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I Hate You Jace - Episode 59&60




I Hate You Jace - Episode 59&60


By Naomi Cindy B.



* That can't be true

* Never seen a priest with a child, aren't they supposed to be in celibacy or something?

* Tell me about it.

The students began murmuring different things, and even the priest himself seems hopeless after a while...

"Nicole!!!" He screamed out desperately, shutting them up 

"I knew you'd trace me here one day, for crying out loud can't I just live my life without you?" Nicole's voice said, and students made way for her as she stepped out of their midst, wearing nothing but a net blouse and mini jean skirt.

She's not wearing anything under the blouse, not even a br@ so her body is out for every eyes.

"Nicole" the priest rushed down the table, going straight to her.

"Nicole what are you...what are you wearing? How come you're...

The old priest began crying, and she scoffed, taking his hand and dragging him out of the house.

She didn't stop till they got to the park, and some nosy students followed them...

"Why are you here? To take me back to the convent?" She said immediately she released him.

"This is not you, Nico. This is not the daughter I raised in the church!" He lamented.

"Ok enough with this daughter thing! You're not my father! Fine, you saw me in the streets of Washington when I was running away from my psycho father, and you took me in as your pet ...

"That is not true Nico! I always treated you like my daughter!" He interrupted.

"By locking me up in the convent? For Pete's sake! My father locked me up too and that is why I ran away from that psycho!" She spat.

"He injected you with sorts of drugs to meddle with your memories remember? The drugs did damages to your mind and that is why you can't stand seeing happy people around you! You ruined a lot of relationships in the church and I had to have you locked up in the convent to heal your mind!" He defended.

"But I hate being locked up old man, which is why I escaped, and I've been doing well on my own since then! Look! I'm even sponsoring myself to school!" She said.

"Nico come with me. It's been four whole years since I've been searching, you don't know what I went through before finally catching up. You need to come back to the church, what if your father...

"I ran away from that madman since I was twelve, and I grew up. You gave me a new name with your surname, so there's no way he's gonna recognize me, and even if he does, my brothers are here to protect me, so i'm not leaving with you" she shifted back.

"Your brothers? You found them?" 

"I won't say more" she shook her head.


"And if you follow me again, I'll get you arrested" she warned before turning around, walking away so fast.

The priest wrapped his palms on his rosary, watching her leave with a pained look.



"That was epic" Gabby said, pouring beer into two cups.

"Are you talking about our kiss, or Nicole's priest dad" Scarlett replied, adding ice to the drinks.

"Both" Gabby replied, and they smiled before clinking glasses.

"I've learned one thing about her, which is to not be surprised no matter what she does. She's evil, and spiritual evil are the baddest" she said.

"She's got sugar daddies according to rumours" Gabby replied.

"And she introduced one as her dad" Scarlett said, and they laughed heartily.

"Are you really serious about the making you fall for me stuff?" He suddenly asked.

"We're talking about us now?" She smiled.

"I want to take my chances, but I seriously can't have my heart broken again. What if I can't get you to fall for me? What if you're still stuck with Ronnie?"

"Then let's go on a date tommorow,  we can find out" she said, and his eyes widened.

"Seriously? Like...

"A dinner date" she replied, and he excitedly dropped his cup to pull her into a hug.

"Damn, I can't wait" he breathed.

"Me too" she replied, hugging him back.


Dorothy's lips were already swollen when she pulled away from Craig, and his lips are just like hers, but there are still obvious glints of hunger in their eyes, unquenchable need for what has been craved for so long.

"Admit it, you've always wanted to kiss me too, but you knowingly played hard" he whispered, and she smiled, giving him a peck on the lips before answering...

"Remember that day you guys met I and Jarvis for the first time? You're the first to catch my eye of all the four of you, but...my uncle said final year guys are bad, so I did my best to make it stop,....but..." She tilted her head.

"But what?" He squinted.

"I... can't fight it...I....

"I love you" he cut her off, and she smiled widely, slowly fisting his shirt in her left palm.

"Come" she pulled him into another corner, darker than the first one.

There's a table this time, so he placed her on top of it, and he dipped his fingers into her dark hair as they resumed the kiss from where they stopped.

Dorothy wrapped herself on him completely.



The warehouse is not spacious like the Rizz House, there are limited rooms here, but one of them belongs to Jace, and he's currently inside it, laying in bed with Jarvis on his chest.

"You have rooms everywhere, big wolf" Jarvis chuckled, stilling on his fingers as he rubbed her exposed thighs.

"Yeah, even in hell" he replied, and she laughed, looking up at him

"Don't be silly"

"You can just spare me a kiss" he replied, and she snuck her head back.

"No, I'm not giving it to you till you tell me why you tried to commit suicide last semester" she said.

"Must you ruin the mood with your questions? You're so difficult" he groaned.

"Just tell me about it, it's not a task, my ride or die" she said, and he smiled, caressing her thigh slower.

"Are you trying to buy me with sweet words now? You know I invented that" he said.

"Fine" she made to stand from the him, but he easily pulled her back.

"You're not leaving my chest" he whispered.

"Then tell me" she replied, relaxing back on his chest.

"It was last year, during my 21st birthday. My birthdays are the worse days of every year for me" he said

"Why?" She asked.

"Everything that made me a sad boy happened during my 8th birthday. I mean... everything that got my family shattered, it all started when I turned 8, and since then, birthdays are dark days for me, but last year's was sadder because that same day, i got an invitation to England from Donna again, so I just wanted to end it by drinking bleaching agent, but Collins barged into my room to get Molly, he stopped me" he explained, and she stood from him slowly to hold his face.

"I'm glad he did, i got to meet you. He kept you for me" she said, looking at him pitifully.

"I hate the pitiful look on your face right now, don't look at me like that,. I don't like telling people my story only because of this, i dislike sympathy" he said seriously, and she smiled, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Why are you torturing me tonight?" He said, and she laughed .

"I want your hoodie" she said, sitting on his belt region.

She could feel his big bulge, but she pretended as if nothing is happening as it rubbed on her through her panties. She started dripping instantly.

"I'll get you yours, this same one, thousands of it if you want" Jace replied.

"No I want this one you're putting on" she pouted, and he bit his lip 

"That pout turns me on" 

"Horny wolf!" She laughed, rubbing his brows.

"You know relationships should be 50/50, right?" He said.

"Elaborate" she replied, kissing him lightly again.

"You steal my hoodies and joggers, and I steal your ability to walk every night" he whispered in her ears, and she grinned, wanting get off him, but he held her back.

"Take off your undies, we need to talk" he hushed.

"What kind of talk involves nakedness" she replied, feeling nervous already.

"Oh c'mon little cat... you already know" he winked, bringing her back to bed.

"Jace!!" She started laughing as he tried to undress her, and once her skirt and top are gone from her body, she calmed down as he went low.

One second was enough to slid her pants down her legs, and immediately it was down, she spread her legs for him without being asked, and his eyes brightened when he saw she's already creaming...

"Isn't it so adorable? How you're always readily wet for me" he whispered, licking her cl+t sleazily.

"Ah! Jace..." She shuddered as currents ran around her skin.

"You've been torturing me with short kisses all night, shall I return the favor?" He teased.

"Not tonight, just... please do it already" she replied breathlessly, and he smirked s+xily before dipping his face, starting the fabulous eat up which made her body shake.

"Oh yeah...big wolf..."

Her fingers went buried deep into his locks as he worshipped her p+ssy with his tongue, devouring her sweetly.

"Mmm...gawd! I love you!" She gasped, and he raised his head slowly.

"I love you too baby" he replied, licking his lips as he inserted a finger into her still-wet folds.

"Ahh!" The gasp was long cos she wasn't expecting it, and when he began moving the finger, she resumed the moans.

He added his tongue back, licking and fingering at the same time, taking good care of her needy p+ssy.

"Don't stop.... please" she whispered, tightening her grip on his hair.

"I'm gonna add one more finger, ok little cat?" He informed.

"Do it" she replied shakily, and he slipped in one more, expanding her farther.

"Oh my....

Before she could say the rest, he came back up to capture her lips.

As they kissed, he gently began moving the fingers inside her, fingering her so good that she began moaning into his mouth.

"Ahh...ah..f*(*k, big wolf!" She cried in pleasure, moving her @ss with his fingers as he went faster and deeper, not stopping for a second till she came hotly on his fingers.

He withdrew them from her and brought them to his mouth, sucking away her cream while she watched...

"Jace..." She breathed delightfully, and he hugged her sweaty body to himself, feeling her shakiness.

He kissed her neck deeply...

"Tell me how you feel baby" he whispered.

"I feel good, than ever" she replied, hugging him back.

"Damn, I love you, s+xy little cat" he replied, and she smiled.

"Much more, naughty big wolf"

"You're the first to feel my fingers, don't think too much" he said, and her smile grew wider as she clinged tighter to him.



Ashley walked into one of the hallways with a bandaged hand, looking so restless till she opened the door of a ward, stepping in to meet Megan and Latto in bed with bandaged right hands too.

"It's true, he cut off your fingers too!" She gasped.

"I told Megan, but she wouldn't listen! I told him Collins wasn't reliable! He's running mad without Molly, and I heard his parents already came for him, and here we are with incomplete fingers!" Latto yelled.

"Don't blame me ok? We all wanted to kill Jarvis and it didn't go well, not my fault!" Megan yelled back.

"Yelling ain't solving anything, Jace can't just go free" Ashley spoke.

"That psycho? You think he's punishable?" Megan laughed.

"Of course, he is..." A mysterious man replied, entering the ward with a dangerous air around him.

"And who are you?" Latto questioned.

He smiled lethally.



"And shout-out to the latest lover girl in this room!" Dorothy shouted immediately Jarvis came in.

She spent the night with Jace at the warehouse, so she's returning just now.

"Craig did it?" Jarvis gasped.

"Nyeah..eh!" Dorothy squealed, and Jarvis screamed.

"I'm happy that you girls are finally gonna see what relationship looks like" Scarlett said.

"What about you?" Jarvis asked.

"I have a date with Gabby tonight"

"Gabby? Are you sure you wanna do this? You seem so into Ronnie" Dorothy said.

"I only have to get him off my head, I trust Gabby's handsome face" Scarlett replied, and Dorothy nodded.

"Then let's dress up for the football match, shall we? We going to the school stadium" Jarvis said, and Nicole came in.

They all pretended like she doesn't exist as they dressed up separately.

Nicole did the same, and she was the first to go out.

"Dysfunctional b**ch" Dorothy said, and Jarvis giggled with Scarlett as they left the room.

They're all dressed in their flayed short skirts with black thighs under, then purple singlets and ponytails.

They were walking the corridor to the park when Scarlett sighted Ronnie from the front porch.

She swallowed as her heart skipped beats, but she braced up, walking past him without looking up till they got out of the hallway.

Jarvis suddenly stopped when she got a text.

"Girls, I'll met you at the stadium, I have something to take care of" she said and made to leave...

"A hint, at least" Dorothy said.

"Brenda and Marcus!, see you both later!" She blew them kisses and rushed back.

"Weird" Scarlett muttered.



Nikki entered just now, and he met Mrs. Ronald standing on her favorite spot on the stairs.

She came down to him immediately, raising her hand to slap him but he caught it.

"I suspected this" she sneered, throwing her hand off.

"You dragged the name of this family into the mud, and yet you didn't dim it fit to apologise to me?" She said angrily.

"Why would I? You dragged me into the mess anyways, if you hadn't involved my father, I wouldn't have accepted to take the awards, but guess what? I've been contacting my father since then" he grinned crazily.

"No, you're bluffing" she shook her head.

"It's your headache if you don't believe, but I'll get all the help I need from him, I don't need you" he replied.

"You don't understand Nikki! Why do you think I've been keeping you from him? Your father is a psychopath! He's a devil!!..

"Then that makes me the devil's son, isn't it? I'm fine with it! Being the devil's son is better than being a son to you who has nothing to offer me!" He spat and walked out of the house.

"Nikki!!!!" Her screams came after him, but he entered his car nevertheless, getting his phone.

He clicked on gallery and went to Jarvis's picture, staring at it like he does...

"I'll get you back, I promise"



A taxi stopped in front of the house, and Jarvis came out of it, dressed nicely.

She actually got a text from Marcus to meet here with Brenda, and though she felt like informing Jace, but she knew he wouldn't allow her to come here.

The door opened, and Marcus came out with Brenda.

She looked at the two, and the memories of how Jace said Marcus beat him as a kid came to her head.

She wants to hate Marcus, but at the same time she wants to hear his own side of the story, even Brenda's, so she walked steadily to them.

"Goodmorning" she greeted politely.

"Goodmorning pretty, do come in" Brenda smiled, and they went in together.



"Craig!" Dorothy's baby voice called out to him when she entered the players preparatory.

"Babyish!" He widened his arms, and she flew into it.

"Shouldn't you remove the ish from it now?" She said.

"No sweetheart, forever my babyish" he replied, and she smiled as they kissed openly, smiling into each other's mouths.

"Where's my girlriend?" Jace's voice interrupted, forcing them to break the kiss.

"She went somewhere" Dorothy turned her head to him, still holding on to Craig though.

"Somewhere?" Jace frowned.

"She mentioned Brenda and Marcus..." Dorothy said, and Jace's countenance changed immediately.

"The hell?"

"This won't end well" Craig muttered.

"Huh?" Dorothy said in confusion.

Jace removed the gloves on his hands, dropping them on the groud

"Tell the others to find another player in my place, need to go somewhere" he said and got his clothes bag from the wall locker.

He walked angrily out the preparatory.

"What's happening?" Dorothy asked.

"I dunno sweetheart, I just know someone is getting wounded" Craig replied.


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