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I Hate You Jace - Episode 57&58




I Hate You Jace - Episode 57&58


By Naomi Cindy B.


They began kissing hornily under the heavily cold waterfall. 

They created a world of their own right there, and neither is ready to pull away from the beautiful connect.

The water served as a energy battery, and the more it poured, the more they kissed deeper and deeper into their souls.

Sparks emanated, and feelings cracked, sprinkling on the beautiful shadows of their hearts...it was the sweetest thing ever...

Jace parted their lips when they became breathless, but his lips started working on her neck instead, making her cute m0@ns come out again as he licked on the sensitive skin, trailing his lips to her throat to kiss lingeringly.

"Jace..." Another m0@n fell out as he traced his lips down her peaks, not wasting any time before trapping her bre+st into his mouth.

"Oh my gawd!" She gasped, pulling his head closer to the trap of her chest so he could suck better.

His tongue did magic as usual, making her n+pples harder under his perfect tongue.

She could swear that she came in her underwear that moment, she felt it underneath, and as the warmness of the liquid mixed with the water, euphoria filled her.

"Mmmm...mmn...I love you" she m0@ned softly, panting as Jace let go of her b*+*bs with a pop sound, kissing her cleavage afterwards....

He raised his face from her body, and he met a satisfactory smile waiting on her face for him.

"I love you too, baby" he said and hugged her body to himself as he walked out of the fall, taking her back to the car like that.

Seems the place is not frequented by people cos there's certainly no one in sight, and till they got to the car, Jarvis couldn't stop smiling.

It's like a dream come true to have Jace Volkov as hers alone... The damn key to her racing heart.

He dropped her gently in the car and got her one of his white shirts from the backseat.

"My boyfriend never runs out of white shirts, does he?" She smiled as she put it on.

"Nah" he replied, and they kissed again.

He swept her hair to her shoulder before wearing the necklace on her neck, hooking it behind her neck.

"It's pretty" she said, touching the pendant fondly, and he held her face...

"And I'm gonna get really mad if you ever lose it" he whispered.

"I won't. I promise" she said.

"Good" he kissed her on the lips again, and she was thinking it's a sleazy one, but he deepened it, grabbing her right thigh.

"Ja... Jace..." She broke it...

"You have to get changed too, and I have to get back to the hostel for the competition" she said.

"F*+*k it, can't we just spend the night together?" He replied, rubbing her ear.

"You'll have to give me tonight, you even bought me the expensive dress. It'll be a sin if I don't flaunt that dress" she chuckled.

"Fine" he groaned, getting a jean and dry shirt from the backseat too.

He started dressing up in front of her, and she blushed hard as she watched her man's back view.

Her eyes caught the cat tattoo, and she sneaked up behind him, stood on her toes to kiss the back of his neck.

"If that turns me on, little cat, you'll bear the consequences" he said, and she laughed as he faced her.

"Come here baby" he pulled her to himself and kissed her be+asts through the shirt.

"Let's go, Mr. Jace motherfûking Volkov" she chuckled, and he smiled as they got in the car together.

He drove them back to the hostel,but immediately they came out at the park, Esther and Nikki are the first people they spotted.

They're walking side-by-side in the last hallway, and the hateful eyes of many students are on Nikki.

* Is he using her as a shield now?

* Isn't it obvious?

* How could he hold up his head after all he did?

* He's got some straight nerves!

Nikki doesn't look bothered, and Esther was smiling arrogantly as they descended the stairs together.

"Look who we have here" Esther said when she beheld the two.

Nikki's eyes landed on Jarvis, and barely seeing how wet her shorts are, and how she's braless wearing Jace's shirt with wet hair, he knows something is up 

"I'd get out of the way if I were you" Jace frowned. 

"Oh Jace... chill out. The reason i hated her was because Nikki had a thing for her, but not anymore. Nikki proved his love to me last night and we had a really hot...

"Esther" Nikki cautioned her, but she laughed before continuing.

"S+x, yeah. We has sizzling s+x, and now we can be friends" 

Jace was about to talk when Jarvis took charge, holding his hand and linking their fingers.

"I and my boyfriend don't want a needless friendship, now please excuse us" she said, pushed Esther out of the way before climbing the stairs with Jace who was smiling proudly.

Nikki's head is currently banging at what he just heard...

Boyfriend? Like they're dating now? Jace asked her out? He told her he loves her?

How is that even possible? Jace is ice! How was he able to...

"That b*+*ch! Let's get going" Esther led the way, but he kept looking back at Jarvis...


"Seeing you sass back is a scene I wouldn't miss for anything, little cat" Jace said when he got to the girls doorstep with Jarvis.

"She needed to be put in her place" she replied, and he pulled her waist to himself.

"Should I just kill her? Say the word" he whispered.

"No. No big wolf, you're not killing anyone ok? Promise me" she rubbed his neck.

He replied with a kiss, and she smiled brightly.

"Go on in baby, I'll see you later tonight" he said, and she nodded, hugging him tight.

"I love you" he said.

"Much more" she smiled, and as he walked away, she entered the room, only to meet Scarlett and Dorothy by the door.

They've been listening.

"Girls!" She held her chest.

"I love you" Scarlett said in Jace's voice.

"Much more!" Dorothy replied in Jarvis's voice, and she started laughing...

"Oh Jace, I can't sleep without hearing your voice!" Dorothy continued to tease.

"Big Wolf, please dicknap me today, I don't wanna go outside!" Scarlett added.

"It's ok!" Jarvis laughed, blushing at the same time.

"Shouldn't we should pop champagne? Finally it has happened!! I love the necklace so much!" Dorothy squealed, touching the pendant.

"Who knew Jace was such a romanticist?" Scarlett chuckled.

"And because of your romance, we're almost late for the event" Dorothy said.

"Luckily I'm done with Dorothy's makeup, so go shower and let's start yours" Scarlett said.



"If I'm lucky with Dorothy tonight, I might be moving out to my room too. I mean...I'll need my private space with my girl" Craig said, already dressing up for the event.

"Good luck with that" Jace replied, dropping his cigar butt before standing.

"By the way, Collins almost killed a student today as a result of his madness...heard he eventually got locked up in his room and he kept screaming for Molly, I guess he's still paying for touching crazy pants huh?" Craig smiled.

"Obviously" Jace replied.

"Gee! Prof Marcus is getting married in two weeks!" Gabby suddenly read out the news.

"Hell of a good news, is the bride pretty?" Craig replied.

"No way to know than to wait for the wedding, all English students will be invited" Gabby said, and they both faced Jace who has started dressing up too

"If you both are waiting for me to give a damn, then it's gonna take forever. I have books to publish, no have no business with his bloody wedding" he said.



Marcus's Bugatti entered the driveway, and he came out with a really beautiful Blondie...his fiancee.

They entered the house together and met Brenda waiting in the living room.

"Mother-in-law!" The Blondie beamed.

"Welcome back, Marie" Brenda hugged her dearly.

"Didn't expect the wedding to be so fast" 

"I was delaying it cos i was waiting for Jace's forgiveness... wanted him to attend my wedding, but now it's obvious Jace will never give me that privilege" Marcus replied, and sadness flashed across Brenda's face.

"I need to use the washroom" Marcus said and went upstairs.

Marie and Brenda sat together...

"You're a good person, why would your second son hold such deep grudge against you and Marcus?" Marie asked.

"Good person? No I'm not, my blind love for the wrong man drove me here...I loved a criminal" Brenda replied.

"Are you talking about Klaus?" Marie asked.

"Klaus Volkov, he's a bloody thief, a dangerous psychopathic killer" Brenda replied, and Marie gasped.



Despite being a really dark night, the outside of the hall was illuminated and decorated to the taste of the organizers.

It's gonna be an outdoor event, so the competitors are gonna be coming from inside the hall to the back which is already filled with waiting crowd of students.

Scarlett stood alone among the students, dressed in a simple white gown waiting for the competitors with a glass of wine in hand.

"Hey, Scar" Gabby appeared beside her.

"Good thing you're here, pre-events could be boring" she said, and they clinked glasses.

"I love your dress" he replied, and she faced him suspiciously.

"First time you complimented me, wait ... You have something to say" she said.

"Fine, Sherlock Holmes.. it's about Ron ...

"Please tell me the remaining letters aren't NIE" she cut him off.

"He looked really sorry when he came to me and I couldn't...

"If you keep talking about him, I'm gonna leave this place Gab" she said seriously.

"Fine" he replied.

"Better" she muttered, and the event anchor came out as a sassy looking woman.

"Welcome to the grand event everyone, and as y'all know, ratings are based on looks, dress, dance and attitude. Y'all might wanna pay more attention to the door as we introduce the competitors" she said, getting a white envelope with names.

She started calling out the names one by one, and the competitors started coming out.

There are ten competitors...five from each gender.

"Dorothy Williams, accompanied by Samuel Hilliard" the anchor announced, and Dorothy came out of the hall, looking cute even in the pink theme.

She linked arms with her accompanist, and they joined the others at the base.

"She's all I can see here" Craig said beside Jace.

"Of course, who knew Craig Candace would fall for a girl like I did. By the way Jarvis is officially my girl" Jace replied, and Craig choked on his drink.

"Jarvis Dobrev, accompanied by Philip Barker" the anchor announced, and mouths went agape when she stepped out, looking s+xy in the dress...the upper part of it is literally a murderer for the guys.

"Do you remember what I said when we met her for the first time? Her b*+*bs, they're so...

"Careful how you finish that sentence, Craig" Jace warned.

"Sorry" Craig smiled, drinking from his cup.

Jace's eyes remained fixed on Jarvis who's also looking for him in the crowd.

A naughty smile played on his lips, and he couldn't stop his wild imagination.

He badly wants to take that gown off and dump it on the ground of his bedroom where it'd look hotter, then he'd take her as fiercely as ever...

The imagination made him tighten his hand around his wine cup, and Jarvis's eyes finally found him.

She smiled widely immediately, and he returned it with a wink which made her bite her lip.

Each girl has to do the classical dance with her partner to complete the ratings, so they linked in the right places and started moving to the music from the playing band.

"I haven't told you how much I love your dress" Philip told Jarvis as they danced.

"Well you just told me" she replied, and he smiled.

"You're so beautiful... Jarvis" he said sincerely, looking straight into her eyes.

Jarvis returned the look, and he felt his heart beating fast when she smiled at him.

He held her right hand as she danced far from him, then he pulled her back to himself, holding her waist tightly...

"No no... Philip" she whispered, and he quickly lessened the hold.

"I'm sorry" he apologized, and she smiled awkwardly as the dance continued.

They kept it up till the fifth minute when they stopped to assemble for results.

The festival speech came from the school founder himself, and immediately after that, the anchor took over again.

"And the winners of the year's festival competition are..." She smiled, collecting the crowns.

"Philip Barker, and Jarvis Dobrev... Mr and Miss Fresher of the session" she announced, and students began clapping as they went to the front together, bending their heads to receive their crowns.

They faced the crowd with a bow before facing each other, smiling radiantly.



The time is past 7, and the warehouse is currently booming with music.

"Ick" by Lay Bankz was threatening to tear the speakers as students poured into the warehouse in large numbers for the after-party.

Dorothy climbed the stairs in search of Craig under the neon lights, but no one like him.

She's out of her dragging gown now, wearing a really short gown and heels.

Another look around without finding Craig, she picked a bottle of alcohol from a table and stood by the rails as she drank.

"Are you alone?" A thick male voice asked beside her.

"Go away, i don't want a partner" she replied.

"What if I insist?" The male said again.

"She's with me" Craig's voice made her turn immediately.

"Oh ... Sorry" the male said and backed off.

"Am I late?" Craig smiled.

She raised the bottle to her lips to drink from, but he took it from her and pulled her to a dark corner where he threw the bottle down.

She stood by the wall, and he stood a step below her, so she's currently taller.

Dorothy's eyes closed slowly as they leaned in at once, her arms on his shoulder and his on the wall as their lips slammed hard...


"I'm so happy for my roommates" Scarlett said from her seat. She's with Gabby.

"And my roommates" Gabby replied, and they both started laughing .

"Funny, right? We're so alike" Scarlett said.

"But we'll heal" Gabby replied.

"Gabby why don't you ever act like a baddie?" She suddenly said.

"What do you mean?" He faced her.

"Ronnie told you to talk to me, and you actually tried to do it. Why are you suppressing your feelings? Why...

"Cos you love him and...

"Then take me away from him" she said.


"You need to know i'm never going back to Ronnie, I want you to make me fall for you" she whispered, standing to walk into his open legs.

"Ronnie is watching, make a move" she muttered, and he looked straight to see Ronnie behind them for real, looking so hurt.

"Do it, Gabby...do something" she encouraged, and he pulled her to his laps, kissing her lips warmly...

Ronnie's tears began pouring on his spot...


Jarvis looks damn impatient as she entered the booming house, making her way to the angle her big wolf texted her to be.

They should have come together, but the aftermath of the competition was taking too long, and she had to tell him to leave first.

She suddenly bumped into someone, and she was shocked to see a man wearing a priest gown with cap...

"So sorry" she apologized, and the man did the sign of the cross before entering the crowd.

What's a priest doing here? Well none of her business.

She was already getting impatient as she made to slid into another corner, but arms wrapped on her from behind, and cold lips kissed that sensitive spot on her neck, making her skin tingle...

"Big Wolf" she smiled, facing him happily.

"Figured I should come to you myself" he replied, and she pulled him to her level with the laces of his hoodie, kissing his lips addictively, but it wasn't long.

"Wanna go upstairs? There are rooms, we can do something else, and I have a lot to tell you" he whispered on her lips, rubbing her soft ears gently.

"Whatever you want, i just wanna be with you" she replied, and he carried her like a baby immediately.

She dipped her face in his neck, smiling in anticipation as he climbed the stairs..

The music suddenly went off, interrupting the flex and dance of students.

Everyone stopped and faced the DJ table, but instead of a DJ, a priest is standing there...

* The hell is a priest doing here?

"I'm sorry for interrupting your fun,, but I really need to find my daughter. I'm a Catholic priest, and my daughter's name is Nicole, Nicole Fisher" he said, and jaws dropped.



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