on her skirt as she searched for something to say.

Jace's eyes are focused on the road, but his eyes are saying a number of things, and she doesn't even know where to start from.

Coming here without informing him was wrong, and threatening him with Marcus went too far...she ruined everything...but she must find a way to fix it.

"You do know I own my legs, right? I can go to anywhere I want" she said, but the silence remained.

"I just didn't want you to leave me and go to detention again, that's why I threatened you" she talked again, but still no answer.


"I had no choice cos he said it was urgent!" She said a little bit loud, and he stopped the car immediately.

"You do know there's a gadget called phone, right? Calling me wouldn't hurt you" he finally spoke, facing her.

"I was....I....

He kept looking at her, but she found nothing to say...

"Fine, I'm sorry" she muttered slowly, and he made to resume driving, but she quickly unplugged her seatbelt.

She went from her seat to his own, sitting on his laps in a straddle. She held his face to herself...

"I said I'm sorry" she muttered again, and he looked her in the eyes.

"Till when are you gonna keep taking advantage of the fact that I'm insane about you?" He said, and she smiled widely.

"I didn't plan to make you mad, I was just...

"Curious, I know" he interrupted, and she touched his brows with her thumbs.

"I won't do it again...I promise" she said, and he leaned in so they shared a warm kiss while he caressed the curves of her hips.

The kiss ended with a pop, and she they smiled at each other, but suddenly he ripped off her wristwatch.

"Jace!" She gasped.

"Is it important? Someone got it for you?" He asked.

"No, but it's my only wristwatch" she replied, and he immediately tossed it outside the window.

"What are you doing, Jace?" She asked.

"Sit right, stay on my laps though. Do the drive, I'll give you directions" he said.

"Yes!" She squealed happily, facing the wheel on his laps.

She started the car, resuming the drive easily while he rubbed her inner thighs slowly.

It was a sweet drive till they arrived at a gadgets store.

She drove into the driveway according to his direction, and they came down together.

He led her into the heavenly place, and she wowed at the exterior.

"Jace Volkov? I'm a big fan!" One of the attendants rushed over.

"How're you doing?" Jace asked in a polite tone, and Jarvis almost laughed.

Politeness doesn't fit him at all, she prefers her wild, rude wolf.

"I surely won't be fine till you release the next season of the book!" The fan said.

"The release date will be out tommorow, don't panic" Jace replied, and the fan jumped.

He was about to ask for pictures and autograph when the store boss came over.

"It's been a while Jace, first time you brought a girl" he said.

"Meet my girlfriend, Jarvis" Jace introduced, and the man's eyes widened a lot.


"When you're done dealing with the shock, get me the latest apple wristwatch" Jace said.

"Oh...apple wristwatch? In what color?" He asked.

"Purple" Jarvis said, and an attendant brought the expensive watch.

"There are other watches if you'd like more" the boss said.

"Get four more" Jace replied and faced Jarvis.

"Do you have a laptop?" He asked.

"Yeah, but it's not suitable for school. It's almost down so I left it at home" she replied.

"Apple laptop too" Jace said, and it was brought within seconds.

He took her phone and checked it out.

"We should get you another" he said.

"No. I still love this one, maybe later" she replied.

"Fine, get me the bill" he faced the boss, and the gadgets were wrapped in their boxes, taken to the car.

They left the store after he payed, and Jarvis hugged him when they got back to the car.

"Thanks for everything, big wolf" she said, and he wrapped his muscular arms on her waist.

"Anything for you, little cat. Always" he said, kissing her neck.

"I'm glad you're mine alone" she replied, breaking the hug

"Exams starts soon, and next week will be hectic since the festival took all this week" she said.

"Then let's go on our first date today" he said.

"Seriously?" She gushed.

"Yeah, let's make good use of the remaining free time" he replied.

"I'm all yours" she said, and they got in the car.

He drove them this time, and merely seeing the happiness on his face made Jarvis smile throughout the drive.

The talk about the wedding can wait for now, nothing will ruin this moment for her.



As planned, Craig left the Jace's room, this morning, and he's back in his own room like Nikki.

Dorothy came back from the stadium with him not long ago after the freshmen won against the finalists in the match.

She had a shower in the girls room before starting to make her way to Craig's room.

Unfortunately, she bumped into Petra on her way, and she had to stop.

"You're my boyfriend's ex, and seeing you around irks me, what do you want from me? I know you've been following me" Dorothy said.

"Are you proud that Craig's dating you now? I was once like you" Petra chuckled.

"Whatever you have to say, shove it into your pockets, I'm not dumb" Dorothy replied and started leaving.

"Do you know why he broke up with me? I bet you'll understand me if I tell you. I'm just trying to save you" Petra talked again.

"Thank gawd I don't even wanna understand you. Petra stop ok? I know you want him back but you're making it too obvious, and you look pathetic" Dorothy rolled eyes and left eventually.

She met Craig just coming out of the bathroom when she arrived, covered with just his towel hanging on his waist.

"Babyish, you look upset" he said, and she walked fast to him, hugging him tight.

"Someone tried to ruin my mood" she mumbled, and he smiled, rubbing her hair.

"Shall i set it straight with ice cream? Go out with me" he said.

"Aww! Ice cream! And teddy! I've always wanted to get a teddy from my boyfriend" she made cute faces, and he kissed her forehead.

"You'll get it all sweetheart"



After the tantrum Jace threw in the morning, Brenda couldn't even go out anymore, so she remained inside all day, staring into space repeatedly.

She was still going through the repeated circle when the doorbell rang, bringing her back from her thoughts.

She stood and went to open up, only to meet a strange girl standing there.

"Who're you?" She questioned, and the girl smiled.

"Nicole, and I don't expect you to remember my face" Nicole replied.

"Nicole?" Brenda squeezed her face, trying to figure it out.

"You gave birth to three kids. One for Danny, two for Klaus" Nicole smiled hauntingly, and Brenda's eyes widened.

"How did you...

"Bye!" Nicole said curtly, walking away.

"Who are you!!!" Brenda went after her, but she was already gone.

Brenda staggered weakly.



Jarvis was looking stunning in her skinny white gown as she came out of her room, ready for the date.

Aunt Caroline bought her the gown last Christmas, but she didn't wear it since then, and it was the only thing in her bag suitable for a date. Jace should better like it, and thanks to her heels and matching bag, she feels confident enough.

Eyes stared at her as she walked the crowdy corridor, but no one would dare say a dirty compliment anyways...her boyfriend will probably wound whoever does...smiles.

She met him waiting already when she got to the park, and he smiled widely which surprised her.

"I love this foxy gown, it'd be so easy to take off" he said, and she chuckled as he took her right hand, kissing her knuckles before rubbing it.

"Too pretty" he said simply, and she blushed as he opened the Escalade door.

They got in the car together, and she was already wondering where they're going throughout the long drive, but then he drove into a wide green field, and to her surprise, there's an helicopter waiting with the pilot beside it.

Her eyes were damn wide as she stepped out of the car with Jace, and she gasped loudly.

"Don't tell me...

"Yeah... we're going on an helicopter date, little cat" he said, and she gasped again.

"Oh my gawd!" 

The pilot walked up to them, looking bothered.

"Any problem?" Jace asked when he saw his face.

"I think we have to do a rain check. It's gonna rain soon I think" he replied.

"F**k! Weather forecast said it won't rain today" Jace said.

"I'm so sorry, but we have to shift this till tommorow" the pilot replied.

"I'm ok with tommorow, let's just go back" Jarvis said.

"You're all dressed up for me and that can't go to waste" Jace replied.

"I can always dress up again, let's go baby" Jarvis pulled him back to the car, and he reluctantly drove them out of the place.

Raindrops began falling immediately, despite the clear sky.



Gabby has been waiting since forever, sitting calmly on their reserved spot, but Scarlett hasn't showed up.

He's dressed so cool, and he even got a new haircut.

He checked time on his phone, and he inhaled when he saw she's already thirty minutes late.

He made to dial her line, but her call came in immediately.

He quickly picked...


"I'm so sorry, Gabby. I really don't wanna hurt you more than I've already done" she said, and he smiled sadly.

"I understand"

"I saw Ronnie this morning, and my stupid heart was still skipping beats for him. I have no control over that thing, and even if I won't go back to him, I just wanna figure myself out for now, I'm so sorry I can't come" she said.

"It's ok, I'm glad you told me the truth" he said hurtfully.


He dropped the phone, and he was about to drop his face in his palms when a girl settled in front of him.

"I'm guessing you got stood up. Same here!, let's drink to ourselves" she smiled.

"Yeah, let's drink" Gabby nodded.

The rain became heavy outside.


The sudden heaviness of the rain made Jace drive into a hotel valet park.

The drive to the hostel is thirty minutes more, so they decided to stay here and figure out what to do.

"It's so cold!" Jarvis giggled when they came out of the car, feeling the raindrops on her skin.

"Come here baby" Jace grabbed her hand, and they ran into the hotel together.

Jace booked a room, and they were handed their key card.

Together, they rushed into the elevator, and Jace couldn't resist the urge to kiss her as the elevator moved, but before their lips could touch, the door opened.

They stepped out together, opening their room door with the card.

Jarvis wowed at the room immediately,, walking forward and checking it out.

Jace continued standing on the other side, staring at her and expecting her to remember something....

Her eyes suddenly popped.

"We just did a scene from Wet Kisses!" She gasped.

"Thought you wouldn't notice" Jace replied with a silly grin.

"In the novel, Ares booked an helicopter date for Nina too, and the rain ruined it, so they had to take a rain check and lodge in an hotel just like this, then..." 

She stopped talking at this point, biting her lip.

"Then?" Jace asked with a naughty lip bite.

"Then...this" she replied, taking off her gown easily.

She was left in her white set of panties and bra, feeling damn nervous already as she began walking to him on her heels

She knows what's gonna happen, and she can't wait...she's so f*+*king ready for this.

A proud smile covered Jace's lips as he watched his little cat walk to him like a vixen on heels, and immediately she got to him...

He grabbed her throat and claimed her lips so hard,..

When they pulled away from the kiss, he gave her the most crave-full look ever, and their loud hearts were beating in sync as he whispered...

"UNBOLT MY BELT, little cat"


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