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I Hate You Jace - Episode 55&56




I Hate You Jace - Episode 55&56


By Naomi Cindy B.


"I'll die"

Jarvis gulped nothingness, the nerves on her neck showcasing.

"I mean it" Jace's whisper came again, and he slowly let go of her hands.

"But...you told the attendants I'm not your girl earlier" she said, and she could see his throat move as he tried to talk, but he licked his lip ring instead.

"What do you wanna say?" She asked.


"No Jace, I know that move. You do that whenever you're having difficulty to say something. Is it that hard to tell me how you feel about me? Jace ..." She whispered.

He remained mute, so she lifted her body from the wall and left him..she started walking out.

"Don't leave" he said.

"Then tell me what I'm craving to hear" she replied and walked out finally, leaving him in the dark class.

Jace walked out too, but the buzzing of his phone stopped him from following her, it's a text from Collins.

• Megan and Latto are at Allen, house 4.

Jace left the campus immediately. Time to go for the hunt.


Jarvis was expecting Jace behind herself as she walked back to the campground, but there's no sign of anyone following her at all, so she stopped to look back, and she was really disappointed to see no one.

She almost started crying, the tears started burning her eyes...

Maybe she has been deluding about him having feelings for her....it hurts

"Jarvis?" Philip's voice stopped the tears from falling, and she quickly comported herself before facing him.

"Hey! Phil!" She smiled.

"What are you doing here all alone? I said you could join my tent" he replied. He's holding two bottles of wine.

"Just about to start searching" she replied.

"Let's go"

She followed him, hoping the tent will take away Jace's devilishly handsome face away from her head.


Craig is sitting with Dorothy at the back of a tent, and they have twenty-plus empty cups of Jell-O beside them.

The stars looks so beautiful in that angle, and Dorothy looks so fascinated by the beauty.

"Wait..." Craig suddenly said, and she faced him.

He held her face gently and removed the Micky mouse plaster on her head, the wound is gone.

"You should avoid Nicole, she's a known b*+*ch" he said.

"Nope, I'll get on her nerves frequently from now on, I wanna see you in action again" she replied, and he laughed.

"Seriously you should avoid her, what if the wound was bigger?" He said.

"You're worried about me" she said in a low tone, and he stared at her for a while before talking...

"Of course, can't take my eyes off you for a second" 

Dorothy smiled widely Immediately, and she leaned in to peck his cheek again, but he turned his lips, so she kissed his lips instead, and her eyes popped.

"I'm not really a fan of pecks, if you're gonna use your pretty lips, use it right" he said, pulling her closer for a longer kiss.

Dorothy closed her eyes this time, and he smiled before closing the gap, but then her phone rang suddenly, and she gasped as she opened her eyes, picking up.

"Hey Jarvis!" She stood shakily.

"I'm with Philip at his tent but it's not much fun here without you" Jarvis said.

"Oh...send the tent number, I'll meet you" she replied awkwardly and hung up.

"I need to go meet Jarvis" she told Craig, and he stood to hold her arms ...

"We'll finish what we started tommorow night at the rave after-party... I'm gonna kiss you for real. Long, deep kiss" he said calmly, and Dorothy smiled nervously.

"Yeah...sure...i can't wait" she said, and he smiled so wide before hugging her tight.

She hugged him back, smiling too till they broke it, and he adjusted the pink cute headband on her hair.

"Goodnight" he said.

"Bye" she waved and dived into the crowd in search of Jarvis.

Craig dipped his hands into his pockets, heading back to his car.



Since most of the students are at the campground, the pool is totally empty.

Scarlett has been by the poolside since an hour ago.

The room felt stuffy after the girls left, so she came here.

She's smoking with an ashtray beside her containing seven cigar butts, then an alcohol bottle which she's drinking from.

Her head feels heavy and wobbly.

She wants to believe nothing really happened between Ronnie and Nicole, but her head is not agreeing with her.

The fact that he admitted to kissing her is killing, and she might just kill Nicole is she sets eyes on her.

The entry of someone made her look up, and she smiled slightly when she saw it's Gabby.


"I didn't know you're in here" he replied and turned to leave...

"Already?" She asked, and he slowly turned back to her.

"You seem like you want to be alone" he said.

"I don't think so" she replied, and he walked to her.

He sat beside her, and he sighed when he saw the cigar butts she has smoked.

"Is this about Ronnie?" He said.

"You know about it?" She replied.

"Nothing is a secret in this hostel, sorry" he shrugged, and she laughed dryly, dropping the butt of her cigar to get another one.

He immediately snatched it from her...

"I think you've had enough" he said, and she folded her hand.

"I was thinking you hate me now cos I chose Ronnie over you again" she said, and he heaved.

"Yunno when you and Ronnie had issues back then, i was somehow happy. In my mind, I was like finally she'll see how much i love her, but the truth is Scarlett, you love the dude a lot. The last time it happened, you drank to stupor, and now you're smoking like hell... Maybe my fate is to console you, and I won't ask for more anymore" he said.

"Gab" she faced him, and he smiled.

"Trust me, I'll just carry on with my one-sided feelings till I'll be able to get over it" he said, and she bit the side of her mouth.

"You're a good person, Gabby"

"You too" he replied, and they looked at each other, smiling slowly till it faded.

"I'll return to my room now" she stood.

"I'm staying" he replied, and she nodded, saying him a goodnight before walking out.

Gabby took her alcohol and drank from it immediately, then another person came in... Ronnie.

"Here to punch me?" Gabby said without looking at him, but then he heard Ronnie's sobs, and he looked up to see tears on his face.

"Dude" He stood, and Ronnie moved closer.

"Nothing happened between I and Nicole...fine I mistakenly kissed her but we never f*+*ked,.. Can you plead with Scarlett for me? I know I've always been a jerk to you but Gabby ... Please, just this once" he begged pathetically.

Gabby sighed, hurting inside so much.



The names compilation got completed just now, and Nikki dropped his pen, folding the paper into two before tucking it into the drawer.

He stood from the chair, and a loud band landed on the door.

"Nikki!!!!" Esther's voice screamed, and he quickly rushed to open the door.

She's with a luggage bag, but she left it at the door and came in, grabbing his face and kissing his lips like a deprived wife.

Nikki quickly broke the kiss, and she smiled as she licked her lips.

"Gawd, I missed you...I missed you a lot Nikki" she said.

"What are you doing here?" He questioned.

"You're my fiance, I don't think there should be a debate over this. I'm staying here with you" she said, dragging her bag in.

"That's not happening" he replied, and she shut the door before walking to him.

"You've locked yourself inside this place since the revelation right? I'm what you need to come out. With me by your side, no one would dare touch you. Think about it, I'm the only daughter of the Laurence family, you need me sweetheart;" she said, climbing her arm up to his chest.

She placed her palm on it and smiled when she felt his heart beating normally.

"By the time we finish this, you'll forget about the Jarvis girl, and your damn heart will start beating for me..." she whispered, bringing her hand to his face.

"So...what do you say? You still want me to leave?" She muttered with a tricky smile, and Nikki suddenly grabbed her...

"Yeah, that's it sweetheart" she gasped, pulling them both to bed.

They began kissing sinfully, and within minutes, their clothes are scattered across the room as Nikki penetrated into her hole...

"Damn! I missed this!" She cried.



Jace parked his car some distance from the fourth house, then he started walking the remaining distance to it.

Jarvis's face occupied his head as he took his steady steps, and when he imagined her struggling inside the pool in the video Collins sent in detention, he took the remaining steps faster, climbing the stairs into the main door of the house.

Loud jazz is playing inside the house, drowning his footsteps as he went in, checking out every room till he got to the last one which is closed.

He pushed it open with his leg, meeting his targets inside.

They're not alone, they're with a guy... He's f*+*king Megan while sucking on Latto, a threesome.

"Damn it!" Megan spat, pushing the guy away from them.

They both tried to get guns at once, but Jace was faster, pulling his gun to shoot them both on the arms.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Their cried filled the room as Jace started walking to them.

The guy jumped out through the window immediately, and Jace squatted in front of the two bleeding n+ked girls.

"Thank Collins for giving me your location" he said with a mocking smile, and they cried out again... they're losing blood so much.

"Messing with my little cat should be added to your list of DON'TS" he said, getting a knife from his pocket.

Before a wink, he already cut off three of Megan's fingers...

"F*+*k!!!!" She shrieked.

"No! No... Wolfie no!" Latto started shifting back, but it was easy to grab her hand.

Three of her fingers went down too like vegetables, and her blood drained more.

"People who call me psycho aren't wrong, but I only go crazy over what I wanna protect... Never in your damn lives play games with me again, or I'm killing you both" he muttered, leaving them in tears and pains as he walked out of the room with bloody hands.

He met Collins in front of it, and as expected, he's already looking mad with red marks all over his skin.

He gets the allergic reaction anytime he fails to take Molly for days...

"Wolfie, the Molly" he said desperately.

"You think I'll really give it to you?" Jace rolled eyes.

"You promised to give it to me if I sent you their location!!" Collins yelled.

"The wounds I gave them will take weeks to heal, and for those weeks, you'll enjoy your Molly-less madness too. It's only fair that way... buddy" he smiled meanly, walking down the stairs.

"Wolfie!!!!!!!!!!!!" Collins yelled, running after him crazily.



The time is past 5pm, and the competition is starting by 7 at the campus events hall, so the girls are already getting ready.

Dorothy's gown is baby pink, and it even has a butterfly design at the back.

She's busy checking it out while imagining what her kiss with Craig is gonna be like at the rave after-party tonight.

"So... Jace got angry that another guy held your waist?" Scarlett said when Jarvis came out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, he was so possessively angry, but he still didn't say what I wanna hear" she replied as Milo played by her feet.

"Maybe you should give him time, you know how he is" Scarlett said.

"I just can't wait anymore, I'm dying to hear him tell me" Jarvis sat dejectedly.

Her phone rang beside Scarlett, but she ignored.

"It's Jace calling" Scarlett said, and she quickly took the phone to pick.

"Can you meet me at the park? Need to take you somewhere" Jace's popular voice said.

"I dunno..." She groaned like a kid...

"Pretty please?" He said, and she smiled.

"Be right there!"

She hung up and quickly put on her flip-flops. She rushed out wearing only a bum short and singlet, no bra.

"My friend is so gone" Dorothy laughed.

"I know, right?" Scarlett replied, going sad as her mind went to Ronnie.


Jarvis's b*+*bs were bouncing as she ran all the way to the park, and she almost fell when she suddenly got to his Escalade, but she landed in his arms, and she looked up with a big smile.

"Wow, you look foxy in that, I love it when you don't wear a bra" he said, and she hit his chest playfully.

He caught the hand and hugged her fondly, grabbing her @s$.

"About last night_

She wanted to talk, but he gave her a hush, and she went mute.

"I'll do the talking" he said, opening the car door for her.

They got in together, and he drove them out of the hostel.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"Don't be surprised" he replied, and she smiled again, strangely feeling nervous.

A twelve minutes ride brought them to the base of a mighty rock where a waterfall is.

"Here?" She faced him.

"Come with me" he took her out of the car...

"We're going under?" She asked fearfully.

"C'mon, it's a waterfall, not a pool" he said.


She was already in his arms before she could finish.

"Jace!" She gasped as he began carrying her to the waterfall.

"Jace no! Jace! Jace!!" She was screaming till they got there, and he entered the fall, dropping her gently as the water began drenching them.

"Oh my gosh!" She giggled, holding on to his shoulders while he pushed wet hair away from her face.

"See? It's fun" he smiled, and she held eyes with him as her loud heartbeats came again.


"Remember when I told you I had something to show you in class?" He asked.


He released her then took off his white shirt. 

He turned his back on her, and she gasped when she saw a new tattoo of a cute little cat sleeping peacefully at the back of his neck.

"This is...me!" She gasped in shock, and he faced her slowly.

"Silly girl, I started falling hard for you after you accidentally gave me your first kiss at the Rizz House. I fell damn hard, and I think I hit my head in the process, i turned crazy, and I'm obsessed" he said seriously, and she swallowed.

"I know you think I'm still the playboy, but at least I know what I want, and I've never wanted anything as much as I want you, I bet it with my existence" he said, his wet hair covering his face as he spoke, making him look hotter with his shirtless body.

"Jace..." Jarvis bit her lip, her heart threatening to tear out of her chest at the intense beating.

"I wasn't sure if you trusted me enough to want me as your boyfriend, and that was why i said you weren't my girl at the boutique yesterday, and I swear I was so dàmn happy to see how mad you got... sorry if that sounds crazy" he chuckled and licked the pinkness of his lips.

 Jarvis covered her mouth with her palms, blushing hard....the waterfall continued drenching them.

Jace dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a box, opening it to reveal a unique necklace.

"Jace" Jarvis whispered in shock again as he took the necklace and threw down the box.

The pendant is a sleeping little cat with a big wolf hugging it protectively from behind, so beautiful

"This is us, and from now on baby, there'll be US till eternity....I LOVE YOU JARVIS, AND I WANNA BE STUCK WITH YOU FOREVER.., I PROMISE TO BE LOYAL. I'M DAMN OBSESSED WITH YOU...

Jarvis impatiently jumped on him at this point, and he smiled as she brushed his wet hair away.


"Take off your singlet" He whispered, and she immediately yanked her singlet away from her body, leaving her b*+*bs to his eyes.

"I love you so much, Big Wolf" she breathed as her arms returned to his neck.


"I love you as f*+*k, Little Cat" he whispered sensually, and their horny lips smashed insanely on each other.

They began kissing hornily under the heavily cold waterfall.


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