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I Hate You Jace - Episode 51&52




I Hate You Jace - Episode 51&52


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Punish me, make me a good girl" she whispered, and a naughty smile appeared on Jace's face.

Those are lines from Wet Kisses, and they both know what happened next. 

He reeled himself in and captured her lips again, eating it feverishly as her hand continued rubbing on his d*+*k in his boxers.

He was already feeling the shot inside his length, he might pour it out any moment from now.

He began swelling, getting bigger and bigger in Jarvis's palm, and that made her hold lessen on it.

His stomach churned, and a low groan escaped his lips into her mouth as the liquid shot out of him, wetting his boxers so much.

He came handfuls, and he broke the kiss as she slowly brought her hand out of his boxers.

Both sweating and panting, he stood slowly from the bed and went to the edge 

"Come here" he held an hand out for her, and she took it.

He took her to the bed edge too, and he made her sit there, so he squatted in front of her.

She knows what she asked for, and she's so ready as he finally unbuttoned her jean pants, zipping it down.

She lifted her bum slightly from the bed, and he pulled the jean down her legs.

He left the tight ends hanging on her ankles then came back up where only her white lace pants covered.

"You ready?" He asked, and she nodded.

"Words, little cat" he said.

"Yes" she muttered nervously, resting her palms on the bed as he began pulling her pants down her legs.

She felt mad goosebumps immediately air hit her core. 

This is the first time her princess part will be revealed to a guy, and not just any guy...it's the legendary Jace Volkov.

She should be shying away and denying him this right now, but she can't...

She wants it just as much as he does, and when he slid her panties out of her legs completely, he looked up at her face again.

"Spread your legs, baby" he voiced, and she slowly drove her legs apart, revealing her creamy ki+ty to him.

His eyes darkened immediately, and he couldn't hide the hunger he grew for it immediately.

Only few inches is separating her p*+*sy from his tongue right now, and his mouth began watering just by staring.

Her sweet scent flooded his nose, and the way she's already so damn wet for him, he couldn't think anymore. It's the most beautiful thing he had ever seen

His nerves set themselves on fire, and he grew wild...

"Always remember this" he whispered, looking up at her again.

Her heart was beating so f*+*king fast, and the awareness that her ki+ty is currently bare to him made her bite her lip so hard.

"Jace..." She whispered.

"All my life, I've never eaten a girl out. You'll be the first" he whispered back, and she bit her lip again, unable to control the butterflies in her belly.

"Your p*+*sy will be the first I'm gonna taste, and the last" he said, and without waiting anymore, he dived his face into her center, encompassing all of her into his mouth.

"Ohhh!" Jarvis moaned wetly, grabbing the sheets tightly as he began eating her aggressively, licking and tasting at the same time.

"My gawd!" Jarvis gasped, sending her eyes to the back of her head as she released an hand from the sheets to grab his hair with.

Everything feels so new with this guy, every single damn thing.

He makes her feel and fall in love with things she never imagined she'd like, and right now... right now she's in...

"Jace...gosh!" She m0@ned, tightening her hold on his hair as her eyes went shut.

He swiped her v-lva with his tongue, pulled on her cl+t teasingly before inserting his tongue into her core...

"F*+*k!!" She gasped, almost pulling his hair out as her hold became twisted on his locks.

She was dripping hotly into his mouth, and he's busy draining all the f*+*king chaos out of her brain, driving her nuts.

"Please don't stop" she begged senselessly...

"Tell me how it feels" he whispered as he gently skimmed her cl+t with his teeth.

"It feels so..." She gasped, biting her lip softly.

Jace licked her teasingly...

"Oh my!..." She couldn't construct a meaningful sentence as his tongue quickened and circled inside of her.

"Be a good girl and tell me, little cat" he whispered, kissing her labia.

"It feels....too sweet" she panted, and she could feel him smile against her folds before resuming his meal.

By the time he was done, her cl+t became so damn swollen already, and she was gasping for breaths.

He raised his face from her middle and grabbed her throat, pulling her in for a deep kiss.

She tasted her cream in the kiss, and when he broke it, he smiled gorgeously.

"That was the sweetest thing I've ever tasted" he whispered, causing her to blush.

"Am I really...the first you did this to?" She asked.

"Trust me, I won't lie to you" he replied, and she smiled prettily.

Twenty minutes later, they both showered already, and they're laying in bed, Jarvis's head on his chest, and he's stroking her hair gently.

"Do you plan on being a sculptor forever? Now that the secret is out, I'm sure filming companies will be fighting over you to be their scriptwriter" she said, drawing circles on his chest.

They're both wearing his white shirts.

"I can handle sculpting and writing together, it's not a big deal" he replied.

"Seriously? So when should we be expecting the Season 2 of the book?" She asked.

"I have the Season 2 written already" he replied, and she climbed him completely to sit on him.

"You're kidding" he said.

"Season 3 too, then 4 and 5... Everything was ready since three years ago, Nikki only saw one" he replied.

"Oh my gawd!!" She screamed excitedly.

"The Season 2 is Wet Feelings, then 3 is Wet Promises, 4 is Wet Dreams, and the 5 is Wet Goodbyes. The series is Wet" he explained.

"Geez! You're the best Big Wolf ever! I can't wait to read! You'll let me have them before you publish them right?" She said, tracing his brows 

"Maybe if you suck my d*+*k, I can consider" he joked, and she bit his cheek.

"F*+*k! Stop that!" He laughed, but she did it again.

"Ok f*+*k it!" He tossed them and came on top, tickling her as he kissed her face all-over.

She began laughing nonstop, hitting him with the pillow.

He fell from the bed to the ground, but he made sure to pull her with him, so she fell on him on the ground.

"Jace you're too...

He was already kissing her, and she smiled into it before resting completely on him...

Jace Volkov is like a drug... taking even the tiniest bit of him makes her crave for more.



It's not 12 yet, but some students are already coming back from the night outing, including Scarlett and Ronnie.

They entered his room together, and she smiled widely.

"I missed this place"

"I missed you more" he replied, and she faced him, giving him a bigger smile.

If anyone told her yesterday that she's gonna be giving him another chance, she's gonna deny it, but maybe second chances aren't that bad, and she's hoping she won't regret this.

She hugged him suddenly, and Ronnie smiled, hugging her back.

"I love you" she said, and he broke the hug to kiss her hands.

"I love you too"

She smiled again, feeling so better.

Maybe this is what she needs to lift the load off her chest after all.

"Should I get you snacks?" He asked. 

"No I just want to sleep on you, but I need a bath" she replied.

"I'll get your towel" he said, fishing out a pink one for her.

She stripped right in front of him and wrapped the towel on herself before entering the bathroom.

"Yes!" Ronnie jumped excitedly, smiling to himself as he waited for her to return.

His phone buzzed, and his happiness faded when he saw the message.

• You didn't tell your girl what happened the night I came to your room? You can't hide it forever.

The sender is obvious... Nicole.

He switched off the phone.



Craig and Gabby arrived just now, but surprisingly, they met Nikki in, packing his stuff already.

"Dude, what the hell is going on?" Gabby asked, but he ignored them and continued packing.

"Gee!" Craig snapped.

"You both expect me to stay here after everything? I'm sure you saw the news" Nikki said.

"Why did you do it?" Gabby asked.

"I dunno ok? Maybe I'm really a Slow Poison like they're saying, maybe I don't deserve this friendship, maybe I'm better alone!" He snapped.

"So where are you leaving for?" Craig asked.

"We all have our separate rooms before moving here with Jace last semester right? I'm going back to my room" he replied, throwing the last pair of sneakers into the second bag before zipping up.

He dragged the two bags of of the room, leaving Gabby and Craig to exchange glances.

Thanks to the cover of the night and his face cap, students didn't see his face till he got to his room.

He went in and locked the door then got his phone .

He got another text from his dad already.


He gulped emptiness. 



Dorothy just finished her morning chores when Nicole came in, and she gasped as she shamelessly walked to her bed 

She started stripping herself for bath.

"Why are you back?" Dorothy questioned, and Nicole faced her with a scoff.

"Excuse me? This is my f*+*king room!" 

"But you have no shame, and that's why you're back after sabotaging Scarlett's relationship!" Dorothy fired.

"And we both know it's none of your business!" Nicole shot.

"None of my business? No one is as happy as I am in this room over your absence, at least the smell stopped!" Dorothy said sharply.


"Yes! Don't even pretend! You're aware of your body odour and that's why you have different brands of perfume but yunno even if you drink body spray, it won't stop! You smell, you stink! You reek!" Dorothy shouted.

"Mad b*+*ch!" Nicole rushed to her and made to slap her, but Dorothy caught her hand tightly....

"And don't think I don't know about your sugar daddy! You introduced him to us as your dad but you forgot to add sugar! You're a prostitute!" She yelled, and Nicole broke free from her, elbowing her roughly.

Dorothy fell on the ground, hitting her head on the bedstand.

She sustained a small injury on the forehead, and small blood trickled out of it..

"Damn you!" Nicole cursed, and Craig came in that moment.

"Babyish!" He took fast steps to her and quickly helped her up.

"Why are you wounded?" He asked, and when she made to start talking, tears came out of her eyes instead.

"She elbowed me!!!" She cried like a baby, and Craig faced Nicole.

"Do you care to explain?" He demanded, looking pissed.

"You can both go to ruins!" Nicole shot, and Craig sent his right hand to her face immediately, slapping her blindly.

Nicole staggered, and her hair scattered on her face as a result of the slap effects.

"How dare you Craig!" She gasped, holding her cheek.

"It'll be more than a slap next time" he said, and before Dorothy could realize it, he picked her up in his arms.

"I can walk" she said.

"Shut up, ok?" He said, and she held him, resting on his chest as he took her out of the room.



Scarlett was the first to open her eyes, and she literally jumped down from the bed when she realized it's daybreak already.

She has a morning class, and she can't be late.

"The class is by 10 right? It's still past 8, you're still covered" Ronnie's voice said from the bed, and she looked back to see his eyes open already.

"I still have to bath and eat, so.." she said, and he got down from the bed, kissing her hair before hugging her tight.

"Let's go together" he said.

"Seriously" she smiled.

"Sure" he replied.

"Ok I'll go get my clothes in my room, I can just shower here" she said, and he released her.

She made to take her phone from the bedstand, but then she noticed a black cloth behind it.

"When did you start untidiness? Hmm? I've only been gone for few days" she said, bringing out the cloth, but it's not a cloth after all.

It's a f*+*king pant! Female pant!

"Ronnie what. Is. This!" She raised it up with a finger, and his eyes widened.

"Ronnie!" She gasped shockingly.



Jace was already waiting in front of the room when Jarvis came out in a rush.

He spent the last thirty minutes talking to Zoe while she dressed up cos he woke up before her.

"I'm done" she said, and he squatted in front of her immediately.

Her shoe laces are spilling out, so he untied them and began tying them neatly.

Seeing him do even the smallest things like this touches Jarvis's heart, and she couldn't help but smile till he was done.

He held her hand, lacing their fingers as they left the passage.

It felt so heartwarming, like he's ice and she's fire, two words apart but still damn the same.

Surprisingly, Marcus's car drove into the orphanage when they got out, and Jace's hold tightened on Jarvis as he came out of his car.

His head bandage is gone, and he walked briskly to them.

"I'm so sorry Jace, about the arrest,  though I still don't know why you suddenly punched me" he said.

"Are you kidding?" Jace frowned.

"Jace, it wasn't him. He didn't tell my aunt" Jarvis said, and he faced her slowly.

"No. Tell me it's not what I'm thinking" He said, and she rubbed the back of his hand to calm him.

"That prick" he muttered.

"And congratulations on claiming your book back" Marcus talked again.

"I don't need it from you" he replied and made to enter the car...

"What should I do? What should I do to earn your forgiveness?" Marcus asked, and he stopped.

"Maybe if you beat yourself with folded wire like you always did to me back then, I can think about it" he replied and opened the door for Jarvis.

He drove them away from the orphanage, leaving Marcus standing.

"Earning his forgiveness will come with lots of efforts" Zoe appeared.

"Ms. Zoe?" He faced her.

"The scars you gave him are everlasting, Marcus. He was blind back then remember?" She said.

"Do I even deserve the forgiveness I'm chasing after?" Marcus said guiltily.


Jace didn't say a single word as he drove the car, his eyes are solely focused on the road, and his silence is killing Jarvis as usual.

She couldn't look anywhere else but his face, looking for what to say.

His words from earlier kept ringing in her head 

Folded wire? Marcus beat him with folded wire?

She doesn't even want to imagine how that felt...she can't...

"Jace" she called, but he's far gone into his childhood memories.

He could picture him 8 years old self laying on his small bed at night, then hearing the opening of the door...

He sat up, but his blindness didn't make him see a thing, but it's always obvious who it is... Marcus.

"Marcus? Marcus is that you?" He said fearfully, but the reply landed on his skin instead...the folded wire slammed on him from Marcus, and he cried out in pains.

"Marcus please!!!!"

"Die!!! Son of a criminal!!!!" Marcus yelled, lashing him mercilessly.

"Jace? Jace!" Jarvis shouted, grabbing his hand on the wheel to bring him out of his trance.

He stopped the car abruptly, coming back to the present with heavy breaths.

The memories made him feel so freaking helpless, and he came out of the car, walking to the front of it to stand.

Jarvis quickly came out too, walking to him slowly, and her eyes widened when she saw tears inside his eyeballs which he's trying to hold back.

This is the first time she'll be seeing him this way, and she couldn't help but feel so bad for his childhood.

Their eyes met, and his tears nearly fell, but he tried to stop it by turning his back...

"Don't hide your tears from me" she said, and that stopped him.

"Come to me instead" she widened her arms, and his eyes reddened with tears as he walked into it, hugging her like his life jacket.

His tears finally fell as his head rested on her shoulder, and she started stroking his hair.

"Let it all out, My Big Wolf" 


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